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Monday, November 18, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.7 "Manipulating Dragon"

Here comes another update!

The main focus in this update is the Object Manipulator overhaul, more buttons, more features, new layout, better sorting, easier access, bugfixes and so on. I would consider this version the "Final" version for now.

The Object Manipulator was something i wanted to add to give the whole manipulation features a home and an easier and faster method of permorning these manipulations on a large scale. Alphas and light sources are now seperately listed into 2 additional lists in their respective tabs, this should reduce the amount of searching drastically, in addition root prims are now written in bold (rather than attached prims) and root and linkset prims are now grouped together, this should make finding and identifiying a whole object consisting of multiple parts much easier.

Each tab only displays the button that are really important for said tab topic and the main Objects tab is now an "All Objects" list that simply acts as a list for misc features like derendering items.

Note still none of the lists will display your own items or those attached to you to prevent you from accidentally changing your own stuff and actually saving these changes.

Apart from the Object Manipulator getting its full implementation, there are a couple of fixes, binding keys should now work as expected again (the action list didn't show the actions for the currently selected mode so it was impossible to bind third person actions for instance), passwords longer than 15 characters should now be enterable, the about window should now show the actual set memory values (even with automatic memory management enabled) and trying to get the UUID from a linkset prim should no longer crash the Viewer.

Also a couple new patrons joined my Patreon. Thank You!

This update also merges all the latest LL Release code, lots of crash fixes mainly.

By Beev Fallen

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  1. Thanks for the update, and again, awesome job you're doing.