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Friday, January 15, 2010

Heres the new IM , looks like Emerald, is cool like (crap) Emerald, its in Kirsten NOW! so its EVEN BETTER!


Hey , its some time ago since i posted my last "Post" hehe.... i modded a bit more to the Kirsten Viewer and hope he implements the newest Version with some cool Glow Finetuning Options and a few new added things into his new Viewer S19 (S18 if its not renamed) , here are some screenshots of what is done :3

made with my new Glow Options....pretty sweet if you ask me :3

and heres a Video for some of you who cant see Shadows or want to see them how it could look like:

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  1. sieht toll aus Niran schade nur das es nicht jeder nutzen kann , hat ja nicht jeder das Geld für einen neuen Hyper Rechner :P