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Sunday, October 30, 2011

How about some realistic look you old virtual ham!

Did you ever notice SSAO at all? , do you even KNOW what SSAO is and what it does? SSAO means Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and makes SL look better in many Ways , the most noticable difference is smoothend shadows , the second one is the dark corners thingy according to Wikipedia it can be easily implemented into any Modern Video Game , also according to Wikipedia the first game ever with SSAO was Crysis (which sounds VERY VERY unbelievable) as SL got Deferred and SSAO at a similar time and SL is about 10 Years old (Real, it was officially released 2003 so its normally just 8 Years) , anyway...


for those who want to read about it,
for people that want to see it in SL , i changed the default settings of SSAO , Glow and DoF again , but this time correctly (i hope so >.<) and SSAO has been changed more than in Build 7

My new SSAO Settings My                                                                      my SSAO Settings Extreme (via Graphics Panel)

Default SSAO                                                                                       No SSAO (Ambient Occlusion off)

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