Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beta 2.1.6 (2600)

I hope you were tricked much on 1. April =3

User Interface:

I was bored and needed something to do because i wanted to do a new release but somehow...there wasnt enough to show... so i made myself some work and replaced the draw distance slider in the navigation bar with a icon, hover your mouse over it and you will be able to set your draw distance there, in the same move i also removed all options of it, that means you cannot hide this icon, its always there and you wont need to hide it anyway...its small

I also added an avatar count to the world map SIM names, which will also take you into account.

There were some other changes like a fix that made RenderResolutionDivisor stay over logins, which means that if you had Preferences open and logged out, next time you log in everything was still blurry, apart from that i fixed that bold,italic and underlined texts were SLURLs leading nowhere.

I cleaned up some files and removed some unnecessary and none-working functions like the Navbar Layer 2,3 and 4 and removed some files linked to the volume pulldown which doesnt exist in my Viewer anymore.

Server Side AO:

I've implemented all the new LSL commands for the upcomming server side AO changes, they will allow you to replace the animations directly on the server, that means, less lag for everyone, faster reaction times of AOs AND you only need to activate it once (wear it) and then you can just detach it again for the whole login session, right now you have to redo that every login but LL is working on making that stick over logins.
The new commands are:





added new llSetAnimationOverride,llGetAnimationOverride and llResetAnimationOverride functions
added new PERMISSION_OVERRIDE_ANIMATIONS permission to keywords.ini
added avatar count to world map region name
added a draw distance slider hover icon that allows you to set the draw distance (small binoculars icon)
fixed RenderResolutionDivisor staying after relog, also fixes background blurring staying active
fixed and implemented some missed Intel HD Card shader compile and rendering fixes
fixed underlined/bold/italic styled texts beeing SLURL links
fixed rightclick land/build not opening the right panel/opening 2 panels at the same time in tools floater
removed the draw distance slider from navbar
removed Navbar Layer 2,3 and 4 options aswell as debugs
removed all Draw Distance slider debugs, there is no need to hide it anymore
removed unused volume pulldown code and files
cleaned up some xml files


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  2. All works as last version but if there are changes i can understand, as freeding a bit of top bar, the fact is that is less intuitive to use the draw distance slider nowas it overlaps the media menu!

    1. No it doesnt, the draw distance slider makes the media menu invisible and the media menu makes the draw distance slider invisible, they cannot overlap because both cannot be open at the same time.

    2. If I have the media menu dropdown open, with the volume sliders, then hover over the draw distance slider, it opens too - both are open simultaneously. Doesn't cause me any issues, but they definitely do overlap.

    3. OHHHH, thats what you mean... the sound quickprefs panel... yea... its supposed to work like that, you can also open the media controls and quick prefs at the same time. Media = Play/Stop button, Sound quickprefs = Sound button

  3. Question: Is still per default unchecked http textures isntead of udp!
    I found that it works far better for me that way, but my soulmate, with same system, uses http checked!
    wich one shall we really use, as knowning that udp wil be disabled from the grid sooner or later?
    When i use http checked under graphics textures, it takes a lot more time for them to rezz and unblur and its more agravating when using more then 3 tattoo lawers at same time!
    But when i use Udp, some like my soulmate, cant see what im wearing if i use mroe then 1 alpha lawer (My avatar uses a phisical, a alpha and 3 tattoo lawers at all times, naked or with cloths (alpha being for the feet, oiled lawer, tan line with hair base, tatto)!
    So on this version im using http checked, and i have to rebake textures to see my tattoos or skin unblurred, but my soulmate sees me perfectly!
    But i hate to not be able to see my details so fast as when i use udp:(

  4. Well using Http and Dataram disk, seems to work pretty well, no complains anymore:)

    1. UDP wont get disabled that soon, it might never be disabled, at least not that i know of.

  5. And as i see more and more with you regarding Chui, will its use be mandatory like Ssb, meaning at one time All will have to use it no matter gow bad is is implemented?

    1. It implements alot of code refactoring everywhere. That would make it a major update and very important, but theres always the possibility to just leave it out, and take whatever works without CHUI, but that might cause alot of additional work in future.

  6. Hello, I seem to be having a bit of a problem and hope that you can help me. Whenever I attempt to log onto the viewer, it works perfectly except it displays this screen http://oi46.tinypic.com/kd4lt3.jpg where it asks me to accept the terms of service agreement. This would not be a problem except for the fact that there is nothing there, and I think it is presumably because this is my first time ever using a second life viewer. Your viewer is the only one that I have been able to successfully download on my computer, so any information on how to fix this situation would be most helpful. Thank you in advance:)

    1. Not sure why it plops up every time, probably no one here can reproduce that because no one has a new, never before used Account. Im not even sure how the EULA thingy works so i dont know if its sending something to the Server at that point or not. Easiest way to fix would probably be just downloading the official Second Life Viewer and accepting it there.

    2. The installation for the official second life viewer simply does not work, but I understand. Thank you for your help.