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Friday, November 1, 2013

2.3.6 Alpha - Maintenance Update


Here we go, a whole bunch of fixes for bugs that have been reported...mostly feedback that is totally invisible and went to me directly instead of using my Blog so everyone can see it.

MU Pose Chat and Auto-close OOC Chat have been added, Color Correction has gotten a toggle in my Machinima Sidebar, Sepia was moved below Greyscale and linked because both options are connected to each other since Sepia needs Greyscale in order to look like real Sepia, a bunch of new actions (Offer Teleport, Share, Pay, Mute, Call and Show on Map) have been added to SLURL styled names, the Experimental Youtube background on Login can now be disabled, Voice Indicators in Friendlist have been slightly changed.

*takes a deep breath*

Grouplist and Blocklist have been upgraded and were redesigned to look like the Friendlist does, also Groupcount and Groupslots left have been added to the panel...

Preferences has been overhauled everywhere, widgets were realigned, reorganized, moved, added, removed, enabled and disabled, a few of those options are the Quickbutton options for the Navigationbar customisation, they are now enabled since i added the ability to hide/show them again.

The Main Menu has been cleaned up a bit, Network stats have been lengthen a bit and several bugs and problems were fixed including the Webprofile beeing broken, your own Webprofile beeing broken, the Place Profile beeing broken when beeing redirected there from Search, the Snapshot refresh label was unreadable and huge and some other minor changes...

Also a crash has been potentially fixed that seems to happen whenever your Inventory bugs out leaving you unable to take off stuff out of your Inventory or wearing it because it is already worn but not shown in Inventory etc.

Also check out this cool pic a friend drew of my Avatar =3

I think its perfect. Hit my chocolate side like nothing else. \o/
PS: You can see the picture i gave him for drawing me below, its the second one in "Snapshots".


Have fun,


2.3.6 Alpha

Added: MU Pose Chat and Auto-close (( OOC )) Chat.
Added: Color Correction toggles to Machinima Sidebar and removed the Accordion tabs.
Added: Label for the labelless "More Options" button in Place Profile.
Added: Offer Teleport, Share, Pay, Mute, Call and Show on Map to SLURL Name menus.
Added: Experimental Login Debug to toggle off the Youtube background in Login Screen.
Changed: Blockedlistitem layout to match Avatarlistitem and Grouplistitem layout.
Changed: Lots of alignments, removed unused Features, added missing ones for CHUI and generally enhanced and overhauled alot of places in Preferences.
Changed: Grouplistitems layout to match the Avatarlistitem one.
Changed: Grouplistitem Profile buttons to always show whenever the GroupID is not null.
Changed: Voice Indicator icons in Friendlist to something more visible and easier understandable. Still WIP tho.
Changed: Main Menu layout a bit, added a seperator above Show Debug Settings for better visibility.
Changed: Layout and backgrounds of Landmarks and Teleport History tabs in Places.
Changed: Network Statbar length in Statusbar.
Changed: Navigationbar main Quick-buttons are now hidable via Preferences.
Changed: Enabled KeepConversationLogTranscripts UI option in Preferences. Unsure if it already works.
Fixed: Users own Webprofile layout beeing broken.
Fixed: Place Profile breaking when redirected here from Search.
Fixed (Potential): Random crash caused by some old code from Kitty that might now cause some users to randomly crash for no reason and no real crash message except (same object re-attached) twice.
Fixed: White refresh text on white background in the Snapshot floater.
Fixed: Misc height asyncronisations in main_view.xml. Not a fix for desyncronised World Rendering/UI mouse positions after UI size change.
Fixed: Web Profile layout beeing broken.
Removed: RLVa doubled menu and some other menu entries to clean up the main menu.
Moved: Block List Sidetray panel into People panel itself for a better and straight aligning.


  1. Hi Niran, I think that the ATI bug is back in the Dragon 2.3.5 and 2.3.6. I cannot even try to log in and it crashes already...

    1. I need your crashlogs right after you crashed.

  2. Hello! I'd love to use viewer for my photos, however, can not enable shadows. = /

    I tried in several ways, including the develop menu> Rendering> advanced lighting, but to no avail. I still do not see the shadows. I'm using the latest version. (2.3.6)

    The configuration of my pc is:
    CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor (3214.65 MHz)
    Memória: 8192 MBs
    Versão OS: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (Build 7600)
    Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA Corporation
    Placa gráfica: GeForce 9800 GT/PCIe/SSE2

    Versão do driver de vídeo Windows: NVIDIA Corporation
    Versão OpenGL: 3.3.0

    The following two photos with the options enabled. Do you have any solution for my case? Since now, thank you for your attention and for your dedication to viewer! :)


    1. Make sure Bumpmapping/Advanced Materials is enabled. Otherwise Deferred wont fully work and Shadows and so on will not work at all.

      Be carefull tho, your Graphic card is a class 3 card and seems to be choking on non Deferred already, you will most likely get an unbearable framerate if you enable shadows or ambient occlusion.

    2. Many thanks for answering my question.
      I enabled the options you said, but unfortunately the shadows do not appear to me! Still, I will continue using the viewer because the graphic is beautiful! Thanks! :)

    3. log in with the Viewer, enable Deferred Rendering, try to enable Ambient Occlusion, Depth of Field and so on and then send me the BlackDragon.log via pastebin.com, it is located in your Roaming folder here:

    4. Hello! I am very happy for your support!
      I copied the LOG, but the pastebin site appeared the following message: "You have exceeded the maximum file size of 500 kilobytes per paste". So I shared my LOG in Google Driver. Do not know if it makes it easier for you, but anyway, thanks for helping me!

      BlackDragon.log - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxgW5POAOJIARzkycWtWMXloaUE/edit?usp=sharing

    5. 2013-11-04T20:27:51Z WARNING: LLToastAlertPanel::LLToastAlertPanel: Alert: Tem certeza que deseja sair?
      2013-11-04T20:27:52Z INFO: LLAppViewer::requestQuit: requestQuit
      2013-11-04T20:27:54Z INFO: LLAppViewer::disconnectViewer: Disconnecting viewer!

      You properly quit and disconnected the Viewer according to this log. No crash here. Please ONLY upload the log right after you crashed, DO NOT start the Viewer again or it will put the old logs into BlackDragon.old and write new logs.

  3. Niran - the "hardware' settings - antrispocic filter, the anti-aliasing, open gl, etc...is that somewhere else now other than in prefs?

    1. Didn't you ask that already and didn't i tell you already that Hardware Settings doesn't exist anymore and is now included in the "Graphics" tab itself?

    2. we were discussing the low to ultra settings.. but there are options that were in the 'hardware' tab that are not currently available as it currently sits...maybe they are no longer 'needed' or renamed to something else, was just curious if they are somewhere else... at one time there was options to switch on and off Ansisotropic Filtering, Enable OpenGL Buffering, disable or select the amount of antiailsaing, ...if they been moved or renamed or depreciated just wanted to know is all

    3. Antialiasing is called FXAA since it IS FXAA (Fast Aprox. Anti-Aliasing), Anisotropic Filtering and OpenGL Vertex Buffer are currently not in the UI but will be in the next update.