Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

1.33 Second Preview

yup , theres a second and final preview before the final release on which i will go into detail , final release will come on 27th with either some great or not so great news! stay tuned

also take a look at my new Video!

because of some reasons i have to link to my "webpage" now for the download -> WEBPAGE
you can also take the sidebar link , just hover your mouse on the right side of the blog and klick important links

NOTE: the WinRar archive will from now on overwrite the files in Nirans Viewer folder automatically and will also create a shortcut on your desktop (sorry that i havnt seen that sooner)




tweaked Online Notifications 
tweaked Day Cycle and Sky presets
tweaked Pie menus so they only have Buy OR Pay instead of both and one always disabled
tweaked Inventory fetching status message to be a 2 liner
tweaked Reflection Resolution dropdown values
tweaked volume pulldown for better alignment
tweaked some Menu entries to not contain "my"
tweaked floaters to always save their rect even if they havnt been opened , from Firestorm
tweaked some UI customisation behaviors , they will slide now
tweaked Profiles and Webcontent floater
tweaked Search floater
tweaked overall webbrowser controls , website and info text resizing to the actual parent floater
tweaked default toolbars a bit , added the nearby speakers button by default
added more loadingscreens 
added lots of new scripting functions which werent added yet 
added colorable menu entries
added Local Bitmaps 3.0
added translations for some main menu entries
added Quality/Performance dropdown again
added Best Fit Normals , by Geenz
added some copy UUID pie menu entries
added down arrows to login server and start at combo
added the ability to "fix" floaters at their current position , disabling the dragbar
added 2 new Camera Presets (Left and Right Shoulder View)
disabled Optimizer for now
colored dangerous options in EmphasisColor (Yellow/Blue)
updated special thanks page 
updated contributions.txt
updated missed out files from 5 months ago making merging impossible...
updated inventory
updated screenchannel , notifications , nearby chat and im/group im code
updated ashen blood skin
updated french translation
fixed crash in VertexBuffer Strider 
fixed some warnings & bugs internally 
fixed spamming locationbar 
fixed Comversations floater color picker
fixed received objects translation in inventory
fixed preferences translations and added a few more
fixed preferences top tabs beeing scrollable on 1.0 UI size
fixed some group info texts and layouts
fixed RLV version
fixed Crash for hand animation out of bounds , from Firestorm
fixed Volume Pulldown gear button not opening sound options
fixed sounds not playing on first try , by Nicky
removed Local Bitmap Browserderq
removed Debug Settings double and Show Develop menu entry 
removed OpenMP 
removed Mesh Deformer until next update
removed old Shadowing/SSAO type
removed the Help button in all kind of floaters
redone whole preferences floater and reordered/reorganized a lot of options 
CHUI-87 FIXED crash in handling notifications after viewer disconnect.
CHOP-854: move change_(item|category)_parent() into LLInventoryModel.
SH-2908 Potential fix for pink textures on some OpenGL 3.1 implementations. 
MAINT-939 Potential fix for crash when editing objects.
MAINT-922 FIX Client side code to catch the SCRIPT_PERMISSION_TELEPORT request from similator and display a notification
MAINT-891 FIXED Disabled focus return from modal dialog after viewer logoff.
MAINT-890 Fix for freeze on exit when a mesh upload is pending.
MAINT-870 Fix for crash from out of control lawns.
MAINT-845 FIXED Inventory items auto selection is disabled during filtering, unless a search string is being typed in.
MAINT-830 FIXED ([PUBLIC]"Items successfully shared" appears even when share fails)
MAINT-813 FIXED Potential fix for a crash at LLViewerRegion::getPosGlobalFromRegion.
MAINT-793 Pop up notification when drivers are likely out of date.
MAINT-710: Fix for VertexBufferStrider could not find valid vertex data. (from Firestorm)
MAINT-516 Potential fix for crash on startup in LLWindowWin32::switchContext
MAINT-74 Fix "show cross sections" crashing and not working in general.
STORM-1839 Banlines need to be extended from 768 meters to 5000 meters now that explicit ban height has been changed.
STORM-1833 Square char is presented in list of recompilation for script with error
STORM-1828 Intermittent write to character/new archetype.xml from Develop->Avatar->Character Tests->Apperance To XML
STORM-1822 Change size of Block button in dialog boxes to help prevent accidental clicks
STORM-1820 Discoverability of the menu that opens the Block List is difficult
STORM-1787 remove dead code that causes spurious build log error reports
EXP-1925 WIP Inventory folders being pasted to are hidden during a paste operati
EXP-1924 : Relax the cconsistency policy between text and UUID on the clipboard.
EXP-1922 : Skip the clipboard elements when purging the trash when in cut mode
EXP-1917 : Fix items coming back in folders when quit after cut.
EXP-1915 : Disable copy/cut options for folders as long as all items in them are not present.
EXP-1914 : Fix the evaluation of isClipboardPasteable() when the clipboard is in cut mode.
EXP-1913 : Prevent text clipboard to zap inventory clipboard
EXP-1912 : Fix filtering of folders when those are being cut.
EXP-1911 : Fix the filter resetting, using U64 values where needed.
EXP-1905 : Be a bit less forcefull when updating the filter after a change on the clipboard
EXP-1906 : Allow cut of folders in place panel.
EXP-1902, EXP-1903 : Move items cut to the trash when clipboard reset.
EXP-1900 : Fix crash in filtering
EXP-1897 : Suppress the copy of UUID on text clipboard when copy/cut items (back to old behavior).
EXP-1896 : Prevent recursively copying of folders onto themselves
EXP-1895 : Fix the evaluation of visible children in folders
EXP-1894 : Fix the handling of no-copy items on the clipboard (can cut, can paste once but not twice and cannot copy).
EXP-1873 : Implement cut in the inventory contextual menu.
EXP-1863 : Implemented cut, copy, paste for folders.
EXP-1862 : Make LLClipboard an LLSingleton and clean up the internals (set up for toolbar and never used)
EXP-1841 : Refactoring of LLClipboard, simplify the API and make it behave like a normal clipboard.
EXP-1335 FIXED Enabled DnD and sorting items in Recent tab of My inventory.
EXP-1335 FIXED empty folders not draggable between Inventory windows.
EXP-1335 FIXED Disabled dragging the items from notecards and objects into Recent tab.
EXP-1335 FIXED Dragging folders into Recent Items disabled. + Windows build fix.
EXP-1181 WIP as a designer I would like to specify default floater positions using realtive coordinates


  1. http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/sse2-for-dummies-who-know-cc-r1987

    can u make an sse2 and preferably neck breaking graphics settings? i have ofund a way to make sl MUCH faster but i need and sse2 COMPILED viewer to do it. i am nota coder but more of a splicer,, so i need you to do it, btw maybe even sse3 has an option?

  2. is there a way to the avatar dont move the eyes every time i hover something? ( in other viewers is to stop look at) i couldnt find it, also i have recently a problem with the last "estable" version it will crash anytime i try to upload a texture or take a snapshot to disk.

    this version has the fix of uploading mesh for qarls parametric deformer, i used the last one but it wouldnt upload mesh with that

  3. @Unknown , SL NEEDS SSE2 because of Mesh , its minimum ...
    @Jhona , Mesh Deformer is not present in those Previews , it was taken out due to problems with it , Release will however contain Mesh Deformer 0.31 (released yesterday)

    i dont know what is causing your issue but i will check that , Snapshot definetly doesnt crash as im doing Snapshots every day - a lot of them
    might be a Memory issue

    1. additional: SL is already compiled in SSE2 , again because of Mesh + im not that talented in coding as you may think , the link you posted looks like advanced stuff i got no idea of sorry

    2. what about the not moving eyes?, and about the snapshot it seems i crash every time the file picker dialog opens and its in every viewer so ill see how can i fix it, i found a workarround for 1.23 but wont work for this so if no format! hehe. thanks for your viewer tho is the only one that allow me to have shadows ;)

    3. theres a XML workaround for your Moving Eyes , you can IM me inworld and i can explain you how to do so , its pretty simple , otherwise im not planning to implement hide lookat atm , im still a bit pulled into both sides of decision

  4. Hi. Ive noticed that even with the "apply now" box unchecked in the texture menu, it still applies now? Many times when building I need to see a texture before applying it.
    Hope this will be fixed in the release? Thanks!!