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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Black Dragon 64x - Update 2.9.9B "Spring Dragon"

Just a quick update.

All it does it changes the HTTPPipelining debug option to off again because it is causing texture corruption for some people. I finally managed to reproduce it on (who would have thought) human-heavy SIMs with human-heavy-content.

You don't necessarily need this update, you can just switch the option off yourself in 2.9.9 but this is so you get the latest version properly working if you're coming in new or updating from much older versions.

Should your stuff look like this, please either update or make sure to disable the option yourself, then clear your cache to make sure all corrupted textures are flushed.


  1. WAIT, this was a bug!?! I thought someone just made a really weird looking castle few sims away from my home. xD

    1. Yea, apparently HTTPPipelining was immediately bugged again right after it was fixed. What a shame. Not sure if it even makes a difference but so far it doesn't. I seem to be getting more FPS too. From 70 to 80-100 now.