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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Black Dragon Update

I figured you want that maturity bug fixed since you kept bugging me about it.

There you go folks, should be fixed. 

Oh and it includes some changes to godrays aswell.



Added: Geenz's spotlight reflection changes.
Fixed: Maturity settings not being applied.
Changed: Experimental changes to Tofu's godrays, they will now cast a faked volumetric sunlight everywhere where light can fall.
Changed: Lowered default Godray resolution to 32. It still looks better than before.
Changed: Shortcut for DoF locking to CTRL + X in hopes that will fix the random clashing with an unknown shortcut.


  1. Nothing major but I wanted to let others know (Not checked it with but for there are a couple of things I have found out. My post didn't go through earlier hence trying to post again thanks google for being unhelpful.

    1) When you get IM's flashing they seem to flicker as if they are too close together and it's trying to decide which one is on top, only at the edges mind. I will try and photo this when I get chance. Might just be my settings of course.

    2) AMD Graphic card users - For myself I am using 2 machines and this happened on both. Using the 14.9.2 beta drivers (note this is driver only beta not the catalyst beta) any mesh attached to your avi won't rez. This might be fixed in but I am more suspecting that it's AMD over the viewer, since when I put it back to 14.9.1 beta catalyst it all works fine. This could be a setting I have missed or something they did but anyway for anyone having this issue roll back to 14.9.1.

    Nothing else stands out for me so far Niran, looking good and getting right now.

    1. Your post went through. It just needs manual checking from me before it is shown. I think it tells you when you send the post "Your post will show up when the moderator has approved it".

      1) I haven't seen any flickering, theoretically this can't happen anyway since IM's are created in a certain order giving them a fixed layer order. This could be your driver just like 2)

      2)This won't be fixed in Read the changelog, there was nothing about that. This is simply an incompatibility problem which might get fixed by LL soon.

    2. Hello there, Angel Nohkan,

      regarding the AMD mesh-not-rezzing-issue (with the Catalyst 14.9.2 beta-driver):
      This can be fixed by just extracting the following files from the Catalyst 14.9.1 WHQL-driver:
      atig6txx.dll, atigktxx.dll, atio6axx.dll, atioglxx.dll
      and putting them into the viewer's directory.
      These files are usually located in a directory structure such as this:
      Catalyst 14.9.2 Beta\Packages\Drivers\Display\W76A_INF\B176635\
      where the files are still named
      atig6txx.dl_, atigktxx.dl_, atio6axx.dl_, atioglxx.dl_
      Copy these to a directory of your choice and unpack them, using
      7-zip, for example.
      After that, copy
      atig6txx.dll, atigktxx.dll, atio6axx.dll, atioglxx.dll
      into the viewer directory.

      This non-rezzing also happens with the latest releases of the official
      viewer by LindenLabs, so it is AMD who are at fault here.

      If you could fill out a bug report at AMD's site, it would be splendid:
      I myself have already done so, but apparantly, AMD devote their resources at fixing
      errors in their drivers according to the amount of bug-reports they get...

    3. There is also a bug report at LindenLab's JIRA:

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