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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.9.6 "Visualizing Dragon"

Yay for another update!

The focus once again being fixing all bugs that were reported after the big official code merge (and there were quite a few) as well as some old ones finally getting fixed. YEA!

Fixes include that you should no longer get banned from regions that ban people based on reported complexity, the Viewer now reports the official numbers, so no more getting banned when you deserve it, instead prepare to get banned when you wear optimized avatars, great! Don't worry though, the Viewer still uses the altered complexity formula for determining avatar complexity and will continue to do so... but i've used the chance to lower the complexity across the board by another 50%, this should further crunch down on huge numbers and will put some more emphasis on object features and textures.

Then, there has been an issue with water sparkle seemingly glowing through items at times, this is due to an issue in all Viewer where the shiny/glossiness reflection glows through fullbright objects. The reason water did this was because i allowed lights to be reflected on water again, which meant making water actually glossy (yes it actually wasn't), this in turn however meant the glossiness issue would appear on water as well. Sadly this isn't easy to fix (if at all) but i've added an option to switch between the original light reflections and the specularity reflections for those that want more accurate light reflections (they can be occluded by shadows) and lights reflecting on water or the original reflection which does not have this fullbright issue. Your choice!

While we are on the topic of environment, several EEP fixes from Drake that are coming officially have been ported over early, including better clouds, proper star positions, rainbows working without shadows, better sun gamma and several others. I'm sure with these EEP will look better than ever (or at least closer to windlight again)

And while we are at rendering, some users noticed that Deferred Rendering breaks when you turn off shadows and SSAO, this should no longer be the case and Deferred Rendering can once again be used without these (for whatever reason).

The rest of the fixes is mainly reported UI issues, like sliders/textboxes getting reverted/stuck when the UI refreshes them, high res depth snapshots not looking right, the posing status button not working, the teleport button in profiles not enabling, the Places window being completely hosed and Place Profiles not showing the correct information, the Media-on-a-prim UI being super broken and the Third Person Steering Mode and/or Right-Click drag not handling the rotate_left and rotate_right actions properly and replacing them with slide_left and slide_right (strafing instead of turning) like Left-Click dragging your avatar does.

There's also some great stuff to come in the near future too!

By Colorful

By Emely Laks

By Drago Silves

By Loverdag

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