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Sunday, April 29, 2012

ATI Pink Texture Fix.

Me has searched through lots of pages of commits in the past weeks , aswell as Miguael probably also did , he also asked around some devs what might cause that and he found a potential fix which i just tested on someone who can confirm me that it was present and is now fixed , so for everyone with an ATI card , please update your drivers and use this Version in order to hopefully enjoy my Viewer again.

NOTE: There has been done NO changes except this potential fix , so for all NVidia Users and maybe ATI users without that problem , it wont change anything , nothing has been fixed yet so you can just stay on your current release.

NOTE 2: I´ve also added this link to the main 1.33 Release Post!


  1. It's finally working :)
    I don't have the pink texture anymore!

    So, thank you for this beautiful viewer, i can use it everytime now, and thank you for the fix :)

  2. thank Miguael Liamano for finding it :)

  3. Thank you a lot, it works again. *hugs*

  4. Yep, same here, no pink textures anymore, thanks god :P

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  6. This fix associated with this post? http://niransviewer.freeforums.org/possible-fix-for-ati-pink-skin-t63.html

  7. the bug were caused by a few lines , some of them in or near water rendering code o.o , but whats mentioned in the forums were something i was probably going to do next , as there were an overall Alpha Update ...sadly it caused Trees to totally break...