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Sunday, September 26, 2010

visiting NEMO

Yea after my ban in the Forums i got very much free time , i mean i can´t see who´s posting , and the chat is.... boring...., ok back to "NEMO" , yesterday i´ve visited NEMO in Second Life, and made some nice Snapshots for all who don´t know it or who can´t see it with Deferred Renderer as i did, the SIM is filled with wonderfull designed and very much detailed objects, its a wonderfull dream for Steam-Punk Fans

Snapshot 1
Snapshot 2
Snapshot 3
Snapshot 4
Snapshot 5
Snapshot 6
Snapshot 7
Snapshot 8
Snapshot 9
Snapshot 10
Snapshot 11
Snapshot 12
Snapshot 13
Snapshot 14
Snapshot 15
Snapshot 16
Snapshot 17
Snapshot 18
Snapshot 19
Snapshot 20
Snapshot 21
Snapshot 22
Snapshot 23

Enjoy :3, NiranV Dean

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