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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.8 "Manipulating Dragon"

So im going to push this as an "emergency" update. Consider this update absolutely mandatory if you downloaded 3.6.7.

3.6.7 had a big issue, a very few select people couldn't login anymore, something that appeared with 3.6.6 and i attempted to fix this, said fix however made it worse for some others. Here's the full story as posted on discord.

This kept me awake for the most part of this night, i suppose i can consider this a nightmare now.

3.6.8 changes the maximum character limit back down to 16 letters, this also means that everyone with a password "longer" than 16 characters should probably rethink their password to be exactly 16 characters long as any longer wont be accepted anyway. You can also just leave it as is but note that only the first 16 characters of your password are important, the rest is never used. Good job Linden Labs never telling us and superb job at not having the server handling a truncation automatically server side. Good thing Inspector Niran was on this case!

Apart from this really strange issue, there have been some changes (not all of them that i originally planned to add but most of it) regarding the UI, specifically the 'Display' tab in preferences. In an attempt to make the warnings a bit clearer the Viewer will now highlight potentially bad settings in red, in addition to showing the warnings which have now been moved down into the panels themselves. Originally i planned to add a generic warning counter to the tabs but since this is an emergency update i'll want to push as soon as possible, i didnt get around to do that yet. How this looks like can be seen below (note that the 'Quality Options' tab havent had its warnings moved down at that time)

The quickfloaters (draw distance, preset, media and sound) have had their background changed to a hopefully better one and a bunch of settings have been turned off by default that really shouldnt be on anyway. Pitch Invert for controllers are disabled by default now, automatic fly when holding jump is disabled now (this was causing controllers to insta-fly when pressing jump) and the selection range limitation has been disabled by default as well.

Also fixed should be missing clouds, long ago i changed the texture names to reflect the proper names for the type of cloud, i forgot to update the default cloud noise setting to reflect this new name, this caused all new users to default to a non existent cloud noise image which prevented clouds from appearing until you changed the cloud noise image manually, also the cloud noise image dropdown should now display the currently selected image properly and will no longer accept text entry (since the list is refreshed on reopen anyway).

Lastly i've had the time to try out Bakes-on-Mesh in my Viewer and make sure everything is working, as far as i can tell it does, i've also used the chance to change the bake tab in the texture picker to be a list (suggested by Liru Fears, thanks for that) which surfaced new issues with lists not properly creating their childs which was fixed (thanks to Liru again) as well.

The rest is minor fixes like the last 2 lines in mini-profiles not interactable, UI layout inconistencies and cleanup.

As always if you experience issues, report them to me, i will try by best to fix whatever issues you are experiencing. No report = No help.

By Beev Fallen
By Mal


  1. hey NiranV it's been a long time since i have use Second Life and i got a new gaming pc as will so here are the Speces

    OS-Windows 10 Home 64bit

    CPU-Intel core i9 9900k @3.6 GHZ

    RAM 16 GB i'm going to be upgrading to 64 GB of ram

    GPU-Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (Super 8 GB of VRAM)

    i'm going to be adding another Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (Supper 8GB of Vram) totole 16 GB of VRAM

    with my specs is it possible to i can max your viewer out to the extreme ? or is it possible that i can find an high end Second Life viewer to max everything out

    and secondly have you through about adding Ray tracking to your viewer or can you add it in a new patch update ?

    1. I highly doubt you'll be able to "max it to the extreme", SL doesn't care about your hardware if you pull up certain settings way beyond what was realistically meant to be used. Besides you'll most likely just gimp your framerate to nothing for a minimal visual improvement from "good" to "max to the extreme"

      I can't add raytracing, i don't know anything about it and my knowledge about rendering is too limited to do something like that.

  2. https://gyazo.com/c1e9be020cdd11d7deb15fafe440d754 so uhm. I used to be able to use your viewer...

    1. As the pre-download page explains: Install VCRedist 2013 64bit.