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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nirans Viewer 2.2.0 Alpha (2656)


Make sure you clear settings and cache if problems arise, as usual.

So this is a alpha which is very important as it contains the feared update SSB (Server Side Baking), RLVa is fixed for SSB and should work mostly, i havnt tested SSB yet however and thats exactly what i need.

I need alot of tests and feedback about:

Does RLVa work as intended?
Do you crash more often because of SSB or on SSB enabled SIMs (dont forget the crashlogs)?
How do you like the new topbar (Cloudbar)?
-should it be default, should it be removed, what could be changed etc etc
What do you think about the improved autohiding topbar feature in combination with that new Cloudbar?
Does everything else work as intended?

...and so on. Comment.

btw, no long blogpost until "full" beta release.


2.2.0 Alpha

fixed Names of other participants not appearing with Display Names off and Plain Text Chat History on
fixed Glow Lum/Warmth Weight sliders in Lighting panel not working
fixed a long standing issue in all Viewers that causes the TP screen to appear when we TP home while beeing home already
fixed llpaneldrawdistance.cpp/h missing from Cmake
fixed changing keylayouts causing unchanged buttons to keep their function (Q and X)
reenabled the locationinputctrl warning (will have to find another way to fix it)
redesigned chatfloater
redesigned the combined topbar, now called cloudbar
rewritten the whole topbar autohide code to remember our favoritebar correctly even on disabling the feature
reverted the avatar_lad.xml to LL one (temporarly)
moved Machinima Sidebar button to the right now that the Sidebar pushes the UI by default
merged Server Side Baking basic functionality
merged RLVa for Server Side Baking
changed Tone Mapping defaults slightly for more color contrast
changed llpaneldrawdistance to nvpaneldrawdistance, MINE!
changed ShowSelectionBeam to control if our editing arm motion is played
changed RenderShadowBlurDistFactor to 0.08 by default to prevent shadows from becoming blurrier over distance
changed more notifications and offers to aquaintances/contacts
changed and improved loadingbar background scaling a bit
changed AFK timeout to unlimited by default (again)
cleaned up some comments and unneeded code bits
cleaned up and removed some files
cleaned up alot of tags and added more tagging/commenting on some functions
removed lots of help_topic tags in XML (we dont use the internal help)
removed alot of gamma correction bits and all kind of options for it
removed help and fix button strings (both unused)
removed unused HTML files and folder in skins folder
removed preferences floater XMLs
removed some unneeded icons/textures


  1. Like the style of the topbar but is it me or does the home button not tp one home?

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  3. yes same behavor, is not tlp home!

  4. Not ok:
    Quick time error again!!! So no quick time moves cause it says its missing bla bla bla!
    Tlp home botton does not work!
    fav bar cant hide it at all, or it shows on the left side or it fills all the top bar, and i hate that thing!
    About land bottom is not showing!
    All the rest seems to work, wil try rlv, but i cant stand the fact that the old quick time eror is back and the fav crap bar cant be removed at all!

    1. Quicktime error wont change until Beta.

      Home button will be investigated.

      Favbar in its new design is not meant to be hidden completely. Its slide button will however be tweaked in size a bit more.

      About Land doesnt exist anymore, i removed it because its obselete. You can just right click -> Land Info or use the Menu. It might however become a little button in the Navigationbar itself (like the fave button)

    2. Unless something has changed that I haven't noticed yet, you can only right click -> Land Info if you're close enough to the terrain to right click on it. If you're in a sim that doesn't make use of the ground level, you can't do that easily.

      Since I tend to tweak land settings frequently at my own build sites, several of which are many hundreds of metres above ground level, the "About Land" button was very useful.

      Searching for it in the menu is just inconvenient if you need it frequently.

      I could use the toolbar button in the meantime, but I have a lot of empty space in the top bar, if anything I'd love to be able to add more of my tools to that, not fewer, and reduce clutter around the screen. With my ideal configuration I literally have enough empty space at the top of my screen I could fit all of my toolbar buttons next to the navigation bar and they would only use maybe 1/3 of the empty space currently there.

      I see no problem with shoving "About Land" into the navbar itself, tho.

  5. Rlv a works as expected, at least all i use of ti, the ability to acess my rlv folder and dress or undress via open colar menu!
    Chat bar cant be moved!!!
    Cant make it go anywhere!

    1. Works as intended. Chatbar is not supposed to be moved anymore. Its in is absolute best position it can get, there is no other position on screen where this chatbar would make more sense than in the left lower corner where theres even a special gap just for the chatbar.

  6. Btw, love the hide chat bar completly, still hate the fact that i didnt find a way of getting ride of the fav bar, can confiorm for sure that quick time is not working again with the old mistake, missing quick time plugin!
    About land botom does not show at all, home botton does not tlp you, local chat bar can't be moved to any but the place where it starts, left bottom side!
    Fps seems as good, also didnt noticed a diff on graphics in ultra!
    So far build tools seems to work!

  7. Ok so chat bar cant be moved anymore then i agree is the best spot!

    1. Even in its movable state it was either just moved around all over the screen because it was literally annoying no matter where it was or it was just kept in the lower left corner where it always was, since Chat toasts appear on the left lower corner its the best spot for the chatbar, right below the chat toasts.

    2. Big problem with the chat bar.

      If you don't have any toolbar buttons docked to the bottom of the screen....you can't see your chat bar. At all.

    3. I will investigate this missbehavior, the chatbar should appear in the left lower corner with no toolbar buttons down there (i dont have buttons down there too as you can see on my pictures, it also works as intended as you may also notice on my pictures)

  8. Well just downloaded it (not going to try the RLV stuff)

    The favourites bar for me slides across and back I guess how it's intended.
    The search box doesn't open the search box, (could just be me)
    The bars for the amount of lag etc, doesn't fit in the box (asthetics only I think)
    Home button doesn't TP home

    All the rest seem okay. The only other thing I did notice and this might just be myself, is that my upload model is grayed out. I have gone through the mesh upload stuff on SL's website, and I'm probably missing something.

    Still looking good as always though.

    1. whoops, yea search doesnt work because i moved it from Navbar to Statusbar... and didnt move the code, will be on my todo list

      As said before yes thats how Favorites is supposed to work, it "minimizes".

      The Statistic bars arnt yet changed for the new layout, also on my todo list.

      Confirmed that Home TP doesnt work.

      Yes. Model is greyed out because my Viewer doesnt have Havok (nor third party libraries) to upload Mesh Models, therefor it shouldnt work anyway. Would be surprising if it did.

    Thats the best looking interface for SL I ever saw! It looks like a modern game should look like! And I am sure it would be a pain in every V1-fan ... hahahha.
    I really LOVE IT!!! The way of hiding the favourites bar is very cool, maybe you can make it centered, so it would not destroy the centered layout. The possibility of switch off every barbutton is great too (I know you had it in previous versions too) and.... ah I don't need to say more then: it's wonderful *_*
    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. I switched to V1 navbar testwise and with some slight adjustments it would actually look fucking amazing both in combination, cloudbar alone and (for some people) old style statusbar + favorites and controls/time.

  10. A little information update here:
    i fixed...
    Home TP button and Searchbar not working
    i've also reduced the favbar button in sice a bit
    and "fixed" the slide effect of balance/search
    however, there are still alot of todos:
    redo/check spellcheck floater
    redo/check autocorrect floater
    translate spellcheck floater
    translate autocorrect floater
    translate color customization floater
    merge LL beta
    conquer the world
    implement texture unloading fix
    merge up more SSB
    have a look at the UI refactoring of CHUI
    remove all traces of fast timers for FPS increase
    *remove ExodusGammaCorrection everywhere
    implement Zwagoths performance fixes in NaCl
    *mark ~4150 camera reset code fix as mine
    add more loadingscreens
    remove gamma option from main preferences panel
    add ability to hide chiclets
    fix the draw distance panel code to position itself under the button, always
    fix statistics bar for both old and new look
    add a land info button into the navbar
    add more default indicators, as example to Tone Mapping panel
    explain auto-derender functions better
    change chat toast background to fit the new simple chatbar look

    *need to be checked if they are done

  11. A penis on your lips.

  12. Ok, been playing with this for a bit now, might add more later but here's my thoughts so far.

    If you don't have any buttons on the bottom toolbar the chat input gets shoved off the screen entirely.

    I like the idea of adding "About Land" into the navbar so I look forward to that.

    I have a lot of empty space at the top of my screen on either side of the navbar. So much so that I could move all my visible toolbar buttons to either side of the navbar and still have 2/3 of that empty space still empty.

    I'm wondering how possible it would be to add options for toolbar buttons to be visible as buttons up in the top bar? So instead of a handful of toolbar buttons down the side of my screen, they could be tucked up next to the navbar and disappear while the navbar is hidden? This would move all of my UI elements off my screen when not in use, which would be great.

    I love the new look for the UI elements. Very slick!

    1. Alternately, another possibility would be auto-hide for toolbar buttons. Although, with toolbar buttons capable of being docked to any edge of the screen, not sure how well that would work in practice.

    2. Huh. I logged out for an hour or two then opened SL again and my Favourites bar is broken.
      It keeps minimizing to the little button on the left side of the screen and I can't keep it open. It will only open at all if I select "show favourites bar" by right clicking on the line the favourites bar is on, but then when I move my mouse over it, it minimizes again.

    3. The inability to open the favbar sounds like you had autohiding topbar enabled, will have to work more on it to allow it enabling Favoritesbar.

  13. Well missing prims seems to had gone away, so SSb code did somew good!
    Still rebake, rebake rebake, eveywhrre you go, every time you change a peice of cloth, rebake!
    All that are in world already using SSB viewers are having lots of trouble to see other SSb users (the rest looks as always!) so the only way is to rebake (Left crtl+alt+r).

  14. same is happening but i do belive niran already knows about that, so far waiting for the next alfa or bta in the hope that quick time will be good again, but imnot having any problems with this version but the rezz times to see other ssb users rezzed and they to see me!

  15. If we leave it off, how can creators test their builds?
    One thing it seems to help me is to crank up connection speed to 10.000 kb and have http checked back!

    1. You can't turn it on or off as far as i know, it will just turn itself on and switch to SSB as soon as you enter a SSB enabled region, which Gentle already said are only a very limited amount right now.

  16. well tested and its working! besides the problems already posted here, the time ti takes to change an outift and see it, and this is not Niran, it happens as well with singulaty and Firestorm, made me go back to previous version until the time comes for LL to make SSB mandatory or next of yours relase that i will ttry asap!
    Till then:)

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  18. I am not sure what happened but.....I downloaded and logged on fine. Went to take a pic so i loaded one my presets... and the entire top UI was gone. Tried rebooting. Uninstalled and re-installed. No top UI.

    1. The Debug setting that controls the topbar was inverted in its function, loading old presets will result in the topbar beeing hidden, you can fix that by going into preferences (CTRL + P) enabling Autohide Topbar in Interface - Customisation , moving your mouse at the top and then disabling the feature again (but should work without moving your mouse at the top aswell), dont forget to save the new settings into your preset so its fixed for next time!

  19. Make sure you are not using the option hide navbar.
    i use that set to 5 sec, so unless i move my mouse over the top of the screen it will not show any theree!
    is on interface customization menu!

  20. i do got one issue and driving me nuts however dont know if its my computer or the veiwer. but unsure where to even start with it but it keeps whining my network setup changed even though it hasent and i have to keep retyping my name and pass constantly.

  21. I'm chalking it up to this being a test release, but I am noticing the viewer crashing every so often. Only mentioning it because I'm used to Nirans being super stable.

    1. As long as i dont get the log files i will simply have to assume that you were disconnected (forcefully) which results in a crash. Other than that im not having any crashing issues, might be SSB totally going crazy however.

    2. I think you're right. I haven't had any crashing issues since aside from a couple I know were the result of region restarts.

      I am eager for the next release of this, tho. I'm used to the vertex issues for the av mesh, seeing LL's ugly default is painful.

  22. I just started using the viewer yesterday. It's really great, and the RLV seems to work just fine :)

  23. any chance of a linux update?