Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Release 1.43 (1480)

NOTE: You might want to delete cache and settings and do a CLEAN MANUAL reinstall , meaning that you should completely delete the Viewer folder and install the new one into it , do not just overwrite , this might fix some UI bugs some where having especially with graphic panel , non scrollable panels and other weird things like vanishing trees etc

Recent Status:

As it stands now the Viewer is pretty much and absolutely up to date with Linden Release again which was a struggle of 15 pages of which 5 have been worked on the the past few updates and the last 10 have been merged into this Release , that means you can expect lots of bugs , extreme instability (hey i crashed due to openjpeg decoding failure weee) , time & space paradox´s and other black hole weirdos

under the hood , lots of stuff has been changed , comparable to ripping its core out , splitting it up and putting it back into different areas and adding some additional stuff


Shining came around the corner with LOTS of fixes , which i already got 3-4 months ago , so only a few single fixes were added , mostly small things but also some texture fetching changes , in my short test cycle i experience one crash due to 2 failed decoded images , so it might be possible that this new code is still a bit buggy , just to warn you :)

User Interface:

It is way more than way too much to explain everything here so i will shorten everything a bit
expect a lot of UI bugs beeing gone now , lots of tweakage to many aspects of the UI and its behaviors and also some new Features like the ability to color the new minilocation bar via UI Colors tab

For those of you that arnt quick enough to go through the menus in under 10 seconds (before the topbar automatically hides) , i got an option for you! you can now set the amount of time after which the topbar will automatically hide! uuuh =D

Theres also this...thing called World Map , remember it? yea yea this strange thing some use to search or browse SIMs in Secondlife... you know what happened to it? it has been remade! World Map 2.0! less ugly , more fun , more sliding muahahahah but dont slide out of the world!

Fast timers are now scrollable to view everything , thanks to Liny Odell!

I also fixed a LOT of menus and functions , like show icons or permissions in avatarlists , aswell as show the minimap in people , yay!

You can now.... ZOOM on Avatars! just right click on someone in nearby people and select "Zoom in" , this only works on people in your draw distance!

Chatbar has been tweaked a bit , the fix button has been removed and instead theres a grip field now on which you can click to move the chatbar around easier than before

Toolbar buttons previously were disabled due to RLVa or Land restrictions , but you were still able to click them , not anymore! its fixed now and buttons arnt clickable anymore if they are disabled

When you activated only friends and groups can call or IM me your text and that of non friends was hidden from your view , other people could see it , that behavior has been fixed now

I removed the Darkness Default skin completely due to its nature of breaking shit extremly , i would also suggest NOT to use any other skin than Darkness at the moment because other skins may not be updated and cause "mixed" (old and new) UI parts

I played again a bit with the FXAA shaders and i think even if it doesnt look much like a change it still looks a bit different somehow , hopefully better (smoother) for everyone

FXAA example , depending on scene and lighting we dont need superior picture resolutions or an even more superior Antialiasing like MSAA which would only eat up performance like old Antialiasing´s did in the past , this picture looks simply smooth as it is

RenderUnloadedAvatars has been set to true by default to prevent clouding after changing clothes or attachments , meaning clouding is completely disabled by now

I´ve also changed the Ultra Graphics preset a bit, hopefully to the better


I´ve finally put in the new webkit again , which i took out long ago due to a bug that caused the webpages to "zoom" depending on your ui scale , now that i fixed that bug and know where the problem was i could even do a complete "zoom" feature =D , but havnt yet , maybe in next release

I made some code cleanups in a few files to reduce bloat and unnecessary code and bam my application lost about 700kb! (for adding over a few thousand lines of code) , yea it got smaller when i added more code O.รด but hey its smaller and i think i gained 1-3 FPS aswell


secret message of this Release -> "Boobs"
"wild boobs always appear in a group"
hah got it ;)?



Release 1.43

STORM-1890: Enabling "Only friends and groups can call or IM me" mutes your own chat in all groups and mutes all group chat from non friends
VWR-29094: Blocking an avatar does not derender worn lights
MAINT-1144: Defend against NULL LLPluginProcessParent::mProcess.
MAINT-1142 use VBO pooling on OSX
MAINT-1092 Fix for broken avatar bakes on some AMD graphics cards.
MAINT-938 FIXED (Make debit-permissions dialog give a stronger warning)
MAINT-845 FIXED Inventory items auto selection is disabled during filtering, unless a search string is being typed in.
MAINT-784 FIXED the inventory filter to be restarted when switching from 'Since Logoff' to 'Hours Ago' or 'Days Ago'.
MAINT-758: [PUBLIC]texture discard level is inconsistent between sessions
MAINT-405 FIXED ([PUBLIC]Ctrl W does not properly close IM tabs using tabbed IM in 2.x/3.x)
MAINT-180 FIXED Reject group and ad-hoc chat messages from lindens when we are busy.
IQA-463: fix Linux wrapper.sh (aka secondlife) gridargs.dat handling.
CHOP-900: Use new apr_procattr_constrain_handle_set() extension.
DRTVWR-151: Today's APR build should run on Windows XP again.
SEC-905, SEC-1025: Show Texture Info Allows People To See and Use Textures And Override Permissions System
SH-3132 - reduce max concurrent http requests to same level as in release
SH-3128 FIX - log message cleanup for avatar rezzing
SH-3124 : Fix crash on exit on Mac
SH-3121: collect time of reloading all textures from cache and through HTTP when all objects loading are done.
SH-3104 : Implemented HTTP bulk fetch for texture debug console
SH-3097: introducing texel pixel ration adjustment
SH-3118, SH-3112, SH-3110, SH-3106, SH-3091,
SH-3086: As a viewer architect, I would like to understand how fast each of the components of the texture pipeline can run in isolation
SH-3081 : Implement TextureCameraMotion settings as well as faster loading when the camera is still
SH-3080 : Implement the TextureReverseByteRange setting so we can play with that parameter
SH-3075 : Fix encoding for reversible images and small textures
SH-3074: clear ghost and stale texture fetching requests in time
SH-3072: do not pause texture fetching when FPS is low.
SH-3071: Increase HTTP concurrency to improve texture fetching performance
SH-3060 : Preliminary implementamtion of the new byte range computation, implement setting to turn it on or off
SH-3050 : Parse an input codestream without decompressing it to find discard levels boundaries
SH-3047 : Tweak of the performance compression data gathering code
SH-3044 - tag avatar log messages LL_INFOS(Avatar)
SH-3041 FIX use server-sent baked texture IDs while waiting for avatar to load
SH-3040 FIX Inventory caching issues
SH-3039 WIP - trying to close phases where needed
SH-2970 FIX - per-region logging of basic avatar stats
fixed show minimap in people options
fixed copy group SLURL and Name translations
fixed sliding behavior of minimap in people
fixed enabled controls for shadow blur size and distance factor sliders
fixed nearby people right click copy name translation
fixed broken translation of inspect self gear menu
fixed copy name in inspect other avatars gear menu
fixed ignore/mute buttons in script dialogs
fixed vanishing trees due to RenderAnimateTrees debug still available
fixed toolbar buttons not getting correctly disabled via RLVa or Land permissions
fixed permissions do not show when an avatarlistitem was drawn already and perms were disabled
fixed picks translation
fixed people panel avatar lists didnt resize with the floater
fixed some "Making dummy class X" log errors
fixed some missing Inventory folder strings
fixed group info tab translations
fixed quick prefs volume sliders
fixed new webkit causing webpages to scale with ui scale
fixed non clickable land info button in minilocation bar
fixed "Me" menu in Login panel...
fixed some sliders in UI Customisation
added ability to hide profile icons and buttons in avatarlistitems
added ability to "Zoom in" on people , per suggestion
added new webkit
added ability to scroll fast timers legend , thanks to Liny Odell
added ability to set the amount of time to pass before the topbar will automatically hide
removed Darkness Default skin completely
removed lots of unnecessary code from navbar , we got XML!
redone world map completely
translated double click world map and chat range ring menu entries
translated world map 2.0
tweaked ultra graphic preset
tweaked RenderUnloadedAvatar , set to yes as default
tweaked chatbar floater appearance
tweaked avatarlistitems completely...again
tweaked some CAPITALIZED translations to be less CAPITALIZED
tweaked some login tips
tweaked LSL commented line color to greenish
tweaked selection rectangle in people avatar lists getting cut
tweaked FXAA shaders
tweaked minilocation bar for a slightly better appearance , per suggestion
tweaked buy L$ button , u big? now u small!
tweaked Navbar widget sliding behavior a bit
updated contributions.txt
updated special thanks page
merged up to 3.3.3 Linden Release with all its bits and bytes (DANGER ALERT!)
moved chat range ring option around
moved saving account settings to start of shutdown sequence to ensure they get saved if we crash on logout


  1. The download for the x64 version calls a file named "NiransViewerRelease1.42(64x).exe". This looks like the version from last week. Also the size is exactly the same.

    I'll try again tomorrow.

    1. whenever the main download seems to point to an old release , i´ve probably forgotten to update the main display , just press the Files menu button at Sourceforge and browse the updates manually , however i´ve updated the main download and pointed the link to the 32x version as intended

  2. Ok i got the x64 version, deleted the folder atC:/programs(x86) and on users/myname/local roaming/ niran's folder.
    After fetching the inventory, just saw that all my saved settings where as i wanted them (didnt delete users/myname/roaming/nirans folder in there).
    Radar works flawless, didnt had time to try corss sims so i cant report any unsual behavor or crash!

  3. Got the hot fix and so far so good, love the radar featurem so usefull, and didnt had any crash.

  4. "added ability to "Zoom in" on people , per suggestion" : Thank you so much for that ! Now I can get rid of my "old" viewer. Thank you again.

  5. It works even better then i could have hoped, making it by far the most smoother radar:)
    I just love the way it zooms into the 1 i select!
    Now, being as i think, a Linden Lab v3 feature, that we cant disable group chats (at least i cant figure a way of getting ride of that, unless i quit the groups), if Niran offered that option, great, but right now the only thing Niran can add to be even better and for sure the best is to addd a inbuild AO!

  6. chat cant be disabled , but those popups can be blocked in IM Settings , for me it does the same just better , it leaves the group chat visible but only if i open the group chat , otherwise those popups dont appear spamming my screen

  7. Yes, i have to agree with you on that.

  8. Hi... found a bug I think. In Mouselook I have troubles to fire my gun.. Only one shot and then nothing more... I tried another viewer it works like a charm.

  9. i second the motion, your mouselook autofire is NOT apreciated.. not all gun are meant for auto fire and or requirtre aspecial combinations of buttons clicks, for::@+2+g== shoot_laser||for::@+1+g==shoot_minigun? please remove those options of your shooter mode or infact reroute it to a quick button for auto fire?

    1. that has absolutely nothing to do with Shooter Layout , its a completely seperate option called allow grab/pull/push of objects in mouselook and can be found in Preferences - User Settings - Advanced - Mouselook , i wonder why it is enabled by default , will fix that in next release

    2. OK, found it, it's working now. Cool, thank you.
      Inbuild AO and it will be perfect ! ;-)

  10. I can't seem to find an option to dock all IM and local chat boxes into one box rather than having them all over the screen. Can this be fixed?

    1. You can only set IM and Group IM to tabbed Window so that both are in one Conversation Window , Local cannot and will not be dockable to this IM Floater

  11. Im not sure but when i do a search on my inventory tab, i cant close the folders nor scroll down to the item i want!
    I sdidnt had this problem on 1.42
    Can you check if is there something not good with the search of a item on the inventory?

    1. im aware of this feature (yes its not a bug , its a feature i merged with Linden Code) and as i said i havnt had enough time to test everything so i couldnt know that this feature basically makes searching impossible , it will be removed when i come around to fix it

  12. hey im havein a serious issue with your viwer it only loads to 30% and then it crashes
    you need to fix the problem

    1. I cannot fix what i do not experience and what i do not know by what it is caused , i need your Nirans Viewer.log to see what happens

    2. http://i50.tinypic.com/2kmpe8.jpg

      thats my screen log and it crashes

  13. Im glad you will. as all the rest works without problems at all (didnt crashed oonce till today!)