Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Release 1.45

IMPORTANT: Clear Cache and Settings. Like usual. Thanks.

a not so busy week is over again.
so what do we get this time?

First of all , i´ve seen that alot of people had problems with the previous 2 versions , activating Deferred due to my FXAA Shader tweaks. I HOPE i fixed it , im not sure because i dont have a PC that has problems compiling that shader , so i cant test , i can just guess that i fixed it because logs threw an error that seemed to be linked to a special flag i set to 1 in order to make FXAA look better. If it still shouldnt work look at the previous post on how to make it work.

User Interface:

Avatarlistitems in People floater were causing extreme rezzing lag due to my new layout style , so i had to tweak and redo them again , this doesnt fix the rezzing lag but it will reduce it alot.

I´ve upgraded my XML UI to be able to control X Y Z and Alpha Values easily via XML which i ALWAYS wanted from LL to do it , but i had to do it myself because it seems like its not very interessting for them. It would be interessting for Modders only anyway , mostly for me and Hitomi as example. Im sure she would be happy to get that feature :)

I made a small layout change to Objects Inspectors due to the price label that were off a bit :)

Spellcheck also works now! if you know how to set it up.


I´ve spend the whole week fixing Spotlights and Local Lights , however at the end i came to the conclusion that i had to merge further up with Exodus to fix the DoF bugs which were still there causing a grid-like effect with DoF. That means , you can now select different Color Grading Styles and different Tone Mapping styles , Vignette also works now and has been added to the Tone Mapping graphics panel.

As you can see here i´ve been working on recreating the old Tone Mapping style , the right one is the latest one but it still needs lots of tweaks and love. It will probably take 2-3 releases to get to a good default preset , you can also edit it to your likings if you wish to.


This release will have lots of issues , most of which i am aware of and most of them im not sure if they are really Viewer bugs or just LL Servers going on strike again. Textures and Meshes not loading or slowly loading , Voice not working , Friendlist stays on (loading) , initial login freezes.... all that kind of stuff. However i hope you can enjoy this release anyway with all its bugs.

Next Release:

Next Release i will probably finally start merging the new HTTP Get and Server Side Baking aka Project Sunshine , this will probably fix texture loading and further avatar baking issues if those are really related to the Viewer itself.

Special Thanks to Sovereign Engineer (Drake Arconis) from Singularity who has temporarly joined me this week and fixed ALOT of stuff , cleaned up my code, fixed Linux, squeezed lots of FPS and did some additions to my Viewer aswell like FModEX support. If theres anything i can do for you or Singularity just tell me.




MAINT-1228 FIX Can not put more than one object into the contents of an object
added ability to control X Y Z and Alpha Values via XML
added new Tone Mapping from Exodus
added Tone Mapping and Color Grading mode options
added Vignette options now that it works again
added FModEX Audio Support (thanks to Drake for doing this)
added Drake to Special thanks page
removed unused QAModeEventHostPort Debug Setting
fixed Spotlights and Local Lights
fixed (hopefully) FXAA preventing people from using Deferred
fixed lots of Log errors (also thanks to Drake for helping me with a lot of them)
fixed lots of Linux issues (thanks to Drake for doing this)
fixed Object inspectors layout
updated some Windlight Presets
updated RLVa and fixed some stuff (thanks to Drake for doing this)
tweaked avatarlistitems to produce way less rezzing lag
tweaked group and recent lists a bit to prevent selection rectangle beeing cut off
tweaked lots on performance
tweaked default Tone Mapping settings to recreate an old style Tone Mapping (WIP)
tweaked LAA to be default from now on (thanks to Drake for doing this)


  1. Any chance some of the "high precision" controls might end up in the F1 side popout?

  2. yes. will be next , adding most of those to the Sidebar

  3. I cant resist and will install it asap, but i wish to see my question answered?
    Will you add the import temporary textures feature?
    Will you, sooner or later, will implement a inbuilt ao, now that most sims are refusing scripts on avatars?

    1. i answered the first already in the latest release if i remember right , this feature is already implemented since my early versions months ago...

      and no , no AO except LL will implement one.

    2. When selecting a texture you can click "local" in that window and then add a local texture (aka temp texture) which will then automatically refresh each time it is changed and will last for the whole Login session

    3. Yes it works perfect.
      Still let me try to understand, RLV is not on LL viewer, yest you use it, probably because you know that without it it will mean the failure of the viewer in the user base community.
      Inbuilt Ao is not on LL viewer, yet for me is mandatory, as the sims i go, don't allow scripts on avatars (racing sims but not only!).
      Inbuilt Ao is even more mandatory on OSgrid, where nobody uses huds.
      LL animations are simply ultrageous!
      So denying to add inbuld Ao you are denying Niran's use to most of OSgrid users as many on Sl that are getting to used to not use hud ao's anymore!

    4. im denying OSGrid anyway.
      I dont give support for them , because OSGrid is not what i target at , some say my Viewer works there , some say it doesnt. Weither it does or not i do not care , i dont have Friends there , gestures , inventory , avatars , memories etc. Most importantly i dont have the time and mood to make my Viewer 100% OSGrid compatible , it would be additional work i do not want to afford. Work i cannot test because im not on OSGrid.

      RLVa is in my Viewer because i wanted it. I wanted a Viewer focused on graphics that has RLVa. With or without it , it isnt a huge success also. A huge success would be when suddenly thousands of people come into SL just to use my Viewer...

      Anyway, non-script SIMs is not a good comment for inbuild AO , HUD AO´s work on these aswell if they worked before , logging in on them however disables them until you reactivate them by flying ~100m into air or teleporting away. Most AO´s are also extremly efficient and small like Oracul.

  4. So far works great, love the new tone mapping options;)

  5. I will not oppose your choices, as far as i know your viewer works where i want it to work!
    Still if you feel the wish to come to Osgrid (And even if im now 100pct on Sl, i still have 5 regions hosted via one of my computers there!, know that there is a growing furry community there and that there is thing that makes SL look so much worse, a spirit of community that only places where money does not mean shit and all is free and shared, can provide!
    Ps, I race Nascar on Sl, on the sims i race, to race any must be descripted, period.
    Those are the rules, as simple as that, no phoenix bridge is using 1, no huds, nothing that shows a script on the script counter can be used!
    Are these rules trully needed? I don't know but i have to follow them and inbuild ao's allow me to still feel myslef when im not inside the car, but on the pits or waiting for others to qualify.
    So as you made the (for me at least ) right choice of integrating rlv (without it i would never used your viewer as i never used Kristin's due to lack of it), you are entitled on work and add the features you feel you want.
    I just expressed my sadness (and i have a big mouth so no way any will stop me of saying what i feel) to know that quite a few that could and would love your viewer, just refuse to use it cause it lacks a inbuild ao (Me and my love we are both using it), but several that i show them the link and download it, refused to use it cause they said, it lack inbuild ao, as others, i can't login into OSgrid, as others didnt adapt to notifications and im's on bottom right a la v2 (And belive me, for once it was almost what made me quit, cause i was used to top left or top right a la firestorm, now i know that bottom right is a good spot to have all them and im used to it, but how many will ever give a week of adapting just to use a viewer???
    So it's just that i need to say that i feel said, not for myslef, but to know many could be using the best viewer avaiable, and it is the best, and they don't cause it lacks some features, one can find useless, others need them.
    Still in no way i want you to change the way you want your viewer to be, if you feel it is not worth your time, as far as it concerns me, your viewer worrks, works great and i can addapt and pass without the need of inbuld ao and use other vieweer to login on Osgrid!

  6. Is there any reason that QuickTime does not work in your viewer? its not worked for at least the last few versions I have tried, I honestly do not know how long its worked, I have re-installed quicktime, re-installed the viewer several times, wiped out all the folders etc.. and all I get is this : http://nebadon2025.com/screenshots/nirans_quicktime_error_01.png is there something I am doing wrong?

  7. I had that problem since v1.39 (the 1st 1 i tried).
    But as i don't have any installed besides Niran now, cant know if the problem remains still only on Niran's side.
    On that version, for sure Firestorm, Singularity, phoenix and imprudence showed the quick time fine.
    Of course my quick time version is the 1 fully updated and my system is win64b and the version i'm using is the 64b.
    So i just had to quit this feature as others i enjoyed in other viewers in exchange of the fast speed, better rezzing times and amazing graphics i got!

  8. havnt had that quicktime error for a long time now.... i dont know whats up with it

  9. Hiya,

    I was wondering. I have a small problem. When someone tries to IM me and he/she is not on my friendslist, I get a message, that I need to change some settings, so that I can view their message, but I didnt find that setting to change it. I have been looking for around 30 minutes, tried this and that, but, nothing changed :(

    Thank you!

    1. you´ve probably accidentally set "Only friends and Groups can IM me" , you can find that option in Preferences - User Settings - Privacy

    2. I dont have that option there :(

      Take a look at this:


      It shows my Privacy tab. I didnt find anything there :(

  10. A lot of my friends are getting really amazed by the quality of my snapshots and even more when they realize that i took them as i see and use Niran's every time. No fixed wind light, just Linden Lab day cycle, plus shadows, dr hp dr, gamma and tone mapping sett to filmic.
    So they got frustrated when they found that there is no Apple version available. (and also no Os Grid 1, lol, but i know if i wanted how to log in with Niran's there!)
    Is there any chance to see a Apple version? Not for me, im happy with win 7 64b, lol!

    1. No one compiles it for Apple/Mac , so there is no Apple/Mac version of it. Linux might also vanish again.