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Friday, August 9, 2013

8. August Update

What is Niran doing when he's not playing games?
He's beeing lazy ofcourse!

*shakes head*

Compared to yesterday's yesterday (7. August) this was a super productive day. For some strange reason i felt very good and wanted to implement lots of stuff... so i opened up my Nirans Viewer repository and went through everything, commit by commit to see what i havnt yet implemented... and implemented them on first sight... until.... SPELUNKY HD CAME OUT ON STEAM! Which i obviously had to play with my brother then. Sorry.

So what did i do?

First things first, i made the Topbar hide correctly and completely when we enter mouselook.

I fixed a parcel selection bug, whenever you tried to select another parcel while having one already selected there was a very high chance that the selection wouldn't update, which is annoying as hell as you have to close all About Land floaters and make sure nothing is selected before you select another parcel.

I fixed a little logic oversight that caused the progress screen to appear whenever you teleport home via "Quick Home Button" in the Topbar, basically our Home TP is a TP via landmark, TP's via landmark always cause a progress screen. Which means i have to fix landmark TP's in general too, maybe today.

I fixed a long standing bug that someone from Fluffy noticed long ago and told me about, rising or lowering your camera with E or C when sitting on an object caused strange movements or didnt work at all. Not anymore!

Then... i re-implemented this:

Avatar counter on the World Map just like in Nirans Viewer :P

Last but not least, Fullbrights. I re-implemented the Fullbright toggle, allowing you to prevent your Viewer from receiving any fullbright information resulting in no Fullbrights in your scene.. woooo!

Well, i guess that's it for the 8th of August.

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