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Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughs about Meshes + MOAR

You´re probably wondering "oh Niran is unbanned in Kirsten Forums and seems to be active anyway O.o" yes!, i am , because im bored hehe. As we all know (hopefully), meshes will come on 13 Oct. , but how would Avatars look when they would be Meshes , i´ve made a nice Snapshot that probably "fakes" the look of those Mesh Avatars , its NOT edited , its shot in Second Life with Custom Settings


Can you see those ugly Prim Edges? , you do? really? i too.... they are ugly , VERY UGLY , but luckily its time for them to go , it will take some time but maybe Avatars will look like the Screenshot below in the near future...

Shadowed one

You don´t see those ugly Edges anymore? don´t worry , you don´t need glasses , they are REALLY not existant :) i know its totally "faked" because im standing in Shadows which lightens everything on the same way , but thats how Future Custom Avatars could look like if they´re done right

now the MOAR

ever visited Doomed Ship? No? No Problem! i´ve checked it out , and its build for future graphic settings too! means it contains Projected Lights! and its build not too Light intensive as normal Builder would do, i´ve made Snapshots for all who can´t see it in Maximum Graphic Settings :)

Doomed Ship 1
Doomed Ship 2
Doomed Ship 3
Doomed Ship 4
Doomed Ship 5
Doomed Ship 6
Doomed Ship 7
Doomed Ship 8
Doomed Ship 9
Doomed Ship 10
Doomed Ship 11

Enjoy! Niran

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