Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Build 6 Release

ok Ladies n Gentlement , Build 6 is out now! =D
i reworked plenty of Settings and a bit of my UI , removed some unnecessenary options and sliders from Build 5 , added some new like a whole new additional glow strenght slider.
Project S19 has been redone , 1080p is now gone as it isnt needed anymore , the buttons will now autoresize automatically to the middle of your screen (mostly) and because of this i made it default , my whole new UI is now completly default , too see all my new default settings including the graphic tweaks i did , you´ll have to delete/rename your settings , the viewer should now also use a seperate cache folder :) , it features Local Bitmaps 2.0 (which is still beta but works great) , a new object weights floater with all needed information in one little window and all my Mod Skins i made for Kirstens , they are beta but because im now working on my own Viewer i will have to update these over time as they are now inofficially officially supported hehe...
build 6 final comes with some additional bugfixes up to 3.0.6 , you can look them up at the end of this Post


new default glow , ssao , shadow and dof settings
new object weights floater


EXP-1107 FIX Crash in LLFastTimer::NamedTimer::accumulateTimings
EXP-1080 FIX Console gets spammed with VertexShaderEnable messages making the viewer unusable
EXP-1065 FIX -- Inventory has slowed to a crawl. Clicking between items has an average one second delay. Same with switching between tabs.
EXP-700 FIX SLPlugin(s) takes high CPU%
EXP-700 WIP SLPlugin(s) takes high CPU%
fix for SH-2315: crash at LLVOCacheEntry::~LLVOCacheEntry() line 138
fix for SH-2307: crash at LLImageGL::setCategory(int) line 1890
fix for SH-2215: [crashhunters] crash at LLPluginClassMedia
fix for SH-2177: Second Life Crashes On Startup in Advanced Mode
fix for SH-2023: Brightness Bump maps don't load when shadows are enabled
Fix for SH-1783: [PUBLIC] Crash when adding a physics shape.
Fix for SH-1637 and SH-1638
Fix for SH-1586 & SH-1654 # Alt-zooming camera flipping
fix for SH-1498: crash at LLImageGL::deleteDeadTextures() line 1429
fix for SH-1142: HUD objects do not display bumpmaps when Lighting and Shadows are enabled.
fix for SH-1069: [REGRESSION] Sometimes bumpmaps load only partially
STORM-1599 FIXED Scrolling search history with mouse wheel now doesn't zoom the wold view upon reaching the end of list.
STORM-1595 FIXED Removing a wrong debug assertion.
STORM-1566 FIXED Sidebar tabs didn't detach by drag-n-drop.
STORM-1562 Potential fix for crash in LLCurl::run -- make sure all ref counted members of llsecapi are thread safe
STORM-1546 FIXED Fixed a crash caused by a race condition in LLRefCount.
STORM-1532: Don't re-request ParcelVoiceInfoRequest capability if the region definitely doesn't have it.
STORM-1512 Fix for crash when rendering impostors.
STORM-1458 FIXED [crashhunters] crash at LLParticipantList::LLParticipantListMenu::isGroupModerator() [secondlife-bin llparticipantlist.cpp]
STORM-1427 FIXED Fixed a debug assertion triggered in the world map floater.
STORM-1355 Memory issues from UI for very large groups
STORM-1041 FIXED "Remove all clothes" item of the avatar menu didn't actually remove all clothes.
STORM-918 Changes in Group Role Titles or Assignments Not Reflected in Title Dropdown
STORM-638 FOLLOWUP Fixed a silly pointer usage mistake.
STORM-638 FIXED "Object Return" didn't return distant objects if the confirmation dialog wasn't suppressed.
STORM-519 FIXED "Delete" is enabled in the context menu for folders which contain worn items
STORM-64: Local Bitmaps 2.0 - Fixed early returns, LLLocalBitmap constr, logging.
STORM-64 Local Bitmaps 2.0
SH-2472 FIX - avoid accessing nonexistent texture entries in lineSegmentItersect
SH-2440 FIX - first build, then test, then commit
SH-2440 FIX - avoid calling initInstance() on LLVOAvatarSelf if it already exists
SH-2179 Fix for active UI elements glowing when basic shaders enabled.
SH-2169 SH-2170 SH-2171 New object weigthts floater
SH-2120 Better fix for water being very dark when basic shaders disabled (sinA might be negative)
SH-2120 Fix for water being very dark when basic shaders disabled.
SH-2048 Fix for invisiprims infecting neighboring prims with their invisi-ness.
SH-2038 Potential fix for a myriad of performance problems concering VBO usage.
SH-2031 Fix for sometimes deadlocking a curl thread.
SH-2031 Cleanup from threaded curl implementation (remove errors/loops on shutdown).
SH-2031 Disable usage of glMapBuffer (again).  Despite using MapBufferRange, this is still a source of frame stalls.
SH-2031 Followup to curl threading work -- don't start and stop the thread on every request, use a signal (cuts time spent in Pump IO down from 1-2 ms to 0.1ms)
SH-2031 Don't do network I/O from the main thread in llcurl.
SH-2031 High risk changeset, but potentially high reward.  Addresses frame stalls in renderer by never using the fixed function pipeline if shaders are available.
SH-2021 Fix for black water at the horizon from occlusion culling madness.
SH-2020 Fix for avatar skin/eyes and trees being bright/black/busted underwater.
SH-1990 Fix for redundantly applying some color scaling to sky and water (also add some snazzy specular bloom from the sun)
SH-1838 Add error handling for allocation of off screen render targets.
SH-1601 SH-1958 FIX large objects cannot always be selected/modified
VWR-24316: Implemented optional YBS Star Sky
VWR-26066: FIXED request LLFloaterWorldMap child "zoom slider" with correct type
LLSliderCtrl instead of LLSlider to get rid of warning when opening map flaoter
Fix for annoying assert that gets triggered when your first login attempt fails.
Added support for apple flush buffer range
improved fast timers display ,can move and resize ,better visualization of timer history ,can click drag to browse history ,increased frame history to 300
tweaked login Panel texture loading


  1. Does this mean that you are doing a totally new viewer? or does it mean your doing your own viewer with Kirsten's viewer as the starting point?

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  3. So far I am getting very frustrated with this latest build, and will probably return to the previous build, however I like it, I am getting good FPS etc etc but at the moment I can't use it.

    1) If any error message comes up when trying to log in the viewer immediately crashes instead of letting you see the error even if it's just like a mistyped password.

    2) When using right click edit the viewer crashes every time

    3) The glow is unbelievably bright. I had glow enabled and the whole sky is pure white. I will try and test the settings, but so far the glow seems to be way to much.

    Hope this might help in some way, but I've spent an hour at least trying to stay in SL using build 6 and it isn't happenning.

  4. Angel here are all fixes to your problems
    1) its not crashing its a reinitialisation bug causing the Close Nirans Viewer button to activate itself when Login fails , meaning you disabled the "do you want to quit" message
    2) this is fixed in latest Build 6 fix2 please check the download site again
    3) yes it is , if its too bright go to Preferences - Graphics - Advanced Graphic Settings - Lighting and set Glow Iterations down to 1 , have fun and good luck

  5. im also doing a Viewer based on Kirstens not a completly new one , and please say your inworld name so i can instantly IM someone if he needs help , thanks

  6. Hey Niran

    Thank you for your posts. I will download the fix 2 and I did sort out the glow, fiddled with the settings and it works.

    Unfortunately I have a pressing bug that I can't seem to fix and narrowing down the problem. I don't know if it's a viewer issue or not but this is the general problem.

    When logging in with basic shaders turned on regardless of what else is done it will cause a windows time-out error. Sometimes you can turn basic shaders off login and then reset the graphics settings and it won't crash.

    I don't know if this is a viewer issue, or a graphics driver issue. I have tried a few of the drivers from NVIDIA, but from what I'm seeing I am not the only one having this issue.

    If this is NOT a viewer related bug then please ignore it, but it does happen on all the viewers I've tried including the terrible Linden Viewer.

    Thank you again Niran, love the viewers looks and stuff very nice. Thank you also for your quick response. My in game name is Angel Nohkan.

  7. its an OpenGL bug you can fix it by reverting back to 260.99 Version of your Nvidia drivers , LL uses deprecated OpenGL commands making your Drivers and the Viewer crash if you got too new Drivers

  8. Thank you again Niran, that is annoying. After all OpenGL is up to 4.2, and I will check on that since I want to make sure (doesn't apply to SL) that the driver supports DX11. I should have figured that it would be a LL issue.