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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.9.8 "Visualizing Dragon"

Fixes: *exist*


Bugs: *shaking in fear*

So many updates and so many fixes in such a short time, whats happening? I don't know but i'm in a damn good mood!

Fixes for starting on crashup when a controller is plugged in, fixes for crashing when editing linden grass/trees, fixes for snapshot tiling issues (both to disk and inventory, both color and depth shots), fixes for Deferred Rendering failing when SSR is on but everything else off, fixes for some fullbright objects being immune to haze, fixes for the Fixed Environment window becoming unusable when changing the windlight preset outside of the window while its open and fixes for the Viewer trying to start a conversation with that "None" group no one's talking to.

This update also sees some love to the Build window, people finally annoyed me enough to go about adding next/previous link/face/prim buttons, the grid options have all been moved into the Grid Options window which has now been renamed to Build Options and got a couple more build related options that are lesser used and buried in the menus. The main build/edit window has had the Only My Objects and Only Physical Objects options moved to Build Options too and instead has gotten Show Selection Outlines and and Snap to Grid option as checkbox now as replacement. Show Selection Outlines has also been added to Preferences - Viewer ... because apparently it was missing!

Also shhh: Quit Viewer shortcut has been removed for those that may or may not have accidentally quit the Viewer by hitting CTRL + Q (instead of Shift + Q for rolling the camera) with the "Do you want to quit" dialog disabled. No more accidentally yeeting the Viewer!

Also a big shoutout to Boston Blaisdale for making this incredibly good tutorial video about Black Dragon:

And another big shoutout to this video made by Phat Cat in Black Dragon with the help of the Poser/Animator:

I like this one, despite all the flaws and limitations SL has, this has quite something to show!

By Loverdag

By Loverdag

By Emelie Laks


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! :D
    Lukaskw Resident and Frostae Resident were my cameramen for this.
    Lukaskw did the sweeping shots and the smooth camera and high FPS kept things looking great, even with effects popping off.
    Frostae used your rigging system to make the spaceships move(attached to his avatar) in ways impossible with normal lsl functions.

    Keep up the great work, Niran!

  2. I'm kind of sick and tired of nudes.
    I'll watch the videos... BDV is different and SL is hard and complex enough to make another viewer with different stuff in different places, it is not there and is not intuitive... and is the reason why is not the number one.. and SL complexity in every way of the word is the reason why people doesn't stay.

    1. I'm not sure if thats compliment or a complaint. What's the issue?