Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Release 1.41 (Build 1332)

Uhhh Ahhhh Yea...

User Interface:

The funny part in this Viewer , this time i didnt do that much noticable , just the hover volume pulldown has been removed (when hovering over the sound icon at the top right) and has been replaced with a full sound quick sound & media control panel , which can be slid out by just clicking the sound icon , dont worry , it wont mute your Second Life!


I´ve potentially fixed a crashed caused when the Viewer gets an Invalid Texture Index

Aswell as potentially fixed an RLVa issue not working on the Minimap in People floater

The Viewer also should recognize its set Window Size now when you drag-resize the Viewer window instead of using the Set Window Size floater, thanks to MyBrains for telling me


As it was already seeable on SLUniverse Forums , i´ve completely redone the Realistic 6PM Sky Preset and i think it looks WAY better now , have a look!

Linden Default with Tone Mapping as diff

THATS a difference , isnt it? Well this wouldnt be Nirans Viewer if it wouldnt be different eh?

I´ve also added my Crazy Night Water and Sky Preset which are watchable in action in Login screen and on this pic!


Well just the usual translations everywhere i´ve found something important not beeing translated , that includes some right click menus , the new quick sound & media control panel aswell as some preferences


Im not sure whats going on with Mig , he seems very pissed that i stated my opinion about that i dont care about other OS´s than the one im using on my own. As it looks for me he threw the towel and left me once more , now doing his own Viewer called "Artvi". I guess he will say something on his own about that on my or his own blog later on. Patience is asked now


Because they are always cool!

PS: check out this song
"i find it kind of funny , i find it kind of sad"
"Maaaaaaad Woooooooorrlld"




fixed Window size not getting saved when resizing via drag
fixed (potential) Invalid Texture Index crash
fixed (potential) RLVa not restraining Minimap in people
added quick sound & media control panel
added Crazy Night Water and Sky preset
tweaked default preset
removed volume pulldown
redone Realistic 6PM Sky Preset
renamed Buttons to Interface
translated quick sound & media control panel
translated alerts/notifications panel
translated active speaker menu
translated some missing right click menu entries
translated Merchant outbox toolbar button
translated Scripts toolbar button
cleaned up Settings.xml a bit


  1. Hover volume pulldown has been removed ... now we get this assortment of things in a small crowded window. Given the variability of music volume across SL this is a step backward. And I have to click it again to make it go away. It now takes 3 clicks to accomplish what I used to be able to do in 1 click with the hover pulldown which hid itself when I was done with it.

  2. You are seeing those whole thing from an entirely wrong perspective , this Panel is about Flexibility and Usability , not about counting clicks , for everything else than Master Volume you previously had to go through Preferences or use the gear icon in volume pulldown , now you can tick those 4 important options and set Volume for all important sound sources including Sounds , and im not sure if YOU always mute your whole SL Window just because an idiot is spamming gestures , but I DONT , i always have to go through prefs to turn down Soundeffects , now i can just click up there and set it down quickly if you want to mute SL when its not focused , tick "Mute SL when not minimized" and minimize it when not using it that will do the same. Honestly , if you start counting clicks in my Viewer , you should get Firestorm or any other Viewer.

    BTW , Media is still SEPERATLY! , and "music" volume couldnt be set before anyway via volume pulldown

  3. Fact is , your comment tells me that you havnt even used it, you just read volume pulldown removed.

  4. What's with your pissy response? CAPS shouting and accusations? I didn't flame you I pointed out a regression compared to the way "I" need to use a viewer. My bad, I thought you wanted honest opinion.

    I use your viewer nightly. For 3 hours minimum. Clicks count for speed and ease of use. Having quicker access to things I rarely use is not an improvement. I NEVER mute anything. I currently have no one or thing on my mute list. I do, however, spend my time in busy club situations where I stress the viewer I use.

    I suggest if you can't handle criticism you disable comments.

    1. What's with your pissy response? CAPS shouting and accusations?
      -No. CAPS for marking interessting/special words that need attention

      I thought you wanted honest opinion.
      -I want feedback and suggestions , usually i say what kind of feedback i need and for which feature i need it , those i really want feedback for are those i dont get feedback about

      Clicks count for speed and ease of use.
      -How about i create an UI that does everything for you automatically , ending up having Firestorm²

      Having quicker access to things I rarely use is not an improvement.
      -WHAT do you use then? Overall Master Volume? for what?

      I NEVER mute anything. I currently have no one or thing on my mute list.
      -"Mute Second Life when minimized" is a feature not a mutable object , this conversation has nothing to do about muting people or objects

      I suggest if you can't handle criticism you disable comments.
      -Good idea. While at it i can close source , step out of TPV and stop publishing it. Thanks , now im pissed and sad

  5. Have noticed that sometimes, very rarely, draw distance does not change when typing it in the box instead of using the slider. Love the viewer and seeing what new stuff changes. The viewer is rock solid for me, though someone I know that used an AMD crashes when using gestures. Probably a setting bug with her machine. But we both use it for photos now.

    1. Make sure you press enter after you typed in , losing focus usually should work too (just tested it)

  6. You may remenber me as a hard detractor of Mesh users!
    As Soon as Nvidia released the latest drivers that allow me to use 16Af and 16hqaa i tried several mesh viewers!
    Even being a long user of phoenix, meaning i miss the lack of some of its utilities (In build ao, a way to prevent group chat notices to arrive and a few more) as soon as i manage to understood your menu layout i can't use any other viewer!
    Started with V1.38, used v1.38, skipped v 1.40 and love 1.41.
    The sound bar is just perfect now.
    It does not crash!
    It gives me the higer fps with the best graphics, of all the viewers i tried (and i did try a lot of them!)
    Its menu makes a lot of sense after one gets used (and in my case was almost a week, in a dear one, only 1 day!).
    Still, we both use win 7 ultimate 64b and we are having the same issue, some media does not play, giving the message, quick time plaugin not working!
    AS we both have same type of OS but diff computers and diff programs, i belive it must be a bug of Niran'a, as the other viewers allow to play media just fine!
    But i don't care about media as long as i can enjoy the World as You let me!
    So keep the amazing work, as more will start to realize how mycj Second Life can be with Niran's!

  7. nothing rendering like or anything else has been changed in the viewer since 1.33 in any way that could cause this. 1.42 now is the first time that something deep in the code has been done again , also if this should be true it must be something with your AMD , im using AMD aswell and i dont experience those problems , my Viewer is also compiled on AMD

  8. hello dean, I have a problem, I try to fix to make objects move smooth by itself while view in flycam or normal, but it dident seem the object move smoothly by itself. how do i fix it? thanks.