Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beta 2.0.9

As always , clean your cache , settings and viewer folder before coming up with any bug reports about Windlight presets missing and such.

From now on this will be "Beta" again because like i said , the next "Release" will be the last. Simple circumvention isnt it?

So if have been lazy and sleeping for weeks , not getting anything done until i finally kicked my fluffy butt and started working on a Sidebar tools panel which i later scraped for the good. Keep in mind that this is BETA and i dont have much time to check everything , thats exactly where YOU come in (Mission Received.) *ends transmition*

User Interface:

I´ve started to redo some things , first the Inventory panel came into my way , begging me not to do anything , but hey... if i want to change something , IT IS GOING TO CHANGE. So i put the filter down into the bottom panel , the inventory count at the top and realigned everything a bit to make it look clean. Have a look!

Then i started on the build panel which got completely destroyed and rebuild from the ground up , at the end , now that everything should be 100% functional again it looks like this.

So clean , colorfull and it offers theoretically unlimited space so its best guarded against any future updates (Materials) and i swear by god i will not let the Materials UI get past my paws , it looks HORRIBLE atm. Oh...btw its resizable. you can make it small...or big , but please dont resize its width , i have to fix that so it cannot be resized in width.


Slight changes here , glow has been overhauled slightly so it doesnt cause slight stripes in the sky anymore , atleast in Deferred Rendering with Tone Mapping and Default sky preset , everything else looked fine so far.


For all you beeing curious , yes OPEN-162 has been implemented against everyones tip (Oz included) not to do it! However it only affects 3 bones in this version , the upper left arm was excluded because the difference on that bone would have been noticeable , everything else is and i promise you is NOT noticable , see the following pictures for a comparison on the leg as example:

the right leg has been moved up 0.1 cm (1mm) which resembles the difference between not having this patch installed and having it installed. For all those who believe that this is a fake snapshot or twice the same , look at the sky , you will notice the clouds are different on both and if you take a look at them in Full ORIGINAL size (1920x1058) you will be able to see the difference on the right (left on the picture) leg , but tell me you are able to notice this minimalistic move when an Avatar is moving , jumping and walking around and i will tell you to FUCK OFF because you CANT. Apart from that like Adeon said , at 1024m and above all attachments start to flicker 1mm and on 4096 its even 4mm!.

It will still make building symetric easier and will satisfy any perfectionistic douchebag like me when you know that stuff is really perfectly aligned now.


have fun,



added OpenJpeg 1.5.1 (fixes texture blurring on screen)
added Firestorms logout crash (might fix disconnect crash)
fixed Chat option logic
fixed Mouse turning into a zoom icon after Mouse-steering mode exit
fixed asymetric aligning of bones (OPEN-162 , only for 3 bones)
fixed X , Y , Z coordinate informations position at the top screen
fixed Instant message header text getting cut off
fixed Ambient Occlusion tooltip still reffering to the need of Deferred
fixed External browser radio buttons , changed them into a single checkbox
fixed some wrong textures in outfit panel
cleaned up Tools(build) floater extremly
cleaned up and aligned some XML and Cpp files
cleaned up Viewer folders and removed all unused skins
tweaked Glow default settings for a better sky and color transition
tweaked and redesigned the Tools(build) floater completely for upcoming changes
tweaked some floater headers
tweaked and redesigned major parts of the Inventory Panel
tweaked Appearance floater layout
removed hidden tools panel and its debugs


  1. Where hs the UI size slider gone? the small dropdown selection is not small enough, I usually use .7 UI size.

    1. If you fix the UI Scaling in V3 for me , then yes.

      UI Scaling in V3 is horribly broken , imagine a letter , like A , which is only A pixel width at nearly any given spot , now resize this 1 pixel width in % , its not possible , thats exactly what happening when you use UI scales like 1.01 1.02 0.99 and so on.

      Apart from that my UI is build for 1.2 UI Size , everything else is basically unsupported , im already happy that my UI seems to look fine on 1.0.

  2. quoting:
    fixed asymetric aligning of bones (OPEN-162 , only for 3 bones)
    Can you explain if this have any impact in how others using others viewers will see us?

    1. the difference between having it on or off is shown here:



      will update the blog post

  3. So we will be able to see the legs correctly as on the 1st pic, but the rest that uses the Sh**** graphic viewers (All unfortunatly but yours, as none delivers the graphics, and i cant stop laughing at both lame excuses of Tonya and Gainz, tying to justify why they dont achieve your graphics quality but claiming all you do was grab LL code!)will still see as on the 2nd pic.

    1. basically , everyone will see it the same , just everyone using my Viewer will be able to adjust them 100% perfectly without having to take offsets into account

  4. Can we change the build floating window to look as before? i mean with the options sideways instead of verticaly? Its terrible to build and have to scroll to acess textures or objects features.
    Besides that al look as intend and worls as well as intended

  5. And i cant find select link parts as option:(

  6. I mean on the build floater, i can find them on nv tools edit link parts, but the option on the build floater is not there anymore, as im getting sued to the new builders menu (even if i cant understand why you felt the need to mess with previous one, that was amzing!)
    Hope you wil fix the edit link parts option soon!
    Besides that, quick time still does not work, but all rezzes faster with same settings (Full clean install and latest nvidea drivers as per 18Feb2013, all at ultra + dr hf tm and ao)

    1. its exactly where you think it is. Its just invisible for some reason , will fix that aswell. Tip: its exactly in the free space over those other checkboxes.

  7. Just a message for Niran: You shouldn't abandone this viewer.

  8. Niran, welcome back to the Viewers... love your work around, wonder how long the Niran Viewer Beta will last((Hopefully till the end of time, unless it grows to a new viewer which would totally be like OMG Awsomeness)) Look forward to any and all updates, and now I don't have to get Exodus Viewer <3 you Niran!

  9. Btw, found a steange beahvor on the build floater that i cant solve, contents tab is not showing the options to set permissions on the content inside!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Really can't find the option inside the builder floater, content tab, to set permissions on what i add to the prim! (Normally i want to make sure my scripts are not mod, but the all rest are!)
    Hope im just missing something obvious, cause that option is very important when building some to sell!

    1. thats because the 2 buttons are below the contents inventory (out of the panel) and therefor not visible. Will also be fixed.

  12. Hi Niran! Wonderful designed great viewer! But I still have the problem with blurring and reloading textures after a while. especially my own textures (photos). I tried different settings in graphics preferences but nothing seems to work.... maybe I have to update my graphics card driver? I use a ATI Radeon 6870 card and everything else works perfect :-)
    Great work, I hope you will be able to put in the new communication window (CHUI) too ( I love it and hope you will create a better looking design for it).
    Thank you and bye

    1. 313.96 should work fine.
      What you experience might also be a different bug , i havnt yet implemented the fix for Textures going blurry when you look away from them , just included a new OpenJpeg which fixed the blurring of textures onscreen. Also textures in a far distance wont load fully that seems to be related to the interest list taking effect here , preventing the Viewer from downloading a high resolution texture for everything (even stuff that is very far away from you)

  13. btw... how can I switch on busy mode in this viewer?