Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Release 1.47 (1788)

WARNING: Previous Warnings still warn!
NOTE: Experiencing problems? = clear settings & cache , then ask in group!
Tip of the Day: F2!!!!!

This week was supposed to be a fixing week!

User Interface:

The new preferences panel now has subpanels collapsing and extending when needed, not all of them work yet but the most important ones do. Im making progress here =D. Previously mentioned options still dont work however. Preferences will also just be drawn/rendered and updated now when its really visible for the user , this should counter any FPS loss that might be caused by displaying the preferences panel.

Preferences panel will now also blur the background when opened , this is done by setting Depth of Field to 0 causing it to extreme blur , in order to counter the FPS loss for this action your effective rendering resolution will be reduced to its half until preferences is closed , which will revert both back to their initial values. Later on this will be deactivatable.

One achievement (stay 100h online in total) had a gold medal icon instead of its correct platin one.

The FPS counter will be displayed as text by default now instead of as bar.


Glow strength and Camera Field of View were always reverting to my precoded defaults after a teleport, this should be no more from now on! means you can finally haz custom glow strength and camera fov.

Fixed some color palette entries which the viewer was complaining about. Absolutely trivial.

Disable left-click sit/touch were wrong labeled with "Enable left-click sit/touch" this is now fixed and it shouldnt confuse anymore!


I added a modified Linden default water preset with my water texture for Tone Mapping. Its called "Default Tone Mapping", try it out!

Coming updates:

Next week i will focus on merging Pathfinding and most likely also the new HTTP.

Another week later i will focus on finishing the preferences panel and moving everything from preferences floater to preferences panel.

I might also take a look into the build floater soon , im thinking of changing it into a Blender/Cinema/3D Studio like side-toolbar.


Tone Mapping (left) vs Deferred without Tone Mapping (right)



added "Default Tone Mapping" water preset
added DoF blur to background while preferences panel is open
added basic behavior to preferences panel
added subpanel buttons to preferences panel
added most sub panels to preferences panel
fixed some missing color palette entries
fixed camera angle and glow strength reverting to defaults after teleport
fixed disable left click sit/touch beeing wrong labeled as enable
fixed 100h achievement having a gold medal instead of a platin one
changed tone mapping defaults slightly to be more bright in overall
changed preferences panel to only draw it when its really visible
changed FPS counter to text by default


fixed Outbox and Machinima sidebar toolbar icons not found
fixed login layout selection
fixed Viewer not initializing when no settings were present
fixed the Viewer crying about a Debug called WatchdogDisabled which doesnt exist
fixed the Viewer using Second Life´s default Cache location
removed some internal features that served no purpose atm


  1. Installed and running:)
    Love the new water preset, will have to make a fluing trip to see how it handles cross sims but i guess it will be as previous one, pretty amazing!

  2. Btw, whenever you do with the build floater, pls make sure any can really use it, right now, i can build all i want, but some viewers had it so changed that nobody can work with them (New singularity is a bloody mess on that, worse if any thinks it uses v1 interface, that had an amazing build floater)!
    So remember, building floater needs to be easy to be seen, not fancy but easy to use (as it's yours now, after a few minutes practice!).
    And the need to upload temporary textures is still in place, at least my love still needs to login with old singularity to upload them as she says she can't drag textures to a face of a prim with the reg local option!

  3. Can't resist to say it again, the tone mapping now with the water sett that you made is just amazing!

  4. Just upgraded to this version, i wiped out all settings and cache, even erased all traces of the viewer and installed fresh, and when I log in all I see is pure white background, if i disable deferred rendering I can then see everything, but it looks terrible everything is very jagged looking and poor quality, here is a screen shot of what I see if I set the settings to "Ultra" which is what I always use :


    I am running on Windows 7 x64 using the x64 version, I have a core i5 3550 cpu with a Nvidia GTX 560ti 448 core 1.28gb (v304.48 drivers) and the machine has 16gb ram

    1. did you try enabling Depth of Field? did you try using older drivers? i´ve heard lots of bad about all new drivers v300+ i wouldnt recommend using them if not necessary

  5. I on the other side can only recommend to upgrade to the latest ofcial Nvidia drivers, as they fixed the bug that didnt allow me to override inbulld LL code AA and AF settings!
    What we (me and My soul mate, same comps but mine a gtx580 and hers a gtx 460) didn't do, since version 1.45 is deleting the Niran's folder on the roaming folder!
    We just delete the 1 on the local roaming and the 1 on c/program files(X86).
    None of us are having issues, unless we cross to many sims lol, after like 100 cross sims, if we change outfits, one of us can't see the new changes unless removing the original part of the outfit is not showing to the other (not the link but the real 1).
    Rather then that, graphics are just out breathing using tone mapping and the new water!
    I'm having still some crashes when i'm editing a prim and sitting on a pose inside it, while the script is still open, when i move it and zoom in and out 2 fast!
    But so far those are the only 2 issues!

    1. right click crash is fixed in next version. couldnt reproduce it anymore.
      to your AF and AA thing. you are the only one i know that actually want to use driver AA and AF which is absolutely useless... and takes more performance depending on which AA and AF you take than the one in SL. It also doesnt look better. So its not a good idea to recommend other people newer drivers which they will get them higher changes of bugs i cannot reproduce and or find , which will again make me run in circle for hours trying to find the issue , wasting lots of time just to find out its the drivers again.

  6. If I turn on deferred rendering, the illumination of HUDs is affected by the world lighting (time of day and camera angle). That's almost certainly wrong.

    1. stoneage old Linden rendering "bug". I remember when you could set bump onto an object on your hud and then set sunset/dawn , walking around seeing your hud object reflect the Sun...man old times....

  7. Yes a effect that i didn't bother to report as i only use a small Hud (Sub ao 1)!
    And i don't know if form Niran or LL code, besides it makes a nice effect, lol!
    Still one more reason to use a inbuild ao, Niran:)

  8. 16AA and 16HQAF is being used by me and my soulmate and for a good reason!
    The more AA and AF, the less stress for my eyes and also my soulmate can testify the same!
    So sorry to say but im not as young or with such good sight that i can't notice the difference between more or less AA and AF!
    I notice and I use the settings that make me feel confortable in World!