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Monday, October 29, 2012

Release 2.0.1 (2212)

NOTE #2: When i do a blogpost and the Download link is still pointing to a previous version , just select the "Files" tab at Sourceforge and select the new version manually , sometimes i forget to set the new file as default!
NOTE: Crash = Clear your settings and cache!

A week focused on fixing your bugs and following most of your feedback.

SO, i managed to fix pretty much everything you threw at my head.

User Interface:

Biggest change here is that i´ve been working (the last few hours) on a fading system for chat and IMs aswell as system messages and group messages , i made a video here to show you how it looks , how long they fade is dependant from your fading time settings. They can be found in Chat/IM settings.

The other things are mostly fixes that were feedback posted on other blogs or directly IMed to me. Those include that you wished for tooltips for those Inventory sorting filters , seperate icons for Pathfinding toolbar buttons , some translation errors and some floaters not correctly redarkening the Preferences panel.

Other things include that i remade the Spellcheck and Translation floater and moved the Joystick button down below the actual control options instead of beeing on the far right.


With 2.0 i released a forced hack not everyone liked that much , it was a temporarly fix to prevent your Lookat Axis from beeing broadcasted to other Viewers, however my simple hack also made your Avatar not follow your Alt-Zoom anymore which was sadly the trade-off. I removed that hack and replaced it with the hide lookat feature from Firestorm and modded it to be forced on all the time , no way to disable it , but you will not need to disable it anyway...


I made an experimental and probably very dangerous change , the plugin (browser , webmedia etc) has been tweaked so it fires its sleep_time call 10 times shorter and faster , meaning that Youtube videos as example that take alot of ressources to render smoothly will now render alot smoother than before , however a bit of lagging will always be there but if that change causes extreme lag or FPS drop tell me , im planning to reduce it to 5 times anyway ...or make it changable...


A little fix that Drake IMed me a few hours ago was implemented last minute that should prevent a crash in llworld.cpp (no idea when that should happen but anyway...).

I also implemented the fix for Sea level not rendering correctly on private islands which was suggested in SLU Forums.

Did you know?:

My Viewer was placed as second most stable up-to-date Third Party Viewer this week!

as always,



added a Nearby Chat / Toast fading system
added Tooltips for Inventory sort filters
added 2 different Pathfinding Icons for characters and linksets
added Firestorm´s current hide lookat and modded it to be forced on
removed my hide lookat hack and fixing the avatar head issue
fixed People floater not redarkening preferences when opened via block list
fixed Joystick floater now redarkening preferences when clicking ok/apply
fixed Blur Background Option translation not working
fixed some German labels and wrong written words
fixed Plain Text Chat History beeing always disabled
fixed ParcelMediaURLFilter message always reappearing in message.xml
fixed a crash in llworld.cpp
fixed torn off menu floaters becoming too dark
fixed (potentially) issues with some options becoming unavailable on some cards
updated contributions.txt
changed some CAPITALIZED titles and words
changed Land options labeling
changed the maximum amount of CPU ressources a plugin can use by 10 times
changed the joystick button layout
tweaked Spellcheck floater layout and size
tweaked Translation floater layout and size
tweaked Notification and Chat life time and fading times
MAINT-1161: non standard sea level not correctly rendered around private islands.


  1. Download link is pointing at previous 2.0Reboot

    1. oh sorry , go to Files Tab and select it manually... fixing that now

  2. Also, when one does grab the 2.0.1 exe it doesnt install clean in the same folder as prev versions, presents you with a generic winrar extract requiring one to specify the program folder to extract to and prompts for overwrites.

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