Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Release 1.33! (why not 1.40?)

IMPORTANT: Clear Cache and Settings in order to minimize any problem caused by old files.
NOTE: PLEASE read the Bug section!
NOTE 2: Feedback & Suggestions are welcome!
NOTE 3: Please update to this Version if you got an older one due to TPV , i´ve also taken down all older versions , no going back here , sorry
NOTE 4: ATI bug seems to be fixed , all ATI users please download the ATI Version in the download section below! Thanks - for a 32x version please ask me
NOTE 5: Tick 'Enable Left-click sit in Viewer Prefs to prevent IM Headers beeing blank until next release...sorry 

Yea as the Title says , today is release day for 1.33 which i was working so long on , i´ve been trying to track down as many bugs (UI and Viewer itself) as possible and fix them as far as possible , i´ve also merged up a lot of stuff i´ve missed in the past and also stuff i had to leave out due to problems... they are mostly all in now and functional. Please bear with me , this is a major major major major Release , i´ve worked on so many places at the same time...


A Machinima and Photography Viewer also needs a good Camera , so i added 2 new Camera Presets based on the default Shoulder Cam , which should represent a closer over the shoulder cam. For those curious about how they look and how my Camera works...

You should also take a look at this Video again , for those that liked the non rotating avatar camera , you will have to set Max Pelvis / Cam diff in ° [standing] to 240° again as i changed the default to 180° to allow rotating but only if you move the cam a huge degree behind you , i´ve also fixed that other Avatars are having the same settings as you , other avatars will now always rotate no matter your settings , they will also rotate on a smaller degree (2°) instead of the default from linden(60°). To make this whole change fit to your Avatar i´ve also changed the Avatar rotation speed from 0.15 to 0.20 which you can also set back if you want , you will find the spinner for it in Preferences - User Options - Advanced , Movement tabs , the other options can be found in Camera tab!

watch the coresponding video for the Avatar rotation speed if you dont know what it does

In the past i´ve also started to relabel some of the Camera Options especially Depth of Field Options so real Photographers will instantly know what´s what


As many of you already noticed in earlier Builds , i´ve changed the a few movement keys to behave differently , i even explained how to revert that , this explanation is now obselete as you will now be able to easily switch back to Classic SL layout via Preferences - User Options - Advanced - Movement button , theres also a nice cheatsheet included showing you which buttons have been changed and how each layout looks like

You will probably notice that this screenshot shows that some controls have been completly changed , this is due to the shooter key layout , which i think should feel more like a shooter so jumping is on space now , rotating left and right has been moved to Q and E (both can still be used for gestures , and oh E can finally used for gestures at all! since i removed jump from E). Space´s previous function , stop movement is now on X as it cannot be mapped to Shift sadly , otherwise it would have been a cool walk key...

User Interface:

As always , most work went into the UI (User Interface) , the User Interface is the Major part of my Viewer and represents it in its whole , its what makes it different from all others.
One of those major different parts is now the Preferences Panel which went into major overhaul, it was fast and good , but it was a cluttering , not ordered mess , lots of UI options were in Viewer panel and vice versa. Not that i´ve only reorganized and moved a lot of options , i´ve also redone the complete Preferences Core , it will now appear with 5 major tabs , containing 2-3 sub tabs, this will take some time to get used to to most of you , it will also force to look into each menu again , which is my full intention , i WANT YOU to look into every menu , i WANT YOU to see what i did there , i WANT YOU , to read through all options and SEE what you can do , thats really important and hopefully prevents "can i do X or Y" questions , just look closer , or look twice , think of where you would find options if they were logically organized , i want to customize my User Interface , so i go into User Interface major tab , what exactly do i want to customize? i want to customize my main User Interface (Topbar as example) , so i go into UI Invidualisation tab .... oh wait and i want to switch of that annoying camera smoothing, so i will probably go into User Options and then Advanced to find them ... oh noes my Controls are different... i dont like Shooter Keyboard layout , no problem i will simply click onto the Movement Button in Advanced where i just went previously which will then reveal all Movement Options. Its that easy!

I´ve put a lot of work into refining some areas of my UI , as example the group info panel which now uses a smaller font for the name of the group making it able to show longer names without cutting it, other examples include small repositionings or corrections to values , texts , buttons so they look and fit better in overall

So now you will find some menus and options beeing colored orange or red , probably blue instead of orange or something red (idk whats the EmphasisColor of Ashenblood) depending on the skin you´ve chosen , those options and menu entries are colored orange to show you a warning that those menus may contain options that can or will break shit extremly in some way , same will go for options , one example is the Overall Quality dropdown which has been readded due to a lot of people wanting it back, its marked dangerous with (!) aswell like all dangerous options in preferences , use it at your own risk , you´ve been warned three times , here and twice in preferences that those options are dangerous! if ever someone comes to me telling me "suddenly all my graphic options have been disabled" i will NOT answer "set the overall quality dropdown to high or ultra and then change manually what you want to change , the dropdown is buggy and may disable options depending on your overall setting you choose" .... what i will answer is similar to this: "you used the overall quality slider , right? i warned you. *end of conversation*". Keep that in mind when you use those options and menus.... oh wait i said red menus right? yes.... those are usually stuff you wont use as normal user , like "super mega advanced" options. Admin menu as example. Quit the Viewer is an exception its only colored red ...because .... well.. its QUIT....QUIT?! it must be colored you know...

Fix it!, its not a happy game called Fix it! , its a new button in a lot of floaters , its a little pin , which will fix the window in its position if you click it , for the time beeing its temporarly , relogging will unfix it again , i was working on getting that saved but it didnt want to so i will try again in future updates - sorry about that , but its a cool way to fix windows you often accidentally undock or drag around , like i do often with my IMs ...

Chat floater. It changed! i dont know how it did...but important is that IT DID, its smaller , minimalistic and still functional , similar to Exodus but its my own work =D (see Screenshot below)

Ever noticed a green , maybe yellow or red bar at the top right where the net stats are? ever hovered over it? right it displays your FPS in a bar, some people suggested me to change it into a text display , you now can! right click at the top right part of the top bar (or in Preferences - User Interface Options - UI Invidualisation tab). The text display will update extremly fast , every frame to be exact , meaning it will update 40 times a second if you got 40 FPS! thats fast , even faster than Fraps , im not sure if it has an impact but it doesnt seem so... so im fine with it (see Screenshot above)

Some notifications have been split into 2 lines now to prevent them from getting cut if they are too long and for a better look in overall. Example
is Online

is Offline

Niranhasalongname Youmaygetproblemsreadingthis
is Online

and so on...

Toolbars have been a bit extended , 1 button found its way to the default toolbar layout , which is the active speakers button , at start it was on the left side right below the voice button and when i introduced the new S19 and text only style buttons it went away , its back in now as it probably a button some of you use dialy.

Movement button however isnt default. why? you may ask, its simple. This is a Viewer for advanced users especially photographers and also some shooter/rp fans who like the new camera and control settings , its a MUST in this Viewer to know the basics like A W S D or Arrow Keys for movement , so why having those stupid movement controls on screen if you can do everything on keyboard easily , it doesnt even take much to learn them , they are pretty much a default in all MMO´s and Games

A new button for your toolbars has been added , the Script Info button which will open your Script Information (found in land information) quickly

The last big part is explained in a seperate part of this Blog, see SSFUI below

SSFUI , Essessehphueye (Super Smooth Flexible User Interface):

sshhwhatthefuck? , nono no , Ess-ess-eph-u-eye xD ,what is it you may ask? right , lets explain it, its called Super Smooth because im working hardly on making the UI appear more living , dynamic and less static as it was for a long time , this starts with the most obvious task of making everything slide smoothly in and out, every time you open a new IM or Group Session , the controls and participant list will initially slide in for a like "whoosh" effect , instead of beeing just instantly there , im and group notification headers will also "slide" , revealing the Icon of the IMer , his name and the time and additionally the Group Icon (YES both at the same time!) , and the best of all , its a SLURL , so you can easily click it to open this persons profile , or click his (i) or right click the name and copy his SLURL or Name directly for easier to access Name&Group sharing , right click copy Name or SLURL will now also work in Friend, Nearby, Recent and Grouplist making it even easier! You want to invite someone to your Group but he cant find it and its hard to explain where to find it? no problem! right click it in your Group list - copy SLURL and paste it into Chat , bingo , you are done! wanna see it in Action? Yes? Sure? Sure you are sure? Good!

Previously some buttons made a whole bunch of options appear and slide in or out , i will continue working on that behavior in future under the name of Ess-ess-eph-u-eye , also the topbar (statusbar , navbar and favbar in one) also uses this behavior on most of its customisable parts, try it out! you will see what i mean

NOTE: Im sorry for the lack of idiots running in background >.< i forgot about that again...


First of all , im sorry for any bad english im using in my blog and/or my Viewer , you all should know that english is not my native language , this might be noticable in words or sentences i choose for options , menus , tool tips and other UI stuff , if you have any suggestions for better words , please tell me you are probably those with native english not me , i can only write down what i´ve learned. German is maintained

So for all German Users please use the German UI , i´ve put a lot of efford into translating my UI, tell me about anything that could be better or isnt translated at all , but please be aware translating is time consuming therefor most tool tips arnt translated just the labels

All French users should try out the French UI which is maintained by Miguael so you can give him feedback

Last but not least , all English Users , please tell me if theres anything wrong in the english "translation" or could be better ...or is written wrong...again...*remembers*...Galaxys = Galaxies... >.<


Rendering wise nothing much has been changed , most stuff is internally , but there are a few things i still want to mention.

Alpha shadows , they work again , shadows will be drawn on alphas like they should , so alphas wont be fullbright-like in dark areas anymore. (phew.... that looked really ugly and made darker snapshots often impossible)

FXAA was tweaked a little bit and i think its a little bit smoother now , i hope so >.< , hard to tell

I also changed some internal rendering , what Exodus would call "High Precision Rendering" , but theres no option for it atm to turn it off , it will follow in future updates!

Known Bugs:

Well this is an experimental Viewer and what would an experimental Viewer be if it wouldnt have bugs? it wouldnt be experimental.

Known bugs are projected lights cast onto an alpha prim dont look and work correctly , heres a pic to show what i mean

Volume pulldown is a bit buggy since i´ve worked on the topbar again, it will appear on the far left instead of below the sound button, im really sorry about that :/ i cant seem to fix it without reverting the changes to the topbar... i hope not...

Fix button in Chat floater cannot be clicked in collapsed state (will be fixed in next release)

Other Devices button in Preferences - User Settings - Advanced - Movement can only be clicked at the outer left of the button (will be fixed in next release)

Inventory sorting menu entries STILL are checked all the time , dont bother...havnt managed to fix that yet , but they work

Third Party Viewer Directory:

i´ve made an application for my Viewer to enter the TPVD and im happy to announce that it managed to pass it successfully :) you now use a TPV compilant Viewer, congratz!

It will probably appear on the TPVD next week so it will be included into the crash rate statistics


A nice person were searching a Donation button on my Blog. There is none , dont search , you wont find it. I dont like Donations for the Viewer "work". Im often hearing "but its a thanks for your hard work" , a "Thanks" is thanks enough , if you want to donate something please do it in L$ and tell me a rocksolid reason for it , otherwise your money will end up flying back at you if i notice , and please... no reason like "hard work" , a Viewer is basically something everyone of you could do , it takes time but i wouldnt call it "hard work". Ok? good.

Mesh Deformer:

The Mesh Deformer is NOT included in the default release of 1.33 , im doing a seperate release for it as it seems to be buggy (dont get me wrong , i really like Qarl and his awesome work he does for us), graphical glitches everywhere , all meshes gone BOOM 20 times all the time which is absolutely unusable for me , might be my hardware but my guess is its my Rendering Pipeline which doesnt go well with the Mesh Deformer code , but i have to mention that you should be able to experience the Deformer mostly normal if you activate Deferred , Shadows and Ambient Occlusion , meaning that the seperate release is only for those who can run this and only for those of them that want to test it to give Qarl Feedback


Normal Download:

From now on my WinRar package will come a bit more advanced! it haz automatic shortcut creation now! no need to create one anymore. AWESOME!


For those of you still curious about if you should give it a try , why not reading on of the Reviews other nice people write about this Viewer


Living in a Modem World: Nirans Viewer 1.33 Review


heres the full changelog for all wanting to know the "inbetween" details i havnt talked about

tweaked Online Notifications 
tweaked Day Cycle and Sky presets
tweaked Pie menus so they only have Buy OR Pay instead of both and one always disabled
tweaked Inventory fetching status message to be a 2 liner
tweaked Reflection Resolution dropdown values
tweaked volume pulldown for better alignment
tweaked some Menu entries to not contain "my"
tweaked floaters to always save their rect even if they havnt been opened , from Firestorm
tweaked some UI customisation behaviors , they will slide now
tweaked Profiles and Webcontent floater
tweaked Search floater
tweaked overall webbrowser controls , website and info text resizing to the actual parent floater
tweaked default toolbars a bit , added the nearby speakers button by default
tweaked IM and Group Toast Headers have SLURLs now
added ability to copy name and UUID of Groups and People from People Panel and Participant lists
added more loadingscreens 
added lots of new scripting functions which werent added yet 
added colorable menu entries
added Local Bitmaps 3.0
added translations for some main menu entries
added Quality/Performance dropdown again
added some copy UUID pie menu entries
added down arrows to login server and start at combo
added the ability to "fix" floaters at their current position , disabling the dragbar
added 2 new Camera Presets (Left and Right Shoulder View)
added second keyboard layout
added Text style FPS counter
added Script Info toolbar button
added Qarls Mesh Deformer 0.31
disabled Optimizer for now
colored dangerous options in EmphasisColor (Yellow/Blue)
updated special thanks page 
updated contributions.txt
updated missed out files from 5 months ago making merging impossible...
updated inventory
updated screenchannel , notifications , nearby chat and im/group im code
updated ashen blood skin
updated french translation
fixed crash in VertexBuffer Strider 
fixed some warnings & bugs internally 
fixed spamming locationbar 
fixed Comversations floater color picker
fixed received objects translation in inventory
fixed preferences translations and added a few more
fixed preferences top tabs beeing scrollable on 1.0 UI size
fixed some group info texts and layouts
fixed RLV version
fixed Crash for hand animation out of bounds , from Firestorm
fixed Volume Pulldown gear button not opening sound options
fixed sounds not playing on first try , by Nicky
fixed rotation degree feature for you only , other avatars wont be affected anymore
fixed Play Animations locally
fixed Make this Preset my default button
fixed lots of German Model preview translations
fixed [COST] in German Inventory File upload menu
translated all missing Edit Sky/Water/Day Cycle bits
translated UI Invidualisation Panel
translated Nearby Chat Floater
translated Statusbar
translated hopefully the whole Preferences panel
removed Local Bitmap Browserderq
removed Debug Settings double and Show Develop menu entry 
removed OpenMP 
removed Mesh Deformer until next update
removed old Shadowing/SSAO type
removed the Help button in all kind of floaters
redone whole preferences floater and reordered/reorganized a lot of options 
CHUI-87 FIXED crash in handling notifications after viewer disconnect.
CHOP-854: move change_(item|category)_parent() into LLInventoryModel.
SH-2908 Potential fix for pink textures on some OpenGL 3.1 implementations. 
MAINT-939 Potential fix for crash when editing objects.
MAINT-922 FIX Client side code to catch the SCRIPT_PERMISSION_TELEPORT request from similator and display a notification
MAINT-891 FIXED Disabled focus return from modal dialog after viewer logoff.
MAINT-890 Fix for freeze on exit when a mesh upload is pending.
MAINT-870 Fix for crash from out of control lawns.
MAINT-845 FIXED Inventory items auto selection is disabled during filtering, unless a search string is being typed in.
MAINT-830 FIXED ([PUBLIC]"Items successfully shared" appears even when share fails)
MAINT-813 FIXED Potential fix for a crash at LLViewerRegion::getPosGlobalFromRegion.
MAINT-793 Pop up notification when drivers are likely out of date.
MAINT-710: Fix for VertexBufferStrider could not find valid vertex data. (from Firestorm)
MAINT-516 Potential fix for crash on startup in LLWindowWin32::switchContext
MAINT-74 Fix "show cross sections" crashing and not working in general.
STORM-1839 Banlines need to be extended from 768 meters to 5000 meters now that explicit ban height has been changed.
STORM-1833 Square char is presented in list of recompilation for script with error
STORM-1828 Intermittent write to character/new archetype.xml from Develop->Avatar->Character Tests->Apperance To XML
STORM-1822 Change size of Block button in dialog boxes to help prevent accidental clicks
STORM-1820 Discoverability of the menu that opens the Block List is difficult
STORM-1787 remove dead code that causes spurious build log error reports
EXP-1925 WIP Inventory folders being pasted to are hidden during a paste operati
EXP-1924 : Relax the cconsistency policy between text and UUID on the clipboard.
EXP-1922 : Skip the clipboard elements when purging the trash when in cut mode
EXP-1917 : Fix items coming back in folders when quit after cut.
EXP-1915 : Disable copy/cut options for folders as long as all items in them are not present.
EXP-1914 : Fix the evaluation of isClipboardPasteable() when the clipboard is in cut mode.
EXP-1913 : Prevent text clipboard to zap inventory clipboard
EXP-1912 : Fix filtering of folders when those are being cut.
EXP-1911 : Fix the filter resetting, using U64 values where needed.
EXP-1905 : Be a bit less forcefull when updating the filter after a change on the clipboard
EXP-1906 : Allow cut of folders in place panel.
EXP-1902, EXP-1903 : Move items cut to the trash when clipboard reset.
EXP-1900 : Fix crash in filtering
EXP-1897 : Suppress the copy of UUID on text clipboard when copy/cut items (back to old behavior).
EXP-1896 : Prevent recursively copying of folders onto themselves
EXP-1895 : Fix the evaluation of visible children in folders
EXP-1894 : Fix the handling of no-copy items on the clipboard (can cut, can paste once but not twice and cannot copy).
EXP-1873 : Implement cut in the inventory contextual menu.
EXP-1863 : Implemented cut, copy, paste for folders.
EXP-1862 : Make LLClipboard an LLSingleton and clean up the internals (set up for toolbar and never used)
EXP-1841 : Refactoring of LLClipboard, simplify the API and make it behave like a normal clipboard.
EXP-1335 FIXED Enabled DnD and sorting items in Recent tab of My inventory.
EXP-1335 FIXED empty folders not draggable between Inventory windows.
EXP-1335 FIXED Disabled dragging the items from notecards and objects into Recent tab.
EXP-1335 FIXED Dragging folders into Recent Items disabled. + Windows build fix.
EXP-1181 WIP as a designer I would like to specify default floater positions using realtive coordinates


  1. Very nice work. When I get home from work I'll do a clean install and set it up! Thank you for all your work on this viewer.

  2. Yes, very nice work Niran ! I am looking forward to seeing someone implement SNOW-375 in a current viewer. Could it possibly be yours ?

  3. Yes! The best thing in the world for machinima! But please fix the audio slider - I tweak that on the fly all the time ... very crippling to me. :(

  4. Noticed that I lag out when editing attachments that are on my avatar. Usually happens when I try to move them. Went back to "Nirans Viewer 3.3.2 (812) Mar 26 2012 17:41:58 (Nirans Viewer 1.32)" and now doesn't seem to happen. When I switch versions I always clear cache, settings and files.

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