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Friday, November 12, 2010


Ok Guys as you probably noticed , Meshes have been arrived at the Aditi Grid , the Test Server , you can upload your Meshes which must be in Collada (.dae) format easily , its toooootal simple , just make your object , export it as collada and upload it , no more preparing a UV map doing stuff here and there and watching the Vertice Limit....its gone people...ITS GONE!, you can even Rig the Mesh to your Avatar!!! that means ....yes! new forms ,shapes ...whole new Avatars much more detailed than the LL one ever could!, the dark side of this Feature is its cost , Meshes will cost much L$ depending on how complex your Mesh is (how much vertices/triangles it has). You can make own UV Textures , you can make one whole avatar with one Mesh! or with a few!, you can make new awesome deforming clothes which will bend and stretch with your body if they´re rigged! AWESOME mh? , yes! Meshes are extremly less Hardware hungry , even with Meshes at the Limit (65.000 vertices) didn´t impact my FPS that much like a single Furry Avatar with sculptys (awesome!) and the best , those meshes can be edited like normal prims , even if they´re rigged to your Avatar! means ...yes! Shiny and Glowy Bodys! xD but ok enough Info , see it yourself!





You can find more Pictures here

and my Video here!

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