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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.3.0 "Animating Dragon"

The age of animesh has come.

I was bored and didn't know what to do a friend asked me about helping him to merge animesh into Firestorm and get it up and running so when he was done with that i thought i could start doing it too, i mean why not. It's a RC now and should hit live this or next week.

So here we are. Animesh fully supported now in Black Dragon as you can see below.

Expect me to make some music videos with this at some point.

I didn't just implement animesh however, i did the usual bugfixing and improvements too, namely the Animation Control window and the Advanced Complexity Information window both support animated meshes. Yes you can stop, freeze, slow-down, speed-up and copy and paste animations from and onto them. Since they are just objects i see no reason LL would not allow me to allow you to do whatever the heck you want with them. The poser however does not support animated mesh YET. This is the next thing i'm going to work on in addition to some nice extra features for animated mesh, such as copying your shape and attachments to them. Animated mesh as it is right now does not support neither, they won't have attachments and their shape cannot be changed, i plan on changing that. (Really LL? you didn't think of adding a "copy your shape item in the animesh object and have it applied" feature? This is a total no-brainer) If attachments work anything like i imagine them to work and if what i plan to do works you'll be able to copy both your shape and attachments onto them, this is only locally (as you'd expect) and is mainly to allow me to make my music videos as planned... with myself. HAHA.

Complexity was changed a bit with the introduction of animesh but don't worry, as always i don't give a flying fuck about it and changed it to match the complexity calculations as before with the exception that animesh is now included and does reduce the complexity value by 5% since an animesh avatar is not a full avatar and thus shouldn't be treated as such with a minor complexity discount, not that it matters really, all animesh objects cannot be shitty meshes anyway, they must be somewhat low poly and if you're going to wear it you'll have lots of high complexity pieces which will do the rest anyway regardless of what the animesh object does.

Also in order to do something for better FPS i went ahead and refactored large parts of the joystick idle/working calculations and eliminated all settings lookups, this is a massive improvement and essentially means no more FPS drops while having any kind of joystick plugged in and "enabled". This should make using them a bit smoother and generally squeeze out a few more FPS (depending on how much you already got) for those sweet 60 FPS you want while recording your videos.

I'm sure you'll appreciate the changes. From what i could test it netted me roughly 20 FPS when 100 where the base framerate and while using it (as shown above) i didn't notice any unusual or permanent framerate hits. As always if you find anything not working do tell me so i can get it fixed ASAP.

Besides above mentioned things there were a few tiny changes, left clicking on objects while the About Land window is open should no longer deselect land but rather now select parcels properly (yay) and the rest is mostly just merge-caused issues that were resolved.

Also thanks again for all your continued support, Patrons and non-Patrons alike. Without you i hardly wouldn't feel the need to push further.

As always a picture from me and a few from others from Discord.

By Liaranne

By 털덩이

By macronomicus


  1. I been using the viewer alot again mainly as i really like the Poser. Thats great feature. One thing Ive notice not sure f you have either is Eyes and an attached face light. Ill show 2 screens taken in default midnight

    facelight On

    Face light off

    1. I don't use facelights. They are the reason i split lights into yourself, others and world lights so i can toggle them of on others without affecting my own lights and those in world.

      That looks unusual though, i'd have to see them myself inworld to determine what exactly is causing it but it's one of these:

      A shader error that i've seen happen similarly on some pose stands for animations. (investigating)
      A faulty or unloaded spec/normal texture that might cause weird lighting (such as inverting it)
      A misc rendering bug due to uncertain things happening, possibly due to them being alpha and lights working weird on them.

      It would be much easier to contact me inworld so i can have a look at them myself.

    2. hey niran i tracked it down actauly nothing with your viewer. the "eyes" use 'Render other attached lights' kinda like a full bright setting of sorts for the eyes. without that being checked eyes go all wonky as shown in the screen shots. But I'm using your viewer 98& for my pics now, sometimes the viewer would crawl to a stop on crowded sims or sims with ALOT of of mesh objects - i noticed in your newest release you may have fixed that so yay! Ill have to try that

    3. Wow. That's an even fuglier way of doing it than using fullbright directly. Fullbright on eyes is cancer although you could now use Emissive Masks to make it brighter and % based fullbright rather than fully fullbright, that way you'd get brighter eyes (besides making the texture brighter) and retain most of the shading on them.

  2. I LOVE BD viewer as it's easily outclassing every other one in my opinion. That's why I became a pateron supporter. Please keep going Niran :)