Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, July 9, 2012

1.44 Release

WARNING: Please clear your Settings , Viewer folder and Cache manually before using this version!
NOTE: Sometimes not correctly shown alpha channels are normal and havnt been fixed yet! just right click them!
NOTE #2:  As mentioned in my group , too new drivers (most recent and beta) may cause problems , weird graphic glitches and not working features! same can go for too old aswell! - im having 296.10 (64bit) ones right now and they work perfectly for ATI users , those drivers were from ~15th April , use drivers from around that date if you dont know which to take.
NOTE #3: Slower or not rezzing textures may occour when using Tone Mapping for some reason , im also aware of that but cannot change that atm, just stay patient or try right click refresh textures
NOTE #4: Black Mess = disable OpenGL Compatibility Profiles in Performance tab!

i reached a point where i think i can say that i can release this monstrous thing...
2 weeks of overhauling and redoing basically everything except the UI itself

User Interface:

You wont find much new here , there are however some slight changes , IM headers sliding faster , new Tone Mapping options and a whole new panel for it to adjust everything. Object owner list in Land Info has been fixed , the topbar has been tweaked a bit for lower UI sizes and some things have been cleaned up internally.


Just a quick Info. According to Maddy in his Blog "Echt Virtuell" , this feature is working as intended , i havnt found out how yet , im probably just too stupid but i will ask him and translate a Tutorial for you.


Rendering has been completely ripped out , destroyed , hammered , burned down and thrown overboard. I replaced it with what powers the Linden Viewer and thats where the big problems already start , a lot of you will probably not be able to turn on shadows or deferred and im not sure whats causing this , maybe your video card not supporting OpenGL 4.0 , maybe your video card not beeing listed in the GPU table , too new video card drivers , too old ones and so on. I will try disabling the feature code so all features will be available to all video cards no matter how good they are , at this point there will be no safety anymore , even the slowest and crapiest PC´s can turn on extreme graphic effects and might suffer extreme corruption , graphic bugs and in worst case up to a driver or OS crash or freeze. please keep this in mind.

With all those massive changes and redoing of the rendering pipeline also come 2 good things. Performance. Tone Mapping.

Performance has been greatly increased and i´ve talked a bit with a Singularity Dev how to squeeze out even more FPS , the result for me was getting 45 FPS where i only got 30 before. 

Projectors , Local Lights and Occlusion Querries are rendered a lot faster , SSAO and Shadow rendering went to moon aswell (due to using the way lower resolution shadows and SSAO of Linden labs)

We also initially lost the nice glowy water , which i definetly wanted to keep , otherwise water looked so....fad and boring , however i turned down that water glow massively.

Tone Mapping , which originally came from Exodus has been ported over and tweaked , its absolutely not perfect and far from beeing complete at this point but as all my changes did , will this one aswell need time to grow up... for now you should enjoy what we already got , here a few pics to show you how Tone Mapping can look like

Word of Warning:

Please please please do keep in mind that this Version will from now on form the Future of this Viewer , theres no turning back now. Im aware that it might be very buggy because of the extremly replaced code , its a bit like throwing my Viewer away and replacing it completely by Linden´s and then redoing everything except the UI XMLs itself from scratch , it really hurts and consumes time.


Tone Mapping (left) , Deferred only (right)

and now , enjoy the Viewer as it is. Im tired now good night all.



SEC-995 FIX viewer is easily spammed to death by chat
MAINT-1150 FIX (Speculative) crash on (shutdown) in LLVOAvatar::avString()
MAINT-966 FIXED ([PUBLIC]typo on viewer Second Life 3.3.2 (253914) Apr 14)
MAINT-926 FIXED [PUBLIC]IMs from objects appear only as notifications, not in local chat history
MAINT-869 FIXED The object is marked as dead before it was removed from the selection.
MAINT-861 Fix for crash on exit due to bad matrix mode
MAINT-847 Disable VBO on ATI cards with old drivers by default
MAINT-779 Better handling of GLSL loading errors -- incrementally disable features until shaders successfully load
MAINT-775 WIP on crash when exploring Insilico -- don't hold onto off-screen vertex buffers for more than a few seconds.
MAINT-586 Starting logging OpenGL version and shader level to simulator
MAINT-583 Fix for broken projectors when shadows set to none.
added ability to set and get X Y and Z Vectors of Debugs
added Color and Gamma Correction, by Geenz Spad
added Tone Mapping, by Geenz Spad
added options and sliders to preferences to adjust all new Tone Mapping options
added autoreplace and spellcheck settings and floaters
added ability to selectively use SLURLs with profile icons before text or icons after text
removed Toggle PG option
removed "restore to last position" feature (doesnt work anymore server side)
removed Flexi prim quality completely due to it beeing at highest quality at all times
removed macrodappling and all its options
removed MouseSun debug
fixed strange Sidebar sliding behavior in Overlay mode
fixed Flexi prims refreshing rarely , they are smooth now again!
fixed 2 tabs in advanced graphics shown at the same time in german UI
fixed some log warnings
fixed land object owner not showing anyone in the list
made Group names in Tools floater a SLURL
tweaked timestamp position in IM headers
overhauled the whole code base , featureing absolutely up to date code


  1. it works so far as i could expected, inventory search is fixed, high precision rendring and gama correction works great, didnt liked tone mapping to use all times.
    im suing Nvidia 30.1.42 with 16AA and 16hqaf, all at ultra but shadows on mediumm at 252 draw distance and connection speed of 1500kb (I think using higer will produce more spikes, i have optical fiber connection, 200 mg download sec, 35 upload but i never use more then 1500kb, maybe i shlud go high?)
    I flyed my plane on mainland black sea, using all that and dr+hp dr and new gamma correction, i had better fps then before (30 against 26)
    At our simsame as well, faster fps.
    The test will be when i race, i used to have 100 fps without shadows and dr, lets see with this version:)
    So far still only 1 think missing, inbuild ao, all the rest sems to work for me;)

  2. Sigh.. I got the "Cant activate GL rendering context".. may be my driver.. for time being cant use Nirans... *sad

    1. the whole Viewer uses GL rendering... meaning you cannot even start the Viewer.

      as said in the Post itself. Log please or this might never change.

  3. well, after 1 day using it, same with my soulmate, and after tunning tone mapping we can only say....WOW!!!

    We use both, Intel 7 quad, Nvidia drivers 30.1.42 on a gtx580, me, and 460 her, 12 giga ddr3 ram and windows 7 64b.

  4. One problem im having, but i doubt its Niran's related.
    When i take back to inventory an object i cant use the option return to previous position, don't known if LL resolved to kill that or not!
    When i place a pose inside a object, i can't edit its name (need to change name before i placed inside), again doubt its Niran's related, perhaps new check permissions applied, as the object is stated as non mod.
    When i try to make a obect, that is with build with full perm pieces, linked, if one of them was, due to a placement of a non mod script for example before, non mod, i have to unlink all, check premissions in each individual piece, and then link it again.
    Again, i believe its LL code not Niran's, just wish that was a big and not the future as it is a pain to have to make sure that a full perm piece, remains 1 still, before linking it.
    For the rest, cant leave now without tone mapping:)

    1. #1 (from changelogs) - removed "restore to last position" feature (doesnt work anymore server side)
      #2 initially when putting a notecard , animation or objects or something else into a prim it will have a delay , depending on how much items are in it already it will take up to 30 seconds until the contents folder is refreshed and you gain back the ability to edit its contents , most notable in AOs , thats normal behavior server side
      #3 linking a full perm object into objects with other permissions will make that new object have its root prim´s permissions , im not sure if that single prim you had full perms on will remain on full perms but i think so , thats again server side.

    2. Yes i thought it was server side.
      Rather then that, im racing with all settings max plus shadows and tone mapping and still getting more fps then with my old pahoenix when i used it (35 agaiNST 32).
      Tonight ill gonna disable dr for the classics cause ill ned all fps i can get (more then 100 without shadows and dr).
      On a side note, i had to laugh about the latest firestorm release but of all the gadgets i was used from phoenix ai just miss on Niran's the inbuild Ao and not being able to connect to OSgrid with it!

  5. Forget that i can't figure how to use spell checking at all, so i just disable it!

  6. And im sorry, but is there a way to upload temporary textures?
    Cause I still have to use imprudence (and my soulmate same) when we want to see how the textures will look like before we spent a fuc....... 10 l to make it permanent!
    And I wish for sure to have an inbuild ao and some features that are only avaiable on Open sims, cause its so hard to use any other viewer now, and those are a ust to be on OSgrid or any other grid besides Sl, that be sure in my words, is not the only place this viewer should be used!
    You are not allowing to many to enjoy your amazing work by not doing a open sim version of it!