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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.9 "Manipulating Dragon"

Two days ago i released 3.6.9.

It mainly contains LL's new code (which is needed for the mercurial to git transition) and contains some fixes for stuff and a new feature some of you have wished for: Disabling all those pesky, handwritten, informative tooltips that i made for you so you can ignore them and continue asking me what a slider does rather than reading the tooltips. Also Flickr and Twitter share have been removed (coming from LL).

Aside from that, fixes from me, a few changes regarding the labeling of certain inventory features and some temporary changes to DoF as well as an improvement that will stay. Depth of Field now has a depth check to prevent it from going off around edges that are spaced far between each other, this should prevent the "halo" around edges of objects especially with strong blur. Also i've disabled the close-blur for Depth of Field, this means (for now) you can zoom really close, pull the focus point back and blur the shit out of a picture's background without having to fear that the foreground starts blurring as well. Here's an in progress comparison shot, you can see the difference around my ears on the lower left corner.

Here's an example of extreme blur without the near-blur.

Good mh?

I've also started fixing some of the preferences translations. We might be seeing some more german UI updates in the future, wohoo.

Also i'm sorry that i didn't yet add the latest Patrons to the list, this was sort of an "emergency" update once again as this is the last update based on the mercurial repository before i switch to git and god knows when i'll get around to do the rest of the update with that, i'll still have to learn how git works, get everything set up and all that stuff... this will take some time which is why i opted to release the update as is, there's nothing gamebreaking in it so...

By Beev Fallen
By Doll Parts

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