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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


not much to say here , not in mood and that crap... description and explaination of changes will follow soon
so i will make it short , better shadow transition , so no aprupt pixelation , a lot ATI crash fixes and hopefully finally the upper body pink texture fix for ATI aswell as some UI changes and that stuff...

after 17 hours waiting...finally Sourceforge managed to create a Link....


cleaned up internal updater code , should start a bit faster now
added % text to progress screen
fixed stitching type dropdown
removed SLKinect2 Support due to Linux compiling problems
SH-2941 Fix for crash on shutdown due to race condition between LLCurl and LLMeshRepository
SH-2915 Smoother transition between sun shadow splits.
SH-2908 Reset graphics drivers to "low" if viewer crashes when allocating deferred rendering targets.
SH-2908 Fix for incompatibility issue with GLSL 1.30
SH-2908 Fix for linux build.
SH-2908 Another for crash when enabling Lighting and Shadows on some AMD GPUs
SH-2908 Fix for crash when enabling Lighting and Shadows on some AMD GPUs
SH-2908 Potential fix for pink textures on some OpenGL 3.1 implementations.
SH-2908 Potential fix for precision complaints from some AMD OpenGL 3.1 implementations.
SH-1427 Fix for spot lights not working properly on alpha objects, and fix for alpha lighting of point lights not matching deferred lights.
MAINT-387 FIXED [PUBLIC]Possible crash in llviewermenufile/upload_done_callback


  1. Hey,

    My Windows 7 w/ Invidia 285 crashes when I try to edit an object - just hangs in limbo. No probs with 1.26 so I went back & all's good.

  2. i know , has been fixed in 1.28 , just wait for it to become....available....*kicks* sourceforge