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Monday, February 11, 2013

You have been suspended.


So , i finally had a nice chat with Oz today about my ban and things certainly cleared up , i was told that i wasnt banned because i did something wrong , the Linden who banned me just "accidentally" banned me because he/she thought I re-opened the ticket , when they noticed that i didnt , it was already too late , apart from that he also told me that even if i had done something wrong i wouldnt have instantly been suspended , instead i should have lost my Jira Permissions temporarly. To "compensate" my accidental ban , the guy who really opened it got temporarly disabled on the Jira , i dont feel well about that because it doesnt really make me happy to know that someone else who basically supported me lost his Permissions , but anyway , just letting you know that my guess in the SLU forum was right , i was accidentally banned.

Thanks Oz for clearing that up , atlast i feel a bit better about that.

When i woke up this morning i checked my mail for something interesting and indeed i found something...
i found a Mail telling me that my Account has been temporarly suspended... ok... why?
im not 100% sure but according to my Mail
"Failure to Comply With Rules of Conduct"
ooookaaay , so i voilated 1 or more rules (again) of the Jira... mhh but it still doesnt tell me WHY? what rule exactly did i break? ok lemme compile everything i know

10 Days ago i got Mail that i voilated the PJira rules because i updated OPEN-162 in a rather fast fashion which is against the rules ...ok check

I stopped working on it and didnt update it anymore , i didnt even take a look at it for 10 Days. ok check

Someone re-opened it and commented long and broad why this Issue shouldnt be closed. ok check

5 hours later i answered , nicely , informative and in a constructive way to this re-opening. okaayy check

some time later someone else commented and i answered 3 hours (from my last comment) later to THAT comment , again nicely , i said that LL should ask the Community about this bug if they are really not OK with it. okaayyy check

Finally i see this Mail saying that my account has been suspended for 2 days >.<
You may say "hey its only 2 days" , but HEY its 2 days FOR NOTHING , is that really right? is it that how LL acts against us when we try to do something for their Second Life? Im not a fan of conspiracies but slowly i think it is a conspiracy , against me , the community , whatever... no one knows , does LL want to destroy its own Second Life? i mean , they are continuesly breaking stuff , making stuff worse for the biggest part of the community (just saying Sidebar here (not me , i really liked it)) , really , it looks like they wants to slowly cripple down Second Life until it dies but why should they do that? why dont they listen to the community? why do they break all the things? why why why? so many questions...at some point i really dont understand it anymore ...anyway... i will be off for those 2 days , doing something else , if you want to contact me please dont IM me , write in my Forum or Blog or on my Second Life Profile so i can answer as soon as i see it.

What did we learn? Never ever try to make Second Life better , do not open Jira tickets , do not vote for them , do not follow them , do not try to develop Second Life , do not help each other , dont be nice , dont discuss anything with LL , dont request a feature or a fix , do not complain about Second Life , just let Second Life as it is , B.R.O.K.E.N. Accept it , embrace the broken-ness , become ... BROKEN.


  1. these lindens are stupid.. they just should hire you in the labs, they would have more to win

  2. Time realy to rethink Open sims and how much they will enjoy having some like youer viewer!

  3. http://hypergrid.org/metropolis/wiki/en/index.php/Hauptseite

  4. Niran keep building your viewer. Look to Emerald for what happens when you step on a linden lab toes. There was never a DDOS yet we have no emerald viewer.

    Please keep developing your viewer, but just don't contact the lindens through their Jira.

  5. they don't want alternative second life viewers ..they want there viewers to be used most of the users they are such an assholes by band users with no mental reason such company like linden lab invent by ass name CEO i don't know his name and don't care ...sorry what happened to you for me its an insult by helping them and they give more like finger at your face !! better not to report bugs to them cause they don't deserve it ...and anther thing try to support Linux more
    than windows cause Linux market share jump higher more like 6.1% so please rethink about Linux since it change