Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Release 1.37

IMPORTANT: Please do not report any bugs related to that you cannot put items into another inventory window , on ground or into landmarks , this is related to lag and the lack of permissions you may have on that object!
NOTE: People demanded a 32x version again so i included one :) , keep asking nicely and you may get what you want

Monday , release day!

Version 1.37 (1169)

User Interface:

I changed the layout of name list items in people to 2 lines like i already did with online notifications , this counters a huge problem , names were cut of previously after a certain length , this cutoff limit has now been moved a huge bunch so names can be way longer before they get cut , distance display is now in a second line and that looks like this:

I also reworked and fixed the Set Window Size floater which is horribly broken in any V3 out there , it adds/subtracts numbers to your set resolution depending on window position on desktop, everytime you move the Viewer around your desktop and click set on the same resolution again it will change...NOT ANYMORE!

Mig continued implementing another Achievement , "High End Rig" , you will have to obtain 45 FPS in Deferred Rendering for a few seconds in order to successfully achieve it

I added a button to the login menu to show the initial selection screen again also , like suggested :)


Well.. not much has been changed here , just a tiny tweak on glow warmth weighting that might easen up the lines in the sky a bit due to my different glow settings


Mig was poking every few days that i have to fix those damn mesh booms , so i checked a few files and managed to fix this issue :) no more mesh booms anymore!

Release Cycle:

From today on i will change to a weekly release in order to make staying in TPVD and accumulating 200.000 mins / week realistic , this does not count if theres something that must be fixed immediately

Third Party Viewer Directory:

Some may have noticed that my Viewer finally pop´d in the TPVD , im really not sure if this will continue due to my Viewer still not having the 200.000 mins /week , but its atlast something , and im even over Exodus :) which surprised me

I´ve also started building a "bunker" on the Open Source Sandbox on my parcel where you can re-read my blog , navigate through the forums , watch videos , pictures , hang out , maybe meet me , ask me something or give feedback, in future i will continue expanding it to contain some "test areas" for advanced rendering features :)  , oh and the bunker is build to be viewed with Deferred Rendering and NO windlight shiny!

(copy this into your navigationbar and press enter to tp)


NiranV Dean



tweaked Rear View a bit
tweaked Login Selection
tweaked Glow Warmth weighting a bit
tweaked Login to slide in at start
tweaked Avatar list item layout to be a 2 liner too and showing distance below names
added Login Button to show Selection screen again
added High End Rig Achievement
renamed Achievments to Achievements everywhere
fixed reset field of view reseting to 1.04 instead of 1.10
fixed Mesh loading booms
fixed trash/delete button in Friendlist not working fully
fixed Set Window Size
fixed Second Inventory tick behavior


  1. " ... keep asking nicely and you may get what you want."

    I want a pony! Please!

  2. Yay! My crash is gone! Thank you for the update!

  3. The zoom in effect after teleporting is giving me a bit of a headache, anyway to turn it off?

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  5. The viewer is awesome, although I've found a couple things with it. One, I use the classic SL camera settings, but it is quite zoomed in and kind of gives me a feeling of vertigo... Got quite a hard time trying to adjust it so it could look as accurate as possible as with any other Viewer. Two, the web profiles are rather useless to me. I honestly prefer the old V1 ones, which would be a good idea to port. the Phoenix-Firestorm team did a great job porting the V1 profiles to Firestorm, and it is possible to toggle between these or the (nasty, harder to navigate) web profiles under the Preferences. Just a suggestion with this. And three, some settings won't save, like the window (I maximize or resize it, and when restarting it returns to default size), and mini-map zooming. Keep the good work with this viewer, I used to use Kirstens a lot until it got discontinued, and Nirans is an awesome "reincarnation" of it.

  6. Pretty please? (still waiting for my pony) :)

  7. @Shinlori
    1. without wrecking and redoing the whole camera settings + offset and focus point you wont get it back to what other Viewers have as default , thats also not meant with Classic Second Life , Classic Second Life means it uses the default Camera behind your Avatar and Keyboard layout aswell as Chat , however , the default Camera behind your Avatar is still tweaked due to the absolutely horrible default Preset all other Viewers use from LL , its set too high and too far apart from your Avatar.

    2. Webprofiles will stay. As bad as it sounds , i would prefer having UI profiles aswell so i can mod them (so you wont have V1 defaults anyway) , but im not going to backport that Feature. This Viewer is meant to show Future , not Past features. It is a Firestorm/Phoenix feature and is listed on my "declined Features" list in Forum if i remember correct

    3. Window size reverting after relog is fixed in 1.38 which will come next Monday. Minimap zooming? i will take a look into that, count it as fixed...

  8. Is it possible to get "temp upload" on this viewer as soon as possible ^^? As a creator, i want to be able to try my textures on an actual avatar OR on actual sculpted/ mesh objects. The little option within the preview window right before you upload is nice and all but it doesn't really help with everything. Being able to temporarily upload the textures and what not helps so that we as designers are not eating out our money by trying/ testing textures -.-; I will have to just build and work on firestorm if this feature isn't put on. (No, i do not want to have to go onto a grid that lets me upload for free... i want to stay and be able to work on the same normal secondlife grid seeing that it makes things easier.)
    ALSO can the copy and paste the parametes and properties in edit be added as well because that helps SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much when building and textures ;( instead of me having to remember numbers and stuff.
    At this rate i may have to go back to firestorm till there are these updates :c which i REALLLY don't want to. -sighs-