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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beta 2.1.2 (2512)

User Interface:

I heard your complains about the accordions in my build floater and i was also annoyed by scrolling so i switched back to a somewhat "tabbing" like behavior just with icons this time. It also has one additional icon (far right) which minimizes it. I thought its a good moment for a new Beta to test it out.

Apart from that i've only been fixing more problems like that the Build button was always disabled, sometimes an IM had "Second Life" as name when someone wrote for the first time, a (potential) fix for a crash that is caused when you open the sky editor from the toolbar and some internal warning fixes.


Rotating the camera via Alt + E/C when sitting on objects that take your camera/controls should now work as intended.


Why wont i implement it?
Lots of reasons...

"1. Chat can be seperated, but will still close whenever you close the Conversations floater (means that seperating it is totally useless)

2. Whenever you click into Local Chat or press Enter (to start chat) it will switch to the empty Local Chat tab in the Conversations floater (like said above this makes absolutely no sense and seperating totally useless)

3. If i open Local Chat, i will also always automatically open the Conversations floater, even tho i seperated it from the Conversations floater (again, it makes seperating totally useless combined with the above)

4. Local Chat can ONLY be accessed with History, there is no way to use the Chatbar only without History, effectively wasting space by forcing me to have the History open (+ Conversations floater which automatically opens aswell)

5. It combines Local Chat, Instant Message and Group Chat even tho Local Chat has absolutely nothing in common with Instant Message and/or Group Chat except that they are chats. Local Chat is only LOCAL for People around you, its a free, open Nearby-Chat, open for everyone to join or leave at any time, not to mention the fact that Chat is limited to 5, 20 or 96m depending on if you are whispering, talking or shouting. It is NO conversation between you and anyone specific like the Group and its users or the Instant Message partner or the Conversation partners.

6. It FORCES tabbed IM with no ability to use seperate IMs like before (without CHUI you can just switch between tabbed IM or seperate IM, this is the BEST for everyone), apart from that i hate tabbed IM, it also wastes space, forces me to permanently keep that Conversations floater open and prevents me from showing all IMs by other Avatars or Groups at any given time (IM popups will NOT show up as long as you keep the Conversations floater open)

7. It wastes lots of space (see the above reasons)

8. Chiclets are gone, they were one of the BEST things LL ever did and they scrap them just because some V1 faggots were crying and whining again that they dont get along with the new V2/V3 Chat system which basically brought V1 and V2 together. Instead of just keeping seperated IM as it is and only make CHUI affect the tabbed IM... NO! LL had to fuck it up for EVERYONE ELSE again, i dont get why they cant just stay with something they make."

taken from my comment on last release.

you can see a discussion about CHUI here:
Second Life Forum



cleaned up some code
changed and tweaked the tools floater alot for better and faster usage
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLTabContainer named "WindLight Tabs" in Edit Sky Preset
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLRadioGroup named "region_settings_radio_group" in Environment Editor Floater
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "sky_dayc_settings_radio_group" in Environment Editor Floater
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "postcard_image_size_lp" in panel_snapshot_postcard
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "profile_image_size_lp" in panel_snapshot_profile
fixed LLView::getChild: Making dummy class LLUICtrl named "local_image_size_lp" in panel_snapshot_local
fixed a rare crash that might appear when opening the edit sky editor via topbar button
fixed the build toolbar button beeing disabled all the time
fixed some wrong instances of reffering to the "Content" tab which is actually called "Contents" now
fixed media control buttons in tools floater not enabled
fixed E & C Keys not spinning the camera over when sitting on an object which takes your controls/camera
fixed German translation for tools floater


  1. The download stills shows 2.1.1 version :-)

    1. fixed. Otherwise just download it via "Files" tab.

  2. Need to get this 1 asap, and by God Chui is even worse then all i could have nightmars about!
    No wonder, if one reads how Maestro Linden replied to the fact that crossing sims is utterly impossible to do with any kind of non wearable veihcle, one has to wonder if the only way that any at LL will listen is when there will be no users to listen to!

  3. All works but to get it i have to check latest relases instad of clicking on the download link, that give me the option to got the new 1:)

  4. http://sourceforge.net/projects/niransviewer/files/NiransViewer2.1.2.exe/download

  5. Your viewer has the best and least screen estate hogging chatbar, etc of any viewer. I really like that I can set the chatbar to be not onscreen, start typing and it comes up, hit enter and it vanishes again.

    The new Linden Viewer CHUI is like Viewer 1 circa 2006 plus a few new tricks, but takes up a M A S S I V E amount of screen estate.

    I'm all for a bit of retro, but get tired of pandering to the let's retro back to the viewer 1 good old days. In 2006 I can't remember V1 good old days, I mostly remember - crash, crash, crash, update Wednesday everyone blocked out of the grid while we bang on rocks and show you a pic of some gorillas, crash, crash, crash, blocked out again Thursday and Friday and Saturday while we bang on rocks to sort out the stuff-ups from the last update, crash, crash, crash - and repeat.

    When change is good, even a 2006 oldbie like me is up for it, when change is bad and it's let's make a massive and clunky CHUI, then thank goodness for you.

    I know the lab has a difficult can't please all of the people all of the time job, so your "take it or leave it, because I like it" is refreshing.

  6. Update, no bugs that im aware off, besides the 1 that still exists, about textures trying to rezz all the time after a few tlp (right click edit is the only way to stop that!).
    This bug i don't know if its caused by LL new code or else, i know that i have it only on Niran's versions after v1.47 and the ony viewers i can compare with, does not show the problem, Imprudence and Exodus latest nightbuild!

    1. Several people told me already, with all kind of different Viewers, some techies told me that it is caused by the Viewer overloading the RAM which comes from buggy texture code, LL is going to fix that...right now the Viewer eats up about 600mb GPU mem just to start up and 800mb (which is already more than SL basically can totally handle) if it rezzes a few (especially high resolution) textures, this will cause the Viewer to drop textures because it "thinks" your GPU mem is full where in real it just occupies the GPU memory for nothing, at the end the Viewer will endlessly reload (up to 800mb) and then drop textures (600mb) again... anyway,like i said... LL is going to fix it soon

  7. Don't call people "faggots" Niran. It is not nice. And thanks you for all the great work you do! :-)

    1. Right. Faggots would be better fitting for furries...