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Friday, December 25, 2009

Star in my Friendlist :3, Grey is coming too

Well, Star today Star accepted my Friend Offer (YAAAAAY! *happy*) and showed me Grey´s HUGE "Battleship" at Northstar (i hope he gets online soon too and accept my Friend offer, i saw him ~1 year on Northstar and he showed me a cool game "Rigs of Rods"), its really cool , it looks totally awesome, did i said
already that its HUGE? xD - i really dont want to know what it cost X.x

but what is better than a HUGE Battleshipt.....YES! Star Soyinka standing in it right there like on the picture , i dont know what it is but i like her very much , shes nice and likes fun (and just want to have some fun) , i really dont know what it is maybe she´s like my second mother or something but i like her and i want her to know that ^-^ *hugs*

So, i hope i´ll have fun with her and Northstar for a long time...
Thanks: Star Soyinka, for givin me her Full Prim Body and the good time with you! -
Grey Grayson, for giving me his NS Husky in Black for free and showing me Rigs of Rods!-

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