Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Release 1.39 (1277)

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing black flickering flies on sculpties , clear your settings and cache!
NOTE: Not saved transparency settings is NOT a bug! you have to edit the transparency , then select the color picker and just press ok , the color picker is important as it sets the color , NOT the transparency slider!

it was a real pain , i was about to pull everything together and suddenly people came out of their holes and nuked me with bugs everywhere.... darn... one worse than the other , i cannot release with the knowledge that those showstoppers exist , so i had to fix them first!

but finally , half a day too late... Release 1.39 coming with lots of homebrew fixes!

User Interface:

Niran hit really hard here... really really hard , some of you might have seen my "secret" project already which wasnt that secret then anymore.... well i cannot keep such awesome news sorry , i can only keep booring secrets like you murdered someone ...something like that...but Graphics? , User Interface? no way of beeing quiet! anyway , my "secret" project was a little revival of the Sidebar known from Viewer 2 , but stripped down and redesigned from scratch for Machinima use , its called , The Machinima Sidebar! tadaaaa

what is it? basically a panel like the sidebar which slides into your User Interface and reveals lots of important options for Photography and Machinima! how does it work? Space Magic! , however in this release it will push Toolbars , Floaters , IMs and your IM Chiclets away and will retract them on hiding , next week i will release the second version of it that acts like shown in the video , as overlay which will not slide into your UI , it will slide OVER your UI , not pushing anything aside , but it will overlap chiclets , maybe toolbars and floaters depending on where they are placed and what screen resolution you use

Theres more , i temporarly moved the Progressscreen below the UI and on top of world rendering , that will cause your Viewer to appear while TPing , so dont worry , thats not a bug , i will later add the ability to switch that to old behavior where the UI is hidden during TP , for those (like me) that do not want the UI in a progressscreen...

Optimizer floater has been removed , the machinima sidebar is now the "new" Optimizer

The place profile has been revamped....well better said it has been taken from my old Kirstens mod.... im curious why no one ever noticed that... me included...

I added Texture Refresh and Inspect to some missing places in non-pie menus and pie menus and translated them aswell as the rest that were missing

oh , probably a very funny but maybe buggy feature is the ability to switch the tools floater to old layout via a simple checkbox option in User Interface - Customisation , in Experimental section below Experimental login in page , it will need a relog!

one of the most enjoying things before you even log in , specially for new users is that media sound now works in login page , meaning that my video will FINALLY play with music! , go and watch it again , it feels different with that sad music!
for those that cannot watch it for some reason , i recorded it :)

oh and before i forget , yes , the blue topbar and sidebar are default now , dont be surprised , i think it looks very nice so i´ve set it as default , you can however revert it back to black if you want


Recently i checked my log because someone had a problem again... and what i found...was everything else than funny , error lines.....warning lines... thousands of them.... crazy , so much widgets that cannot be found because i revamped the UI and didnt reflect those changes in code , alot as been done now , the log should be WAY more error/warning free on initial start and User Interface initialisation resulting in a cleaner log , maybe a bit faster Viewer , sometimes a bit less code meaning a smaller and cleaner Viewer , and less bug stacks that might lead to a crash or more bugs :)


Only trivial changes have been done here , nothing you will notice anyway , i just removed the old hoverglow feature which was introduced with Viewer 2 and were also available in Kirstens S19 (which worked way better there than in V2) because it didnt work with shaders anymore , if it ever gets fixed , tell me , i would be more than happy to reimplement it!



added option to change between vertical and horizontal layout build floater
added a slidable Machinima panel for quick machinima related options + translation
added Object Inspect to pie menus
added Texture refresh to some right click menus
changed Scripts can use UI german translation
moved progress screen temporarly below UI but on top of World rendering to ensure usability of UI during TP
moved progressscreen below UI , so we found a good thing between hiding it and fully having it
removed Vetgrid due to TPV n stuff...sorry
removed old disabled AnimateTrees checkbox and Tree Details dropdown
removed HoverGlow feature from render pipeline and preferences aswell as its debugs
removed a bunch of first start and help aswell as intro video debugs
removed Optimizer button and options aswell as code
removed ability to fix IM Container and Floaters for now
tweaked skins panel
tweaked places profile layout
translated attached particles and light options
reduced application size by 23kb of code! thats a lot of code
reduced skin folder sizes by deleting lots of deprecated textures
cleaned up a lot of skin textures
fixed IM Containers fucking up child panel resizing every time a new session is started
fixed appearance shape edit resizing logic
fixed Streaming media sound label translation
fixed Media sound not playing in login , enjoy the music now =D
fixed shitloads of log errors and warnings
fixed german scripts translation
fixed some missing right click non-pie and pie menu translations
MAINT-841 FIXED ([PUBLIC]Folder "Lost and found" isn't cleaned)


  1. Honestly the sidebars was one of the features I loathed most from V2, mostly cause they messed up wuth HUDs very often. I thought you were not going to port past features into your viewer as you told me, and the sidebars are one of those (I still think UI profiles would be nice, even if it is not the V1 ones).
    I was wondering also, is there going to be a Linux release? I notice the Linux releases are not as constant as the Windows ones.

  2. Shin , read the blog , i clearly said that next week i will test out the Sidebar version that does not push , both have their pro and cons , the Pushing sidebar is good as it pushes all UI aside without fucking up the World View as the original sidebar did , that prevents the UI behind it from becoming unreadable/unusable , the con is that it might be annoying having floaters and stuff getting pushed aside , even if its just to open , tick something and close it again , the Sidebar next week will work as extreme basic overlay pushing nothing aside and just rolling over everything , will can then decide which they want , i might implement both depending on how much each are demanded
    to make that clear here , this is NOT , NOOOOT ANY kind of backportet Sidebar LL did in the past , this Sidebar is completely done from scratch , it looks and acts completely different and was not coded in ANY way , its only purpose is to contain some quick machinima/photography options , NOTHING from the main UI will be put in there, and well i´ve stated a lot of times that IF i could , i WOULD reimplement the original sidebar with some tweaks like perma detach (like the FUI is now, the FUI is basically just the sidebar in a perma detached state)
    i´ve also clearly stated that im not going to implement those old profiles and im not going to get squishy on this and some other ones , there are enough Viewers out there that do contain them , my Viewer doesnt need them and thats exactly where my sentence "im not going to port old features" jumps in (except Pie Menus which is basically a must)
    And Linux releases are absolutely not my part , see it like this -> Windows = Nirans Viewer , Linux = completely different Nirans Viewer , i told Mig he can release as often as he wants if he feels the need to do so , he often releases inbetween releases if something has been fixed or something important changed ... i wont do that anymore except i release it and a day later i notice that its not starting at all ...something like that , that will definetly need a fix , obviously

    1. additionally you have to notice that this Sidebar is always hidden , if you arnt a machinimist/photograph , you dont have to use it , even if you are one , this Sidebar is absolutely no most , if you never ever feel like using it , then simply dont , no one forces you , this sidebar has nothing you couldnt do via normal UI aswell

    2. MUST , damn MUST not most...

    3. I love the sidebar ... quick tweak while shooting ... the best!