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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Update coming on 1st of April.

Due to uhm... unforeseen "threatening" of Oz to stop sending out crash statistics to non-TPVD included Viewers starting in April. I'll have to make a release, no matter its status or quality. If it's totally broken and won't even start up...well then it simply won't.

So what exactly does that mean? Let me get all information together in one place.

  • New update on 1st. of April.
  • It will be the first update being included in the Third-Party-Viewer Directory.
  • It will include all the latest stuff from Linden.
  • It might not be THE 2.4 update.
  • It will be a mandatory update, it's absolutely required.
  • It will probably introduce the auto-updater system forcing you to update from previous versions to this one.
  • It will include lots of Niran.
  • It won't be an April Fools joke, most likely.
  • It will feature laser turrets, laser turrets, even more laser turrets and laser turrets for your laser turrets, so you can vaporize stuff while vaporizing the vaporized.
  • It won't be necessarily the next update. More updates might come in between, but this one is for sure.
  • Due to high demand, those laser turrets will be shaped like dog dicks with the cock-pit (get it?) sitting in the knot.
  • Due to high demand, additional nuclear vagina shaped rocket silos and laser blocking energy shield nipples and a nuclear reactor boob to place the energy shield nipple on will be available as well. They will most likely be featured in an all-new trashy video, made by me.

Have a picture before you go.

Still here? Start hyping already.

PS: Did you notice every word was correctly written? I switched my Personal-Grammar-Nazi to English. Heh.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Niran

    Nice turrets....however what's hyping?

    Always look forward to your updates, so no worries at all, just put them out as you can and I'm sure it will work.