Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maintainance Update +

Please Download, it addresses some small issues that i quick fixed after they were noticed.

You got problems with nasty crashes when right-clicking? You get motion sickness because the graphics are still not good enough? You got nasty Firestorm fanboys annoying you? Your wife just divorced from you and left you to die?

I got a solution for all your problems! This update.

It fixes a really evil crash when right-clicking while zooming/panning around, which might also be THE crash-fix for your strange non reproducible but sometimes reported crashes.


Thanks to Tofu Buzzard's continuing work on all sorts of experiments, shadow blurring has been "upgraded" with a custom made shadow softening kernel for handcrafted smoothness, have a look at these comparison snapshots. Please don't report me that projected shadows are way too blurry now, i'm aware of this and will fix it in the next update either myself or get a fix from Tofu depending on who's going to do it first.

old style shadow blur                    ||||                    new style shadow blur

With this new shadow blur kernel it became necessary to change the default shadow blur size to 1.0, shouldn't 1.0 be set in your Viewer, please do so by manually changing RenderShadowBlurSize to 1.0.

Which brings me to my next change, RenderShadowBlurSize is no longer used in the interface, "Blur Size" now controls RenderShadowGaussian X value. There's now also a new slider for SSAO blur which controls RenderShadowGaussian Y. This simply means that you can now change SSAO and Shadow blurring desperately without screwing the other one.

Last important change in rendering is the shadow map resolution which has been increased to 2048 x 2048 by default, that's twice as high as before and is somewhat a slightly higher resolution than you would have had with a 1080p screen resolution before i introduced my shadow map changes a few updates ago. It should make shadows a lot less pixely without killing off too much performance, you can still set the shadow map multiplicator to 2.0 if you want twice as sharp shadows, just like i do have by default.


The interface had some facelifting here and there and also some additions worth mentioning, such as the implementation of the "Land Info" button as well as re-enabling the show/hide L$ balance option.

The chat deselect/hide options have been fixed, slow-motion now updates instantly, you no longer have to disable slow motion and re-enable it to make your new animation play speed work.

All loading screen tips have been redone with better wording and a lot of grammar fixes.

Last but not least worthy change is a force enable for "show chat history" (hopefully) everywhere including radar, friend list and IM tabs. Please keep in mind that it is force enabled and might still not work, in that case you need to have your partner's IM chat opened at least once. Previously it was often not possible to open chat history at all for no apparent reason, now you can open your partner's chat history even if it's empty, just make sure you opened a chat session with your partner at least once as said before.


Fixed: Cutting off some LoD options in Machinima Sidebar at the bottom.
Fixed: Machinima Sidebar button not working.
Fixed: Missed including the font folder resulting in a broken font.

Added: New Shadow Blur and SSAO Blur sliders to Machinima Sidebar (non functional right now).
Added: Refresh for the new Shadow Blur options in Preferences.
Added: Show Last Conversations option to Chat panel.
Added: Land Info quickbutton to Navigationbar.
Added: ShowBalance Debug and all its functionality to show/hide the L$ Balance panel.
Added: ShowQuickAboutLandButton Debug for hiding the Land Info button.
Added: Legacy Windlight Debugs for usage in Sky Preset Editor. Needs checking if they are really needed.
Changed: ShowAdminOptions to stay over sessions.
Changed: Refresh SlowMotionTimeFactor as soon as we change it so we don't need to re-enable SlowMotionAnimations all the time.
Changed: Enabled Right Arm Motion option. Fixed truncation of "Megabytes" in German UI.
Changed: Tweaks to resizing of progressbar, hoping to fix rare resize fails.
Changed: Disabled PlayChattingAnim, AutohideChatBar and CloseChatOnReturn UI widgets until they are working again.
Changed: Simplified Shadow Blur, from Tofu's SSIL branch.
Changed: Enabled Show Quick Land Info button in Interface panel now that it is functional again.
Changed: Force-enable all Chat History menu entries everywhere. They still don't work if an IM Session wasn't started with that person at some point but atleast it doesn't completely lock out Chat History anymore for no reason.
Changed: Loadingscren tip #7, this Viewer is now based on 3.7 not on 3.6 anymore.
Changed: Redo all loadingscreen tips, better wording and grammar.
Changed: Disabled Shadow Blur Size and Shadow Blur Distance in Machinima Sidebar.
Changed: Default Shadow Blur Size to 1.0.
Changed: Upped shadowmap width/height to 2048x2048 by default.
Changed: Added Tofu's new custom shadow softening kernel. Mhh.
Changed: Enable Mip-maps when Vertex Shader is ticked.
Fixed: Fmodex causing compile issues.
Fixed: Play chatting animation when sending chat option.
Fixed: Autohide Chat on focus loss, deselect or hide Chat after sending a message.
Fixed: Water Mip-map option becoming invisible.
Fixed: Machinima Sidebar height.
Fixed: Shadow Resolution sliders disabling with SSAO and Tone Mapping sliders not disabling at all.
Fixed: Youtube background in Login screen. Should play in 1080p now.
Fixed: Particle emitting from left hand even with Right Arm Motion active.
Fixed: Edit Sky Preset spinners for certain sky options are not beeing refreshed initially.
Fixed: Crash when right-clicking in any sort of camera movement mask other than ALT only which i fixed previously already.
Removed: Duplicates of Admin options in main menu.
Merged with RLVa
Merged with Linden Release
RLVa-> Incremented version number to RLVa-1.4.10
    -> Incremented API version number to 2.8.0
    -> fixed : attachments can no longer be detached on release builds
    -> fixed : GCC specific change
    -> fixed : RenderResolutionDivisor is non-functional
    -> fixed : double-click teleport is initiated when left-clicking to give focus back to the viewer
    -> fixed : viewer clips mouse to its rectangle when switching into mouselook while it's not the active application
    -> fixed : region name and global coordinates are shown on the About floater when @showloc restricted
    -> fixed : @getstatus and @getstatusall should specify an (optional) separator
    -> fixed : the 'accepted_in_rlv' notification reports on the accepted folder's parent rather than the accepted folder itself
    -> changed : llRegionSayTo messages are no longer subject to @recvchat(from) or @recvemote(from)
    -> changed : "Give to #RLV" agent-to-agent offers can contain subfolders
    -> added support for both @getstatus:tp;|=123 and @getstatus:;|=123
    -> internal : quick and dirty hack fix for RlvUtil::filterNames() but there's no time to do a proper backport from RLVa-1.5
    -> internal : re-add an improved version of starting a conference from calling cards that got lost in the CHUI merge
    -> internal : remove hack for legacy viewers without multi-attachment support
    -> internal : boolean (custom) debug settings should have a boolean type
    -> internal : added supporting code for "Detach Folder" RLVa lock checks


  1. cool. One tiny minor thing, the very bottom of the machima sidebar, down where the sky detail box is, is cut off. won't scroll down all the way

  2. Lost all sound including stream and from objects.. any ideas?

    1. Muted second life master volume? Muted stream and/or objects in preferences? Muted Second Life in your OS?

  3. None of them.. Rolled back to the last update, rebooted and it was fine... I did try the "show song and artist" check box (I really do miss that)

  4. This could just be my install however it seems that the run for so long, RAM consumption gets to near 2GB crash is back. It is possibly my install, and I did it from clean. So is anyone else having this issue?

    1. Make sure you don't run any applications which hook into other processes such as Xfire, Steam, Livestream or stuff like that, these seem to cause a memory leak for as long as the application is hooked into the Viewer.

      Also 2gb doesn't sound like a bug. 2gb sounds like totally normal memory usage on a full SIM. Depending on how much stuff i see and how much Avatars are on screen at the same time i can even get up to 2,6 but it goes down to 800-1000mb after leaving... the hard cap is at 3,2-3,4gb at which it will crash because 32bit applications in Windows can't handle more than that in Windows 64bit.

    2. I'm not running any of those, in fact lol I only have steam and that's not running. I know 2GB is not a big deal and my PC can handle it, that is why I was asking because for some reason which I can't figure out it's doing the runs for so long crash part and I can't figure out why. I did the usual clear cache, reg clean etc etc, so will see today if it stops.

      Thanks for the reply and by the sounds of it, it could simply be my system.

      Have a good one Niran.

    3. Theres a random crash which came in with HTTP, maybe you are experiencing that one. I had it a few times a few days ago but now it seems gone.

  5. I'm noticing an issue where textures refuse to stay in memory, they keep going blurry then reloading. I'm only seeing this in Black Dragon, not in LL's viewer.

    1. That's not exactly a Black Dragon issue. It's not really an issue in itself, it's a feature. The Viewer will drop textures it thinks are not important for the user (not in view as example) to free some texture memory (which is extremly limited btw). My Viewer preloads 3 loadingscreens at the start which adds some additional used texture memory compared to Lindens Viewer. I'm planning to allow higher texture memory to prevent this from happening in any possible situation (for those with 2gb text memory GPU's).

    2. Dropping textures that aren't being rendered is fine, but this seems to be happening to objects that are currently onscreen, even in one of my own builds which should have significantly lower texture memory use than other sims. This wasn't happening a couple of months ago, it seems to have crept in recently, but you're right that this isn't a Black Dragon issue, it turns out it is happening in LL's viewer, too, it just wasn't for the 15 minutes I spent looking to see if it happened before I'd originally posted.

    3. That's the whole problem. If all textures currently not onscreen are dropped already, it starts dropping those onscreen and doesn't halt dropping those right in your face.