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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Black Dragon 64x - Update 4.1.4 "Speeding Dragon"

Another bugfix update, this time quite important actually.

There has been a particularly nasty crash issue with RLVa since the performance update, it should be resolved now, from my testing using RLVa seems to work fine now, still no guarantee that RLVa itself works of course. When Kitty gets around to update her RLVa repo to the latest LL code i'll be doing a massive RLVa sweep to get it updated and fixed again.

Other than this highly important crash fix there have been a few fixes for lesser problems. Shadows shouldn't be appearing anymore when camming close to something (this will only apply if you did not touch the RenderShadowBias and RenderShadowBiasError debugs. If you did, reset them to their defaults).

The missing VSync option has also been added to preferences, some wrong tooltips for the FPS limiter have been changed, Alt + Enter will now toggle borderless (like you'd expect from default windows behavior) and the Outfit menu entry will now toggle the Outfit window instead of opening it only.

With this most of the reported bugs have been fixed and my buglist has shrunken significantly, allowing me to focus on suggestions/planned features now and soon merging up to the latest code (when the maintenance release gets around and fixes the particularly nasty edit bug that is currently in the latest LL release) hopefully fixing a couple other reported issues that also happen in the official Viewer, i suppose after that its back to taking inventory, fixing reported bugs, maintenance and finally some sweep through the entire UI, reworking some UI parts that are in dire need for some touchups (Places)

As always, keep reporting the bugs!

By IzabellaMae

By Emeline Laks

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