Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally an UPDATE!

Yea finally! heres an Update for my Mod , its the long awaited Version 3.2.4 , YAY , much much Bugfixes, Changes , New Options... i´ve started German Translation of some lost Strings , Menu´s and Panels , my Mod integrates a new Panel Style which can be easily switched if you want..
one of the new Options are Spotlights for Non Deferred Renderer as example, i´ve recolored some things like Names , yes i´ve recolored them! Friends are green now , UUID Keys in Profiles too , btw Profiles have been fixed too!... ahww...Niran stop talking hand out the Download Link and read the Changes in the Text file or at the side of my Blog

NiranV Mod 3.2.4

I hope you Enjoy my new Version , if you find a bug or anything i could do better or simply change , let me now , my inworld name is NiranV Dean

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