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Friday, October 12, 2012

2.0 (2107) Beta

For those, that uh havnt noticed...
i released a Beta of 2.0 a bit ago...
well and heres Beta #2!

Download Beta 2.0 #2

for scripters having problems with saved scripts not fully showing:
Script Editor Fix

for those having shadows EVERYWHERE starting at 140m , open the Main Menu , NV -> Advanced -> Debug Settings. Type in "RenderShadowBiasError" , set its value from -0.00X to 0.000. The problem should be fixed now.

Have fun and enjoy,


  1. Hello! Unfortunately I can not activate the shadows. I did a clean install of the viewer, yet they do not appear. Could you direct me to some procedure?

    Thanks again for your excellent work :)

    1. Enable Transparent Water
      Enable Vertex Shader (Basic Shader)
      Enable Atmospheric Shader
      Enable Post Process Glow
      Enable Hardware Skinning
      Enable Deferred Rendering
      Set Shadow Amount to All Shadows
      Optionally Enable Ambient Occlusion for Soft Shadows

    2. Using all the settings you mentioned above, I also have an issue with shadows. At ground level there is no problem. Everything looks fine. But somewhere between 130 and 150 meters height, the shadow disappear and all surfaces became a dark grey colour.

      I don't know, if this is hardware specific (I use a Geforce GTX 470) or if anyone has the same experience. For reproduce, create a platform at a height of 160 meters. Make the prim surface white and use a sun position that surely create shadows. Then stand on this platform. With my version of the Viewer, I see no shadows at this height.

      Edit the platform and type-in a Z-value of 140. At this height, the shadow starts appearing but are mixed with flickering parts of the non-shadow grey surfaces. Then type-in 130 meters. At this height the shadow looks completely accurate.

      Has anyone the same problem?

    3. Hello Niran!
      I performed the procedures that you showed me, but the options * Transparent Water and Post Process Glow * are not enabled so I can click on them. Sorry to bother you, but below is a print of the viewer:


      Thank you for your attention.

    4. according to your settings you should have shadows. make sure you are not standing below a sky platform that throws a shadow over the whole SIM , also try a different sky preset on another SIM

    5. Also maddy thanks for noticing , this "bug" was introduced with a change from Runatai that should fix shadows go freaky at high distances, it involved changing a debug stetting, change RenderShadowBiasError to 0.000 and everything should be fine again , will include that change in next beta

    6. "...change RenderShadowBiasError to 0.000..."

      Yea great :)
      This works for me and my shadows are back at any height.

      Thank you!

    7. Niran what ae your min and recommented speces for your viewer i would like to post it on my Blog if u dont mind ok

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  3. Works fine, waves bug disapeared, can see even small prims even after zooming in and out, tone mapping is perfect.
    2 things i knwo you will gonna fix yet:
    Cant change the size of the font to large!
    Cant select a day cycle, only alows me to select a specific daylight setting or use the real time estate!

    1. Font Size can be changed in Display -> General - Font Size (needs relog)
      can confirm that it works

      Chat font size can be changed in Chat -> Chat -> Font Size (doesnt need a relog)
      can also confirm this works.

      Day Cycle isnt clickable here yes. Will fix that.

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    3. fixed day cycle, it also now fades smoothly when switching between day cycles themself and when switching from fixed sky to day cycle or vise versa

  4. It worked, i changed the font size to 120dpi.
    Shadows are working fine for me!
    I use lateste Nvidia drivers and a Gtx580

  5. https://my.secondlife.com/foneco.zuzu/snapshots/50796f368b6b920157000001?version=original
    using avatar windlight settings (redgrave 1)at 260 draw distance after a flight over more then 60 sims without a single crash nor cross sim problem, on my plane, at the blake sea!

  6. fif that 1 with the dayligh fix alrwady uploaded? if not hiow can i fix it?

    1. No its not uploaded yet. You also cant fix it, it involves code changes sadly.

  7. I dont understand why you would obscure the view of the scene when you are making changes to Graphics Preferences!? It's a case of trying to get too fancy with the UI, but not taking into account the functionality that is needed at that point in time. Was much more useable before.

    1. Space. A Fullscreen Preferences panel allows much more space to be effectively used and its very hard to such a panel in Second Life, its a for me.

      You also can just fade out the background darkening , aswell as disable the background blur , you can also click through most of the preferences window (some panels dont allow it yet , will fix this behavior aswell), meaning you can still use your UI , you can chat , you can run around , you can zoom around , all while changing your prefs and 80% of all prefs are not based on graphics therefor they dont need a clear sight to the world. 90% of the other 20% that form the graphic settings can be edited in the Machinima Sidebar if you want a small , compact and fast way to change those settings.

      My try is to make the preferences panel as user friendly as possible while keeping all functionality. It shall also be noted here that the preferences panel is far from beeing done , it has just reached a level of completeness that it can be used for most things you will want to do in prefs , as default. The other things are more advanced features like the ability to color widgets/floaters and to change the camera presets arnt yet functional and will be in final release.

    2. ugh...
      line 2 , "create"...
      pack 2 , line 4 , "but those"..."but" instead of and...

  8. I have a bug where other avies around me keep reloading their textures over and over again. Their skins are blurry except when I put the mouse over them.

    1. its a known bug , i do know no fixes for this and i heard other viewers do have this problem aswell. it occours after time , making me guess that it has to do with memory getting overfilled (memory leaking)

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