Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.


These are listed from newest to oldest.


Added: "Requires Deferred Rendering" label next to all major toggles to clarify even more that they do infact require it.
Changed: Moved Enable Fullbright option to basic options.
Changed: Minimum value for Glow Iterations to 1 to prevent people from setting it to 0 and getting glow stuck on screen.
Changed: Updated and fixed the shadow resolution warning notifications to include 8K and the correct 6K memory amount.
Changed: Tweaked blur light kernel slightly for slightly sharper shadows and less banding at higher blur size.
Changed: Version to 4.0.1.
Fixed: Deferred can disable itself leaving the user unable to re-enable it.
Fixed: Antialiasing warning background appearing ontop of the Deferred tab background.
Fixed: Avatar Physics Quality not being disabled when Avatar Physics is toggled off.
Fixed: Labels for dropdowns not showing greyed out when the dropdown is disabled.
Fixed: Incorrect tooltip in shadow resolution settings. 6K is 128MB not 112MB.
Fixed: Incorrect warning stating that Intel GPU only impacts performance when it does in fact make you unable to use Deferred.
Fixed: Several notifications not blocking input until the user confirmed the notification.
Fixed: Warning notifications not appearing on top of the snapshot window (specifically the 4K warning).
Fixed: Local snapshot format cannot be changed inside the Snapshot window.
Fixed: Binding Default Zoom/Roll to nothing (-1) prevents using Zoom and Roll completely.
Fixed: Bound button actions being applied possibly several times resulting in too much input per frame.
Fixed: Post Processing Effects (Sepia, Greyscale, Posterize etc) not working when Volumetric Lighting was enabled but Shadows disabled.
Fixed: Long standing issue with light softening "snapping" to different strengths at different camera up angles.
Fixed: Long standing issue with light softening only incrementing in "steps" when raising Blur Size option.
Misc: Cleaned up llviewerjoystick.cpp/h a bit.


Added: Missing marketplace link to Thalia's patreon entry both on login and About Black Dragon.
Added: VirtualVerse.One Forum as patreon supporter to the login page.
Added: Developer indicator (donut) to nametags.
Added: An explicit warning that disabling Object Cache will have undesired effects.
Added: Flycam reset camera roll binds.
Added: Copy to clipboard button to Camera Recorder window.
Added: Option to lock camera position in place while in Freecam.
Added: Blake Selkie as Patreon patron.
Added: Daisha as Patreon patron.
Added: EGO SUM as Patreon patron.
Added: Imokon Neox as Patreon patron.
Added: Rains as Patreon patron.
Added: VirtualVerse as Patreon patron.
Added: Imokon Neox's store to the login page and about section.
Added: bdheadrotmotion.cpp/h. Currently not used.
Changed: Allow attaching or detaching via double click in all 'Appearance' window tabs (My Outfits, Edit Outfit etc)
Changed: Overhauled 'Animations Controls' window, relabeled everything and added tooltips.
Changed: Disabled legacy voice dot and replaced it with a nametag based voice dot for better visibility and performance.
Changed: Overhauled Preferences - Display tab completely, new layout, grouping and more usage of the new widget, simplified most of the options.
Changed: Overhauled personal script memory display.
Changed: Overhauled region script memory display.
Changed: Reduced saving snapshot resolution to persist only per session to prevent a potential crash loop.
Changed: Raised Remember Snapshot Mode to persist per session.
Changed: Overhauled Script Editor window layout and look slightly.
Changed: Improved several Preferences - Display tooltips with more information.
Changed: As per request changed Luxxo's name to Lux Chiantelle in the Patreon section.
Changed: Version to 4.0 - Refreshing Dragon.
Fixed: Animesh being counted as many times as it has sub pieces in the Advanced Complexity breakdown.
Fixed: Poser reverting body paramaters to previous avatar if the Poser was not closed while changing avatars.
Fixed: Snapshot window not remembering last snapshot resolution when closing out.
Fixed: Double click on some clothing layers 'replacing' the previous layer instead of adding like it is expected.
Fixed: Local Textures tab being wrongly disabled in cases it shouldn't.
Fixed: Inventory menu missing entry to create new 'Universal' layer.
Fixed: Script Memory info window is nowhere to be found, readded it to the main Dragon menu.
Fixed: Snapshot window custom controls not saving their snapshot resolution.
Fixed: Inventory filters for 'Settings' do not work.
Fixed: Switch IM Tab side missing a warning that it needs a Viewer restart.
Fixed: Missing entries for several textures in Textures.xml and several textures in repository.
Fixed: Tooltips of dropdown entries not showing.
Fixed: Autoscale Rendering being broken.
Fixed: Several Preferences - Display tooltips.
Fixed: A couple Preferences - Display layout inconsistencies.
Fixed: Camera presets containing "-" cannot be deleted.
Fixed: Environment preset reverting when opening another preset while the Fixed Environment window is already opened.
Removed: Snapshot send via mail panel.
Misc: Cleaned up now unused code for sending snapshots via E-mail.
Misc: Moved developer string into the Black Dragon strings section.
Misc: Reduced snapshot autoscale multiplier to per session just in case.


Added: Ability for icons to be repeated several times.
Added: Ability for dropdown comboboxes to use the new icon repeat functionality to create a new widget type allowing to select next/previous entries.
Added: Ability for list entries in comboboxes to each have their own separate tooltip.
Added: Danielle Abney as Patreon patron.
Added: GBTH project as Patreon patron.
Added: Haefnir as Patreon patron.
Added: Liz as Patreon patron.
Added: Luxxo as Patreon patron.
Added: Mikey as Patreon patron.
Added: Seefor.ark2 as Patreon patron.
Added: Violet Voxel as Patreon patron.
Added: XavaX as Patreon patron.
Changed: Ripped out and moved the permission checks as well as the culling of texture ID's into its own function for easier calling and replace both inventory and local saving to use the new function.
Changed: Remove ability to save presets if we don't use a locally saved preset or an item we have permissions of to do so. As per Vir.
Changed: Replaced most of radio buttons with the new combobox tickers to simplify the usage, save space and make everything look nicer. Work in Progress.
Changed: Overhauled a couple warnings in preferences and their conditions when and how to display. Work in Progress.
Changed: Make the Animation Controls window "Stop" stop only the selected animation rather than absolutely everything.
Changed: Rachel Quinn patron amount to the new highest.
Changed: Version to 3.9.11.
Fixed: Permissions of textures not being respected when using "Save As (Item)".
Fixed: Projector light shadow resolution not working properly separately on both projectors (or at all).
Fixed: Pressing "Search" again will reset the active search window (if any).
Fixed: All tooltips and moved them over from the radio buttons into the new ticker widgets.
Misc: Very very first rough "Animator" draft. Work in Progress. Currently can't do much other than showing keyframes on bones.


Fixed: Snapshot scaling is broken and taking snapshots in high resolution results in them being poorly upscaled.
Fixed: Quick Draw Distance slider being all the way to the left instead of below the icon.


Added: Implement Pose flipping (mirroring/inverting an entire pose).
Added: Camera Roll status button to reset camera roll when not default.
Added: Option to crop inventory snapshots like they did before they were broken.
Added: Option to toggle taskbar icon flashing when receiving IMs.
Added: Debug setting to disable generating impostors. (RenderImpostors)
Added: Option to upload snapshots taken locally directly to inventory.
Added: The Little Branch patreon store link.
Added: Option to toggle FPS counter.
Added: Aebleskiver Thibedeau as Patreon patron.
Added. Dann Haefnir as Patreon patron.
Added: Emeline Laks as Patreon patron.
Added: Heleeennn as Patreon patron.
Added: Lucas Alastair Moonfeather as Patreon patron.
Changed: Attempt to open inventory when clicking "Show in main panel" and the inventory is not opened.
Changed: Make Inventory item properties use SLURL's for names for easier accessibility of creators and owners.
Changed: Allow favorising windlight/EEP presets in the favorites bar.
Changed: Improved responsiveness of Viewer while world precaching to prevent the Viewer from freezing too long resulting in a timeout shortly after logging in.
Changed: Disabled using Local Textures in BOM layers to prevent potentially crashing the Viewer due to unknown reasons.
Changed: Allow uploading 1024x1024 inventory snapshots.
Changed: Unify, simplify and rework the snapshot window a single code file, remove all unnecessary and duplicate code.
Changed: Version to 3.9.9.
Fixed: More compile errors.
Fixed: Camera Locked status button not toggling camera lock off correctly.
Fixed: Cameraa Free DoF status button not toggling free cam lock off correctly.
Fixed: Onscreen camera controls not subject to zoom-scaling like Alt-Cam making it hard to control when zoomed in.
Fixed: Wearables not replacing when double clicked from inventory.
Fixed: Animesh avatars showing empty complexity information when being attached to another avatar.
Fixed: Snapshot window not resizing with snapshot aspect ratio.
Removed: Obsolete files.
Misc: Commenting.
Misc: Internal name cleaning.
Misc: Moved all Outfit snapshot floater code into the main snapshot floater code and removed all unnecessary and duplicate code.


Added: Show Selection Beam option to Build options.
Added: Show Light Radius option to Build options.
Added: Select by surrounding option to Build options.
Added: Next and Previous Element buttons to Build Tools.
Added: Selection Outlines option to Build Tools.
Added: Show Selection Outlines option to Preferences - Viewer tab.
Added: CallieRose2013 as Patreon patron.
Changed: Renamed Grid Options window to Build options.
Changed: Moved Select Only My Objects to Build options.
Changed: Moved Select Only Physical Objects to Build options.
Changed: Moved Snap to Grid mode selection to Build options.
Changed: Swapped Snap to Grid for a checkbox and moved it to the other commonly used options.
Changed: Make Selection Outlines Type and Refresh Selection Outlines option depend on Show Selection Outlines.
Changed: Disabled shortcut for "Quit Viewer", it was way too close to rolling the camera.
Changed: Version to 3.9.8.
Fixed: Environment Editors getting out of sync when a preset is changed outside of the Fixed Environment window while its open.
Fixed: Deferred Rendering failing when SSR is enabled but everything else is disabled.
Fixed: Viewer attempting to open an empty invalid chat when double clicking "None" group.
Fixed: Snapshots sometimes tiling weirdly and inventory snapshots being broken.
Fixed: Potential startup crash when gJoystick isn't initialized yet.
Fixed: Crash when trying to edit linden grass/trees.
Fixed: First-time startup crash when a controller was plugged in.
Fixed: Simple fullbrights with shiny not being subject to atmospheric haze.
Fixed: Image dimensions text in texture picker not being displayed.
Fixed: Fixed Rigged Alpha not being fogged underwater, ported from Alchemy as per Drake's recommendation.
Removed: Class 3 shaders.


Added: Reimplement Hover Glow Objects now that its working again.
Added: Patreon shop for FOXCITY.
Changed: Count specular maps and normal maps into complexity.
Changed: Version to 3.9.7.
Fixed: Several warnings of missing or wrong widgets found in several parts of the UI.
Fixed: Another wrong widget name warning.
Merged Linden Release.


Added: Option to toggle specularity on water surface, allowing it to reflect water but exhibit the glow-though-fullbright issue.
Added: Aimee Stubbs as Patreon patron.
Added: Avalia as Patreon patron.
Changed: Do not add a preset separator to camera presets if there are no custom presets.
Changed: Make the Viewer report the original LL complexity calculation values to the server to prevent surprisingly getting banned by scripted ban tools based on complexity.
Changed: Version to 3.9.6.
Fixed: Sliders getting blocked/reverted while we are dragging them or typing into the text field.
Fixed: Edit button in Places not working, not hiding and being shown in the wrong panel.
Fixed: Mouselook preset falsely appearing in the camera presets dropdown.
Fixed: Teleport button in profile doesn't enable when it should.
Fixed: Posing status button not stopping posing.
Fixed: Turn does not swap to Strafe when in Third Person Steering Mode or Right-Click drag mode.
Fixed: Depth Snapshots weirdly zooming in when taking snapshots at unusual screen ratios.
Fixed: Clouds being unusually dim and lacking definition. Fix by Drake (forported from Official)
Fixed: Several wrong names of widgets in Places, resulting in several widgets not working or showing dummy text.
Fixed: Deferred Rendering not working when not at least SSAO or Shadows are on.
Fixed: Media-on-a-prim controls being broken and the volume control not appearing.
Fixed: Sparkling sun light reflection on water glowing through fullbright objects.
Removed: Broken default LL camera presets.
Misc: More Developer checks.
Misc: On behalf of Drake's recommendation, ported a bunch of his EEP fixes early.


Added: Option to disable status buttons.
Changed: Version to 3.9.5.
Fixed: Crouching status button not working.
Fixed: DoF status buttons not hiding after clicking them.
Fixed: Sitting status button not showing in all different conditions of sitting.
Fixed: Move floater not showing stand and flying buttons.
Fixed: Right-click menu showing in Appearance mode.
Fixed: Right-click menu showing while holding ALT (zooming around)


Added: Belen Sotelo as Patreon patron.
Added: Dash Riprock as Patreon patron.
Added: KT Syakumi as Patreon patron.
Added: Ral as Patreon patron.
Added: Valentine Wolfram as Patreon patron.
Added: Ability to toggle crouch and map controls to toggling crouch via the Keybinding system.
Added: Flippy Dainox as Patreon patron.
Added: Foxcity as Patreon patron.
Changed: Improved responsiveness of small scale mouse movements for camera movement.
Changed: Replaced stand-stop-flying status buttons with a full BD status container showing several statuses in addition to just sitting and flying.
Changed: Version to 3.9.4.
Fixed: Inconsistent behavior of CTRL/Shift when using as modifier for mass/precision controls on spinners.
Fixed: Potential crashfix for startup crash due to invalid environment asset.
Fixed: Logs getting spammed with warnings when taking snapshots.
Fixed: UI vanishing when refreshing the snapshot after taking one with Remember Snapshot mode enabled.
Fixed: Camera only being able to jump large distances when zoomed in and moving the mouse ever so slightly. Make the camera scale its movement with zoom level.
Fixed: Sliders in Environment Editor becoming increasingly harder to slide all the way to either end especially at lower framerates.
Fixed: Altitude based windlights not being triggered.
Fixed: Projector light settings in Edit - Features being available when the light is no projector.
Fixed: Even more compile warnings of unused declarations.
Fixed: Shaders being dirtied causing slow code execution when it shouldn't. Thanks to Drake.
Fixed: Volumetric Lighting being broken due it requiring the shaders being dirtied but Volumetric Lighting not being classified as needing atmospherics thus not triggering a dirty.
Fixed: Login screen video subtitles appearing when using the german UI, causing the subtitles to interfere with the bottom login panel and making it hard to read.
Fixed: Scrollpanel inconsistencies in a couple preferences tabs.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Outdated deferredUtil.glsl shader.
Fixed: Shininess being broken since EEP. Fix by Drake.
Fixed: Impostors not being properly lit.
Removed: All language files from non-english/german languages that were added over time with code merges.
Misc: Added bdstatus.cpp/h to CMakeLists.txt and fixed linking errors.
Merged Linden Release.


Added: Catalina Staheli as Patreon patron.
Added: Raia Aurelia as Patreon patron.
Added: Caitlin as Patreon patron.
Added: Option to mirror all rotations done to one bone to the opposite side one to the Poser window.
Added: Option to disable leaving other rotation sliders alone and faking rotation values resulting in wrong default positions to the Poser window.
Added: Button to refresh the avatar list to the Poser window.
Changed: Let scrolling not fall through to the camera when we reach the end of a scrolllist.
Changed: Skip transition of progress screen on logout to hide rendering shutdown (pink world) like in other Viewers.
Changed: Version to 3.9.3.
Fixed: Viewer does not open place profiles anymore when an SLURL command is sent to it from the browser.
Fixed: Toggling Depth of Field while Volumetric Lighting is on can double the glow strength.
Fixed: Vignette options in Preferences - Display are cut off.
Fixed: Several compiler warnings about unused code.
Fixed: People and Inventory menus vanishing under certain conditions when resizing the window.
Fixed: Object Object Occlusion freaking out and making objects above the surface blink constantly when the camera is below water.
Fixed: Object Object Occlusion freaking out and making objects pushed below the water surface when the camera is above water blink.
Fixed: Poser Avatar list never refreshing as intended and being halfway broken most of the time.
Fixed: Voice call window docking tongue pointing into the wrong direction and being at the top instead of the bottom when the voice button is in the top toolbar.
Misc: Improved out-commented code and re-enabled debugging code that is actually meant to debug.
Misc: Comment out unused reveal intro panel code, we don't have one.
Misc: Fixed more compile warnings.


Added: Cliff Hofmann as Patreon patron.
Added: Kodaijin as Patreon patron.
Added: Num Bing as Patreon patron.
Added: Trenton Maedor as Patreon patron.
Added: Allow Depth of Field in Edit mode option to preferences.
Added: Option to toggle considering roughness in SSR calculations.
Added: Belec as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Vastly improved and extended the complexity performance report.
Changed: Disabled all debug logs.
Changed: Final performance report verdict to give a rough summary again.
Changed: Version to 3.9.2.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Move Plugin Read Thread killing further to the front of the shutdown process in an attempt to reduce or fix the times the Viewer stays alive when quitting from login.
Fixed: Undo fix that fixed the FPS limiter working for anything but Intel GPU's.
Fixed: Huge VRAM usage difference when touching shadow resolution controls after starting the Viewer. Saves up to 600MB+ depending on shadow resolution.
Fixed: Depth of Field not working underwater anymore.
Fixed: Viewer Location buttons being falsely greyed out when they shouldn't and others not being greyed out when they should.
Fixed: Places - Landmarks scrolling around wildly the first few clicks into the window.
Fixed: Crash when touching day cycle editor controls after opening it when there hasn't been any active day cycle yet in this session.
Fixed: Email offline IM's disables itself every time you open and close the preferences window from the login screen.
Fixed: Turn off OpenAL usage, we have FmodStudio, also i think this breaks streams.
Fixed: Case where fasttimers view would stay empty because the colors weren't generated the first time opening.
Misc: Put an end to annoying one-liners.
Misc: Move FPS Limiter option to Black Dragon settings now that its officially gone.
Misc: As per Drake's suggestion, turn off this evil debugLoggingEnabled call.


Added: Per suggestion an option to turn off "Return" triggering the default inventory action when an item is selected.
Added: Simple performance report tab to Advanced Complexity Window.
Added: Face count to complexity calculation.
Added: Alexa Starlight as Patreon Patron.
Added: Kaymayhem as Patreon Patron.
Added: Seren Villiers as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Make notification for unticking "Remember Account" more clear and change the pointers to the correct preferences tab.
Changed: Move requesting balance to after the Inventory is opened and initialized.
Changed: Version to 3.9.1.
Fixed: Profile can't be closed via CTRL + W.
Fixed: Animations cannot be played backwards anymore.
Fixed: Derender list being cleared when double-click teleporting or teleporting inside the same region.
Fixed: Notification "move" buttons not working anymore.
Fixed: Crash when failing to cache an image.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Crash when selecting HUD objects.
Fixed: Preferences title inconsistencies.
Misc: Cleaned up llpreviewanim.cpp a bit.
Merge Linden Release. (357 Changes)


Added: Potato as Patreon Patron.
Added: Sparklebottom Lasertits as Patreon Patron.
Added: Narcissus as Patreon Patron.
Added: Petrichor Store to login page.
Added: Acid as Patreon Patron.
Added: Mark Sommerset as Patreon Patron.
Added: Vaelian Lionheart as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Nils Woerner's patronage amount.
Changed: Diego Cabral a Camara's patronage amount.
Changed: Brought tooltips in Machinima Sidebar in sync with the new preferences tooltips.
Changed: Max resolution for shadows to 8K in Machinima Sidebar to bring it in sync with preferences sliders.
Changed: Disabled /p;PreferredToolArchitecture=x64 as its throwing a lot of unnecessary "was ignored" warnings.
Changed: Version to 3.9.0 - Visualizing Dragon.
Fixed: Viewer crash when switching water presets due to falsely loading them as sky presets.
Fixed: bdfoateranimator.cpp/h missing from CMakeLists.
Fixed: Longstanding issue with fmod.dll not getting copied.
Fixed: Compile.
Misc: Selectively port some changes from EEP's reflection render code.
Merge Linden Release. (445 Changes)


Added: Ability to override clamping to increments in sliders, allowing to input any value inbetween increments into the text field.
Added: Viewer log location display to preferences.
Added: Buttons to open the cache, log and chatlog folders directly to make navigating and retrieving logs from users easier.
Added: Button to delete all Viewer logs.
Added: Manual linebreak support to tooltips.
Added: Viewer Log Path debug.
Added: First attempt at a timeline feature for animations. Allows fast forwarding and reversing animations to any given point in time.
Added: Headers for the viewer location inputs.
Added: Missing tooltip for bone camera to Preferences - Camera.
Added: Info to About - Black Dragon whether Automatic Memory Management is enabled or not.
Changed: Disallow overriding increments for shadow resolution in Machinima Sidebar.
Changed: Disallow overriding increments for shadow resolution in Preferences.
Changed: Moved Chat log location from Privacy to Viewer tab.
Changed: Massively overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - Display.
Changed: Moved IM options to Preferences - Chat and renamed the tab to Chat & Instant Messages.
Changed: Improved alpha overlay for color pickers to make it better visible across all shapes of color pickers.
Changed: As per suggestion, make Edit floater color pickers use the alpha overlay to reduce confusion of the current color.
Changed: Hover height window height after LL added a new option to it.
Changed: Overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - Viewer with the new linebreak capabilities.
Changed: Overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - Interface with the new linebreak capabilities.
Changed: Overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - RLVa with the new linebreak capabilities.
Changed: Overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - General with the new linebreak capabilities.
Changed: Overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - Browser with the new linebreak capabilities.
Changed: Moved Chat Log path to Preferences - Chat.
Changed: Moved Chat sending options down below General Chat options.
Changed: Overhauled all tooltips in Preferences - Chat with the new linebreak capabilities.
Changed: Improved slider hover handling to prevent the value from changing immediately when clicking the thumb without moving the mouse.
Changed: Enabled precision override for all sliders.
Changed: Set memory settings and sliders automatically to whatever Automatic Memory Management sets them, prevents memory suddenly being set very low when disabling it.
Changed: Improved Pie menu multi-line slices, simplified them and made them reposition properly depending on the lines.
Changed: Increased decimal digit count on Moon Position and Distance Multiplier sliders.
Changed: Version to 3.8.10.
Fixed: Saving presets with the same name as default presets saves the unmodified default preset instead.
Fixed: Loading presets named exactly like default presets loads the original default preset instead of the user created one.
Fixed: Render Environment Map option not working anymore.
Fixed: Reverted water reflection generation back to pre-EEP to fix reflection clipping issues, camera rotation issues and several other smaller issues.
Fixed: Profile - Notes scroll bar and text editor being cut off at the bottom.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Crash on startup when the sky/water preset we're trying to load is invalid.
Fixed: Windlight import not working and potentially importing new (already converted) presets as old ones resulting in a broken sky.
Fixed: Alpha masked surfaces not reflecting in water reflections.
Removed: Broken option for "Beacon" selection outlines.
Removed: Defunct Pie Menu Opacity and Fade options.
Misc: Make the start of each logging session more obvious.
Misc: Cleaned up and organized llfloaterpreference.cpp/h a bit.


Changed: Version to 3.8.9.
Fixed: Short freeze when switching presets.
Fixed: Fixed Environment controls breaking when changing settings too fast.
Fixed: Borked offsets of Inventory filters window.
Misc: Start first steps for a full fledged animator.


Added: Paige as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Version to 3.8.8.
Fixed: Windlight transitions not working anymore.
Fixed: Preset names not changing anymore (again).
Misc: Removed debug logging code.


Added: BruiserBest as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Version to 3.8.7.
Fixed: Loading presets from Fixed Environment doesn't work anymore.
Fixed: Loading presets from Fixed Environment locks up Environment.
Fixed: Atmospherics being applied twice to water.


Changed: Version to 3.8.6.
Fixed: Group join fee cutting off.
Fixed: RLV behaviors window not displaying restrictions.
Fixed: RLVa behaving wonky at times when controlling the RLVa preset.
Fixed: RLVa crashing the Viewer when releasing control of the camera.
Fixed: Fixed Environment not refreshing when loading an inventory asset after changing and editing a local preset.
Fixed: Name of preset not being displayed when opening the Fixed Environment window.
Fixed: Inventory presets not being displayed in the preset dropdowns anymore in Environment Settings.
Misc: Moved camera preset code from Preferences to Agent Camera to allow everything to access it.


Changed: Relabeled Moon position sliders to "North" and "East" angle for consistency.
Changed: Hide all Environment Editor "save" button menu entries that are not valid for the current situation.
Changed: Show either "Save" for editing inventory presets or "Save to Disk" for local preset edits.
Changed: "Save" to "Save (Item)" , "Save Locally" to "Save To Disk (File)" and "Save As" to "Save As (Item)" to make tell the user more clearly what each save option does.
Changed: Increased the dropdown button width to make space for the longer save labels.
Changed: Version to 3.8.5.
Fixed: Typo in login changelog.
Fixed: Presets not refreshing and displaying a check anymore when selecting them.
Fixed: Several more cases, including inventory items and window closure still using their own environment transition times.
Fixed: Toolbar buttons opening the wrong Environment Editor windows.
Fixed: (For-ported) Water specularity changing sometimes at certain camera angles.
Fixed: Up/Down Arrow key not working anymore in dropdown lists with text entry.


Added: Basic daycycle local preset support.
Added: Daniel Nichols as Patreon Patron.
Added: Goldeelox Littlepaws as Patreon Patron.
Added: Holger Gilruth as Patreon Patron.
Added: Jay as Patreon Patron.
Added: Martin Yeats as Patreon Patron.
Added Nitska Bastet as Patreon Patron.
Added: Samantha marie as Patreon Patron.
Added: Naomii Amore as Patreon Patron.
Added: Tha H as Patreon Patron.
Added: "Requires Deferred Rendering" labels on main shader toggles that require it.
Added: Thalia Heckroth inworld store link to login page.
Added: Bring back a bunch of old Water presets.
Added: Bring back a whole host of old Sky presets.
Added: Bring back a couple Daycycle presets.
Changed: Use Fixed Environment instead of separate Edit Sky/Water windows to circumvent a random crash.
Changed: Relabeled Sun Position to Sun Angle to make it clearer that Position is the same option as Angle from pre-EEP.
Changed: Holter Rez Patreon amount.
Changed: Reimplemented and improved shadow precision on different altitudes and in general.
Changed: Make main menu use Fixed Environment windows as well.
Changed: Maximum shadow resolution to 8K up from 6K and updated their tooltips.
Changed: Relabel Moon Position to Moon Angle to clarify that this is the same as Sun Angle just for the moon.
Changed: Removed WIndlight Transition check, transitions are now always active.
Changed: Allow changing windlight transition times via option.
Changed: Disable Sky Preset dropdown when we switch to Day Cycles.
Changed: Applied Sun/Moon Angle label changes to Fixed Environment editors.
Changed: Make Windlight Transition time no longer dependent on the Windlight Transition option.
Changed: Reduce amount of cases in which animated mesh attachments, specifically bits vanish on close examination.
Changed: Clarify that with "Projector" shadows we actually include Sun and Moon as well.
Changed: Tweaked SSAO and Shadow softening kernel.
Changed: Enabled Debug Permissions by default.
Changed: Revert specular calculation to pre-EEP.
Changed: Debug Permission "Flag" label, added a space for better formatting.
Changed: Version to 3.8.4.
Fixed: Rigged mesh shadows flickering when parts of it swap through alpha states.
Fixed: Several windlight options falsely disabling when Deferred is turned off.
Fixed: Presets potentially getting saved as Name.xml.xml under certain conditions.
Fixed: Use Day Cycle option and made it properly apply a Day Cycle on switch (preferably the selected one).
Fixed: Use Region Default button and properly made it apply the region Day Cycle or the currently selected Sky Preset if toggling it off.
Fixed: Preset dropdowns in Environment Settings don't remember which preset is currently selected.
Fixed: Crash when opening Day Cycle editor.
Fixed: Several issues with loading presets both from Environment Settings and Fixed Environment.
Fixed: A long standing problem with dropdowns with text entry that prevented SHIFT + Up/Down to work properly.
Fixed: Crash when dropdown without text entry field is cycled through with Shift + Up/Down.
Fixed: Region Settings button in Environment Settings not updating when breaking out of the Region daycycle.
Fixed: (Potential) Crash when opening the daycycle editor but it cant find a daycycle to go off of. Create a basic one if necessary.
Fixed: Local lights and projectors not reflecting on the water surface.
Fixed: Attached lights causing a weird illumination along the shorelines when getting closer.
Fixed: Fixed Environment changes not staying across sessions.
Fixed: Borked preset name for Weird-O daycycle.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Missing include in CMakeLists.txt.
Merged RLVa.
Merged Linden Release.


Added: Diego Cabral Da Camera as Patreon Patron.
Added: Zero as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Simplified bone camera dropdown fill code.
Changed: Disable all snapshot resolutions above 4K unless the user specifically enables them and sees the warning.
Changed: Make camera presets dropdown use the new labeled separators.
Changed: Allow 1024x1024 texture upload from snapshot window.
Changed: Fixed several wrong offsets for slider labels in Edit - Texture.
Changed: Pie Menu warning notification to better reflect that Pie Menus have changed but might still crash.
Changed: Label the separator lines in Preferences - Sound and Camera like those found in Preferences - Display.
Changed: Increased size of Sun/Moon beacon width to make them easier to see.
Changed: Make fullbright once again subject to atmospheric haze.
Changed: Disable daycycle edit controls when there is no preset currently selected to edit.
Changed: Layout of "Environment" tab in About Land.
Changed: Swapped around ordering of daycycle preset tabs to start with the lowest on the left and the highest on the right.
Changed: Version to 3.8.3.
Removed: Several legacy debug settings that can no longer be found in Preferences but need to be enabled to make Deferred work. Fixes Deferred failing after graphics initialization fail.
Fixed: Checkbox label being offseted in height compared to the checkbox check.
Fixed: Bone camera not being subject to camera smoothing.
Fixed: Cinematic Camera not being subject to camera smoothing.
Fixed: Camera freaking out when Cinematic Camera and Bone Camera are enabled at the same time.
Fixed: Bone Camera not being subject to the currently selected preset's Focus Offset.
Fixed: Mouselook preset not using the Focus Offset values.
Fixed: Radiobuttons giving out integers as LLSD resulting in settings using these being saved as strings.
Fixed: Crash on opening Window Size window.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Sun/Moon position sliders make the sun rotate diagonally.
Fixed: Open Conversations option for Friend IM Behavior doesn't work.
Fixed: Crash when logging in or enabling Deferred while FXAA, SSAO and Shadows are off and Light Softening is on.
Fixed: "Environment" tab in About Land options not working and still showing the old windlight preset selection.
Misc: Cleanup some unnecessary includes.
Misc: Harden water and sky editor against potential crashes.
Misc: Cleanup in several code files.
Misc: Comment out some code from RLVa that is no longer used.
Misc: Cleanup some About Viewer text.
Misc: Cleaned up and made some IM related code a bit more readable.
Merge with Linden Release.


Added: Diego Cabral Da Camera as Patreon Patron.
Added: Zero as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Allow snapshot resolutions up to 12k for those who can take them.
Changed: My Environments layout.
Changed: Tweaked SSAO noise generation.
Changed: Lowered complexity values across the board by ~50%. Make them less ridiculous but still punishing. Might need further tweaks.
Changed: Version to 3.8.2.
Fixed: Fixed Environment not saving the preset as the typed name if we the name entry didn't lose focus yet and commit the name.
Fixed: Defaulting Water Height doesn't work.
Fixed: My Environments not showing any environments.
Fixed: SSR in shader level 1 (shadows, ssao and blur light disabled).
Fixed: SSAO Blur Size setting not working.
Fixed: Half-escaped-half-non-escaped named presets not being readable/loadable.
Misc: Cleanup.
Misc: Bring soften light shaders up to date.
Misc: Cleaned up code by removing unnecessary files.
Misc: Cleanup blurLightF.glsl shader file.


Added: Ability to define a label (title) for separators.
Added: Ability to save presets as inventory items from within Edit Sky/Water windows.
Added: Reimplemented separate Cloud Scroll locks.
Added: Holter Rez as Patreon Patron.
Added: Rienna no Ouji as Patreon Patron.
Added: Silivren Atheria as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Tweak Tone Mapping defaults for EEP.
Changed: Improved notifications when loading a preset fails.
Changed: Consoliderated newly added save as item and old save locally into a "Save Dropdown" button defaulting to saving locally.
Changed: Renamed "Reset" button to "Reset To Region Default" to make it clearer what it actually does.
Changed: Load order of presets to put custom presets back at the top and system presets below that.
Changed: Slight layout tweaks to windlight floaters to bring sliders all in line.
Changed: Version to 3.8.1.
Fixed: SSAO Effect not working.
Fixed: Attached lights vanishing while sitting down (again).
Fixed: Screen Space Reflections making basic shiny slightly brighter.
Fixed: Sun image texture control not updating and showing the currently loaded textures whenever a preset is loaded.
Fixed: Saving presets fails because the folder doesn't yet exist.
Fixed: Loading a local preset in "Fixed Environment" makes all further changes not apply.
Fixed: Sun/Cloud/Moon/Water texture ids are not saved into the local preset even if we have the permissions to do so.
Fixed: Menu entries in IM tab right-click menu not enabling/disabling when appropiate.
Fixed: Environment Settings opening Fixed Environment windows instead of the local Edit Sky/Water equivalents resulting in strange behavior.
Fixed: Cloud Scroll X lock not working.
Fixed: Outfit Edit clothing entry buttons are appearing in wrong positions and dont work.
Removed: Defunct Windlight transition and region setting options from Machinima Sidebar.
Removed: Defunct local Cloud Noise Image dropdown.
Misc: Added missing files.


Added: Ability to save and load local windlight presets.
Added: Brought back Environment Settings window.
Added: Missing Ctrl + Alt keybindings while sitting.
Added: Bastian Moonfeather as Patreon Patron.
Added: Fabrice Toupet as Patreon Patron.
Added: Jenn No as Patreon Patron.
Added: Justin Z as Patreon Patron.
Added: Nieka D as Patreon Patron.
Added: TheCalina as Patreon Patron
Added: Willem Huisman as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Overhauled and simplified Environment Settings window.
Changed: Brought back old Environment Settings menu layout.
Changed: Overhauled layout of Personal Lighting window and split it into Edit Sky and Edit Water.
Changed: Overhauled layout of Daycycle, Sky and Water Edit windows.
Changed: Altcake Resident's Patron amount to the new highest amount.
Changed: Version to 3.8.0 - Enhancing Dragon.
Fixed: Merge.
Fixed: Water Normal map not working.
Misc: Implemented several performance optimizations from Alchemy Viewer.
Misc: Added missing Water Edit xml.


Added: BabyCo shop list entry.
Added: Alessia Kirova as Patreon Patron.
Added: Alamandite as Patreon Patron.
Added: BiPie as Patreon Patron.
Added: Boudicca Amat as Patreon Patron.
Added: Ethrick Slocum as Patreon Patron.
Added: Ewan Haggarty as Patreon Patron.
Added: Freyja as Patreon Patron.
Added: Jacob Allison as Patreon Patron.
Added: Jaqui as Patreon Patron.
Added: Jax Winchester as Patreon Patron.
Added: Mayzatourment as Patreon Patron.
Added: Norsks as Patreon Patron.
Added: SAINT as Patreon Patron.
Added: Saysh Infiniti as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Andrea Reaux's patronage amount and added store links.
Changed: Layout and button sizes of scripted notifications that present up to 12 buttons.
Changed: Version to 3.7.5.
Fixed: Avatar Render Settings not updating when any setting is changed.
Fixed: Wearables and BOM layers not subject to the double-click default inventory action option.
Fixed: Preferences - Avatar Render Settings search filter text being unreadable.
Fixed: Right half of navigationbar not clickable.
Fixed: Joint names being sorted wrong.
Removed: Unused water materials reflection code.

Removed: XUI Preview tool dupe entry from main menu.
Misc: Micro optimizations in poser code.
Misc: Get rid of a few getInstance calls.
Misc: Get rid of some getInstance calls in pipeline.cpp.
Misc: Removed the ugly grey background on text input dialogs.
Misc: Widget param clean up.
Misc: Added missed commenting.
Misc: Micro optimizations in Poser code.
Merged Linden Release.


Added: THIRST shop entry to login screen.
Added: Luane's World shop entry to login screen.
Added: Vesta Corporation: Robotic Division shop entry to login screen.
Added: ねりあ as Patreon Patron.
Added: Aeeykay as Patreon Patron.
Added: Alexander Powell as Patreon Patron.
Added: Alexis Matthews as Patreon Patron.
Added: Andrea Reaux as Patreon Patron.
Added: Andrew Maher as Patreon Patron.
Added: Ashley Beery as Patreon Patron.
Added: Chuu Akamine as Patreon Patron.
Added: Clarisa Comail as Patreon Patron.
Added: CokeLore as Patreon Patron.
Added: Cyanna Song as Patreon Patron.
Added: D'n'Bneko as Patreon Patron.
Added: Elvi Hartley as Patreon Patron.
Added: Emms Sygall as Patreon Patron.
Added: Evastika Aura as Patreon Patron.
Added: Faullon as Patreon Patron.
Added: Gary McClellan as Patreon Patron.
Added: Ivonne Mejia as Patreon Patron.
Added: Katrin Chapman as Patreon Patron.
Added: KenjiHimura as Patreon Patron.
Added: Linda Reddevil as Patreon Patron.
Added: Lone as Patreon Patron.
Added: Luana Meo as Patreon Patron.
Added: Matenkuo Sauber as Patreon Patron.
Added: Miaa Rebane as Patreon Patron.
Added: Starr as Patreon Patron.
Added: Magnum Yoshikawa as Patreon Patron.
Added: Mauro Rosenfeld as Patreon Patron.
Added: Nairias Patreon Patron.
Added: Nikita Pesterev as Patreon Patron.
Added: Nodnol Jameson as Patreon Patron.
Added: Nunmina as Patreon Patron.
Added: Parker (Kobi) Troiani as Patreon Patron.
Added: Priscilla Lilienthal as Patreon Patron.
Added: Renko Usana as Patreon Patron.
Added: Riot as Patreon Patron.
Added: RyukoMR as Patreon Patron.
Added: Sally Crofton as Patreon Patron.
Added: Shocking Wonder as Patreon Patron.
Added: SingularisLupus as Patreon Patron.
Added: Stephen Bedard as Patreon Patron.
Added: Stelia Archer as Patreon Patron.
Added: Taya Karpenko as Patreon Patron.
Added: Vanessa as Patreon Patron.
Added: Wolfdenden as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Include HUDs into the complexity list in the Advanced Complexity Information window.
Changed: Improved the tooltip for Show Merchant Outbox and Inbox in Inventory.
Changed: Make it clearer that Disable Library in Inventory needs a restart to work.
Changed: Jakeb's patronage to 15$.
Changed: Rich Washabaugh's patronage to 2$.
Changed: Renamed a certain person to Catalina Bryant.
Changed: Version to 3.7.4.
Fixed: Detach Bodypart - Universal body item menu entry being in the wrong menu.
Fixed: Typo in Show Media outside your current Parcel option label.
Fixed: Default button for Media Browser Limit doesn't revert its value back to default and instead resets cache size.
Fixed: Preferences - Chat - Chat Behavior - "Open Conversation" options don't work.
Fixed: The area in which windows can me moved does not resize when hiding the Favoritesbar.
Misc: Reduced getInstance calls in llvovolume.cpp some more.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloatercomplexity.cpp and removed leftover comments.


Added: Patreon Support Shop list to login screen.
Added: Link and Face index display to edit tools selection count whenever only single links or faces are selected.
Added: Altcake Resident as Patreon Patron.
Added: Electric Monday as Patreon Patron.
Added: Horrorz as Patreon Patron.
Added: Jochen Heim as Patreon Patron.
Added: Karen Hitchinson as Patreon Patron.
Added: Mericat Ireland as Patreon Patron.
Added: Raaket as Patreon Patron.
Added: Sinful Rhapsody as Patreon Patron.
Added: Chance Raynier Patreon Patron.
Added: Ziekling Bunnyhug as Patreon Patron.
Added: Geena Carminucci as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Block mouse events from going through the login screen into the login video to prevent the controls from appearing.
Changed: Layout of Universal (BOM) layer edit panel.
Changed: Swapped the radio button textures in Edit tools for checkboxes to fit in with the rest, also fixed their slight offset compared to the checkboxes to the right.
Changed: Ivan's patronage amount to his new highest patronage.
Changed: Version to 3.7.3.
Fixed: Attached lights vanishing when sitting down on objects.
Fixed: Adding, attaching, detaching, editing, saving or otherwise refreshing your outfit in any way while wearing a BOM avatar results in the avatar getting completely squashed.
Fixed: Object Manipulator not changing selected objects when more than a few are selected.
Fixed: Object selection count showing 0 objects being selected when "Edit linked" is enabled, make it show selected link prim count.
Fixed: Edit universal panel being too short and showing a horizontal scrollbar.
Fixed: Scroll container contents scrolling "outside" of the rect and into other stuff slightly overlapping.
Misc: Simplified deferred rendering light checks and cleaned them up a bit.


Added: A Paden as Patreon Patron.
Added: Akasha Sternberg as Patreon Patron.
Added: Aquila Emberpaw as Patreon Patron.
Added: Brantley Curry as Patreon Patron.
Added: Caleb Bryant as Patreon Patron.
Added: Chickadee Tremor as Patreon Patron.
Added: D. Bessant as Patreon Patron.
Added: L Akers as Patreon Patron.
Added: Molly Footman as Patreon Patron.
Added: Norbert Gerntrup as Patreon Patron.
Added: Sarah Aikens as Patreon Patron.
Added: Shyralei Nefekalum as Patreon Patron.
Added: Virginia J Hughes as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Reduced default master volume to 50%
Changed: Reduced default media and music volume to 10% in an attempt to not immediately blow up someones ears when starting the Viewer.
Changed: Disabled jellydolling based on object and avatar surface area, keep complexity however.
Changed: Version to 3.7.2.
Removed: Duplicate patron rentry, was already included under different name right below it.
Fixed: Users with more than 16 characters in their name not being able to type in their name into the username field.
Fixed: Viewer crashing-locking on startup when user changed the starting location last run.
Fixed: XUI warnings in floater_fast_timers.xml.


Added: Miru Lande as Patreon Patron.
Added: Aramllinaly Resident as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Version to 3.7.1.
Removed: Duplicate patron rentry, was already included under different name right below it.
Fixed: Grid selection menu being unreadable.
Fixed: Login button not enabling for first time users.
Misc: Massively cleaned up login panel code.


Added: Lakaluka Luka as Patreon Patron.
Added: PolygonBird as Patreon Patron.
Added: Swan Princess as Patreon Patron.
Added: Option to switch Conversation tab side.
Added: IM tab side switch option to Preferences - Chat.
Added: Option to toggle closeup blur in Depth of Field.
Added: Patreon, Youtube, Blogspot and Discord link buttons to the login screen.
Added: FMOD Logo to the login screen.
Added: Synced keybindings with Lindens default controls, added all missing ones that made sense, kept those out that didn't.
Added: Missing pan controls for sitting controls to select key dialog.
Added: Ability to toggle close blur in low quality Depth of Field.
Added: Ability to "mark" or highlight permanently list entries seperately from temporary highlighting them.
Added: Rachel Quinn as Patreon Patron.
Added: Ability to load rotations, positions, scales or any of the combinations of these seperately in the Poser.
Added: Right click menu to the pose list to select whether we want to load rotations, positions, scales or any combination of these.
Added: Right click menu to the load button to select whether we want to load rotations, positions, scales or any combination of these.
Added: Ability to pan the camera around while using the click-and-hold right mouse camera steering by holding the panning modifier keys (Shift + Ctrl).
Added: Mark duplicate keybindings as well as keybinds that feature the same keys for multiple actions.
Added: Warning in Keybindings tab informing the user about existing duplicate keybinds.
Added: New keybind function "Reset Roll" to reset any rolling that has been done without having to reset the camera.
Added: "Reset Roll" keybind, default is Ctrl + Shift + Q or E.
Added: Missing account manager button to Preferences - Viewer.
Added: Patreon, Discord, Blogger, Youtube and Fmod textures.
Added: Eva SpoiledBrat-opoulos as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Improved texture console display and memory consumption visualization.
Changed: Potentially fixed rough viewer memory usage display for AMD cards.
Changed: Made some improvements to automatic memory handling, use max VRAM minus 256mb instead of 90% of max.
Changed: Make Start Posing button flash to show the user that it needs to be pressed before you can pose.
Changed: Disabled several more controls in Poser and changed the look of dropdowns to match the rest of the UI.
Changed: Improved Conversations window layout slightly.
Changed: Display the name of your IM partner as title when selecting any IM conversation.
Changed: Improved folder view selection rectangle and remove it from active selections, keep it for hovering.
Changed: Default IM tab side switch option to off to retain current behavior.
Changed: Moved Screen Space Reflection warning to the SSR checkbox and made it dependent on toggling SSR.
Changed: Improved warning triggers, do not trigger the memory warning when we use automatic memory management.
Changed: Bring back original login screen video pre-Halloween.
Changed: Use Shift to scroll through values with 10 times less increment instead of 10 times more, allows scrolling with higher precision.
Changed: "Standart" to "Standard" in german UI, "Standart"
Changed: Default behavior of pose loading to rotations and positions. Scales are no longer automatically loaded, this allows using poses with different scales to be used across different avatars.
Changed: Improved marking ability for scrolllist items and color, blend between selected and marked color when both are true.
Changed: Don't trigger the keybind delete function when we don't have anything selected, prevents the list from refreshing and jumping back to the top.
Changed: Make all sliders have a default width, label width and text width so they follow an uniform shape unless defined otherwise.
Changed: Cloud Noise dropdown to use the new dropdown textures.
Changed: Added 5 pixel padding from the left to name editors in Sky/Water/Daycycle editors to make the text look nice and less clipping.
Changed: Login username dropdown to use the new dropdown textures.
Changed: Decreased text width for Tools - Texture sliders.
Changed: Overhauled forget user window.
Changed: Make all Machinima Sidebar sliders have the same length.
Changed: Disable "Quit" button while we progress from login to progress screen to prevent spurious double clicks immediately killing the Viewer.
Changed: Version to 3.7.0 - Improving Dragon.
Removed: Double main menu entry for 'Region Objects'.
Fixed: Graphic presets with spaces or special characters cannot be loaded.
Fixed: High Quality Depth of Field appearing smudgy and not blurring properly.
Fixed: Several sliders in "Display" not having a consistent space between each slider in comparison to the rest of the Display tab.
Fixed: Rects and Vector4's in the Debug Settings window not showing 4 spinner controls like they should.
Fixed: Keybinds list not scaling when the keybinds warning is not shown.
Fixed: Compile after merge.
Fixed: Poser bone list size inconsistency.
Fixed: Wrong widget type warning spam.
Fixed: Lineendings in llkeyboard.cpp.
Misc: Corrected IM tab side switch debug description.
Misc: Hid all warnings by default so they don't appear for a second when opening preferences.
Misc: Commited missing changes.
Misc: Code commenting.
Misc: Simplified the loading function a bit.
Misc: Replace LLKeyboard:: with gKeyboard.
Misc: Rearranged all new controls in controls.xml so movement and camera controls are once again grouped together properly.
Misc: Cleaned up sunLightSSAOF.glsl shader a bit, removed unnecessary code.
Misc: Added logging for when loading a graphic preset fails or doesn't load one or multiple debug settings.
Misc: Removed unnecessary commented code.
Merge with Linden Release


Added: Option to disable Tooltips to preferences.
Changed: Improved labeling and tooltips for Inventory highlight and preview options, make clear what they actually do.
Changed: Default text in preset dropdown to make it clearer that you can type in a name too.
Changed: Added a simple depth check to Depth of Field blurring to prevent blur halos around blurred objects.
Changed: Disabled near blur for Depth of Field for now.
Changed: Disable all Poser controls until we started posing to 'guide' the user better. Still needs some more work.
Changed: Version to 3.6.9.
Removed: Preferences help topic.
Removed: Flickr and Twitter commands from toolbar toybox.
Fixed: Wrong startup project.
Fixed: Some XML errors.
Fixed: Profile layout inconsistencies
Fixed: German translations for General, Display and Sound preferences tabs.
Fixed: More XML errors.
Fixed: A debug setting typo.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Viewer slowing down to a crawl whenever a object script menu is opened after prolonged Viewer use.
Fixed: Poser not properly enabling/disabling tabs when the conditions are met.
Merge with Linden Release. (68 Changes)


Changed: Background texture for quickfloaters (volume, preset, media and draw distance).
Changed: Disable automatic fly by default. Works around accidentally flying when hitting jump on controller.
Changed: Disabled selection distance limitation.
Changed: Disable Invert Pitch for controllers by default.
Changed: Improved warning system, mark dangerous settings in red in addition to showing warnings.
Changed: Texture selection 'Bake' tab layout.
Changed: Version to 3.6.8.
Removed: Unnecessary control target.
Fixed: Links in the last lines of description texts in hover profiles are not clickable.
Fixed: Default Cloud Noise is set to a non-existent texture resulting in no clouds until a noise texture is selected.
Fixed: Noise Image dropdown not showing which noise image is currently selected.
Fixed: Scrolllist items never properly creating Scrolllist cells inside them.
Fixed: Some people not able to login after the max password character increase.
Misc: Added some examples to scroll_list and how to fill them.
Misc: Fixed a few graphics panel inconsistencies.


Added: Fullbright toggle, Light toggle, Derender and De/Alpha features to Object Manipulator.
Added: Brian Strazzella to the Patreon patron list.
Added: Enoch to the Patreon patron list.
Added: Lakaluka Luka to the Patreon patron list.
Added: May Yutani to the Patreon patron list.
Added: Nick Williamson to the Patreon patron list.
Changed: Improved Object Manipulator window with new features and better layout.
Changed: Sort objects into 3 object categories in their respective lists in the Object Manipulator.
Changed: Sort objects by root prim, group linksets together, mark the root prim in bold in Object Manipulator lists.
Changed: Show only buttons and toggles in Object Manipulator fitting the current tab theme.
Changed: Seperate linksets in Object Manipulator lists by separators.
Changed: Refresh Camera Recorder when adding a waypoint.
Changed: Version to 3.6.7 - Manipulating Dragon.
Removed: System Notification window help button.
Fixed: About Black Dragon window not showing the actual system/scene texture memory when automatic memory management is enabled.
Fixed: Crash when attempting to get the UUID of a linkset prim.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Crash while tools floater is open and different objects with different group owners are selected in quick succession.
Fixed: Keybinding bind popups not showing the correct action list for each mode.
Fixed: Passwords with 16 or more characters cannot be entered, preventing login.
Fixed: Compile.
Merged with Linden Release. (58 Changes)


Added: Window to list all objects and their alpha mode and projector shadow casting toggle.
Added: Function to retrieve all objects the Viewer knows about.
Added: Local viewer version number and identifier to "About Black Dragon" window.
Changed: Moved object manipulation options into "My Useful Features" menu.
Changed: Rerouted "Check for Updates" to the blog.
Changed: Icon for Grid Status to a better one.
Changed: Make the local viewer version number and identifier a global string and replace the login screen to use these.
Changed: Login screen background video to a creepier version of the original for Halloween.
Changed: Version to 3.6.6.
Removed: Shortcut to screen badge to prevent users from accidentally toggling it.
Removed: (AGAIN) All language files other than those for german and english.
Removed: Unnecessary double line seperator in viewer menu.
Fixed: Cannot set a price for items on sale.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Minor complexity floater inconsistency.
Fixed: "Release Notes" for the Viewer trying to open a release notes page that does not exist, reroute to Changelog page.
Misc: Added some commenting.
Misc: Comment out unnecessary versioning code.
Merge with Linden Release. (55 Changes)
Merged with Linden Release. (18 Changes)


Added: Button to open log file folder directly from preferences.
Changed: Viewer log files to use BlackDragon_[Date].log naming convention.
Changed: Disable Windlight animations by default until i can fix them.
Changed: Busy response should not be editable until logged in.
Changed: Version to 3.6.5.
Removed: Undo several experimental rendering changes, they proved fruitless.
Fixed: (Again) Heads of certain avatars looking straight forward relative to their body instead of looking around properly.
Fixed: Merge error (worn items not being copyable).
Fixed: Chiclets vanishing behind right aligned toolbar buttons.
Fixed: Toast notifications vanishing behind chiclets and chiclet notification windows.
Misc: More commenting.


Changed: Reverted Headtracking experiment due to expected problems.
Changed: Version to 3.6.4.
Removed: Defunct Facebook toolbar button.
Removed: All traces of facebook connect includes.
Fixed: Warnings in floater_toybox.xml.
Fixed: Toolbars not properly defaulting to using center alignment and instead just emptying out the toolbars.
Fixed: Longstanding warning that commands couldn't be added to the top toolbar even though they were added regardless.


Added: Ability to align all toolbars to the left/right or top/bottom.
Changed: (EXPERIMENTAL) Always play the head tracking motion on top of all other animations, blend it additively.
Changed: Reduced default Headtracking Head limitation to 60°.
Changed: Reduced default Headtracking Eye limitation to 40°. Fixes eyes going bonkers.
Changed: Reduced max Headtracking Head degrees to 90 (down from 100).
Changed: Version to 3.6.3.
Fixed: Picks deleting their description when creating a new one and clicking into the description field.
Fixed: Screen Space Reflections missing the normal reflections completely.
Fixed: Graphic presets not deletable.
Fixed: Graphic presets not being saved with proper escape string.
Fixed: Lineendings in llfasttimerview.cpp.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Do not crash when we hit a face index that doesn't exist.
Fixed: XUI warnings in toolbar.xml.
Fixed: XUI warnings in spinner.xml.
Fixed: Left/Right Shoulder View camera behaving weird when dragging the camera around.
Fixed: Several crashes when opening the fast timers console.
Fixed: Window transparency default buttons not working.
Fixed: "Location of your logfiles" label cutting off.
Fixed: Compile.
Misc: Reverted change: 7d9ee3c13d6b34401bdd0b61f49d03eaf2950c84
Misc: Improved animated windlight check slightly.
Misc: Cleaned up llfloaterprofile.cpp of unnecessary logging.
Misc: Removed a bunch of gSavedSettings calls and commented out some code that was disabled anyway.
Merge with Linden Release. (137 Changes)
Misc: Synced code to merge.


Changed: Enabled preset buttons prior to logging in.
Changed: Version to 3.6.2.
Fixed: Presets not being saveable when the presets top folder didn't exist yet (Viewer can't create a folder inside a not yet existing folder).


Added: New graphic preset system with easier control over which settings to save.
Changed: Increased pre-caching delay to 3 seconds to reduce false-positives of attachments not loading triggering the select sex notification.
Changed: Allow changing Projector Images and Light Reflection options with projectors disabled.
Changed: Label and tooltip and size of the "open preferences" button in the quick preset window.
Changed: Version to 3.6.1.
Removed: LL's graphic preset system.
Fixed: Oversized snapshots being broken.
Fixed: Lineendings in llaudioengine.cpp.
Fixed: Currently active preset not showing a ticked checkbox in the quick presets window.
Misc: Optimized and eliminated gSavedSettings calls in Statusbar per-frame refreshes.
Misc: Eliminated a gSavedSettings call in pipeline that isn't really useful nor used.
Misc: Removed "True Noise Map" since its not being used anyway.
Misc: Make the quick preset panel use our own function to open preferences.
Misc: Cleaned up llfloaterpreference.cpp/h a bit and removed unused functions.
Misc: Cleaned up llviewercontrol.cpp commentary a bit.


Added: Rita Baumann as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Disabled additional shadow lookups on alpha since alpha shadows are pixelated anyway.
Changed: Moved preferences pre-initialization to login page to prevent it from stalling the viewer in the crucial UI initialization stage causing a failed login.
Changed: (EXPERIMENTAL) Render alpha and grass shadow pass as alpha masked objects rather than normal alpha.
Changed: (EXPERIMENTAL) Use occlusion in projector shadows just like with normal shadows.
Changed: (EXPERIMENTAL) Double the amount of SSAO smoothing kernel steps.
Changed: Always enable bake tab in texture picker and remove activation code.
Changed: Tweaked SSAO defaults, softer, wider and weaker.
Changed: Enabled FXAA by default.
Changed: Disabled projector shadows by default, they have a huge performance impact just being on.
Changed: Tweaked shadow distance defaults, better at both close and normal camera distances.
Changed: Version to 3.6.0 - Baking Dragon.
Removed: SLVersionChecker for now.
Fixed: Lineendings in llfloaterprofile.cpp.
Fixed: Texture picker layout.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Selection outline crashes introduced with LL's latest changes.
Fixed: Selection outline performance introduced with LL's latest changes.
Fixed: RenderFullGamma debug being passed as float rather than boolean as expected.
Fixed: Friend online/offline notifications in German UI.
Misc: Shader cleanup.
Misc: Slight projector optimization.
Misc: Cleanup and merge with Linden code.
Misc: More cleanup.
Misc: Micro optimized selection outlines further.
Misc: Reverted LL's selection outline changes.
Misc: Cleaned up llviewercontrol.cpp a bit.
Merge with Linden Release. (99 Changes)


Changed: Ask whether we want to save the changes done to any profile whenever we attempt to close it.
Changed: Version to 3.5.3.
Removed: OK/Cancel buttons in profiles.

Removed: Second function to call picks and classifieds and combined them into one.
Fixed: Reverted all optimizations on llheadrotmotion and fixed last remaining headrotation issues with certain avatars.
Fixed: Dragon - Edit - Picks not working.
Fixed: Editing picks through web profile not working.
Fixed: Profile becoming blank when trying to open picks while the profile is already open.
Fixed: Editing classifieds not working.
Fixed: int assumed warnings due to RenderNumColors being a float rather than a U32.
Fixed: Depth of field not working past West and South SIM borders.
Fixed: Windlight presets reverting when changing it through the sky/water editor and then opening "About Land"
Misc: Optimized volumetric lighting shader a bit, don't do greyscale/sepia if we don't have to.
Misc: Simplify joint debug rendering and make it actually usable.
Misc: Optimized softenLightF and sunLightSSAOF shaders slightly.


Added: WIP Third interpolation type to interpolate from A over B to C.
Changed: (EXPERIMENTAL) Multithreaded Avatar Render Settings refresh.
Changed: Scale Volumetric Lighting falloff by quadratic farpos, should give a sharper falloff at the end.
Changed: Increased max value for Volumetric Lighting falloff to 500.
Changed: Improved Xbox360 defaults for new camera smoothing.
Changed: Increased max value for flycam avatar smoothing to 30.
Changed: Version to 3.5.2.
Fixed: Psicorp Genitals vanishing when zooming closer.
Fixed: Zoom/Roll not working in Flycam under certain conditions.
Fixed: Create/Delete pick buttons stay greyed out.
Fixed: Descriptions on other people's profiles are reformatted to plain text when clicking the description box.
Fixed: Clicking name SLURL's of "X is online/offline" in IM throws an unsupported SLURL error.
Fixed: Volumetric Lighting not being subject to Sepia or Greyscale post processing.
Fixed: Lineendings in llfloaterpreference.cpp.
Fixed: About Land showing a scrambled pricing text.
Fixed: Place Profile scrollbar not reaching down far enough to include all the pricing information.
Misc: Make some minor progress with the Poser Exporter. Still far from functional.


Added: Scrolling to Fast Timer View.
Changed: Simplified kook of Fast Timer bars and optimized color generation.
Changed: Version to 3.5.1.
Fixed: KZK Direwerewolf looking down in its resting pose rather than forward.
Fixed: Depth of Field locking not working.


Changed: Disallow resizing the profile in width.
Changed: Clarified that headtracking options are limitations in degree.
Changed: Version to 3.5.0.
Fixed: Joystick not initializing properly.
Fixed: Camera Roll not working in flycam mode.
Fixed: Profile groups layout stack not extending when description is empty and hidden.
Fixed: Profile deleting parsed icons when clicking okay and not allowing to edit them either.
Fixed: User sky presets not being loaded.
Fixed: Autopilot and MMO style click-to-walk not working.
Fixed: Missing CMAKE entry for llsearchablecontrol.cpp.


Added: (EXPERIMENTAL) Loading of presets from other Viewers. Only works if they were installed in their default directory.
Added: Option to toggle the menu search on/off.
Added: Brought back the option to toggle the normal search on/off.
Added: Added both search bar options to the navigationbar right click menu.
Changed: Don't kill the head look animation on lookat clear.
Changed: Moved search editor in preferences to the bottom, replaced it with a filter editor to match all other windows.
Changed: Overhauled layout of all legacy profile panels.
Changed: Clarify play typing animation option and tell the user that it disables sound as well.
Changed: Moved filter editor in preferences to the left to keep the old layout intact.
Changed: Moved menu filter editor from statusbar to navigationbar stack to make use of layout panels.
Changed: Search Editor for preferences into a Filter Editor for better consistency with everything else.
Changed: Make preferences empty the filter terms whenever we open it, not just when we left a filter term when closing.
Changed: Color for highlighting to be a much saner and nicer color without making it hard to spot.
Changed: Use different colors for menus and buttons to use brighter colors since their text is being colored, not the background.
Changed: Version to 3.4.9 - Searching Dragon
Fixed: Several crashes when attempting to reset the Viewer back to default while not logged in.
Fixed: Broken strings after merge.
Fixed: Broken main menu after merge.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Compile #2.
Fixed: Compile #3.
Fixed: Mesh shadows not being rendered when certain face alpha type combinations were encountered.
Fixed: Crash when people panel was opened due to the voice channel being set before the indicator was initialized.
Fixed: Large batch of warnings, name mismatches and parser errors across the Viewer.
Fixed: Highlighting not resetting when emptying the Filter Editor.
Misc: Cleanup llheadrotmotion.cpp a bit.
Misc: Cleanup llagent.cpp a bit.
Misc: Micro-optimize many more getInstance() calls away for Joystick and Camera.
Misc: Optimize and simplify Free-DoF-Focus feature.
Misc: Prevent Motion Blur modelview and projection matrix iteration from potentially running on logout.
Misc: Massive refactor of legacy profiles code wise. Some things might still be missing.
Misc: Cleanup lineendings in llstatusbar.h.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloaterposer.cpp/h.
Misc: Cleaned up bdanimator.h.
Misc: Cleaned up several files and removed unneeded stuff.
Misc: Refactor Firestorm's searchable UI to be more sane, get rid of namespaces. Could use a second pass to get rid of mutables and const.
Merge with Linden Release. (140 Changes)
Merge with Legacy Profiles (39 Changes)
Merge with Linden Release. (6 Changes)


Added: Feature to change the world/region water height locally and revert it back to region default if necessary.
Added: Brandon Carey as Patreon Patron.
Changed: Make sure all settings in Preferences - Display enable and disable properly when their conditions are met.
Changed: Make it clearer that the preset comboboxes are dropdown menus in Environment Editor.
Changed: Make german About Land floater not use scroll buttons for its tabs, decapitalize everything.
Changed: Renamed Patron Alina to Alina Karla (full name).
Changed: Massively overhauled layout of the "About Land" floater.
Changed: Combined the "Media" and "Audio" tabs in "About Land".
Changed: Massively improved loading screen loading procedure increasing the loadingbar update frequency and adding informative loading info.
Changed: Version to 3.4.8.
Fixed: Cancel in Sky/Water editor does not revert settings back to the last selected windlight.
Fixed: Bone camera not rotating with the base rotation of the avatar.
Fixed: Language selection not working and throwing a warning.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Voice audio mute check triggering on very tiny values due to missing decimal accuracy for the check.
Misc: Cleaned up boolean if checks in llimview.cpp a bit.


Changed: Overhauled the "General" tab layout in About Land window. More later.
Changed: Version to 3.4.7.
Fixed: Global Light Brightness option not working on material alpha and alpha surfaces.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Issue with projectors randomly breaking on alpha surfaces and local lights breaking in windlight.
Fixed: Crash when right clicking attached animesh on either yourself or with disabled outline updates on others. Simplified the check.
Fixed: Crash when editing head/eye tracking options while the animation was stopped.
Fixed: World not being fogged when camera is under water.
Misc: Micro-optimized more main loop calls, reduced if checks where possible and reduced getInstance calls to a minimum.
Misc: Micro-optimize the joystick flycam logic a bit more and make it less jerky with unstable framerates.
Merge with Linden Release.


Changed: Dropped avatar bounding box calculation complexity to basic bounding boxes for now.
Changed: Modify head tracking options to allow customizing max head and eye rotation in degrees.
Changed: Improved reliability of right-click selecting meshes.
Changed: Re-introduced old performance fix for joint map updates in hopes to improve its performance with many avatars around.
Changed: Decapitalized Debug Settings title and removed the non-functional help button.
Changed: Overhauled system notification well window layout.
Changed: Reverted Linden Labs selection changes to fix massive performance drop when selecting something.
Changed: Always include rigged in picking when we hover our mouse via free mouse depth of field.
Changed: Don't pause our avatar when we select other people's attachments.
Changed: Version to 3.4.6 - Playing Dragon.
Fixed: Unchanged windlight settings reverting when opening any land info window.
Fixed: Unchanged water settings reverting when selecting a sky preset from the dropdown.
Fixed: Wrong land edit tool being send to the server.
Fixed: LLSD control types showing no comments in Debug Settings window.
Fixed: Crash when doing a factory reset while not logged in yet.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Minor slider length inconsistencies in preferences - display.
Misc: Micro-optimizations in tools floater.
Misc: slightly optimized vovolume trace and update logic to not double update unnecessarily.
Misc: (EXPERIMENTAL) Don't rebuild bounding box.
Misc: Cleaned up llheadrotmotion.cpp a bit.
Misc: Micro-optimizations in lldrawpoolalpha.cpp.
Misc: Micro-optimizations in lldrawpoolavatar.cpp.
Misc: Micro-optimizations in llnavigationbar.cpp.
Misc: Removed old "delete" windlight preset window calls since they are not used anymore.
Misc: Micro-optimizations in llvoavatar.cpp.
Misc: Massive cleanup and micro-optimization pass in the rendering pipeline.
Misc: Optimized rigged mesh picking logic to check for edit tool (faster) rather than for open windows.
Misc: Optimized bounding box call amount and generate bounding box call slightly.
Misc: Lineending fixes.
Merge with Linden Release.


Changed: Version to 3.4.5.
Merge with CEF Release. (4 Changes)


Changed: Replaced FModEx with FModStudio. Original implementation by Drake (Alchemy Viewer)
Changed: Layout and design of About Viewer window to match all others.
Changed: Replaced dropdown textures in group info panel with new ones.
Changed: Replaced dropdown textures in inventory with new ones.
Changed: Version to 3.4.4 - Audible Dragon.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Crash when deleting mArgs while disconnecting in certain situations.
Fixed: Missing texture warnings on startup.
Fixed: Tools window dropdowns showing a missing texture when selected.
Misc: Added some commenting.
Misc: Compile fixes.
Merge with Linden Release. (391 Changes)


Changed: Reworked Camera Offset system to not require the preset to be loaded to be edited.
Changed: Tooltip for Object Cache and added a warning that disabling this option will have negative effects.
Changed: Version to 3.4.3.
Fixed: Mouselook offset not working anymore.
Fixed: Top View preset not properly disabling the "Delete" button.
Fixed: Preset list not refreshing after deleting a preset.
Fixed: Camera Preset combobox not showing the currently selected preset when opening preferences for the first time.
Fixed: XUI warning about missing Conversation Log Combo, it's a radiobutton now.
Fixed: Land edit tools selecting the wrong tool.
Fixed: Land Edit tool selection not selecting "Select Land" as default.
Misc: Elimiated more unnecessary getChild calls in Preferences.


Added: Textures for text input-less dropdowns matching the glass look of buttons.
Added: Warning when trying to change the Font DPI.
Added: First draft of the Camera Recorder feature.
Added: Feature to do a factory reset (delete all settings).
Added: Ability to control Mouselook camera offset, mostly height, everything else works but is kinda wonky.
Added: Log debugging for getChild to find often used ones.
Added: Rich Washabaugh to Patreon patron list.
Added: Natade to Patreon patron list.
Changed: World map legend and controls background to use the proper gradient background.
Changed: Consistency pass over tools floater to match it's visuals to all other windows.
Changed: Improved and shortened copy/mod/transfer permission tags in inventory.
Changed: Reduced framerate hitching with People panel open.
Changed: Reduced framerate hitching and performance impact with fasttimers view open.
Changed: Reduced random framerate hitching when nearby chat pops up or is updated.
Changed: Reduced framerate hitching and performance impact with Conversations window open.
Changed: Massively reduced framerate hitching and performance impact with Edit window open.
Changed: Reduced framerate hitching when creating and hovering over group list entries.
Changed: Reduced framerate hitching when right clicking marketplace-able items in inventory.
Changed: Reduced random framerate hitching due to Edit Panel lookups.
Changed: Reduced framerate hitching and freezing when right clicking objects inworld.
Changed: Improved overall framerate stability while idle when looking up UI parts internally.
Changed: Move all line editor text padding one pixel to the right for better spacing.
Changed: Set Deferred Rendering to TRUE by default in preparations for the upcoming changes.
Changed: Improved Motion Blur inclusion selection logic.
Changed: Commit transparency and glow changes locally until we let go of the slider to reduce bombarding the server and stop the parameter from reverting constantly.
Changed: Disabled Motion Blur by default.
Changed: Version to 3.4.2.
Fixed: Balance display vanishing under rare conditions in the main inventory panel.
Fixed: (Potential) Random super low framerate with projectors enabled.
Fixed: Extremely rare startup crash with rendering attached lights.
Fixed: Random framerate hitching due to scrollbar button lookups while idle.
Fixed: Viewer crash with Font DPI higher than normal when opening a tabbed window.
Fixed: Font creation warnings.
Fixed: Group join button and join cost not moving with the window size.
Fixed: Group Notices not showing the attachment icon.
Fixed: "Drag items here" label in Group Notices vanishing forever after dragging something there.
Fixed: Keybindings falsely showing "Third Person" as default menu entry when First Person was the default mode selected.
Fixed: Flycam rolling not working when rolling was bound to an axis.
Fixed: Camera Max Roll slider length not matching all other sliders.
Fixed: Notifications not appearing centered on screen on login.
Fixed: Right-click having no default label for sit and touch.
Fixed: Got rid of a missed getChild call.
Misc: Make traversing the attachment list in the complexity floater safer.
Misc: Do a few optimizations in Camera code.
Misc: Do a few optimizations in lldrawpoolavatar.cpp.
Misc: Do some cleanup in llvovolume.cpp.
Misc: Do some cleanup in pipeline.cpp.
Misc: Optimizations in pipeline.cpp.
Misc: Massive performance optimization pass over many parts of the UI.
Misc: Debugging info fixes.
Misc: Massive clean up after performance changes.
Misc: Kill some double getChild calls in Tools - Texture.
Misc: More performance tweaks in llviewerwindow.cpp, kill some more getChild calls.
Misc: Performance tweaks for Debug Settings, killed all unnecessary getChild calls.
Misc: Cleaned up obsolete log debugging in Preferences.
Misc: Simplified mouselook camera code.
Attempt to reduce number of menus retained in memory for duration of runtime.


Added: Option to change the default double-click action on avatars in People.
Added: Option to change the default double-click action on items in Inventory.
Added: Function to open a specified preferences tab from anywhere in the UI.
Added: Bring back Shadow Occlusion and make it configurable.
Changed: Reworked how keybinding works to make it easier to use and more apparent what the user is supposed to do.
Changed: Keybindings is now a single mode list displaying only the binds of the currently selected mode.
Changed: Moved the action dropdown to the keybinding dialog to make it more obvious.
Changed: Disable specialized Inspector options when Inspectors are disabled.
Changed: Enabled font shadowing in tabs.
Changed: Enabled font shadowing in all generic texts and all widgets that use them.
Changed: Layout consistency and improval pass over Preferences.
Changed: Enabled font shadowing in menu items.
Changed: Improved consistent tab width handling and made it take buttons with extra width needs into account.
Changed: Nuked RenderLocalLights Debug setting and made it depent on the three light options instead.
Changed: Use our new selection outlines for all types of objects, not just mesh.
Changed: Partly undo pipeline cleanup to magically fix lower framerates. (??)
Changed: Drastically improved preferences opening performance, no more freeze.
Changed: Another consistency pass for several preferences panels.
Changed: Update the Avatar Render List only when absolutely necessary to minimize the times we cause a freeze on opening the tab for it.
Changed: Improved selection outline performance tweaks, allow outlines to refresh in realtime again but with much better performance.
Changed: Another consistency pass over the Group Info panel.
Changed: Tooltip for the refresh selection outline option.
Changed: Version to 3.4.1.
Removed: Black background on login panel changelog text.
Fixed: Group count in people panel not accounting for premium membership.
Fixed: Tabs in Sky Editor not using consistent width properly.
Fixed: Tabs in Water Editor not using consistent widths properly.
Fixed: Render Avatar - Exceptions doesn't work.
Fixed: Tabs in Group Roles not using consistent widths properly.
Fixed: Compile.
Misc: Cleaned up tabs in materialF.glsl shader file.
Misc: Label changes in Interface options.
Misc: Label changes in Controls options.
Misc: Label changes in Chat options.
Misc: Cleanup in pipeline.cpp.
Misc: Cleaned up llviewermenu.cpp and removed unused code.
Misc: Consistency pass over several UI panels to ensure they are well aligned.
Misc: Consistency pass over Group Roles tab.
Merge with Linden Release.


Changed: Version to 3.4.0.
Fixed: Tab containers with scroll icons breaking on click.
Misc: Cleaned up some code in pipeline.cpp.


Added: Implement the ability to evenly distribute available space across all tabs.
Changed: Up/Down arrows will now change the slider increment only if Shift is held down as well.
Changed: Refresh snapshot when autoscale checkbox is changed to make the changes immediately visible in the preview.
Changed: Disable autoscale when we close the snapshot floater.
Changed: Some layout fixes to the texture tools tab.
Changed: Default flycam zoom scale to 0.05, slower and smoother zoom.
Changed: Version to 3.3.9 - Exploding Dragon.
Fixed: Changing the increment can break sliders.
Fixed: Changing slider values via Left/Right arrow does not apply their value in tools floater where the slider commit is delayed.
Fixed: Flycam feathering getting killed when zooming out/in to the max.
Fixed: Camera Angle reverting to default angle rather than current normal camera angle when hitting reset angle in flycam.
Fixed: Poser tabs clipping outside the window.
Fixed: Tools floater tabs clipping outside the window.
Fixed: People panel tabs being cut short.
Misc: Autoscale function cleanup.


Added: Function to make scroll containers optionally scrollable.
Changed: Advanced Complexity Window complexity header widths.
Changed: Minimum width and height of Advanced Complexity Window.
Changed: Overhauled World Map layout and design to fit with all other windows.
Changed: Version to 3.3.8 - Traveling Dragon.
Fixed: Advanced Complexity Window reporting negative and wrong values for some features.
Fixed: Advanced Complexity Window showing animesh in the avatar list.
Fixed: Advanced Complexity Window scrolling vertically and then horizontally when using the mousewheel.
Fixed: Advanced Complexity Window complexity display cutting off the "media" section.
Fixed: Advanced Complexity Window scaling.
Removed: Removed "Complexity" tab in Advanced Complexity Window.
Removed: Wrong changelog entries.
Misc: Cleaned up panel_login.xml.


Changed: Make chromatic abberation, greyscale and sepia post processing effects permanent.
Changed: Reworked all 'Apperance' based panels.
Changed: Improved Lock icon.
Changed: Version to 3.3.7.
Fixed: Lots of appearance panel inconsistencies.
Misc: Cleaned up some appearance panel code.


Changed: Change double click to change camera preset to single click only.
Changed: Reduced double click to select an avatar to single click.
Changed: Improved the layout and consistency across all Picks panels.
Changed: Experimental DoF tweaks, possibly improving alpha depth handling.
Changed: Change interpolation time label depending on the selected mode to give the user a hint what to enter as value.
Changed: Version to 3.3.6.
Fixed: Pose loading being broken due to previous change that were meant to fix the switched Y and Z entries.
Fixed: Invert buttons in Joystick Configuration now triggering the axis mapping refresh, having no actual effect until manually commiting the values again.
Fixed: Pie menu background cutting off halfway.
Fixed: User being able to enter 0.0 as value for spherical interpolation resulting in a pose only getting applied after selecting a bone.
Fixed: Three little oversights in the Edit Classified panel.
Removed: (Experimental) DoF Texture Filter used to hide the cheapness of lower quality DoF.
Misc: Cleaned up floater_preferences.xml.
Misc: Corrected wrong comments in bdfloaterpoer.cpp.


Added: Baphy to Patreon Patron list.
Added: Ben F Noviello to Patreon Patron list.
Added: Ability to define whether a scrollist is sortable by clicking the headers or not.
Added: Dynamic warning notifications to several critical options.
Added: Global Light Strength option to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Ability to create unlimited custom camera presets, switch between them and edit them as well as share them.
Added: New default Front View camera preset.
Added: (Currently unfunctional) Texture Memory usage to the ARC display over people's heads.
Changed: Drastically increased ARC for Media Surfaces.
Changed: Drastically increased ARC for Projectors.
Changed: Drastically increased ARC for texture memory usage, 1MB = 1024ARC.
Changed: Made cloud noise image dropdown refresh and add all cloud images on opening the Sky Editor to allow easily adding custom cloud noise images.
Changed: Made Poser joint lists and animation queue unsortable.
Changed: Improved keybinding workflow, moved the action dropdown into the add keybind dialog.
Changed: Renamed cloud noise files to reflect their actual cloud name in the cloud noise dropdown.
Changed: Increased maximum default complexity to 250000.
Changed: Reduced apr_pollset_poll warning to show only once rather than filling our log file when the plugin goes haywire after long sessions.
Changed: Poser to version 13.2
Changed: Use bone values when saving the pose rather than the clamped UI values.
Changed: Billy Daxter's patron amount to 10$.
Changed: Version to 3.3.5 - Notifying Dragon.
Fixed: Inconsistencies between ARC calculation methods (actual and just getting info).
Fixed: Bone Y and Z rotation values are switching place on loading a pose.
Fixed: Collision Volume positions not working properly until they are reloaded.
Fixed: Lineendings in llfloaterpreference.cpp.
Fixed: Texture Memory usage of attachments not showing in the Advanced Complexity breakdown.
Removed: Additional background shadow drawing for modal dialogs, unuglifies them a bit, still have stacked shadows though.
Misc: Cleanup leftover log debugs in llavatarappearance.cpp.
Misc: Moved escapeString function into bdfunctions.cpp/h.
Misc: Simplified ARC calculations and removed a few unnecessary calculation steps.
Misc: Improved shadow resolution tooltips and included VRAM usages.
Misc: Added additional commenting and proper code tagging where possible.
Misc: Commenting in lltooltip.cpp changes.
Misc: Cleaned Machinima Sidebar XUI file a bit.
Misc: Cleaned up panel_preferences_rlva.xml a bit.


Added: Villena to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: DoF Focal Length minimum slider value to 1 to prevent accidentally setting DoF to blur everything, potentially freezing the Viewer.
Changed: Poser to version 13.1.
Changed: Layout and look of all group related "People" panels to a more consistent look.
Changed: Improved places profile layout and consistency.
Changed: Version to 3.3.4.
Fixed: Some rigged, masked, alpha meshes not casting shadows anymore.
Fixed: Slight inconsistencies in Environment Settings window layout.
Fixed: Conversations window having a mysterious button on large size and other weird inconsistencies in the tab list.
Fixed: Postcard message description being hard to read.
Fixed: Profile snapshot description being hard to read.
Fixed: Viewer crash when selecting animesh on a different region in the Poser.
Fixed: Poser not properly refreshing the avatars list.
Fixed: Camera window zoom slider being too sensetive and shooting the camera into the orbit when touched.
Removed: Nonfunctional add outfit button from Appearance floater.
Merge with Linden Release


Added: Support for animating multiple avatars at the same time via the poser.
Changed: Poser to version 13.0.
Changed: Woodruff's Patreon entry in about as requested.
Changed: Version to 3.3.3.
Changed: Max value for Glow Max Alpha in the Machinima Sidebar to 1.0.
Fixed: Add/Delete buttons in Daycycle Editor not working.
Fixed: Poser wait time textbox is hard to click sometimes.
Misc: Cleaned up piemenu.cpp/h.
Merge with Axon. (13 Changes)


Added: Support for posing Animesh.
Added: Support for animating Animesh.
Added: Support to load and save pases from and to Animesh.
Added: Support for posing multiple avatars (self + animesh) at the same time.
Added: Ability to hold Shift and use the arrow keys up/down to cycle through dropdown lists without opening them.
Added: Missing "Show In Inventory" option to Interface tab. This one is actually responsible for opening and highlighting new items.
Changed: Improved performance fix for joint lookup, make it only ever trigger when we see the joint metadata.
Changed: Poser to version 12.0.
Changed: Seperated the Poser's collection of default values for better visibility and maintenance.
Changed: Make delete confirmation permanently ignorable and configurable via the notification system.
Changed: Moved Auto Accept Inventory Offers from Viewer to Interface tab.
Changed: Improved tooltips and wording "Show Offered Inventory" and "Auto Accept Inventory Offers" to explain what they do.
Changed: Reverted joint rigging lookup fix back to original fix to allow it to properly update the bounding box when needed.
Changed: Version to 3.3.2.
Fixed: Missing "Sort By Recent Arrival" filter menu entry in People - Nearby.
Fixed: Crash when loading new poses with collision volumes and attachment bones included.
Fixed: Slight inconsistencies between joint list width's.
Fixed: "Too Many Groups" notification popping up when opening the "People" menus.
Fixed: Animation Manipulation window not showing other avatars.
Fixed: Advanced Complexity window not showing other avatars.
Fixed: Creator label in tools floater missing the creator's profile icon.
Fixed: Broken "move attachments to animesh" feature.
Removed: Duplicate code in llviewerstats.cpp.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloateranimations.cpp.
Misc: Make some trivial, crashy and non-working progress with the Pose exporter.
Misc: Commenting in llimprocessing.cpp.
Misc: Simplified creator, owner and group label display code in tools floater.
Misc: Cleaned up code in llcombobox.cpp.
Misc: Code spacing changes.


Added: Ability to copy shape to an animesh object.
Added: Ability to move selected attachments over to an animesh object.
Added: Support for Collision Volume positioning and scaling.
Added: Support for Attachment Bone positioning and scaling.
Added: Support for Avatar Bone scaling.
Changed: Flip complexity if statement order to prevent using before checking.
Changed: Simplified and improved performance when left clicking on land.
Changed: Doubled rigged mesh complexity impact to further distinguish between rigged and unrigged content and legacy content.
Changed: Web Proxy checkbox being positioned too low in comparison to other tabs's checkboxes.
Changed: Simplified some code for the animation control floater regarding animesh.
Changed: Inworld Poser to version 11.0.
Changed: Improved way the Viewer reverts all position and scales.
Changed: Improved various poser code parts.
Changed: Version to 3.3.1.
Fixed: Some animations not getting listed, simply list them all.
Fixed: Reset Skeleton not working when right-clicking avatar names.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Update Avatar Extend taking huge and increasingly bigger hits on performance with avatars around.
Merge with Axon. (80 Changes)


Added: Support for Animated Mesh in our custom complexity calculation.
Added: Support for Animesh in the Advanced Complexity Information window.
Added: Support for Animesh in the Animation Control window.
Added: Support to manipulate animations of Animesh content, including playing animations on them.
Added: Chris R to Patreon Patron list.
Added: Nastasya Sokolova to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: Massively optimized joystick/flycam action execution performance.
Changed: Allow left-click selecting land (even through objects) when the About Land window is open.
Changed: Appearance of group IMs, show a clickable name instead of [ From X.Y ].
Changed: Version to 3.3.0 - Animating Dragon.
Fixed: Water color mismatch between void water and SIM water.
Fixed: Compile. x2
Fixed: Missing entries in Right-Click menu for objects.
Fixed: Missing Animated Mesh checkbox in tools floater.
Fixed: Complexity showing unusually low values.
Fixed: Complexity Display showing inaccurate estimated and visible triangle counts in addition to already existing exact triangle counts.
Fixed: Complexity Display becoming brightish red and hard to read when nearing/passing max complexity limit.
Fixed: Shadows on almost all avatars missing almost completely under pretty common circumstances.
Misc: Enabled experimental multislider support in the Poser window.
Misc: Added possible extra 16 buttons for joystick configuration in the future should it ever become necessary.
Misc: Cleaned up and simplified some code in the Advanced Complexity Information window.
Misc: Lineendings fixing.
Misc: Sync with Viewer Cougar changes now that Graham fixed missing shadows in his repo too.
Merge with Viewer Cougar. (10 Changes)
Merge with Axon (Animesh) (214 Changes)


Added: GPU Name and GPU Memory usage in numbers to preferences panel.
Added: Option to configure the amount of roll while sitting in Cinematic Camera Mode.
Added: Option to disable avatar-based camera roll while sitting upside down. (Cinematic Camera Roll still applies)
Changed: Reworked Advanced Complexity Floater displays and breakdown to give clear information what parts of an attachment costs how much.
Changed: Signal the permission changes in friendlist to the icons when we click them.
Fixed: Rigged mesh being added twice into the complexity calculation.
Fixed: Memory sliders showing 1992mb when they should show higher values.
Fixed: Motion Blur Quality not disabling when Motion Blur is not enabled.
Fixed: Motion Blur Amount not being persistent across sessions.
Fixed: Mouse having an invalid click point after leaving Third Person Mousesteering Mode requiring to click to reset it and get rid of the "stop" cursor.
Fixed: Avatar-based camera roll not working while Cinematic Camera Mode is enabled.
Misc: Cleanup in llvovolume.cpp.


Changed: Reset snapshot location info on logout so the Viewer asks you when trying to save a snapshot for the first time next login.
Changed: Interpolate regiolight between teleports.
Changed: Reordered teleport behavior a bit, speeds up teleports and initiates the camera transition at a better time.
Changed: Lower static triangle impact a bit more and raise rigged impact.
Changed: Hover Height window size and layout slightly.
Changed: Version to 3.2.7.
Fixed: Online/Offline notifications in IM tabs only showing names, seperate them from the normal notifications.
Misc: Update hgignore.
Misc: Cleanup in llviewerwindow.cpp.
Misc: Comment on possible fix for attachments becoming invisible on teleport.


Changed: Shadow Clip Distances for sharper and more precise shadows close to the avatar.
Changed: Version to 3.2.6.
Fixed: Poser categories being broken.
Fixed: Male and Female checkboxes in Edit Shape having no label in German.
Fixed: Notecards being hard to read.
Fixed: Group line editors being hard to read (notices and description).
Fixed: One of the new loadingscreen tips getting clipped at the end.
Misc: Changed some commenting to be more precise.
Misc: Cleanup in lltextureview.cpp.
Misc: Minor optimizations to Automatic Memory Management.


Added: ApwGoose / Harriet to the Patreon patron list.
Added: Per suggestion: Image save path to snapshot floater.
Added: Global light brightness option.
Added: Automatic Memory Management option to dynamically change the maximum scene and system memory depending on the need.
Changed: Clamp memory usage bars between 0.0 and 1.0 to prevent them from going off the charts.
Changed: Make AMD cards use the same memory information again.
Changed: Make the view cases where the default text editor is used readable.
Changed: Readability improvements for the landmark info window.
Changed: Local Chat Voice Volume toast to use the same style as normal info toasts.
Changed: Nearby/People Voice Volume toast to use the same style as normal info toasts.
Changed: Per request: Renamed YoungBlood to "Booker" in the Patreon patron list.
Changed: Experimental changes to better allow up to a total of 8gb of texture memory being used.
Changed: Increase max memory slider value to 3984MB (new tested safe max) allowing a total of 8gb.
Changed: Reworked Complexity, make integer overflows impossible and match all complexity calculations.
Changed: Adjusted triangle count, rigged mesh  and alpha complexity weights and adjusted complexity calculation to be additive based on the base value.
Changed: Made complexity straight forward, no more divide by 10 to get smaller values. Some people will have crazy numbers.
Changed: Raised default max complexity from 125000 to 150000 to accomodate the higher complexity values.
Changed: Style of online/offline friend notifications and stopped them from linebreaking.
Changed: Version to 3.2.5.
Removed: Useless "Rank" display in complexity information.
Fixed: Input and Output tab being clipped off a bit.
Fixed: Inworld and "Advanced Complexity Information" window showing vastly differing values for complexity and triangle counts.
Fixed: Base triangles of the root object/prim not being counted into the triangle count in the inworld display.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Attachments from other people randomly attaching to your HUD after logging in while everything is still loading.
Misc: Cleanup in lltextureview.cpp.
Misc: Comment fixes.
Misc: Return early in the right click check in sliders.
Misc: Cleaned up llfloaterpreferences.cpp/h.


Added: Support for MASK keys to the UI.
Added: Ability to scroll through spinner and slider values by holding CTRL.
Added: Ability to scroll faster through spinner and slider values by holding CTRL and Shift.
Added: Ability to reset a slider back to it's default value by holding CTRL and Shift when right clicking on it.
Added: Ability to cancel a slider drag by right clicking while dragging.
Added: Ability to revert to the last value by right clicking the slider.
Added: Ability to change the increment of sliders with Arrow Up and Arrow Down.
Added: Menominum to the Patreon Patron list.
Added: Ability to reset a button and checkbox back to it's default value by holding CTRL and Shift when right clicking on it.
Added: Functionality to sliders to delay commiting their signal until the user lets go of the drag thumb.
Added: 2 additional loadingscreen tips to inform about the newly added function of resetting and scrolling values.
Added: Luke N Fortacos and Nyt to the Patreon patron list.
Changed: Sliders will now center the mouse cursor on their drag thumb when clicking near it rather than immediately changing the value, makes selecting easier.
Changed: Scaled text entries on spinners to match the button height.
Changed: Disable category entries in Poser bone list.
Changed: Allow derendering more than one selected person at a time.
Changed: Allow friend inviting more than one selected person at a time.
Changed: Switch to main inventory tab when hitting "Show Original" in Appearance.
Changed: Fixed some padding inconsistencies in a couple preferences panels.
Changed: Warn about custom ports possibly causing inability to log in if configured wrong.
Changed: Warn about the pie menu causing random crashes on right click.
Changed: Warn about RLVa being outdated and possibly completely broken.
Changed: Misc layout changes to recorder floater.
Changed: Sliders in Build - Texture tab will no longer commit their value immediately to drastically lessen their laggy behavior.
Changed: Refactored and simplified the alpha, maskcutoff, glossiness, environment and glow slider commit code.
Changed: Massively revamped and overhauled the entire texture console layout again.
Changed: Swapped expand and collapse icons for collapse button in IM sessions.
Changed: Version to 3.2.4.
Removed: Translation names list in floater_about.xml.
Removed: Defunct Chat History BG and Chat History Text colors.
Removed: Defunct "Show RLVa Name tags" option from RLVa tab.
Removed: Invalid XML tokens in panel_edit_alpha.xml.
Fixed: HUDs taking camera control don't work.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Shadows from rigged alpha masked/blended surfaces being skipped.
Fixed: Shadows being skipped when the surface has a diffuse texture with alpha channel in it and both specular
Fixed: Set the apply_immediately boolean in the correct slider widget file.
and normal map set while the alpha mode is anything other than "Masking". Partly from Graham Linden.
Misc: Slight alphaF.glsl shader cleanup.
Misc: Commit Tone Mapping settings for Machinima Sidebar (commented out) for future use.
Misc: Moved several menu commands into general as they can be used for both single and multi-people menus.
Misc: Cleaned up llselectmgr.cpp a bit.
Misc: Cleaned up llpanelmaininventory.cpp a bit.
Misc: Cleaned up lldrawpoolavatar.cpp a bit and reverted an unnecessary change.
Misc: Cleaned up llinventorypanel.cpp a bit.
Misc: Added mac extra code snippets to newly added shaders.
Merge with Linden Release (24 Changes)
Merge with Cougar (33 Changes)


Added: Feature to invert values of settings.
Added: Feature to link vector values together and change all values of a vector at the same time.
Added: Buttons to lock array sliders and invert values to preferences and joystick window.
Changed: Layout and style of Media-on-a-Prim configuration window.
Changed: Improved object manipulation calls and simplified them.
Changed: Moved generic special Black Dragon features into its own library to allow them to be used everywhere.
Changed: Replaced all preferences and sidebar array calls with the new global version.
Changed: SSAO defaults to be slightly less obnoxious on plainer surfaces such as human skin.
Changed: Version to 3.2.3.
Removed: Translation names list in floater_about.xml.
Removed: Defunct Chat History BG and Chat History Text colors.
Removed: Defunct "Show RLVa Name tags" option from RLVa tab.
Removed: Invalid XML tokens in panel_edit_alpha.xml.
Fixed: Viewer getting stuck inside a switch-to-fullscreen loop when toggling Fullscreen Window off on login when it was enabled last session.
Fixed: Group Chat Notification settings not working.
Fixed: Alpha Mode manipulation not working on objects that did not previously have an alpha mode set up. (Reverts on selection loss though)
Fixed: Object manipulation potentially being applied to other avatars.
Fixed: Enter key not being passed to the change key and set key dialogs when binding keys.
Fixed: Missing label for right arm selections option.
Fixed: Compile.
Misc: Cleanup in code.
Misc: Cleanup commented out logging code.
Misc: Added bdfunctions.cpp/h to CMakeLists to properly include it in the next configuration.
Merge with Linden Release. (66 Changes)


Added: Ability to define different selected overlay images on buttons.
Added: Merry0722 as Patreon Patron.
Added: Ability to grant/revoke permissions via the friendlist menus and clicking the permission icons.
Added: Ability to grant/revoke permissions via the right click avatar menus.
Changed: Don't darken points in SSR that face away from the reflection ray.
Changed: Improve mini tooltip text layout.
Changed: Improved layout in floater_about.xml.
Changed: Improved all mini-profiles for land and objects.
Changed: Greyscaled the texture for your own avatar on the minimap and changed it's default color.
Changed: Show a minus icon when tabs in preferences are opened to indicate they can be collapsed again.
Changed: Improved "Show Minimap" label in People window to make it clearer we mean the minimap.
Changed: Overhauled layout and style of the joystick/flycam configuration window.
Changed: Improved layout and consistency in Preferences - Chat tab.
Changed: Improved layout and consistency in Preferences - Camera tab.
Changed: Improved layout and consistency in Preferences - General tab.
Changed: Improved layout and consistency in Preferences - Privacy tab.
Changed: Version to 3.2.2 - Caring Dragon.
Removed: Translation names list in floater_about.xml.
Removed: Defunct Chat History BG and Chat History Text colors.
Removed: Defunct "Show RLVa Name tags" option from RLVa tab.
Removed: Invalid XML tokens in panel_edit_alpha.xml.
Fixed: Deleting poses with special characters or spaces fails.
Fixed: Texture Picker is behaving weird on open and appears to stack panels.
Fixed: Highlight Transparent locking Depth of Field focus position in flycam when activated.
Fixed: Color Picker always reverting transparency to 0 when clicking "Cancel".
Fixed: XML warnings in floater_about.xml.
Fixed: Licenses in floater_about.xml being outdated.
Fixed: Constant missing debug option spam when opening the viewer main menu.
Fixed: Contributor and Lindens lists in About Black Dragon window being empty.
Fixed: Hide UI preventing left/right-click dragging your view up and down unless you were dragging before hiding the UI.
Misc: Test changes.


Changed: Version to 3.2.1.
Fixed: Crash on startup when the camera floater was trying to open on login.


Added: Feature to follow a specified bone's position taking into account the default position of the currently selected camera preset.
Added: (Experimental) Feature to read out bone keyframe tracks from animations. Will be handy in the future.
Changed: Increased maximum distance pelvis can be repositioned to 20 units.
Changed: Enable "Play" and "Stop" animator buttons only when the animator isn't empty and either playing or not.
Changed: Version to 3.2.0.
Fixed: Missing bdanimator.cpp/h in CMakeLists.txt.
Fixed: Crash when clicking "Play" in the animator with no steps in the animator list.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Startup crash.
Misc: Improved a probably very useless null check for unreferencing pointers.
Merge with Linden Release. (116 Changes)


Added: Commented-out experiments with multi-sliders for possible future use.
Changed: Poser to Version 10.0.
Changed: Separated the animator part of the Poser into its own new thing, eliminating the dependency of the Poser's visibility.
Changed: Version to 3.1.9 - Falling Dragon.
Fixed: Rewriting of pose files always failing while parsing.
Fixed: XUI Preview complaining about malformed xml token in floater_poser.xml.
Misc: Cleaned Poser code up a bit.


Added: Ability to reposition a wide array of bones that support it.
Changed: Poser to Version 9.0.
Changed: Poser window layout to allow for maximum accuracy for both rotation and position sliders.
Changed: Split reset bone into reset rotation and reset position.
Changed: Show all bone rotations and positions as 0 when we're not posing.
Changed: Version to 3.1.8 - Repositioning Dragon.
Fixed: More cases in which the animation move buttons did not properly refresh after adding/removing/moving poses.
Fixed: Many potential crashes in the poser code we never got to experience.
Fixed: Warning for a missing UI checkbox.
Fixed: Delete pose button not enabling.
Fixed: Moving the left leg's position causes the body size recalculation to push your avatar up or down.
Fixed: Viewer locks up on some animation actions.
Misc: Reworked large parts of the poser code with the help of Nat Linden, Cinder, Ansariel and Lirusaito for efficiency with coding standards in mind.
Misc: Cleaned up, commented and removed and/or simplified many parts of the poser code.
Misc: Reworked some parts of the Complexity floater code akin to the Poser overhaul.
Misc: Reworked some parts of the Animation Manipulation floater code akin to the Poser overhaul.


Changed: Version to 3.1.7.
Fixed: Poser toolbar button opening the wrong window.
Fixed: Memory slider text boxes not usable due to their constant updating.


Added: Menu entry to main Viewer menu for the new poser window.
Added: Button to expand/collapse the poser saved poses list.
Added: Reimplemented the Animator into the new Poser window.
Changed: Poser to Version 8.1
Changed: Enable/Disable interpolation type/time and name as well as save button depending on whether we are posing.
Changed: Increased precision for "East Angle" Windlight widgets.
Changed: Poser to Version 8.2.
Changed: Enable/Disable Reset, Toggle, Delete and Save buttons depending on if something is selected.
Changed: Lots of layout changes to the new Poser window to include the Animator and allow easy access to saved poses.
Changed: Labeling on Alpha Mode in Build Tools - Texture tab to fit properly into the dropdown.
Changed: Version to 3.1.6.
Fixed: Bone states never properly enabling/disabling when toggling Pose mode.
Fixed: Windlight "East Angle" spinner not working.
Fixed: High Precision Normals option not refreshing immediately when toggling it.
Fixed: Broken "increment" XML tokens in floater_edit_sky_preset.xml
Removed: Don't stop all animations when we enable the poser, it should no longer be needed.
Misc: Optimized some Poser code.
Misc: Renamed poser experiments to "Other Poser".
Misc: Optimized some more poser code.
Misc: Changes to the copyright text in my code files.
Misc: Changed overlay lookup path to image name for the load button in display preferences.
Misc: Cleaned up tabs in floater_poser.xml.
Moved: Split off the actual Poser from the Animation Manipulator window and gave it a proper one in preparation for official port.
Moved: Pose list into the main poser window and got rid of all tabs.


Changed: Additional logging when something goes wrong in the animator.
Changed: Additional safeguards to prevent the animator from getting out of order or causing problems.
Changed: Version to 3.1.5 - Selective Dragon.
Fixed: Selection Outline of all modes except Black Dragon not looking as they should.
Fixed: Animator seemingly not working for random people. (Thanks Spiritus & Richard)
Fixed: Move Down button in Animator being enabled when first opening the window.
Fixed: Both move buttons being enabled/disabled together, they will now enable/disable seperately when they should.
Fixed: Tail category name empty.
Misc: Cleaned up and moved some code in bdfloateranimations.cpp.
Misc: Settings.xml cleanup.


Changed: Version to 3.1.4 - Selective Dragon.
Fixed: Selection scale and rotation backgrounds being opaque.


Added: Folders/Categories to joint list to categorize them and give users a better idea which joint they are looking at.
Added: Icons to the joint list to differentiate folders easily.
Added: Option to change the selection outline mode when editing mesh objects.
Added: Option to enable/disable periodically updating the selection outline while something is selected.
Changed: Poser to Version 8.0.
Changed: Improved Avatar list population code.
Changed: Simplified all "Motion" tab actions code.
Changed: Replaced all LLMotion with LLKeyframeMotion for consistency.
Changed: Replaced all LLMotion with BDPosingMotion where applicable for consistency.
Changed: Overhauled Advanced Complexity window and improved its code.
Changed: Re-enabled all Deferred (and up) options for Intel GPU's now that they can actually run it again.
Changed: Intel GPU warning message to warn about performance rather than non functional features now that Intel GPU's can run Deferred.
Changed: Made outline selection update periodically every 5 seconds rather than as fast as possible to improve performance.
Changed: Only disable Multisampling on ATI and similar cards.
Changed: Default child prim and root prim selection colors to be less extreme (especially with Beacon of Light mode).
Changed: Version to 3.1.3 - Selective Dragon.
Fixed: Intel GPU's not able to enable Deferred Rendering.
Fixed: Selecting attachments by double clicking them in the complexity list.
Fixed: Complexity values (especially triangles and ARC cost) exploding into unreadable values.
Fixed: Pie Menu click areas being offset with UI sizes not 1.0 (Normal).
Fixed: Graphic option tabs in Display tab staying disabled now that no more code enables them.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Attachments vanishing over time. Disabled auto-derender attachments over a certain byte size.
Removed: Potential fix for bogus bones since we know what was causing them and fixed it properly.
Removed: Unnecessary if-statement for starting the Pose Mode.
Misc: Some cleanup in bdfloateranimations.cpp/h.
Misc: Split off my other-Poser experiment into (currently)non-reachable extra files for future experimenting.
Misc: Moved some misplaced Black Dragon color references to their proper spot in colors.xml.
Merge with Release. (47 Changes)


Changed: Minimal Screen Space Reflection changes.
Changed: Version to 3.1.2.
Fixed: Crash when getting bad number of texture components. (Again)
Fixed: Compile.
Merged with Release (36 Changes)


Added: Big posing sliders to use whenever position is not used for greater accuracy.
Added: Menu button to Avatar Render Settings to change all selected avatars.
Changed: Hide changelogs by default.
Changed: Poser to Version 7.0.
Changed: How the poser rotates bones and how sliders interact with the rotations, rotations should be consistent now.
Changed: Default bone rotation interpolation time to be a tad shorter to make rotating snappier.
Changed: Disabled the entire custom sidebar feature for now.
Changed: Loginscreen video to the new improved, longer and less creepier version.
Changed: Allow Avatar Render Settings to be mass changed.
Changed: Set minimum particle amount to 8 to prevent sky/water glitches for now.
Changed: Several none/invalid strings to start capitalized for consistency.
Changed: Make background of scrolllists invisible by default.
Changed: Version to 3.1.1.
Fixed: Animator scrolllist using invisible entries and not updating the layout resulting in a scrollbar when it isn't needed.
Fixed: Motion scrolllist using invisible entries and not updating the layout resulting in a scrollbar when it isn't needed.
Fixed: Initial bone rotation interpolation not working until we reset the pose or load one.
Fixed: Missing extra code parts in class 1 deferred shaders.
Fixed: Minimal layout inconsistencies in display preferences.
Fixed: Alpha Masking showing up as white in water reflections (transplanted from LL).
Removed: Old and new posing style differentiations.
Removed: Rotation order dropdown and all code.


Added: Camera Roll keybind options to Edit, First Person and Sit Mode.
Added: Camera Roll buttons to camera floater.
Added: Make "Save Camera" save roll as well, load will load roll when hitting load again after the camera is in the loaded position.
Added: Default controls for rolling when in Edit, First Person or Sit mode.
Changed: Improved shadows on different altitudes.
Changed: Raised default shadow resolution a bit for the last shadow map.
Changed: Slightly reduced range for the first shadow map making it much less pixelated with the same resolution.
Changed: Size of Movement floater a bit to match that of the camera floater.
Changed: Better wording for Object Quality tooltip.
Changed: Lowered default music and media volume from 30% to 20%.
Changed: Improved shadows on ground altitude while retaining most of the accuracy on higher altitudes.
Changed: Version to 3.1.0.
Fixed: Volumetric Lighting tab being disabled despite having no Intel GPU.
Fixed: Clicking a Mask in the keybinding dialog will break key press detection.
Fixed: Crash when clicking the Max Camera Roll default button.
Fixed: Crash when clicking default buttons when their debug control doesn't exist.
Fixed: Render Other/Own Attached Lights and Render World Lights options not peristing across sessions.
Fixed: Alpha Masking showing up as white in water reflections (transplanted from LL).
Removed: Leftover code from old Render Attached Lights option.
Removed: Unused Enable Cookies option from preferences.
Misc: Cleanup in panel_preferences_keybinds.xml.
Misc: Removed obsolete code in llfloaterpreferences.cpp.
Merge with Linden Release.


Added: Shift + Movement binds to prevent dash/sprint scripts which need this from breaking.
Added: Intel GPU Detected warnings to preferences and login panel.
Added: Working Camera rolling function to camera.
Added: Camera roll to Cinematic Camera mode.
Added: Max Camera roll option to Preferences - Camera.
Added: Camera Roll Left/Right keybinds. Default to Shift + Q/E.
Changed: Removed the backgrounds from the Edit Alpha (Outfits) panel.
Changed: Login Panel background video to HTML5 version.
Changed: Implemented previous performance tweaks for Realistic Mouselook as well.
Changed: Moved Cinematic Camera toggle into main Camera option section.
Changed: Lowered maximum animation duration for "Zoom In" down to 1 second. (Suggested by Skyler Mews)
Changed: Version to 3.0.9 - Rolling Dragon.
Fixed: Missing file names in CMakes file.
Fixed: Minor shader compile warning in Glow Combine Shader.
Fixed: Realistic Mouselook not working anymore.
Fixed: Missing keybinding strings for camera rolling.
Fixed: Camera roll slider not working.
Removed: llfloateravatarrendersettings.h includes from llviewerfloaterreg.cpp.
Removed: Obsolete background image removal code from login panel.
Removed: Unused loadingscreen tips.
Removed: Unused code in llviewerkeyboard.cpp.
Misc: Better labeling in llviewerjoystick.cpp.
Misc: Cleanup and reorganization in llpanellogin.cpp.
Misc: Cleanup and reorganization in llfloaterpreferences.h.
Misc: Cleaned up and reorganized own code in llviewercontrol.cpp.
Misc: Cleaned up and reorganized own code in llagentcamera.h/cpp.
Misc: Ported over better shader compile error logging from EEP.
Misc: Change vertex shader to be used for Volumetric Lighting to postDeferredV.glsl.
Misc: Cleanup in pipeline.cpp.
Misc: More commenting in llfloaterpreference.cpp.
Misc: Reorganized all controls for better viewing in Preferences - Keybindings.
Misc: Fixed Line Endings in llagentcamera.cpp.


Added: Woodruff to Patreon Patron list. 
Added: Title and empty space tab widgets to the custom Sidebar.
Added: Toggle between Edit and Usage mode to the custom Sidebar.
Added: Allow adding a default custom Sidebar layout. (None yet).
Changed: Disable Precache Delay to on by default.
Changed: Allow MU Pose style chat to off by default.
Changed: Improved Invert Mouselook label.
Changed: Windlight floaters now automatically rebuild the preset list whenever opened.
Changed: Allow Projector Shadow toggle to be toggled regardless of mod permissions.
Changed: Layout for Flycam/Joystick floater a bit for a slightly more consistent look. (Needs complete overhaul)
Changed: Version to 3.0.8.
Fixed: Windlight floater "Refresh" button didn't reload the preset list.
Fixed: Crash when trying to change a keybinding without selecting one.
Fixed: Crash on startup.
Fixed: Avatar Mute Settings not refreshing immediately in preferences.
Removed: HideTopbar debug setting.
Removed: ShowTopSearchBar debug setting.
Removed: ShowBalance debug setting.
Removed: ExperimentalLogin debug setting.
Removed: ShooterKeyLayout debug setting.
Removed: Option to toggle the experimental login video off.
Removed: Unnecessary class calls in agentcamera.cpp and replaced them with direct calls.
Removed: llfloateravatarrendersettings.cpp/h from CMakeLists.txt.
Misc: Moved some debug options to better visualize that they are not part of Black Dragon's Debug set.
Misc: Optimized Cinematic Camera setting calls.
Misc: Optimized Third Person Steering Mode setting calls.
Misc: Optimized Camera Smoothing setting calls.


Changed: Version to 3.0.7.
Fixed: Shadow transitions being cut off at a very special angle in certain windlights (extreme cases).
Fixed: Vignette sliders cut off in preferences.
Fixed: Main shader toggle checkboxes have moved down a bit after the checkbox label fix.
Fixed: Motion Blur not working on shiny, normal and specular surfaces of non-rigged objects anymore.
Fixed: More option checkboxes have moved down a bit after the checkbox label fix.
Misc: Fixed compile.
Merge with Linden Release. (120 Changes)
Merge with Linden Bear. (91 Changes)


Added: Chris Jacob to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: Custom Sidebar to version 2.5.
Changed: Disallowed creating widgets without at least a label and a debug setting selected.
Changed: Version to 3.0.6.
Fixed: Sidebar sometimes becoming invisible on login.
Fixed: Remove buttons sometimes being visible on login when they should be invisible.
Fixed: Viewer crashing when creating broken widgets.
Misc: Overhauled and cleaned up a lot of code in bdsidebar.cpp/h.


Added: Woodruff to Patreon Patron list. 
Added: Title and empty space tab widgets to the custom Sidebar.
Added: Toggle between Edit and Usage mode to the custom Sidebar.
Added: Allow adding a default custom Sidebar layout. (None yet).
Changed: Improved shadows on high altitudes. Still much to do.
Changed: Minimum value for Camera Smoothing down to 0.0.
Changed: Muted UI sounds by default.
Changed: Muted ambient/wind sounds by default.
Changed: Further improvements on shadows on different altitudes.
Changed: Custom Sidebar to version 2.0.
Changed: Layout for creating widgets in the custom Sidebar.
Changed: Debug Setting text field in the custom Sidebar to combobox and fill it with all debugs.
Changed: Only load and save attributes relevant for the widget we are adding.
Changed: Version to 3.0.5.
Fixed: Checkbox labels having an height offset.
Fixed: 2 warnings in sidepanel_inventory.xml.
Fixed (POTENTIAL): Custom sidebar becoming invisible on some logins.
Misc: Cleaned up llvoavatar.cpp.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloateranimations.cpp.
Misc: Commenting in bdfloateranimations.cpp.


Added: David Smith to Patreon Patron list.
Added: Nils Woerner to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: Jakeb Patreon pledge amount.
Changed: Version to 3.0.4.
Fixed: Sidebar causing a crash when no sidebar file has been found.


Added: Poser rotation application order dropdown to select a different order in which rotations should be applied.
Added: Some logging to the poser in case it fails to load a file.
Added: Rotation order parameters to all important and tested main bones.
Added: First steps for a full fledged camera recorder window.
Added: Mr Coffee to Patreon Patron list.
Added: First WIP version of recorder window.
Added: First working version of a customizable Sidebar.
Changed: Replaced blurLightF shader with blurLightFastF now that blur quality has been removed.
Changed: Don't change the font of our IM/Conversation chat bar label, keep it at big.
Changed: Inworld Poser to 6.0.
Changed: Poser X Y Z slider to be used in degrees rather than radians.
Changed: Improved the the way some bones rotate around their axes by changing the rotation application order.
Changed: All old poses are considered legacy now and are loaded with default XYZ rotation order to prevent them from breaking.
Changed: Force shader level 2 everywhere. Fixes blackscreen with blur, shadows and SSAO off.
Changed: Mute Viewer when minimized option label.
Changed: Minor improvements to shadow accuracy on different altitudes.
Changed: Increased increment for rotation sliders to 0.25.
Changed: Loginscreen video.
Changed: Version to 3.0.3 - Dark Dragon.
Fixed: Version 2 poses not being loaded properly.
Fixed: Poser sliders not refreshing when resetting a bone.
Misc: Cleanup in bdfloatercomplexity.cpp.
Misc: Cleanup in floater_im_session.xml.
Misc: Commenting on a potential crash location.


Added: Billy Daxter to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: Overhauled Pay Object dialog.
Changed: Version to 3.0.2.
Fixed: Pay Object dialog breaking in german UI.


Added: Old automatic scaling shadow distance as option.
Changed: Don't allow Object Quality values over 4.
Changed: Version to 3.0.1.
Fixed: Closest shadow distance slider in sidebar not working.
Fixed: Borderless Window mode crashing the Viewer when enabled via main menu.
Fixed: Username tag is hard to read in chat log when display names are enabled.
Fixed: Friend count subtracting me even when i'm friended.
Fixed: viewer_manifest.py intendation causing the script to fail.
Removed: Unused and crashing IM Flash Period and Count options.


Added: Ability to move entries in the animator list up and down.
Changed: Clamp max values for position spinners in tools floater depending on if the selected object is an attachment or not.
Changed: Pause all motions when entering pose mode to attempt to prevent certain human heads from overriding the Poser.
Changed: Readme.
Changed: Version to 3.0.
Fixed: Search filter text in Outfit Edit is black and unreadable.
Fixed: Graphic settings not refreshing on preset load.
Fixed: Sidebar not refreshing on preset load.
Removed: Fix for stream automatically starting every teleport now that it is not needed anymore.
Removed: Unneeded reset code in bdfloateranimations.h/cpp.
Misc: Commenting in llfloaterpreference.cpp.
Merge with Linden Release. (18 changes)


Changed: HTTPPipelining to off by default due to it corrupting textures currently.
Changed: Version to 2.9.9B.


Added: Missing Shadow Distance sliders to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Missing Windlight Transition option to Environment Settings floater.
Added: Missing Windlight Transition Time option to Environment Settings floater.
Changed: Tweak how Shadow Distance works, include previous distance into next distance to get the absolute distance.
Changed: Shadow Distance defaults, focus on decent shadows across all distances.
Changed: Reduced shadow acne on very close shadows.
Changed: Reverted Screen Space Reflections back to the original calculation + my latest tweak.
Changed: Raised default SSR resolution to 13.
Changed: Lowered Object Quality options to 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0.
Changed: Raised Sky Quality options to 32, 64, 96, 128, 192, 256.
Changed: Raised max value for Glow Iterations to 64.
Changed: Raised max value for Glow Width to 32.
Changed: Raised min/max value for SSAO Effect to -10 to 10 respectively.
Changed: Simplified and (hopefully) fixed sort order getting whacky for non-Nirans.
Changed: Version to 2.9.9.
Fixed: Shadow Distance slider for closest shadows not working properly.
Fixed: Toe Numerator not being exactly the same length as all other sliders.
Fixed: Texture dimensions vanishing behind the previewed texture when the preview texture window is resized.
Fixed: Special dropdowns having a tiny texture based offset.
Misc: Internal naming changes in preferences.
Merge with Linden Bear. (8 changes)


Added: Dramatic Fog sky preset.
Changed: Enabled Navigationbar Coordinates by default.
Changed: Simplify Shadow Render Distance to be exactly 1 = 1m (relatively).
Changed: Defaults for Shadow Render Distance. Closeup precision is focus here.
Changed: Forced shadow distance to reset by renaming the debug settings.
Changed: Allow better finetuning with shadow distance sliders.
Changed: Version to 2.9.8.
Fixed: Crash when closing the Viewer while preferences is still open.
Fixed: Input/Output tab not expanding when clicked.
Fixed: Line Endings in llvovolume.h after my changes.
Misc: Some cleanup and glow resolution allocation changes.


Added: Option to switch to high precision normals eliminating artifacts on transformed reflections at the cost of higher memory usage.
Added: Candy Heart to the Patreon Patron list.
Added: High Precision Normals option to preferences.
Added: 4 Sliders for the new Vector4 Shadow Distance option.
Changed: Made RenderShadowFarClip a vector4 so we can edit all 4 shadow map distances seperately.
Changed: Improved shadow near clip plane clipping in certain camera angles.
Changed: Added Paulie Flomar as alternate name for Paul Felts.
Changed: Max value of Shadow Blur Size to 4 to match the max value of the same option in the Machinima Sidebar.
Changed: Shadow Distance defaults.
Changed: Version to 2.9.7 - Spring Dragon.
Fixed: Alpha breaking on many human mesh heads.
Fixed: Media Autoplay constantly re-activating after teleport.
Removed: RenderFullPrecisionNormals option, high precision is enough to eliminate all artifacts.
Removed: Blur Performance mode and Blur Quality options.
Misc: Some commenting out of unused code in the render pipeline.
Merge with Linden Bear (8 changes)


Added: Button to set voice button to none (delete the binding).
Changed: Default max avatar complexity limit to 125000.
Changed: Allow editing position and rotation of worn attachments via the build window.
Changed: Overhauled Day Cycle Editor window and added refresh list button.
Changed: Overhauled Sky Preset Editor window and added refresh list button.
Changed: Overhauled Water Preset Editor window and added refresh list button.
Changed: Overhauled Environment Settings window.
Changed: Overhauled Texture Preview window.
Changed: Version to 2.9.6 - New Years Dragon.
Fixed: Preferences default and caution badge being offsetted.
Fixed: Tab texture scaling causes increasingly bigger spaces between tabs with higher tab width.
Removed: Both snapshot fixes from LL because they caused the first picture saved to be always saved without numbering.
Removed: White alpha fix as it was backed up from the LL code and caused some issues with certain mesh heads.
Misc: Applied extra code for mac on most other new shaders.


Added: Tijakool Yiyuan to Patreon patron list.
Added: Comments all over the place.
Added: Poser toolbar button. (No icon or text yet)
Added: Missing poser icon and toolbar label and tooltip.
Added: Machinima Sidebar and Poser buttons to the top toolbar by default.
Added: Button to reset all selected bones to 0,0,0 quickly.
Added: Paul Felts to Patreon patron list.
Changed: Re-enabled HTTP Pipelining now that its supposedly not crashing anymore.
Changed: Naga Lionhead to Naga Lionheart in patreon list. Sorry.
Changed: Massive cleanup in bdfloatercomplexity.cpp/h.
Changed: Layout of complexity floater.
Changed: Layout of Edit My Shape panel to match newer UI style a bit better.
Changed: Don't display the reload page button in the internal webbrowser making it stack with the cancel button.
Changed: Version to 2.9.5 - Christmas Dragon.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Don't accidentally unreference pointers we already unreferenced. Check if there is something to unreference first.
Fixed: Snapshot saving locking up the entire Viewer forever.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Second attempt at fixing the vertex cache triangle counter crashing rarely.
Fixed: Inventory inbox panel button vanishing when emptying out the inbox, making you unable to close it.
Fixed: Edit My Shape panel being visually broken.
Fixed: Viewer crashing on startup due to merge error.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Reapplied snapshot "Save As" fix now that its not locking the Viewer up anymore.
Fixed: Edit wearable "Save" back button overlapping the titlebar with unsaved changes.
Fixed: Broken tooltip reference for poser button.
Removed: Home toolbar button.
Misc: Cleaned up toolbar commands.xml a bit.
Misc: Additional code commenting in llpanelpeople.cpp.
Merge with Alex Ivy (85 changes)
Merge with Linden Bear (52 changes)
Merge with Alex Ivy (23 changes)


Added: Advanced Complexity Information window, gives extensive information on the composition of your and other people's ARC.
Added: Jakeb and Naga Lionhead to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: Allow toggling multiple bones at the same time.
Changed: Version to 2.9.4.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Attempt at fixing a crash when counting triangles.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloateranimations.cpp a bit.
Misc: Cleanup in panel_login.xml.
Merged heads. What a mess.
Merged heads
Merge with Release. (63 changes)


Added: Ivan, BeaTenma and Paul Healy to Patreon Patron list.
Changed: Don't sort me to top if i'm a real friend.
Changed: Slider labels and values for Jellydoll (Derender) options.
Changed: ARC calculation to be heavily based on polygon count and personally tested performance.
Changed: Default ARC limit to 500000.
Changed: Version to 2.9.3.
Fixed: Vignette options being cut off.
Fixed: L$ Balance blocking the inventory menu.
Fixed: (WORKAROUND) Web-Media-On-A-Prim breaking when using the default 0 : 0 autoscale value as well as anything beyond 1000.
Fixed: Alpha/DeAlpha being inverted.
Fixed: Vignette option still being cut off a bit.


Added: DracO HirudO and Ken Durham to patron list.
Added: Triangle (polygon) count to "Avatar Rendering Complexity" display.
Added: Triangle (polygon) count to Object Weights window.
Added: Worn tab to Inventory window.
Added: Filter type dropdown to Inventory window.
Added: Akritos Rain to the Patreon list.
Added: Ability to set objects or faces to fullbright locally.
Added: Ability to change object or face alpha modes locally.
Added: Dhalgren Correia to the Patreon list.
Added: Max FPS option to Preferences - Display tab.
Changed: Overhauled Object Weights window layout.
Changed: Overhauled Inventory Filter window layout.
Changed: Hide the "Edit" menu while the recent tab is active.
Changed: Moved alpha and fullbright manipulation options into a detachable sub menu.
Changed: Merged de/realpha and alpha mode codes into one big function to be used and simplified it.
Changed: Version to 2.9.2.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Several entries from the People menus that were not functional.
Fixed: Several entries from the People menus that did not check properly when an option was enabled.
Fixed: Vignette options being cut off.
Fixed: L$ Balance blocking the inventory menu.
Removed: Several entries from the People menus that did not exist.
Removed: Unneeded code in llviewerobjectlist.cpp.
Misc: Cleaned up llpanelmaininventory.cpp a bit.
Misc: Cleaned up llpanelpeople.cpp/h a bit.
Merge with Viewer Bear


Added: EaseIn and EaseOut times info display to Animation Manipulator window.
Added: Patreon support section to "About Black Dragon" window for all supporters.
Added: Ability to preview .anim files from disk inworld on your avatar by creating local animations to play with the Animation Manipulator.
Added: Maddy to the list of patrons.
Added: First babysteps and preparations for pose exporter.
Added: More Patreon patrons to the About Black Dragon window.
Changed: Added a bunch of missing login panel changes to the changelog.
Changed: Overhauled Inventory window layout.
Changed: Marketplace Inbox button into a bottom button.
Changed: Improved SSR look and quality.
Changed: Overhauled People window layout.
Changed: Simplified more formatting code in the Animation Manipulator window.
Changed: Disabled the Admin main menu.
Changed: Moved marketplace and grid status menu entries to the browser menu.
Changed: Made the favoritebar able to contain technically any object (landmarks and callingcards for now).
Changed: Layout of About Black Dragon window a bit, broadened tabs and moved Patreon tab to second position.
Changed: Version to 2.9.1.
Fixed: XML warnings in log when opening an animation.
Fixed: Inconsistencies in group list items.
Fixed: Member ban button in group panel clipping into other buttons.
Removed: Sort buttons in Inventory.
Removed: All buttons except the remove button.
Misc: Cleaned up People window code.
Misc: Cleaned up the bdposingmotion.cpp a bit.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloateranimations.cpp some more.

Misc: Increment version to 5.1.1 for auto-updater purposes.


Added: Tooltips for every single option in display tab.
Added: Report (someone) option to people and conversation menus.
Added: Missing default button for SSR Resolution.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Interface' preferences tab.
Added: Change keybinding button to 'Keybindings' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'IM & Groupchat' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Camera' preferences tab.
Added: (mass) Reset Skeleton, (mass) Reset Skeleton and Animations, Derender, Mute Voice and Block Text options to 'People' window right-click menu.
Added: View Chat History, Remove Friend, Share, Mute Voice and Block Text options to inworld avatar right-click menu.
Added: View Chat History, Remove Friend, Share, Mute Voice and Block Text options to inworld avatar attachment right-click menu.
Added: Request Teleport, View Chat History and Report options to group member list right-click menu.
Added: Ability to bind 'Move Left' and 'Move Right' to sitting binds for vehicle controls.
Added: Shift + A, Shift + D, Shift + Left Arrow and Shift + Right Arrow to sitting controls to fix gear shifting on some vehicles.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Notifications' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Controls' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'General' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Privacy' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Sound & Media' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Keybindings' preferences tab.
Added: Separator between the 'close conversation' menu entry and all others in the conversation tab menu.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Viewer' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Chat' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'Browser' preferences tab.
Added: Tooltips and improved existing tooltips in the 'RLVa' preferences tab.
Added: Buttons for adding wait and repeat events directly to the Animator.
Added: Tooltips to most buttons of the Animator.
Added: Ability to change wait event times.
Added: Missing group ban button in group 'Roles' panel.
Added: Additional info display for EaseIn/Out duration of animations in the 'Motions' tab.
Changed: More Icon changes and fixes.
Changed: Improved shadow precision on distance, on high altitudes and eliminate almost all cases of shadows flickering on high altitudes.
Changed: Version to 2.9.0 - Bit Dragon.
Changed: Allow hyperlinks in tooltips.
Changed: Disabled max Texture\Scene Memory clamping.
Changed: Posing animation to an empty all-bone using animation.
Changed: Tooltip layout and look.
Changed: Disabled german display tab for now.
Changed: Don't refresh our window when changing the UI size, it doesn't fix the offset.
Changed: Agent recorder file path to user_settings rather than the often read-only Viewer folder. Should fix agent recorder sometimes not working.
Changed: Improved tooltips in display tab with additional information and a consistent design.
Changed: Don't alter our camera behavior when ClickToWalk is enabled.
Changed: Allow zooming out 9999m.
Changed: Updated login screen changelog.
Changed: Default button appearance to make it clearer which options they affect (if they affect multiple for instance).
Changed: Improved all tooltips for the onscreen movement control window.
Changed: Disabled german translation for the 'Interface' preferences tab.
Changed: Disabled foot shadow texture.
Changed: Layout and style of the 'Sound & Media' preferences tab to fit all other tabs.
Changed: Show text and allow text entry for volume sliders.
Changed: Disabled german translation for the 'Sound & Media' preferences tab.
Changed: Disabled german translation for the 'IM & Groupchat' preferences tab.
Changed: Disabled german translation for the 'Camera' preferences tab.
Changed: Improved Volumetric Lighting slightly, removed random noise completely.
Changed: Completely overhauled and reorganized all most used avatar related right-click menus into a consistent layout.
Changed: Simplified the bone value display formatting code.
Changed: Moved 'Derender' option in avatar right click menus to main menu rather than the 'Render Avatar' submenu.
Changed: Renamed 'Ignore' in SLURL-based right click menus to 'Block All' for consistency.
Changed: Overhauled 'Animation' tab in Animation Controls window for better space usage and workflow.
Changed: Added latest changes to the loginscreen changelog.
Changed: Disabled the Launcher notification each Viewer start for now.
Changed: A few chat option labels since we now have proper tooltips for them.
Changed: Further improvements on the 'Display' tab tooltips, specifically highlighting values and giving extended info whether they are the SL ultra setting or not.
Changed: Layout of animator tab in 'Animation Controls' window for a better workflow.
Changed: The way the Animator behaves when adding new events, now selects the added entry rather than the previous.
Changed: Disabled all german preferences panel translations for now.
Changed: Moved the 'Animation Control' menu entry into 'My Useful Features' and renamed it to 'Pose/Animation Manipulator'.
Changed: Consistency pass over some preferences tooltips.
Changed: Moved estate management menu entries in right click menus to the avatar actions.
Changed: Disabled memory limitations on AMD cards.
Changed: Updated the login panel changelog with the latest bugfixes.
Fixed: Compile and all Fmodex linking errors.
Fixed: Viewer using Second Life icons instead of Black Dragon's.
Fixed: Projector lights vanishing on distance.
Fixed: Current Outfit tab not displaying attachments.
Fixed: Line Endings in llwindow.h.
Fixed: Line Endings in llwindowheadless.h.
Fixed: Line Endings in llwindowwin32.h.
Fixed: Crash when trying to manipulate an Avatar via the Animation Controls window that is no longer available.
Fixed: SSR Brightness default button reverting SSR Resolution instead.
Fixed: Default button for projector shadow resolution being off.
Fixed: Missing header of the german interface tab.
Fixed: Info (i) buttons in namelists clipping outside the name entry.
Fixed: Double\Triple\Quad default button height offset in 'Camera' preferences tab.
Fixed: Double\Triple\Quad default button height offset in 'Graphics' preferences tab.
Fixed: Posing motion being overriden by priority 4 animations, make the posing animation have priority 7.
Fixed: Some 'Change Selected' buttons not working properly in 'Keybindings' tab.
Fixed: 'Keybindings' panel layout and alignment.
Fixed: Notification embed option in RLVa tab not working.
Fixed: A bunch of dummy warnings all over the place.
Fixed: Longstanding issue with HUDs not being clickable through the top toolbar.
Removed: Check for Updates button in About Black Dragon floater.
Removed: Double default button in 'Notifications' preferences tab.
Removed: Deprecated Enable 'FirstRLVGiveToRLV' Warning option.
Misc: Merge and fixes.
Misc: More compile fixes.
Misc: Branding and naming changes for 64bit.
Misc: Cleanup in bdfloateranimations.cpp.
Misc: Massive cleanup in preferences floater code.
Merge with Alex Ivy


Changed: Disabled Regiolight and Daycycle by default.
Changed: Allow the alpha depth inclusion option to work when Volumetric Lighting is enabled but DoF isn't.
Changed: Raised default Texture Memory and System Memory to 512m, should lessen texture trashing when starting for the first time.
Changed: Slightly tuned glow settings, slightly weaker glow to fix Greedy Greedy's horrible usage of fullbright and glow and prevent it from being unreadable.
Changed: Per Adeon's request: Reduced collapsed topbar to a minimum size and make it OCD friendly.
Changed: Tweaked toast popup space from top toolbar slightly.
Changed: Updated Warning triggers thresholds in preferences to factor in the new defaults.
Changed: Version to 2.8.2.
Fixed: Render Own Attached Lights option in Machinima Sidebar not working.
Fixed: Pie menu not closing when clicking into the center hole.
Fixed: Don't render invisible surfaces with glow, shadows will no longer be cast either.
Removed: Unused Bottom Pad option in chat tab.
Removed: Bottom Space option double in alerts tab.


Changed: Reduced default draw distance from 256m to 96m.
Changed: Disabled automasking in non deferred by default.
Changed: Disabled automasking in deferred by default.
Changed: Increased default Tree Quality to 'Normal'.
Changed: Increased default Object Quality to 'Normal'.
Changed: Increased default Reflection Quality to 'Normal'.
Changed: Reduced default projector shadow resolutions to 1024x1024.
Changed: Disable showing the edit particle beam and hand motion by default.
Changed: Default cloud noise texture to 'Cumolo Nimbus'.
Changed: Moved toast top corner region a bit up after floater container changes.
Changed: Increased precision of several glow and tone mapping sliders and reweighted some min/max values.
Changed: Version to 2.8.1.
Fixed: Corrected missing tone mapping tweak.
Fixed: Line Endings in several files.
Fixed: Floaters not snapping to the edges of the screen but to wrong ghost edges.
Fixed: Vignette slider option text input field being cut off slightly.
Fixed: Added missing changelog entries.


Added: Timestamp for Avatar Render entries in Avatar Mute Settings tab.
Added: Auto Complete Gestures option to Chat tab.
Changed: Default Avatar Surface Derender limit to 200m²
Changed: Default Object Surface Derender limit to 256m².
Changed: Improved auto fly on login tooltip a bit.
Changed: Add button in animation tab to add after the selected entry.
Changed: Chat tab layout, reordered a few options to match better with other options.
Changed: Moved down main view floater rectangle a bit, prevents floaters from covering the topbar.
Changed: Improved Animator list entry addition code.
Changed: Version to 2.8.0 - Bone Dragon.
Changed: Improved Tone Mapping defaults for a brighter, whiter image.
Changed: Glow defaults for a warmer and softer image.
Fixed: Disabling Fullbrights globally will result in the fullbright flag being updated on editable objects when editing them.
Fixed: Statusbar FPS counter displaying more FPS than we actually get.
Fixed: Shift + Home (highlight from current position to start) shortcut not working when "Arrow Keys Move" is enabled.
Fixed: Eject, Freeze, Dump XML and Debug pie menu slices not enabling when they should.
Fixed: Corrected leftover tooltip from Nirans Viewer for auto login.
Fixed (POTENTIAL): Random access violation crash in pie menu when right clicking yourself while sitting.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Repeats not able to go into negatives.
Fixed: Owner label in Tools floater not using SLURL anymore.


Added: 1080p, 4K and 6K preset resolutions to local snapshot resolution dropdown.
Added: First working implementation of the Animator, capable of waiting, repeating and playing all saved poses.
Added: Options to render your own attached lights and inworld lights.
Added: Option to toggle light coming from projectors.
Changed: Switched answer button labels for System UI Scale notification.
Changed: Behavior of light options to be independent from each other. All 3 need to be enabled to see all lights.
Changed: Inworld Poser to 5.0.
- Added: Ability to toggle bone overrides on and off.
- Added: Ability to save bone overrides into pose presets.
- Changed: Layout of Animation Control floater to its (semi) final design.
- Changed: Font style to bold when a bone is enabled. Normal if its disabled.
- Fixed: Crash when using Reset Skeleton and Animations while posing.
- Fixed: Last HindLimb becoming corrupt sometimes.
- Removed: Some debugging log texts.
Changed: Version to 2.7.9.
Fixed: "Com(p)lexity" label in Dragon menu. Again.
Fixed: Warning in floater_preview_notecard.xml.


Added: Show number of agents not being able to see you.
Added: First steps of the planned Animator. (WIP)
Added: Multi-selection delete for poses.
Added: Internal blend timer for motions to be used for linear interpolation.
Changed: Massive rewrite and cleanup of the Animation Controls floater.
- Made linear interpolation default.
- Linear interpolation to be constant interpolation.
- Cleaned up and consolidated multiple quick functions into one big command function.
- Made use of the ability to add objects and pointers to list entries to simplify a lot of character find loops.
- Fixed UnFreeze unable to unfreeze only the selected avatars.
Changed: Decapitalized capitalistic letters in object weight info floater. Damn capitalists.
Changed: Layout of build options floater (grid options).
Changed: Clamp spherical linear interpolation between 0.0 and 1.0. Isn't conveyed in the UI yet.
Changed: Disabled all animator controls for now.
Changed: Sharpened godray shadow corners, less dittering but might look worse on lower shadow resolutions.
Changed: Version to 2.7.8.
Fixed: FXAA Warning appearing on wrong conditions.
Fixed: Titles in additional object info being almost unreadable.
Fixed: Developer auto-response message appearing for others when opening my group.
Fixed: Some options in Machinima Sidebar being enabled with Deferred instead of their correct feature.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) AMD not reporting its max and used memory correctly in the texture console.
Fixed: Glow Warmth Weight sliders in preferences not refreshing their correct values.
Fixed: Linear interpolation behaving weird and being unreliable.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Attempted fix at writing bogus bone.
Fixed: Changing interpolation type and time resulting in a bogus XML file or header.
Fixed: Inverted vehicle controls.
Removed: Greyscale effect on teleport, for now.
Misc: Changed, added and removed some commenting.
Misc: Optimizations in People floater to reduce getChild calls.
Misc: Improved Motion Blur impostor check and removed some unnecessary extra Settings getter.


Added: Always Render Friends option to Preferences - Display tab.
Changed: Finetuned Tone Mapping brightness a bit more, slightly darker, still brighter than before.
Changed: Dropped Motion Blur types down to only objects and your own avatar by default.
Changed: Improved description of all warnings in Preferences - Display tab.
Changed: Allowed Auto Hide Surface Limit to go up to 512m².
Changed: Made hitting ESC (reset view) disable Third Person Steering.
Changed: Hide Sidebar while in Mouselook.
Changed: Made animation window refresh bones after clicking Start Posing.
Changed: Clamp view angle slider in Machinima Sidebar to min and max current camera values.
Changed: Some conditions for warnings appearing.
Changed: Made all boolean warnings appear via UI calls, saves a lot calls.
Changed: Made FPS counter refresh only 10 times a second instead of as fast as possible. (Subject to change).
Changed: Made "Start Posing" reflect it's current status and show "Stop Posing" when enabled.
Changed: Enable Highlight Friend Names by default.
Changed: Disable bone rotation controls as long as posing is not enabled.
Changed: Version to 2.7.7.
Fixed: Sky Quality and Reflection Quality warnings being in the wrong section.
Fixed: Short massive framedrop/freeze when going into Mouselook with hide UI in ML enabled.
Fixed: Stopping all animations with the animation window breaks posing.
Fixed: Y Bone Rotation sliders writing Z rotations into the list resulting in them being saved/loaded wrong in poses.
Fixed: Bone refresh showing the current in-transition values instead of the final values.
Fixed: Conversation log combobox not being detected and throwing an warning.
Misc: Cleaned up llfloaterpreferences.cpp slightly.
Misc: Cleaned up bdfloateranimations.cpp a bit.
Misc: Fixed up a whitespace in llfloaterimsession.cpp.
Misc: Massive performance optimizations to sidebar refreshing.
Misc: Massive Performance optimizations to preferences window.
- Eliminated a massive amount of getChild calls every update.
- Eliminated a massive amount of gSavedSettings setting getter calls every refresh.
- Reduced graphic options and memory refreshs to once every second.
- Performance with preferences open (even with display tab selected) shows almost similar performance as with preferences closed now.
Misc: Slight performance improvements for People floater refreshes.
Misc: Slight performance improvements on updating the display stats such as avg FPS and used memory being logged.
Misc: Cleanup and comment llagentcamera.cpp, llstatusbar.h and lltoolpie.cpp a bit.


Changed: Inworld Poser to Version 4.0.
- Inworld Poser can now change pelvis position.
- Inworld Poser can now interpolate positions.
- Inworld Poser can now be customized to use linear or spherical linear interpolation.
- Inworld Poser can now save interpolation strength and type into the exported XML.
- Added: Double click to load a pose.
- Added: Controls to add interpolation type and strength when saving a pose.
- Added: Position sliders and display in the bone list.
- Changed: Pose tab layout and buttons.
- Changed: Moved save button and name editor to pose tab.
- Changed: Cut off more than 3 decimal digits on rotation and position values.
- Fixed: Poser not creating a folder automatically if needed.
- Misc: Cleaned up and commented some poser code.
Changed: Slightly brightened pitch black colors up with Tone Mapping, to allow black clothes to show their texture details.
Changed: Version to 2.7.6.
Fixed: Depth of Field lock shortcut not properly triggering, changed it to Shift + Alt + X.


Changed: Disabled torso rotation on head tracking.
Changed: Inworld Poser to Version 3.0
- Inworld Poser can now save/load and delete poses. (XML)
- Inworld Poser will now blend from one pose to another.
- Inworld Poser will now blend between rotation changes.
- Changed rotations to euler angles instead of converted vector3
- Fixed body inflating with certain rotation thresholds.
- Fixed rotations strength scaling weird near -1/1.
- Changed slider min/max values to 3.142 (PI).
- Cleaned up and reorganized a bit of code.
Changed: Version to 2.7.5.


Changed: Inworld Poser to Version 2.0.
- Poser can now rotate all 133 bones in the LL skeleton.
Changed: Poser tab layout.
Changed: Version to 2.7.4.
Removed: Poser debugs.


Added: Inworld Poser feature to Animation Control floater.
- Stops all default standing animations.
- Plays a custom animation that tells the Viewer to apply your specified bone rotations.
- Allows rotating every available, important non-bento (coming in next version) bone freely via the UI.
- Comes with default buttons to quickly reset a bone back to the default position.
- Debugs are permanent, so is the pose, the Pose will save over sessions and needs to be manually resetted for now.
- This feature is completely local.
- Future updates include, exporting, multi-pose and blending between them (animations) and possibly more.
Added: A whole lot of debugs for the Poser.
Added: Ability for Animation Control floater to access Vector3 controls properly.
Added: Logging to find out about future 3D mice we might want to add.
Changed: Removed iteration through avatars when the only one the feature is going to affect is ourselves.
Changed: Decreased the visible surface amount needed for the Machinima Sidebar to start rendering. e.g doesn't vanish in the last bit.
Changed: Version to 2.7.3.
Fixed: Mislabeled code comment.
Fixed: A whole lot of warnings in "Picks" floater.
Fixed: Joystick always resetting to Xbox360 Controls.
Fixed: A whole bunch of warnings in "Places" floater.
Fixed: Compile. Missing bdposingmotion.h/cpp in CMakeLists.


Added: Permission column to avatar list.
Added: Ability to double-click bindings to replace them.
Added: Window to replace binds, shows both old and new buttons.
Changed: Improved texture console display. Match memory type colors and grey out unavailable memory.
Changed: Only allow animation manipulation of people whose "Can Edit My Objects" permission we got.
- This includes saving and applying animations to/from them.
- Stopping, restarting and altering speed is not subject to these changes.
Changed: Re-enabled animation manipulation window.
Changed: Moved Avatar Render Settings to main preferences as tab.
Changed: Disallow animating others via the animation control window.
Changed: Greyed out text color for already accepted attachments from notifications.
Changed: Better text color for notification main text.
Changed: Overhauled "Keybindings" preferences tab layout.
Changed: Moved all action lists below its corresponding mode.
Changed: "Add" and "Remove" buttons to be seperate for each mode.
Changed: Disallow opening the bind window when no action is selected.
Changed: Version to 2.7.2.
Fixed: Line Endings in llpanellogin.h.
Fixed: Texture load progressbar extending offscreen sometimes.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Keybindings tab layout inconsistencies.
Fixed: Avatar turning around when resetting camera.
Fixed: Missing RLVa string when enabling/disabling RLVa.
Removed: Mode selection.
Merge with Release.


Changed: Improved developer conversation auto-response message.
Changed: Version to 2.7.1.
Removed: Disabled Animation Manipulation floater for now.


Added (WIP): Pose manipulation to 'Animation Manipulation' floater. Not functional yet.
Added: Human readable action names to keybinding lists.
Added (WIP): Ability to simple change/replace single keybinds. Not functional yet.
Changed: Renamed 'Move Forward/Backwards' (camera) to Zoom In/Out.
Changed: Keybinding column widths to fit everything in.
Changed: Relabeled 'Region' to 'Land Options' in german UI to match the english one.
Changed: Overhauled 'Script Information' floater layout.
Changed: Version to 2.7.0 - Decaying Dragon.
Fixed: Line Endings in llpanellogin.cpp.
Fixed: Login button being greyed out for firt timers since LL code merge.
Fixed: Line Endings in llfloaterpreferences.cpp.
Fixed: Special keys like Enter not immediately registering after ticking any mask checkbox.
Removed: UUID line editor and 'Create' button from the 'Animation Manipulation' floater.


Added: Show an automated message whenever someone not in my friendlist opens a conversation with me.
Added: Missing optional XML parameters to panel.xml.
Added: Ability to flag scrolllist entries for easy removal later.
Added: New floater that allows manipulation of animations around you including your own avatar.
- Allows temporarily saving animations into a list for playing them on avatars.
- Allows creating/adding new animations to the list from a UUID.
- Allows removing entries from the list to get rid of unwanted animations.
- Allows viewing general information about saved animations such as their duration and if they loop.
- Allows playing anyone's animations including your own, at any speed you want, including backwards.
- Allows freezing avatar animations.
- Allows stopping all animations.
- Allows restarting currently playing animations, useful for synchronizing dances.
Added: Option to disable other people's attached lights without removing your own.
Added: Option to disable projector images being reflected in shiny surfaces.
Added: Option for projector images to 'Display' tab for easy toggling.
Changed: Made getting the my UUID a global centralized function of gAgent.
Changed: Allow global time factor being altered all the way down to pause via menu.
Changed: Layout of 'Uploads' tab to match all others.
Changed: Version to 2.6.9.
Fixed: Borderless Window Mode being greyed out if for some reason the defunct FullScreen debug was still enabled.
Fixed: Wrong layout panel name for local chat 'Chat History' button.
Fixed: Missing separators in some keybinding action menus.
Fixed: About Viewer floater throwing XML warnings.
Fixed: Focus point not resetting when zooming on something or someone and changing to a different camera preset.
Fixed: Default Upload Folder tab not appearing in preferences.
Fixed: 'Browser' tab's layout not exactly matching that of all others.
Removed: All languages except german and english.
Misc: Removal of unused code.


Changed: Version to 2.6.8.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: 'Dragon' main menu being broken after merge.
Merge with Release.


Added: Camera Field of View option to machinima sidebar.
Added: Ability to add infinite additional and/or alternative bindings for everything.
Added: Ability to select one or more keybinds and delete them with a single click.
Added: Some additional bindings to most modes that were missing.
Changed: Preferences "Display" tab bottombar layout.
Changed: Preferences floater layout slightly to look cleaner.
Changed: Internal Browser space between content and the edge of the floater.
Changed: Make enabling Deferred force all necessary code and features to on.
Changed: Completely overhauled the preferences 'Keybindings' tab.
Changed: Fixed keybinding buttons and displays into lists.
Changed: Wording on the loadingscreen tip when an update is downloading.
Changed: Some display tab options to enable with Deferred instead of pre-deferred shader options.
Changed: Show the invite to session button in IM tabs only if the session is P2P or a ad-hoc conference.
Changed: Output the modifier keys in 'Keybindings' tab as easily understandable strings.
Changed: 'Display' tab bottom padding for preset buttons to match those in the 'Keybinding' tab.
Changed: Version to 2.6.7.
Fixed: Color for self on minimap.
Removed: Export button because we export (save) everything immediately anyway.
Misc: Cleaned up some preferences code, improved performance when preferences is open slightly.


Added: Toolbar button styled combobox buttons for login and elsewhere.
Added: Projector Shadow Resolution sliders to Sidebar.
Added: Chat History button to IM tab toolbar.
Added: Missing chat history icon texture.
Changed: Moved Inventory Library option from Viewer tab to UI tab.
Changed: Moved Show Inbox/Outbox option from Viewer tab to UI tab.
Changed: UI tab "Misc" section layout, segmented it with a separator.
Changed: Moved SLURL Teleport in Chat to Chat tab.
Changed: Overhauled the internal webbrowser layout.
Changed: Replaced the normal combobox button images with the new toolbar ones in login.
Changed: Default value for tooltip alive time while mouse is away to 0.1, making it a lot snappier.
Changed: Make Sidebar only refresh the controls on toggle, should improve performance drastically while its opened.
Changed: Revamped the vector control code, unified into one function for each of the 4 maximum values (X Y Z W).
Changed: Glow Max Alpha slider decimal digits down to 3 since we controlled it in 0.001 steps anyway.
Changed: Moved Motion Blur further to the top.
Changed: Organized multiple option types into smaller slider groups just like in preferences.
Changed: Overhauled texture picker layout. Vertical approach.
Changed: Pipette icon. Need to do a new one.
Changed: Statusbar media, draw distance and preset icon layout.
Changed: Loginscreen location combo width to match the other widgets.
Changed: Moved IM tab voice indicator a bit for better spacing.
Changed: Overhauled open object floater.
Changed: Version to 2.6.6.
Fixed: Pressing Cancel on the System UI notification opens preferences.
Fixed: Made the URL in the internal webbrowser readable.
Fixed: Shadow Projector sliders not properly syncing.
Fixed: Texture resolution not showing ontop of texture.
Fixed: Warnings in floater_texture_ctrl.xml caused by remnants from Nirans Viewer.
Removed: Unused shadow projector Resolution Multiplicator option.
Removed: Camera options from Machinima Sidebar.
Misc: Cleanup.
Misc: Pulled MAINT-7156 on Oz's suggestion.
MAINT-7156: do not use the server-supplied agent email when sending a postcard because it is obfuscated and not needed


Added: Extra Vector2 support, not as complete as Vector4 but everything needed for upcoming changes.
Added: Ability to control each projector's shadow resolution.
Added: Ability to ignore the System UI Scale change notification.
Changed: Use a Vector2 for projector shadow resolution.
Changed: Shadow allocation code to be faster and fix an issue with shadows staying when disabling them.
Changed: Inverted the System UI Scale notification answers to prevent it from opening preferences by default when ignoring it.
Changed: Use the developer always-on styled avatarlistitem only if i'm not in the friendlist, respect online status.
Changed: Replaced the Viewer icon on my developer entry with a "DEVELOPER" label.
Changed: Inverted the Moderator and Developer tag colors. Blue seems better for the Developer tag.
Changed: Don't allow Glow Width below 0.1, 0 would disable it.
Changed: Current Outfit scroll panel layout to match the other tabs.
Changed: Ignore NearMeRange debug for any radar like list and use a fixed 4800m range instead.
Changed: Version to 2.6.5.
Fixed: (POTENTIAL) Blue badge loadingscreen tip cutting off for unknown reasons.
Fixed: Login to anything other than "Last Location" doesn't work.
Fixed: German title for the quick presets floater cutting off.
Fixed: More artifacts in german main menu.
Misc: Updated most of the login panels internal code.
Misc: pipeline.cpp code fixup that got broken on revert.
Backed out changeset: 3abfd5d5c5c4 ~ having another stab at this.


Added: Show me as fake, temporary, permission-less friendlist entry in case the user doesn't have me in his friendlist to make contacting me easy.
Added: Use a special background and show a Viewer badge with tooltip on my friendlist entry to show that i'm the developer.
Changed: Made Tone Mapping and Color Correction default.
Changed: Left Shoulder and Right Shoulder camera preset look height angle.
Changed: Commented out some save snapshot code on Viewer cleanup. Unused.
Changed: Enable projector shadow toggle only if the light is a projector.
Changed: Don't show ourselves in the nearby avatar list.
Changed: Sorting to sort me (the developer) always at the top.
Changed: People panel nearby, friendlist, group, blocked and recent layouts to fix a huge bunch of minor icon clippings.
Changed: Blocked object icon size to prevent it from appearing washed out due to being scaled bigger than the texture size.
Changed: Show permission code, made it fire the entire block only if necessary.
Changed: Moderator/Developer chat tag code, compacted it.
Fixed: Several snapshot text boxes using hardly readable text colors.
Fixed: IM Chat line editor too high with multi-line disabled after fix for multi-line.
Fixed: German translation for the "Set Cache" button.
Fixed: Group icons being slightly cut off on the right in group chat toasts.
Misc: Code cleanup for commit f7e81eabbdcac58b6c8617d7749437c3200231b4 pointed out by Cinder.


Added: Huge UI size option for 4k display resolution.
Added: Option to toggle Environment Map on shiny surfaces in Deferred Rendering.
Changed: Made the blue badge loadingscreen tip a bit more clear.
Changed: Animation time and type for opening/closing the display tabs in preferences.
Changed: Allow webpages to be scaled with UI size again. Ugh.
Changed: Version to 2.6.3.
Fixed: Sunlight reflections are missing with SSR on. Thanks to Cynder Starfall for making me look into it.
Fixed: Gestures can't be deactivated via inventory right click menu entry "deactivate".
Fixed: IM/Groupchat chatbar doing weird stuff and bugging out with multiline enabled.
Misc: Cleanup.


Added: Checkbox to control weither a projector should cast a shadow or not. (LOCAL)
Added: Distance display to "Nearby" people panel.
Added: Loadingscreen tip for the Email verification.
Added: Cinematic Camera option to camera preferences tab.
Added: Scene Memory info to about floater.
Changed: Properly carry over the shader success signal when toggling shaders.
Changed: Improved SSAO defaults even further.
Changed: Improved some loadingscreen tips.
Changed: Improved scaling of text field widgets, fixes slider text fields having a slightly darker color at the bottom.
Changed: Improved SSR looks a bit.
Changed: Object Quality "Very High" to 7.5 and "Ultra" to 10.
Changed: Inventory filter being to big.
Changed: Version to 2.6.2.
Fixed: Warnings in panel_places.xml.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Floater Script Limits floater warnings and new size.
Fixed: German translation for the cycle link/face menu entries.
Fixed: Inventory inbox background not big enough.
Fixed: German translation in about floater containing weird symbols.
Fixed: Inventory inbox layout clipping.
Removed: Non-functional Normalmap Scale option from preferences.
Removed: Unused Blocked List menu entry.
Misc: Cleanup.
Merge with Release. (215 changes)


Added: Ability to change the cloud noise texture in edit sky floater, without restart this time around.
Added: Cloud Noise Maps from Nirans Viewer, tweaked the High Resolution one to be smaller.
Added: Loadingscreen tip system.
Added: 22 completely new tips, shorter and more helpful than before.
Added: Another cloud noise map.
Added: Downloading Update loadingscreen text. (Untested)
Changed: Most if not all notifications links about downloads and viewer versions to my own links.
Changed: Tweaks to SSAO smoothing.
Changed: Tweaked IM floater chat bar positioning and size, long overdue.
Changed: Loadingscreen layout.
Changed: Initial startup loading percentages.
Changed: Increased wearables wait timeout to lessen cases in which you are falsely presented with the choose sex dialog.
Changed: Allow parsing icons in chat, history and picks again.
Changed: Version to 2.6.1
Changed: Disabled showing Release Notes on first start on a new version.
Fixed: Shadows on certain material surfaces getting stuck when quick-toggling shadows.
Fixed: Several XUI warnings in a bunch of floaters.
Fixed: Warning about top toolbar tooltip missing.
Fixed: Bad middle segment toolbar button scaling.
Fixed: SSR Resolution slider duplicate in preferences - display.
Fixed: Release Notes popup link after update.
Removed: HTTP Inventory option from Preferences.


Added: Manually added RLVa back into the Viewer. Might need fixing.
Added: All necessary RLVa debugs.
Changed: Replaced llmin(llmax()) with the much simpler llclamp.
Changed: LLZoomer to set the zoom to 0.9 of the current value instead of dividing 1 by 1.1.
Changed: Massive Overhaul to the flycam code.
Changed: Clamped camera movement more reliable with extreme variable framerates.
Changed: Xbox360 Controller defaults a bit to match the new altered movement speed.
Changed: Enabled RLVa tab in Preferences.
Changed: Enabled RLVa submenu in Dragon main menu.
Changed: Version to 2.6.
Fixed: Stand/Stop/Flying button not clickable.
Fixes: Camera preset sliders not refreshing when pressing default.
Fixed: Zoom not taking effect immediately when smoothing is still active from previous smoothed zoom movement.
Fixed: Lineendings.
Fixed: RLVa, Compile.
Merge with RLVa.


Added: Option to toggle Motion Blur between "Everything" , "My Avatar & Objects" , "Objects Only".
Added: Option to control Screen Space Reflection's brightness.
Added: Selective De-Fullbright menu option, per feedback.
Changed: Unlocked already prepared SSR Brightness option in Machinima Sidebar.
Changed: Massive overhaul of the "Edit Shape" panel. Breaking all other edit wearables, they need fixing too.
Changed: Removed 3D previews of shape edit.
Changed: Made shape edit sliders much smaller and use less extra gap pixels between them.
Changed: Snapshot floater "Refresh" button label to "NEW SNAP" for when we translate it.
Changed: More Edit Wearables layout changes and layout consistency fixes.
Changed: Made some consistency changes to COF wearables panel to fit in with the other recent changes.
Changed: Version to 2.5.6
Fixed: Impostors being included in Motion Blur rendering.
Fixed (Workaround): Region Water flickering when its near the far clip plane with enabled Object Object Occlusion.
Fixed: Stand button clipping outside the Movement floater.
Fixed: Warns in floater_moveview.xml.
Fixed: Warns in panel_outfit_gallery.xml.
Fixed: Conversations button flashing forever.
Fixed: Alt keybinds having their mask and key strings on the wrong size creating weird labels.
Fixed: Newly introduced temp attachments tab broke the layout in Appearance - Outfits.
Merge with Bento RC


Changed: Stop cloud and water ripple movement while freezing the world.
Changed: Made sure Deferred shaders can only be toggled with Deferred enabled.
Changed: Made sure shadow maps can only be quick-allocated with Deferred enabled.
Changed: Make fast-toggling shaders return a proper value in case we ever want to use it for something.
Changed: Disallow setting any memory higher than 1992 or lower than 128 to prevent memory issues.
Changed: Limit the memory slider min value to 128mb and the max to 1992 in case the code doesn't do it.
Changed: Open the Appearance floater with the "My Outfits" tab instead of the "Outfit Gallery".
Changed: Moved chat tags into the avatar name cache call, should fix a rare case if tags being reverted/missing.
Changed: Use the GLManager's VRAM as max and include SL's usage into the memory calculations when not using a NVidia Card.
Changed: Disable Object Object Occlusion by default. (We might want to enable this in case of AMD Card)
Changed: Disable Spellcheck by default.
Changed: Version to 2.5.5
Fixed: Self-inflicted issue that broke toasting when local chat is in Convo floater and Convo floater is closed.
Fixed: (QUICKFIX) Sidebar vanishing when toggled off instead of sliding out.
Fixed: Toggling Godrays with Deferred disabled causes the Viewer to crash.
Fixed: Toggling SSR with Deferred disabled causes the Viewer to crash.
Fixed: Toggling Blur Light with Deferred disabled causes the Viewer to crash.
Fixed: Toggling SSAO with Deferred disabled causes the Viewer to crash.
Fixed: Toggling Shadows with Deferred disabled causes the Viewer to crash.
Fixed: Changing shadow resolution caused the shadow detail option to revert to its previous value.
Fixed: Only refresh and draw the Machinima Sidebar when its really visible but respect the slide animation.
Misc: Machinima Sidebar code cleanup.
Misc: Code Cleanup. Line Endings.
Misc: Make resetDeferredShaders() return a value so we can use it as boolean.
Misc: Made toggling shadows return a proper value in case we ever want to use it for something.
Misc: Massive preferences XML file cleanups.
Misc: Cleanup in sidebar XML files.
Misc: Slight code cleanup in llimview and llviewercontrol.
Misc: Cleanup some debugging code in llfloaterpreferences.
Merge with Bento


Added: Shadow Resolution sliders to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Screen Space Reflection Brightness slider to Machinima Sidebar. (Coming Soon)
Changed: Make progress panel background only appear when logging in.
Changed: Made Machinima Sidebar able to utilize coded functions.
Changed: Made Machinima Sidebar use the vector4 and vector3 functions to allow changing them properly.
Changed: Version to 2.5.4.
Misc: Line Endings and Code Cleanup.


Added: VRAM usage display to preferences.
Added: VRAM usage display to preferences.
Added: Changelog text block for 2.5.3. Template changes, need to fill in later.
Changed: Camera smoothness to it's intended default value.
Changed: Custom System Memory to be the default, force 128mb by default in code.
Changed: Texture console VRAM display, show colored segments to indicate what's taken by SL and what isn't.
Changed: Texture console memory display, renamed bars to Scene and System to match preferences.
Changed: Replaced the progress bar textures with more fitting ones.
Changed: Made Progress Screen transparent, changed it's layout for the new progressbar texture.
Changed: Moved OpenGL 3.0 Texture Compression option to top.
Changed: Made System and Scene Memory slider change max value depending on the available memory.
Changed: Default value of Scene Memory Debug to 256mb.
Changed: Made labeling for System Memory and GPU Memory Usage more clear.
Changed: Version to 2.5.3.
Fixed: Compile
Removed: Custom System Memory option.
Removed: Custom System Memory option from preferences.
Merge with Bento


Changed: Version to 2.5.2.
Merge with Linden VLC Release


Added: Pie Menu popup animation speed option to ui preferences.
Added: Chat history name background tagging for Mod + Dev and Developer only.
Changed: Pie Menu popup animation look.
Changed: Made alpha/dealpha able to alpha/dealpha single faces and multiple selected faces from different objects.
Changed: SSAO defaults, slightly less strong when multiple corners are close together.
Changed: Version to 2.5.1.
Changed: Login panel layout, added toggleable changelog.
Misc: Code tagging.


Added: Ability for Viewer to handle Vector4 control types.
Added: Ability to control every shadowmap size seperately and independently.
Added: Ability for preferences floater to utilize each of a Vector4's values.
Added: Ability to clear derender list without switching SIMs.
Added: Warnings for several options that may cause problems.
Added: Readded negative blur passes.
Added: Ability to control SSAO passes.
Added: Options to Preferences - Display to control the amount of samples for Shadow and SSAO blur.
Added: Light Softening option to Display Preferences.
Added: Light Softening option to Sidebar.
Added: Separators to display prefs to better separate groups of options.
Added: Separator image.
Added: Slider track backgrounds.
Added: Ability to define a second Slider Track background (from thumb to end).
Added: Second Slider track background for the track from thumb to end.
Added: Texture.xml reference for the Preferences separator.
Added: Debug to toggle between fast and slow customizable version of Light Blur.
Added: Basic play day cycle in 5 minute steps, no smooth transitions yet.
Added: Option and Code to toggle between fast and slow customizable version of Light Blur. Can be found in Display Preferences.
Added: Ability to change alpha/transparency of a color in the internal Color Picker.
Added: Ability to use multi line in the pie menu to prevent clipping.
Added: Option to ignore "Choose Sex" selection on login.
Added: Searchbar back to navigationbar.
Added: VRAM and system/scene memory usage information and bars.
Added: Reset Skeleton pie menu entry to all self and other people pie menus.
Added: Extended Skeleton submenu to Attach and Detach pie menus
Added: Missing Name_Rect.png.
Added: Print proper VRAM info together with the GPU Name and Vendor.
Added: Tree Quality option to preferences.
Added: Default flag for Normalmap Scale.
Added: Labels to separators in preferences - displays.
Added: Ability to disable transparency preview in color swatches.
Added: Fast Cache Fetch option to viewer preferences.
Added: Labels to separators in preferences - displays.
Added: Ability to disable transparency preview in color swatches.
Added: Fast Cache Fetch option to viewer preferences.
Added: Kill Alpha debug feature, to unalpha alphas while unalpha'ing alpha'd alphas.
Added: Derender menu entry, workaround to enable linked prims to be derendered.
Added: Ability to selectively alpha/unalpha objects or prims via the Dragon menu.
Added: Eject option to Pie Menus.
Added: Freeze option to Pie Menus.
Added: Dump XML option to Pie Menus.
Added: Debug Textures option to Pie Menus.
Added: Ability to switch between the old style high quality Depth of Field and the new faster but less precise one.
Added: High Quality Depth of Field option to preferences.
Added: High Quality Depth of Field option to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: A few more german translations, mainly the main shader toggles.
Added: Chat moderator and developer tag.
Added: Simple automatic SSAO/Shadow/DoF scaling option to scale these up/down for higher-than-window resolutions.
Changed: Motion Blur trigger threshold for alphas to the same of solid objects.
Changed: Shadow Resolution controls to use the new Vector4 controls.
Changed: Upped Shadow Resolution controls max limit to 6k
Changed: Shadow Resolution controls to have one slider for both width and height.
Changed: Allow Motion blur in Freeze Frame mode.
Changed: More consistency changes and code cleanup in Motion Blur.
Changed: Make the Fullbright toggle actually kill Fullbrights immediately. Added preparations for restoring them.
Changed: Made bind buttons display the currently bound key and masks.
Changed: Keybindings layout to make space for long labels.
Changed: Shadowmap resolutions, 2k for close, 4k for mid, 2k for far, 512 for very far.
Changed: Rigged all warnings to settings and made them display when certain criteria are met to inform the player about possibly negative performance impacts and problems.
Changed: Drastically increased SSAO strength now that it is much smoother again.
Changed: Default Shadow and SSAO Blur Samples to 8 (up from 4)
Changed: Split SSAO from Ambient Occlusion, making both toggeable invidually.
Changed: (Sideeffect) SSR now works without Ambient Occlusion or Shadows.
Changed: Make RenderDeferredBlurLight toggle AO now that SSAO is seperate.
Changed: sunLightSSAO shader to allow toggling of SSAO.
Changed: Renamed Ambient Occlusion setting to Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
Changed: Moved Screen Space Reflections (SSR) to Deferred Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Blur Slider to Light Softening.
Changed: Renamed and moved SSAO/Shadow Blur Quality to Light Softening.
Changed: Moved Extended Shadow Distance to the top shadow options.
Changed: Moved Depth of Field options tab below the SSAO options tab.
Changed: Renamed Ambient Occlusion to Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
Changed: Moved Screen Space Reflections to indicate that SSAO is no longer needed.
Changed: Light Softening tooltip in Preferences to match that of the Sidebar.
Changed: Made Deferred Rendering toggle everything at once.
Changed: Machinima Sidebar layout.
Changed: Moved Water Reflection options in Sidebar to the Deferred options.
Changed: Reorganized and moved Display Preferences.
Changed: Renamed Level of Detail tab to Quality.
Changed: Renamed Performance tab to Rendering.
Changed: Moved Avatar Physics option to Quality tab.
Changed: Moved Anisotropic Filtering option to Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved OpenGL Texture Compression option to Viewer tab.
Changed: Moved Enable Fullbright option to Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Render Unloaded Avatars option to Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Render Attached Lights option to Deferred Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Render Attached Particles option to Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Draw Distance slider to Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Particle Amount slider to Rendering tab.
Changed: Moved Terrain Texture Quality option to Quality tab.
Changed: Moved Sky Quality option to Quality tab.
Changed: Moved Reflection Amount option to Quality tab.
Changed: Moved Reflection Quality option to Quality tab.
Changed: Moved Post Process Quality option to Quality tab.
Changed: SSAO defaults.
Changed: Tone Exposure Red/Green/Blue defaults.
Changed: Moved and cleaned up preferences code slightly.
Changed: Make sliders use a background for the track from for left to the thumb position.
Changed: Nicer slider textures to go along with the new track backgrounds.
Changed: Layout of Edit Shape panel, cleaner and bigger.
Changed: Made some slight adjustments to Slider textures.
Changed: Use the correct reference to the Preferences separator image.
Changed: Visual separation and readability changes to Camera Preferences.
Changed: Visual separation and readability changes to Keybindings Preferences.
Changed: Visual separation and readability changes to Sound Preferences.
Changed: (Experimental) Enabled Materials rendering in reflections.
Changed: Make the agent recorder record 10 times faster, making it less of a camera/avatar jerk.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Alpha.
Changed: Set Window Size floater layout and style to match the new stylings in Preferences.
Changed: Increment steps of SSAO Factor slider to 0.01 for greater precision.
Changed: Applied SSAO Factor increment changes to Machinima Sidebar slider too.
Changed: Display preferences layout for better readability.
Changed: Joystick floater (Flycam Setup) layout and title colors to comfort the style used in preferences.
Changed: Made feathering sliders spinners for easier and more precise control.
Changed: Camera, Keybinds and Sound preferences layout slightly for visibility.
Changed: Applied the new preferences layout to UI Colors preferences tab.
Changed: Trigger threshold for texture memory warning raised to 1024mb total.
Changed: Make SSR stronger.
Changed: Disallow Third Person Steering mode in Mouselook.
Changed: Toggle Third Person Steering Mode off when switching to Mouselook.
Changed: Version to 2.5 - Alpha 2.
Changed: Pie Menu color, transparency, highlight and fading transparency.
Changed: Reworked all pie menus, removed old features, added new, reordered everything.
Changed: "Copy UUID" to "Copy Avatar UUID"
Changed: All necessary pie menu slices to use multi line.
Changed: Added an outer ring with a highlight indicating the slice is a menu.
Changed: Overhauled Pie Menu look, made it look more like an action wheel.
Changed: Applied tools floater layout to the inventory object profile panel.
Changed: Applied tools floater layout to the inworld object profile panel.
Changed: Don't waste time rendering an empty label in the pie menu.
Changed: (SSFUI) Use SLURL's for creator/owner and group name in the Object Profile.
Changed: (SSFUI) Use SLURL's for IM/Group messsage headers.
Changed: (SSFUI) Use SLURL's for online notifications.
Changed: Replaced Avatar Render Complexity debug options.
Changed: Seperated money notification into spend and receive options.
Changed: Don't halt startup progress because of "Choose Sex" dialog as our Avatar might actually appear regardless.
Changed: Disable RLVa by default. Especially now that its broken.
Changed: Make changing shadowmap resolutions fast and almost completely lag free.
Changed: Added additional snapshot floater improvements from STORM-2118.
Changed: Show marketplace listings and inbox folders regardless of settings.
Changed: First pass major overhaul of the texture console for readability and organization.
Changed: Moved Left Hand and Right Hand into their own submenu.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Beta.
Changed: Put left hand and right hand attachment slots into the "Hands" menu group.
Changed: Made Borderless Window Mode globally toggeable.
Changed: Layout of the "Banned Residents" subtab to match the other group tabs.
Changed: Show empty checkboxes on unselected graphic presets and checked checkboxes on selected ones.
Changed: Bulk ban layout slightly to fix clipping and consistency.
Changed: Don't print VRAM info on app startup start, that info is wrong.
Changed: Shorten precaching delay on login, roughly 5 seconds faster login.
Changed: Eliminate teleport arrival delay, 2 seconds faster teleport.
Changed: Reduced default shadow resolutions to 2048/2048/1024/512.
Changed: Reduced default shadow render distance to 64m.
Changed: Increased SSAO Factor precision to 3 decimal digits.
Changed: Increased max SSAO Blur Size to 1.0.
Changed: Increased max Linear White value to 50.
Changed: Increased max SSAO Factor value to 10.
Changed: Increased max range of SSAO Effect to -5 to 5.
Changed: Don't allow decimal digits for Windlight Transition Time until i fix the issues with it.
Changed: Fixed SSAO Factor Slider length.
Changed: Increased internal draw distance limit to 1024.
Changed: Max value of Draw Distance sliders increased to 1024.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Beta 2B.
Changed: Always toggle floaters instead of bringing them to front first.
Changed: Large scale RLVa and KB Patch removal, might remove it entirely until RLVa is updated.
Changed: SSAO Defaults, slightly stronger on distance, a lot softer, less pixelation on plain surfaces.
Changed: Tweaked non-opague appearance of color swatches for better visibility.
Changed: Tweaked checkerboard texture for better visibility in color swatches.
Changed: Replaced old External Browser option with new Browser Behavior option.
Changed: Slight display preferences separator line layout tweaks.
Changed: Tone Mapping slider range tweaks.
Changed: Disable Fast Cache Fetching by default, should improve stuttering when stuff is loading.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Gamma.
Changed: Always toggle floaters instead of bringing them to front first.
Changed: Large scale RLVa and KB Patch removal, might remove it entirely until RLVa is updated.
Changed: SSAO Defaults, slightly stronger on distance, a lot softer, less pixelation on plain surfaces.
Changed: Tweaked non-opague appearance of color swatches for better visibility.
Changed: Tweaked checkerboard texture for better visibility in color swatches.
Changed: Replaced old External Browser option with new Browser Behavior option.
Changed: Slight display preferences separator line layout tweaks.
Changed: Tone Mapping slider range tweaks.
Changed: Disable Fast Cache Fetching by default, should improve stuttering when stuff is loading.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Gamma.
Changed: Dropped kill fullbright LLInfos to LLDebugs.
Changed: Disable Fast Cache Fetch in code as well.
Changed: Disabled RLVa preferences tab.
Changed: Disabled RLVa menu in Dragon main menu.
Changed: Pie Menu layouts. Moved often used options into the first pie and often used extras into the 4 main directions.
Changed: Allow selecting worn rigged meshes via left-click.
Changed: Disabled Avatar turning around to face the object or attachment you are selecting.
Changed: Made derender able to derender multiple selected linked prims or objects.
Changed: Made realpha/dealpha able to realpha/dealpha multiple selected linked prims or objects.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Delta 2.
Changed: Disable the texture filtering in Depth of Field, lessens halo'ing drastically and increases the quality.
Changed: Added disabled toggle for future option to enable/disable local chat toasts with bubble chat enabled.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Delta 3.
Changed: Layout of the picks floater and the picks info panel.
Changed: Made rendering only reload shaders where necessary, eliminating freezes when toggling shaders.
Changed: Made changes to how shadowmaps are allocated.
Changed: Overhauled the layout of the appearance floater.
Changed: Reduced outfits per row to 2.
Changed: Reduced outfit item size to fit into the minimum floater width.
Changed: Colors of visual outfit browser to match the rest of the appearance floater.
Changed: Decapitalized german outfit tabs.
Changed: Inspect avatar toast layout, made available description space much bigger.
Changed: Disabled the collection of a few statistics that seem completely unnecessary and old.
Changed: Search bar is uncomfortably close to the clock in the english UI.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Ending Dragon. Marking the end of the active development cycle.
Fixed: Motion Blur not working on rigged meshes.
Fixed: Crash when rendering fitted mesh avatars with Motion Blur.
Fixed: Shadows on Alphas being broken/off.
Fixed: More shadowing on Alphas being broken/off.
Fixed: Motion Blur on alpha masked objects.
Fixed: Motion Blur on alpha masked rigged meshes.
Fixed: Motion Blur breaking on fitted mesh, fixed once and for all.
Fixed: A few more bind buttons being linked to the wrong slots.
Fixed: Freeze World always enabled when first opening the snapshot floater.
Fixed: Volumetric Lighting being broken/off since the shadow resolution changes were introduced.
Fixed: "Volumetric Lighting" being falsely written as "Volumtric Lighting".
Fixed: Shadows and lighting being broken when SSAO is off but shadows are on.
Fixed: Lighting being off when shadows are off but SSAO on.
Fixed: Shader level 1 soften light, alpha and material.
Fixed: Projector Shadow height not properly working.
Fixed: Underwater overworld image too bright. Taken from Alchemy.
Fixed: Fullbrights ignoring atmospheric haze. Taken from Alchemy.
Fixed: Description text box reaching outside of the script preview window.
Fixed: Right Shoulder Camera Preset sliders not working.
Fixed: Crash when defaulting the Right Shoulder Camera Preset.
Fixed: Differing lighting without SSAO/Shadows by forcing deferred shader level 2.
Fixed: Some layout inconsistencies in Machinima Sidebar.
Fixed: Alphas being broken on distance.
Fixed: Warning in floater_window_size.
Fixed: Warning in preferences floater.
Fixed: Several warnings about missing fonts used for languages we don't even support anymore.
Fixed: Set Window Size resolution buttons not working.
Fixed: Compile error in render pipeline.
Fixed: Wireframe mode in Deferred.
Fixed: Almost everything being invisible in non-Deferred.
Fixed: High UI/Find Widget frame spikes and errors of wrong control types.
Fixed: Right-Click touch being greyed out at all times.
Fixed: Bottom buttons in Places floater not clickable.
Fixed: (Potential) Some people not being able to turn on Deferred due to incompatibility with forced advanced shader level 2. Keep forcing shader level 2 as option.
Fixed: bindTexture and enableTexture spamming into the millions.
Fixed: Loading presets causes the display to go all crazy and breaking the display panel.
Fixed: Dragon main menu becoming invisible on certain aspect ratios.
Fixed: Spelling error.
Fixed: Viewer not able to show the notification it just received error.
Fixed: Absolutely devastated compile. Need to manually fix every, single, file, soon.
Fixed: Project cannot be setup because keys.xml is missing.
Fixed: Compile, again. RLVa and Graphic Presets broken, possibly more.
Fixed: About Viewer showing old unused info.
Fixed: Cannot save presets.
Fixed: Library folder being almost unreadable.
Fixed: Warnings about wrong settings type for RenderAutoMuteSurfaceAreaLimit debug.
Fixed: Warnings about wrong settings type for RenderAutoHideSurfaceAreaLimit debug.
Fixed: Auto derender ARC limit is set to LL's defaults.
Fixed: Warnings about missing textures.
Fixed: Warnings in camera floater.
Fixed: Warnings in movement floater.
Fixed: Warnings in notification console.
Fixed: Warnings in search floater.
Fixed: Warnings in active object row items.
Fixed: Warnings in preferences floater.
Fixed: Warnings in controls tab in preferences.
Fixed: Warnings in viewer tab in preferences.
Fixed: Loading presets caused the display tab to go all crazy if tabs were changed after logging in.
Fixed: Copy/Move to marketplace listings notification doesn't take input.
Fixed: Pie Menu causing login crashes with Bento attachment slots.
Fixed: Borderless Window Mode not toggling properly when using the graphic preset pulldown.
Fixed: Tabs not properly toggling when using the graphic preset pulldown.
Fixed: "Reset Skeleton" always being greyed out in all pie menus.
Fixed: "Extended Skeleton" submenu missing from the detach self pie menu.
Fixed: Missing "Banned Residents" subtab in group roles tab.
Fixed: Group roles subtab titles too long to fit in without scrolling.
Fixed: Vector 4 [VW] not causing a control change signal. This fixes Shadowmap 4 slider not working properly.
Fixed: Deferred being greyed out when the unused Debug 'RenderGlow' is off from previous versions.
Fixed: Erroneous merges and compiling issues.
Fixed: (Potential) Rare crash on logout due to destroyed Settings:: singleton being called.
Fixed: Motion Blur causing insta crashes with Bento avatars.
Fixed: Reset Skeleton still greyed out on our own attachment pie menu.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Allow Mouselook Grab option not working.
Fixed: Edit Sky Preset color swatches being almost completely transparent.
Fixed: Tools floater color swatches being almost completely transparent.
Fixed: Merge errors.
Fixed: Internal Browser Behavior option.
Fixed: Reset Skeleton still greyed out on our own attachment pie menu.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Allow Mouselook Grab option not working.
Fixed: Edit Sky Preset color swatches being almost completely transparent.
Fixed: Tools floater color swatches being almost completely transparent.
Fixed: Merge errors.
Fixed: Internal Browser Behavior option.
Fixed:(POTENTIAL) One very rare right click crash with pie menus.
Fixed: Fast Cache Fetch option keeps enabling/disabling itself on preferences close.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Fullscreen Window Mode.
Fixed: Attachment slots arrangement in Pie Menu with Bento attachment slots.
Fixed: Pie Menu not working on other avatars and attachments as well as on land.
Fixed: Crash when teleport.
Fixed: Crash while resetting the skeleton.
Fixed: "listen voice from" being inverted.
Fixed: (Potential) Random blackscreens, sometimes after clicking back into SL, causes invalid control error too.
Fixed: Borderless Window Mode crashing on activating it.
Fixed: Teleport Offer/Request rarely working.
Fixed: Warning due to broken tag in menu_people_nearby every time we right click someone in the People floater.
Fixed: Disabled Pie Menu sounds, some of them are corrupted, causing a short freeze on spawn.
Fixed: Warning about missing avatar_icon in every online notification.
Fixed: Snapshot to Inventory saving to Local instead.
Fixed: Guns not working in mouselook with mouselook grab disabled.
Fixed: XML parsing errors in floater_picks.
Fixed: XML parsing errors in panel_pick_list_item.xml
Fixed: Almost all compiling errors, still doesn't compile.
Fixed: Compile once and for all.
Fixed: Line Endings.
Fixed: Invalid token warning in panel_snapshot_postcard.xml.
Fixed: German translation for general preferences tab.
Fixed: German translation for display preferences tab.
Fixed: Don't render 100% transparent objects. Fixed by Marine.
Fixed: German translation for chat preferences tab.
Fixed: German translation for IM preferences tab.
Fixed: German translation for privacy preferences tab.
Fixed: Display tab clipping Vignette options.
Fixed: Chat scroll panel having the wrong name.
Fixed: Blackness when turning off Blur Light after turning off SSR/SSAO and Shadows.
Removed: Unnecessary Motion Blur code.
Removed: Shadow Resolution Multiplier.
Removed: Experimental Code that slipped into the commit.
Removed: Commented out obselete, spammy keybinding debug information.
Removed: Shadow Distance blur (again), overblurs projectors way too much.
Removed: Ability to toggle anything below Deferred Rendering. Deferred on or off only now.
Removed: Ability to toggle Bumpmaps.
Removed: Ability to toggle Hardware Skinning.
Removed: Ability to toggle Post Process Glow.
Removed: Ability to toggle Vertex Shaders.
Removed: Ability to toggle Atmospheric Shaders.
Removed: Transparent Water option from Sidebar.
Removed: Vertex Shaders option from Sidebar.
Removed: Atmospheric Shaders option from Sidebar.
Removed: Hardware Skinning option from Sidebar.
Removed: Bumpmap option from Sidebar.
Removed: Post Process Glow option from Sidebar.
Removed: Basic Light Amount options.
Removed: Basic Options tab.
Removed: Basic display tab code.
Removed: 800x600 Resolution from Set Window Size floater.
Removed: Shadow Occlusion.
Removed: First shadow split offset. (Seems to fix the ugly double-shadow on some windlight presets)
Removed: RenderShadowType control call.
Removed: Greater/Smaller than symbols as they are no longer used as indicator for a menu.
Removed: Pie Menu separator lines.
Removed: Spammy debugging code for pie menus.
Removed: Derender Avatars over byte limit option.
Removed: PresetGraphicActive Debug double.
Removed: A potential crash fix. Didn't work.
Removed: All other language files to prevent the Viewer from ever loading them via system default.
Misc: Cleaned up sunLightSSAOF shader a bit.
Misc: Doing some cleanup in Viewer Shader Manager.
Misc: Doing some cleanup in the Render Pipeline.
Misc: Cleaned up softenLight shader a bit.
Misc: Some Vector4 implementation cleanups. VW still not triggering a callback.
Misc: Viewer care and feeding, cleanup and unbreaking more tiny stuff that will never make a difference.
Misc: Pie Menu code cleanup.
Misc: Shadow Allocation code cleanup.
Misc: Rough major code sync to Bento.
Misc: Additional mini code sync to Bento.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Part 1.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Part 2.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Part 3.
Misc: Major self-code cleanup, added lots of missing comment tags. Last Part.
Misc: Code line ending cleanup.
Misc: Toybox commands cleanup.
Misc: Small cleanups in viewer preferences.
Misc: Toybox commands cleanup.
Misc: Small cleanups in viewer preferences.
Misc: Properly close our files in llviewerkeyboard.
Misc: Cleanup, misc merges and probably stuff that gets removed in the next big cleanup.
Misc: more misc stuff that might be removed.
Misc: Massive RLVa code removal and some Linden/Bento merging. (Part 1)
Misc: Removed last bits of RLVa. (Part 2)
Misc: Removed a few more stray RLVa bits.
Misc: Merge cleanup.
Misc: Added more code commenting/tagging.
Misc: More merge cleanups.
Misc: Corrected spelling a error.
Misc: Cleaned up some previous experiments in llviewermenu.
Misc: Line endings fix.
Misc: Cleanup in snapshot floater code.
Misc: More tagging in llviewershadermgr.cpp.
Misc: Cleanup and tagging in llfloatersnapshot.cpp/h and pipeline.cpp/h.
Misc: Cleanup and optimization in llviewershadermgr.cpp.
Merge with Release 4.0.5 (~620 changes)
Merge with Release 4.0.6 (~300 changes)
Merge with Bento
Merge with Bento
Merge with Bento
Merge with RLVa
Merge with Bento
Merge with RLVa
Merge with Linden Release
Merge with Bento
Merge with Bento
Merge with Release

Snapshot Floater enhancements:
Added: Remember last snapshot mode in snapshot floater.
Added: Ability to use the separated, resizable big snapshot preview to the main snapshot floater.
Fixed: Flickr, Twitter and Facebook floater not showing in Mouselook without disabled hide UI in Mouselook.
Fixed: Motion Blur not resetting properly.
Fixed: Rotate Thresholds getting set to 0 on first floater opening.
Fixed: Auto Refresh not working, it is still buggy though.
Fixed: Autosnapshot not working. It still is a bit buggy, does 3-4 snapshots in a row.
Fixed: Snapshot file format changes to JPG when switching back from 'Save to Inventory'.
Fixed: Snapshot floater handles freeze world again when we press the shortcut while it's already open.
Changed: Slight layout changes to Snapshot floater.
Changed: Freeze Frame into Freeze World, it will now freeze the entire world and allows proper camming around.
Changed: Do not intercept any mouseclicks at all when the snapshot floater is open.
Changed: Unified saving snapshots to disk and as texture.
Changed: Made Freeze World non persistant over sessions.
Changed: Don't change our settings when we enter Freeze World mode, instead just set those values directly for as long as we are in this mode.
Removed: Fullscreen preview from Freeze Frame, it was broken and laggy.
Removed: Fix for Freeze Frame in Report Abuse floater.
Removed: Freeze Frame and Fullscreen preview condition from auto-refresh.
Misc: Slight cleanup and removal.

Added: Experimental Cinematic Headtracking Camera. Wobbly fun stuff.
Added: Checkbox to lock all offset, scaling and rotation spinners for all texture channels together.
Fixed: Quick media button not working anymore.
Fixed: Particles sometimes flashing white. Found by Singularity.
Fixed: Screen frame in frame when Volumetric Lighting is enabled and DoF resolution is smaller than 1.0.
Changed: Allow holding ALT key to restore old pie menu behavior and allow menu's in Mouselook for future changes. Menu's currently don't work as they are blocked elsewhere still.
Changed: Slight optimization to directional volumetric lighting shader code.
Changed: Cleaned up my old Rotation Speed feature a bit.
Removed: Defunct "ShowMiniLocationPanel" Debug Setting.
Removed: Defunct "SecondLifeEnterprise" Debug Setting.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightColor" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightThickness" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightBrightness" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightFadeTime" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHoverGlowEnable" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderShadowSlopeThreshold" Debug Setting.
Removed: Defunct "RenderShadowNearDist" Debug Setting.
Removed: 0.2m minimum distance over and below water surface, we can smoothly transition through water now.
Removed: Limitation that prevented the camera from being smoothed when moved really fast (example: when zoomed out really far).
Removed: Some leftover code that is now obselete.

Fixed: Hide chat on return reverts to default after relog.
Fixed: Automatically hide chat on focus loss reverts to default after relog.
Fixed: Allow walking backwards reverts to default after relog.
Fixed: Windlight transitions revert to default after relog.
Fixed: Media button not working anymore.

Changed: Raised SSAO Factor's max value in Machinima Sidebar to 100.
Fixed: Sound and Media buttons in statusbar only work after a few clicks.
Fixed: Chromatic Aberration sometimes setting itself to a random value when 0.0 is set as strength. Some cards don't assume 0 as default if a value hasn't a defined value.

Added: (WIP) Customizable keybindings.
Added: Chromatic Aberration feature to shaders, not sure about the place, might push it around some shaders.
Added: Hover Height option to pie menus.
Added: Chromatic Aberration slider to Machinima Sidebar and Preferences.
Added: Greyscale Strength slider to Preferences.
Added: Posterization Samples slider to Preferences.
Added: Sepia Strength slider to Preferences.
Changed: Loadingscreen percentage calculations a bit.
Changed: Space + Alt to "Spin Over" when controlling the camera, instead of E + Alt.
Fixed: Loadingscreen percentage going over 100%.
Fixed: Crash on disconnect.
Fixed: Crash when right clicking certain broken meshes.
Fixed: Compile. We should always return a value if we are expecting one.
Fixed: NVidia 350 driver series going nuts when enabling directional volumetric lighting. Don't stuff vectors into floats.
Fixed: Freeze Frame causing issues when reporting someone. Temporarly disable Freeze Frame while we do the actual shot and restore it later if we had it on.
Fixed: Snapshot floater opens on second and further snapshot when Abuse Report is opened.
Removed: Screen Teleport delay.
Removed: Foot Shadows once and for all. They were useless for way too long.
Misc: Removal of unneeded parts in main_view.xml
Misc: Cleaned up some old stuff.
Misc: Shader cleanup after experiments.

Fixed: Crash in imagegl.cpp "bad number of components for texture: 5".
Fixed: Directional Volumetric Lighting being broken.
Fixed: Output/Input panel in Sound Preferences not working anymore.

2.4.2 Release

Added: Ability to toggle single-line mode in local and IM.
Added: Multi Line Chat option to preferences.
Changed: Make environment changes persistant across logins by default.
Changed: Depth of Field Resolution to 1.0 by default.
Changed: Raised Light Brightness max value to 30 up from 15.
Changed: Adjusted Hover Height floater.
Changed: Make light falloff step in smooth instead of suddenly appearing.
Changed: Allow Light Brightness slider to go down to 0.1 and up to 60 now that the falloff is smooth.
Changed: Lowered max value for Light Resolution slider down to 128, everything higher doesn't make any noticable visual difference.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: Machinima Sidebar button not working.
Fixed: Depth of Field Resolution below 1.0 causes a frame in frame.
Fixed: Camera Angle not working in preferences and machinima sidebar.
Fixed: Snapshot floater appearing on successive snapshots.
Fixed: Do not disable Depth of Field (and glow with it) when clicking HUDs.
Fixed: Crash when opening Report Abuse.
Fixed: Texture Memory sliders not working anymore unless Custom Memory is disabled.
Fixed: Chat going into multi-line mode even in single-line mode when copying text into the chatbar.
Removed: Camera is underwater condition for depth of field. It is supported by default since Materials.
Removed: Don't try to calculate the world view without UI because we use the entire window for world rendering anyway.
Merge with Linden Tiger
Merge with Linden Release
MAINT-202 FIXED Can't open scripts in copied objects individually on the viewer2
MAINT-729 FIXED Hide popup menu (which belongs to old chiclet) when new chiclet arrives.
MAINT-1333 FIXED Disable "for sale" controls for attached prim
MAINT-1654 FIXED object context menu redraws and repositions some time after being opened.
MAINT-1662 FIXED Disable menu items for attached objects.
MAINT-1774 FIXED Don't open preview texture floater if user clicks "Cancel" button.
MAINT-1789 FIXED Object inspector doesn't show any information about object if user uses Select Only My Objects option
MAINT-1861 FIXED Texture doesn't appear in Inventory after using 'Copy to inventory' button
MAINT-1863 FIXED 'Delete' button is always disabled for Notecard that was opened from object's content
MAINT-1871 FIXED Don't allow moving avatar while changing camera position.
MAINT-1884 FIXED "Shortcut Key" text label is overlapped by drop-down lists in Preview floater when user opened more then one gesture
MAINT-1998 FIXED 'Open' menu item is absent in pop-up menu for notecard marked for sale from object's content
MAINT-2131 FIXED "Copy" menu item is enabled for folders in "My inventory" panel inside "Places>My Landmarks" tab
MAINT-2336 FIXED Avatar continues to move in edit mode
MAINT-2477 FIXED Environment settings won't persist across logins by default, but it may be changed by using EnvironmentPersistAcrossLogin setting
MAINT-2590 FIXED Linked HUDs attached directly from inworld are invisible
MAINT-2742 FIXED Duplicate Display Names appear once in share picker
MAINT-2759 FIXED Touch is greyed out when right clicking on child prims in a touchable linkset if the script uses a reset on rez
MAINT-3067 FIXED Show context menu when right clicking avatar name in the list. Bumps, Pushes and Hits moved to Help from Develop menu
MAINT-3202 FIXED Cancel of selected colour in "Colour picker" floater does not return colour icon to previous condition
MAINT-3205 FIXED Normal map thumbnail icon lacks "Multiple" text when last-selected face lacks a normal map
MAINT-3208 FIXED Confusing button state when working with multiple textures and the default texture is the last selected.
MAINT-3240 Don't show avatar if it's in mute list
MAINT-3418 FIXED Button truncation in some non-English Estate floaters
MAINT-3457 FIXED List of notecard content is shifted while resize of notecard window
MAINT-3483 FIXED Cursor is not in input field, after double click on resident in Nearby chat
MAINT-3488 FIXED Pose balls are sometimes invisible after standing up until zooming camera closer
MAINT-3494 FIXED Generate Normals checkbox does not control generation of normals.
MAINT-3529 FIXED Certain pathcuts made to a cube cause some faces to not react to sunlight or local lights
MAINT-3560 FIXED Unused setting MaxFPS was deleted
MAINT-3585 FIXED Viewer Crashes when attempting to upload image.
MAINT-3648 FIXED Allow opening URLs when any text is selected.
MAINT-3800 FIXED Remove the draw distance reference in the viewer when alt-camming on terrain.
MAINT-4092 FIXED Prim faces with opaque diffuse maps, with material set to ALPHA_MODE_BLEND, do not render
MAINT-4096 FIXED Object's new land impact is not shown in build tool until new face or prim in linkset is selected, after adding or removing only material to/from child prim
MAINT-4169 FIXED Suppress initial display of the path portion of URLs from other users and scripts
MAINT-4301 FIXED failed script upload makes the wait cursor stick
MAINT-4435 FIXED fix in llvolume.cpp
MAINT-4342 FIXED Height text-box value decreases after it was set to a specific value
MAINT-4499 FIXED Forgotten password button is not aligned with Password input field
MAINT-4554 FIXED Show group name and open group profile for group-owned objects.
MAINT-4555 FIXED Floater opens in the bottom right corner overlapping Conversations floater
MAINT-4567 FIXED is not parsed correctly in viewer-lion
MAINT-4576 FIXED Damage Icon always displays regardless of land setting.
MAINT-4581 FIXED Flickr slurl links break on some regions with spaces in the region name
MAINT-4582 FIXED Certain URLs which end contain secondlife.com or lindenlab.com incorrectly open the Place Profile floater
MAINT-4597 FIXED Show emoted name according to name settings in preferences.
MAINT-4602 FIXED URLs are not highlighted as URLs in chat view when preceding an internal URL
MAINT-4614 - fix viewer warning about bad membership list update
MAINT-4617 FIXED Viewer chews on "Inventory->Open and Select" until inventory received or recent items selected
MAINT-4619 FIXED Using Align Planar Faces on flexible prims causes viewer to crash
MAINT-4621 FIXED start new session with the caller (if it doesn't exist) and only then show autoreject message
MAINT-4645 FIXED [viewer-lion] The build tool shows normal or specular map as 'none' when one exists
MAINT-4657 FIXED Objects can appear to have wrong 'for sale' type when viewed in inventory
MAINT-4660 FIXED making Photos
MAINT-4662 FIXED Packet Loss always shows zero in the statistics floater
MAINT-4682 FIXED Viewer won't clear AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN while sitting
MAINT-4683 FIXED Display SLURLs with incorrect coordinates as regular URLs.
MAINT-4690 FIXED forced send_agent_update(TRUE) in idle() results in large amounts of useless UDP traffic
MAINT-4691 Restored price labels in Object profile panel
MAINT-4699 FIXED notifications list is out of order
MAINT-4700 FIXED Viewer cursor defaults to 'grab' mode when clicking on child prim of linkset that was recently physical and sat-upon
MAINT-4704 FIXED Don't show warning message for "region" item, when fixed sky is used.
MAINT-4708 better grouping of ack messages between viewer and server
MAINT-4710 FIXED The 'Copy to inventory' button should be disabled in Texture preview floater when permissions forbid it
MAINT-4718 FIXED Enable Open menu item even if texture is no-copy.
MAINT-4726 FIXED Strange camera roll when using freeze frame in snapshot floater
MAINT-4735 FIXED Need to press Ctrl+W twice to close floater
MAINT-4739 FIXED Restore cursor when WorldMap floater loses focus.
MAINT-4740 FIXED Context menus left on screen when closing floater with Ctrl+W
MAINT-4755 FIXED Asset on Screen Causes Sudden FPS Drop
MAINT-4766 FIXED Reset camera to default after disabling Automatic position for: Appearance option.
MAINT-4769 FIXED Teleport history timestamp text is truncated for AM times.
MAINT-4773 FIXED Some transparent textures are rendered as white.
MAINT-4777 FIXED Confusing 'Save changes?' dialog when hitting the Delete button in notecard edit floater
MAINT-4799 FIXED Show complete avatar names in confirmation dialog.
MAINT-4804 FIXED Viewer gets stuck in mode sending email with snapshot if that fails
MAINT-4833 Fixed Warning treated as error
MAINT-4943 FIXED Crash on location
MAINT-4967 FIX - log spam removed
MAINT-4971 FIXED [MAINT-RC] Own avatar is often totally invisible at login with no way to fix apart from a relog. Other avatars are also often invisible.
MAINT-4973 FIXED  Clicking on the green part of links (as opposed to the grey) opens the wrong link in all places apart from in a conversation window or chat toast.
MAINT-4974 FIXED Complete name should be used in LLAvatarActions::buildResidentsString only when building name string for share confirmation dialogs
MAINT-4975 FIXED Sender's name is hidden out of view for inventory offer popups and payment popups
MAINT-5023 URIparser crash in LLUrlEntryBase::urlToLabelWithGreyQuery
MAINT-5024 crash in LLInspectToast
SL-92 - Can edit hover height via slider

2.4.2 Beta

Added: Debug to disable Alpha inclusion in depth map for Depth of Field. Fixes strange behavior of DoF on Alphas but also introduces small new problems.
Added: Debug to disable directional volumetric lighting.
Added: Directional Volumetric Lighting option to preferences.
Added: Custom System Memory option and make sure we have a separate slider for the "linked" memory version.
Added: Option to exclude Alphas from Depth of Field depthmap calculations. Can be used to fix strange lighting with Volumetric Lighting when DoF is on as well as annoying sudden blurring of DoF on alphas.
Added: Godray falloff debugs allowing us to set a brightness falloff over distance.
Added: Volumetric Light Falloff slider to Machinima Sidebar and Display Preferences.
Added: Directional Volumetric Lighting toggle to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Include Alphas into depth calculation toggle to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: [WIP] Informative System for Preferences to tell possible performance breakers and problems that could occour with certain options.
Added: Chat Color for Friends.
Changed: Fix inconsistent labeling of Volumetric Lighting options.
Changed: Cleaned up volumetric lighting shader.
Changed: Tweaked FXAA a bit, overall slightly better quality, less texture blurring.
Changed: Make RenderGodraysDirectional reload shaders so we get to see the change after toggling it.
Changed: Make sure we set a reasonable default amount for System and Scene Memory in case the user has set Texture Memory to 0.
Changed: Allow original Texture Memory slider to go down to 0 (automatic). Do not allow the new sliders to go there, the automatic default memory is just for emergency cases (or debug changes).
Changed: Make DoF reload shaders, slows it down a bit but seems the most sane solution right now for the Volumtric Light glow issue.
Changed: Make Volumetric Lighting reload GL instead of shaders, speeds toggling up a lot.
Changed: Made glow stronger on objects with the glow trait set without overkilling the sky too much (hopefully).
Changed: Made SSAO wider, more SSAO, strength stays the same.
Changed: Tweaked Glow settings a bit more, should be almost the same as LL Default, tho additionally with my soft surface glow.
Fixed: Region water and void water having differing heights resulting in a cut off water plane when looking from far out on the ocean.
Fixed: Push Volumetric Light shader below FXAA so it doesn't neutralize FXAA the brighter godrays become.
Fixed: System Memory slider does not refresh and set a new texture memory value.
Fixed: XML parsing warnings in main_view.xml
Fixed: Sidebar not working anymore.
Fixed: Post Process Glow not showing up in Volumetric Lighting unless DoF is enabled.
Fixed: Glow Strength slider not working.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: More compiling issues.
Fixed: Half unreadable About Viewer text color.
Fixed: About Land owner list not working anymore.
Fixed: nolink>[NAME] is [STATUS]. Temporarly until LL fixes their uriparser.
Removed: Underwater Depth of Field options, they serve no purpose anymore since Materials's introduction.
Removed: "PrevGlow", "PrevFoV", "UseMachinimaSidebarAsOverlay", "PreferencesPanelOpen" and their unnecessary code.
Removed: Old Godrays code from dofCombineF.glsl.
MAINT-1885 FIXED Don't allow to sit while in Editing appearance mode.
MAINT-2056 FIXED Demote the messages to DEBUG level to prevent spam
MAINT-2560 FIXED Show name of source avatar above crosshair
MAINT-2560 reverted
MAINT-2565 FIXED Show texture information in one toast
MAINT-2701 restore 10 translated strings that were lost during an earlier dev merge (see Jira screenshots for details)
MAINT-3562 FIXED Viewer crashes when updating local textures using Substance Designer : add code for control input buffer size
MAINT-3666 FIXED Update modifiers when viewer window becomes key window
MAINT-3788 FIXED [Profile Notes] CTRL+cursor (e.g. CTRL+LEFT ARROW) doesn't work in the profile notes editor.
MAINT-3853 FIXED Add llTeleportAgent Notification to the Notification List so it can be set to 'never show'
MAINT-3941 Left-clicking on the "Mute when minimized" label doesn't toggles the display of the check mark
MAINT-3959 FIXED Prim size reverting to default size when scaled down and shift copied
MAINT-4119 FIXED Uniquely decorate links on Second Life or Linden Lab domains
MAINT-4170 Eliminate homoglyphs in URL hostnames: used 3p-uriparser;
MAINT-4291 FIXED Spelling mistake in llGodLikeRezObject
MAINT-4329 FIXED scales each image *twice* for no apparent reason : patchset #2
MAINT-4345 FIXED User names are not retained when switching grids
MAINT-4386 FIXED Text in statistics is cut off by the scrollbar in the statistics floater
MAINT-4398 FIXED Moving view away from selected prims causes some to deselect themselves since viewer-interesting
MAINT-4415 FIXED Speak button does not become enabled after enabling voice on parcel, if voice was disabled upon parcel entry
MAINT-4433 FIXED Don't start changing scale on first click.
MAINT-4434 FIXED Update "Total land in use" and "Land available" when saving changes.
MAINT-4437 FIXED Spillover Branch shows when it should not
MAINT-4440 FIXED Bad colors for spillover menu in viewer-lion
MAINT-4341 FIXED Pixel width and height of the preview is not matched to value of Width or Height text-box in the “Snapshot to inventory” window
MAINT-4434 FIXED Mainland land deeding amounts bugged
MAINT-4448 FIXED Avatar often stops animating when being animated by an intan solo dance ball on Interesting based viewers only.
MAINT-4455 FIXED stats - UDP Data should not show any comma
MAINT-4458 FIXED Enable/disable combobox instead of changing its visibility.
MAINT-4464 FIXED Viewer displays L$ balance of 'L$20' when L$ service is unavailable
MAINT-4473 FIXED Don't erase logs location path on pressing Cancel button.
MAINT-4481 FIX [viewer-lion] Linux build fails due array-bounds issue in llmanipscale.cpp
MAINT-4482 FIXED [viewer-lion] Mac build fails due to weirdo LLTextBase::normalizeUri() issue
MAINT-4492 FIXED Danish and Polish need to be removed as choices from Preferences
MAINT-4497 FIXED Use uriparser to find actual domain name.
MAINT-4501 FIXED Viewer spams error message if it can't find an audio device
MAINT-4545 FIXED simplebot.dae rigged mesh no longer uploads
MAINT-4548 & MAINT-4557 FIXED build issues

Added: (EXPERIMENTAL) Ability to change system memory and current scene memory seperately.
Added: Browser options tab in preferences floater.
Added: Really experimental godray calculation, looks smoother and works on alpha, bugs on particles.
Added: Ability to select rigged meshes when in build mode and right clicking them. (From Kitty)
Added: Volumetric Lighting (experimental godrays) into a seperate shader, fixing a lot of issues. Same issues with particles Depth of Field suffers.
Added: Seperate Texture and Scene Memory sliders to preferences.
Added: Default buttons to System and Texture memory sliders.
Changed: Swap "Members" and "Roles" tabs so "Members" is the second tab and selected first for unknown reasons.
Changed: Allow right clicking rigged mesh attachments.
Changed: Shrink button toybox to make it fit with our fewer buttons again.
Changed: Quiet Snapshot to Disk to on by default.
Changed: Cleaned up preferences floater internally, should increase first start performance a bit. Still freezes for a few seconds tho.
Changed: Renamed Godrays to Volumetric Light (since it is more of a volumetric light feature than godrays only now).
Changed: Rearranged display preferences panel, made it clearer which options belong to each other.
Changed: Reorganized display preferences slightly, make it more distinct which options belong together.
Fixed: Chiclets being invisible and positioned way above where they should be.
Fixed: Make sure we don't show a scroll wheel in the Login background in case we use websites.
Fixed: Long standing water hurling issue, increased the distance at which water starts hurling massively preventing it from hurling in visible space.
Fixed: Long standing water ripple issue in which water has switching sections of stretched/squeezed textures, especially noticeable on open water.
Fixed: Long standing water ripple issue in which water has switching sections of stretched/squeezed textures, especially noticeable on open water. (Non Deferred)
Fixed: Long standing water hurling issue, increased the distance at which water starts hurling massively preventing it from hurling in visible space. (Non Deferred)
Fixed: Vignette Multiplier being cut out of the panel at the bottom.
Fixed (TEMP): Renamed notification well to prevent it from hiding until i find the place they are hiding it.
Fixed: Only use the Godrays shader if we enabled Godrays.
Fixed: Preferences freezing the Viewer for quite some time when opened the first time. Preload it on start.
Fixed (EXPERIMENTAL): Sort the friendlist when refreshing them the next time (on reopen as example).
Fixed: Deferred Rendering shutting down due to godrays when disabling shadows. Make sure godrays are a class 1 shader.
Removed: Godrays glsl from softenLightF.glsl now that Godrays have their own shader.
Removed: Godrays glsl from cofF.glsl now that Godrays have their own shader.

Misc: Added an experiment in shaders, might use it someday.
(Possibly) Fixed: RLVa detach and re-attach issues via RLVa commands.
(Possibly) Fixed: Crash caused by the connection issues panel when the region becomes invalid.
Fixed: Compiling.
Changed: Max. value for Video Memory in Display Settings to 1024mb.
Changed: Increment steps for Shadow Blur Size in Display Settings to 0.1.
Changed: Hide the connection issues panel from start to prevent it from popping up for a second on login.
Changed: Friendlist layout, removed accordions and facebook integration, sort by online status by default.
Changed: Appearance floater outfit status color.
Changed: Show worn items in Appearance as italic instead of bold.
Changed: Beacon color to Steam blue-ish.
Merge with Linden Release
MAINT-1192 FIXED Empty folders remain in the recent items tab of inventory until relog
MAINT-1849 FIXED Disable 'Rename' menu item when multiple items are selected.
MAINT-2699 FIXED Disable voice and release mic button when status is changed to STATUS_VOICE_DISABLED.
MAINT-3391 FIXED Sounds no longer play directly when double clicking in inventory.
MAINT-3440 (Refix) Viewer freezes and not responding after trying to open 5 new media browsers tabs directed to yahoo.com link
MAINT-3511 FIXED When one surface of mesh object is set transparent all object is invisible : compare rotation quaternions with predefined epsilon
MAINT-3569 FIXED Handle window hide/unhide and minimize/unminimize events on mac.
MAINT-3964 FIXED Textures with Alpha won't Animate on Rigged Mesh when worn : fix in shader (mul texcoord to tex matrix), array's optimization
MAINT-3967 FIXED Up arrow key does not move the cursor up in chat field.
MAINT-4086 FIXED Limit the number items "Replace Current Outfit" or "Wear" applies to COF folder is also limited now.
MAINT-4092 FIXED Prim faces with opaque diffuse maps, with material set to ALPHA_MODE_BLEND, do not render when ALM is enabled
MAINT-4158 WIP - fix for at least some forms of distortion. I can't repro the drastic height changes, so not positive it addresses that.
MAINT-4196 WIP, including clearer inventory warnings for attachment errors
MAINT-4210 FIXED Don't try to replace wiki-link with label if it's not correct(contains url in label part).
MAINT-4218 Adding clothing from inventory closes THAT clothing folder and hides THAT folder
MAINT-4238 FIXED Accept new types of tokens/delimiters as well as TT_WORD
MAINT-4239 FIXED Buttons are added to Object contents floater
MAINT-4253 FIXED Don't call setSelection() twice.
MAINT-4254 FIXED Don't change selection in Inventory panel when image's uuid is null.
MAINT-4255 FIXED In the Edit menu when opening the texture picker for normal map selection and clicking Cancel the already applied texture is changed to None even with or without any prior change or if the prior applied texture was full perms.
MAINT-4289 FIXED [BEAR] Recent Items "Reset Filters" not working correctly
MAINT-4293 FIXED Very slow inventory fetch
MAINT-4304 FIXED Avatar stuck running if releasing shift during double-tap strafe
MAINT-4305 FIXED Viewer sometimes crashes when pasting an invalid character into a script.
MAINT-4317 FIXED the Joystick Configuration help link does not point to the correct page.
MAINT-4322 FIXED Re-assert DND tag animation if it was cancelled by script, when DND mode is still active
MAINT-4323 FIXED Mouselook - right-click locks cam position (mac-only)
MAINT-4334 FIXED Request confirmation from the user when paying another avatar to ensure that the destination avatar and L$ amount is correct and intended before the money is sent
MAINT-4363 FIXED In-use script dialogs and pending inventory offers are forced out of view and into their chiclet every time a new conversation is started by another resident or a new group chat session opens
MAINT-4368 FIXED Statistics floater - Object Cache Hit Rate, Cache Hit Rate and Cache Read latency graphs display incorrectly
MAINT-4397 FIXED It's possible to size the viewer window where some menus will draw beyond its bounds
MAINT-4422 FIXED Inventory re-sorts itself if any of the Filters are enabled and you detach an item from your Avatar
MAINT-4432 FIXED Packets Lost under Help -> About Second Life does not display correctly
MAINT-4438 FIXED Warning message is changed to debug message.
MAINT-4537 WIP - order of operations during outfit change
MAINT-4545 FIXED simplebot.dae rigged mesh no longer uploads
MAINT-4606 WIP - handle removing attachments that contain multiple mesh objects
SL-90 FIX - support folder_name option in wear_folder SLURL
SL-93 WIP - refactoring LLPosOverrideMap for reusability
BUG-7698, BUG-7688, BUG-7694 (others)  CDN connection issues.

Fixed: Group Notices text editor using unreadable text colors.
Fixed: Chicletbar positioning itself over the netstats when there is no sys well.
Removed: Cleaned up textures.xml, should preload load a few small textures less now.
Removed: Old unused textures.

Added: Made some new parcel property icons.
Added: Option to toggle if we want to see Merchant Outbox/Inbox folders in our inventory.
Changed: Move damage icon in navbar to the far left of all icons.
Changed: Script Editor layout.
Changed: Made Keyboard controls loadable without relog.
Fixed: Conversations shortcut.
Fixed: Massive double code removal and code fixes all over the place to make it compile with the latest RLVa merge.
Fixed: Original object name is still visible while renaming objects.
Fixed: A warning in floater_world_map.xml
Fixed: A warning in menu_viewer.xml.
Fixed: 1-2 second freezes when entering/leaving Mouselook with hide UI disabled.
Removed: Double RLVa entries after RLVa merge.
Removed: Doubles in notifications after RLVa merge.
Removed: Cleaned up About Black Dragon floater a bit.
Removed: Last Snapshot created when logging out or getting disconnected, we don't use it anyway. (We also crash on dc anyway so we won't ever see it)
Removed: Code call to unused SnapshotConfigURL.
Removed: Ripped out hopefully all leftovers of the Topinfobar (minilocationbar).
Removed: Some html folder leftovers.
Merge with RLVa Sunshine

Added: Ability and option to toggle Favorites on/off.
Added: Experimental connection issues warning to main view. Shows up when your SIM ping goes over 500ms. May need tweaking.
Changed: New default glow settings, make glow much more visible. May need tweaking.
Changed: Finetune new glow settings a bit.
Changed: Don't display a white background in outfit edit.
Changed: Conversations floater shortcut in main menu.
Changed: Layout of About Black Dragon floater and fixed some broken lines.
Changed: Connection issues label and ping limit a bit.
Fixed: Applied Preview Sound changes to Preview Animation floater aswell.
Fixed: Preview Sound floater having weird alignments and overlapping widgets.
Fixed: Texture selector being all broken and unusable.
Fixed: Build coordinates still using the old artistic background.
Fixed: Texture selection in Edit Pick and alignment all over the panel.
Fixed: Properly handmerged latest shader changes to ensure they work.
Fixed: That "dick" Konshu keeps bugging himself.
Removed: Obselete and double shortcuts in main menu.
Merge with Linden Release 3.7.23
BUG-6895: This brings projector reflections more in line with the originally intended behavior of environment reflections.
OPEN-215: Replace deprecated call to kCGLRPTextureMemory with kCGLRPTextureMemoryMegabytes
OPEN-268 - Add missing xml cases to file picker on linux and darwin
STORM-2053 - applicationShouldTerminate returns an NSApplicationTeminateReply, not NSApplicationDelegateReply
STORM-2078 Editing an objects rotation with the rotation rings often causes the object to jump to position <0> on the region and rotation changes to <0>
STORM-2080: correct fitted mesh rendering on some ATI cards
STORM-2081 - Guard against null gWindowImplementation when fullscreen (crashes OS X Yosemite)
MAINT-4678: fix crash on launch in gpu benchmark

Added: Long lost Video Memory option back to 'Display' preferences.
Changed: Middle and Right Segemented Button textures to match the Left version.
Changed: Enabled "Show Network Statistics" by default.
Changed: Renamed "Preferences Panel" to "Preferences".
Fixed: Warning in inbox_inventory_panel.
Fixed: 2 warnings in panel_outfits_inventory.
Fixed: Warning in panel_outfit_edit.
Fixed: Warning in panel_cof_wearables.
Fixed: Warning in floater_ui_preview.
Fixed: Warning in floater_script.
Fixed: Preview Animation floater being all crunched and weirdly aligned.
Removed: Defunct "Show L$ Balance in Statusbar" option.
Removed: Long defunct "Show Song name/artist of media stream" option.
Removed: Obselete "Set Default Upload Permissions" option and added "Set Default Permissions" floater.
Removed: "Set Default Upload Permissions" from Inventory upload menu.

Changed: Script colors back to Nirans Viewer's VS2012 preset.
Changed: Set old Voice, Chat, People, Places, Landmarks, Appearance, Inventory top toolbar preset.
Fixed: 2 warnings in floater_im_container.
Fixed: warning in floater_tools.
Fixed: 20 warnings in menu_viewer.
Fixed: warning in panel_group_general.
Fixed: 2 warnings in panel_login.
Fixed: 4 warnings in panel_machinima.
Fixed: warning in panel_notification.
Fixed: 5 warnings in panel_people and missing backgrounds.
Fixed: warning in sidepanel_inventory.
Fixed: 2 warnings in accordion widget.
Fixed: warning in slider widget.
Fixed: warning in texture picker widget.
Fixed: Group Description is hardly readable.
Fixed: Group Name is hardly readable.
Fixed: Parcel_ForSale_Dark missing in textures.xml.
Fixed: Script default text color is broken.
Fixed: People floater bottom 'chucks' layout inconsistencies.
Fixed: Group panel layout issues and panel backgrounds.
Fixed: Inventory filter editor label is truncated.
Fixed: Notecard preview description label is overlapping with description editor.
Removed: Navbar, spacer and navigation buttons from toolbar pool.
Removed: Member list in Group Info, 'General' tab.
Removed: Many unused, preloaded textures freeing up lots of GPU memory.
Removed: More unused, preloaded textures freeing up more memory.

Changed: German translation for 'Features' tab in tools floater.
Changed: Teleport screen to a simple plain layout.
Removed: Topbar container and click region aswell as mini locationbar.
Fixed: Blocked list item labels being truncated.
Fixed: Notecard readability.
Fixed: Block list menu entries not working.

Changed: Do not automatically invert the text color when the text is selected, use the default color for now.
Fixed: Volume pulldown and Quick Draw Distance slider using the wrong background texture.
Fixed: Recent being falsely labeled as Groups and Blocked being labeled as Friends.
Fixed: Top right statusbar widgets being unusable.
Fixed: Quick Draw Distance slider popup position being far off.
Fixed: Username string on mini profile being unreadable.


Added: Some more Steam-skin related textures.
Added: Non commented out godray experiments in Depth of Field shader. Might be usefull someday.
Added: New Steam-inspired skin. Praise lord Gaben. #PCMASTERRACE
Changed: Color tweaks for our new skin.
Changed: Added spaces to group chat name display.
Changed: Removed obselete shadercode.
Changed: Always render the floater shadow no matter if our floater is active or not.
Changed: Draw scrollbar backgrounds like normal textures, fixes scaling issues.
Fixed: Default glow strength inconsistency.
MAINT-3131 Use benchmark to determine GPU class instead of GPU table.


Added: Ability to switch between Tofu's new shadow softening kernel and the original one.
Added: Screen Space Reflection Resolution slider to the Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Ability to change Screen Space Reflection resolution via debug setting and preferences.
Added: World view painted Vignette effect.
Added: image_overlay_alignment attribute to buttons so we know it exists without looking into code.
Added: single_expansion and fit_parent attributes to default accordion for lookup purposes.
Added: Support for Nvidia 820M/830M/840M, GTX 850M/860M/870M/880M and Nvidia GTX 970/980.
Added: Second Life icon for grid selection.
Added: Login background image.
Added: Coordinate display to minimap.
Added: SIM Name display to minimap.
Added: Debug to toggle between local SIM coordinates or entire SL world coordinates.
Added: Alternative variation of the button texture for dropdowns fixing the missing 1 pixel space.
Changed: Overhauled 'General' preferences tab.
· Changed: Preferred Maturity dropdown to a icon dropdown.
Changed: Overhauled 'Graphics' preferences tab.
· Changed: Maximum value of 'Glow Max. Alpha' to 1.0.
· Changed: Maximum value of 'Godrays Resolution' to 256.
· Changed: Maximum value of 'Motion Blur Quality' to 120.
· Added: Option to switch between Tofu's new shadow softening or the old original style.
· Added: Option to set Screen Space Reflection resolution.
· Added: Automatic Derender options to better specify when we want to derender someone automatically.
· Removed: 'Fog Distance' slider.
· Removed: Old outcommented stuff.
· Removed: 'Shadow Blur Distance' slider.
· Removed: Underwater Distortion options.
· Fixed: 'Shadow Blur Size' slider.
Changed: Overhauled 'Sound' preferences tab.
Changed: Overhauled 'Chat' preferences tab.
Changed: Overhauled 'Camera' preferences tab.
Changed: Overhauled 'User Interface' preferences tab.
Changed: Overhauled 'Viewer' preferences tab.
Changed: Disable Camera Constrains by default.
Changed: Show our own Avatar in mouselook by default.
Changed: Smooth Mouse in mouselook to on by default.
Changed: SSAO Factor to 100 by default.
Changed: Allow running multiple Viewers by default.
Changed: Motion Blur Resolution to 120 by default.
Changed: Input/Output Devices panel will now shrink or extend the panel when opened/closed.
Changed: Make Shadow Blur Size slider affect shadow blur size more effectively.
Changed: Machinima Sidebar alignment, fixing lots of inconsestencies.
· Removed: Blur Distance slider.
· Removed: SSAO Softness slider.
· Fixed: Blur Size slider.
Changed: Increased maximum value for SSAO Factor in Machinima Sidebar to 50.
· Changed: Adjusted and aligned Machinima Sidebar layout.
Changed: Increased maximum value for Godrays Resolution in Machinima Sidebar to 256.
Changed: Increased maximum value for Motion Blur Quality slider in Machinima Sidebar.
Changed: Increased maximum value of 'Max Alpha' in Machinima Sidebar to 0.2.
Changed: Overhauled the entire main menu 'Dragon'
· Added: Destinations main menu entry.
· Added: Conversation Log main menu entry.
· Added: Facebook, Twitter and Flickr main menu entries.
· Fixed: Nearby Chat main menu entry not working.
· Removed: Upload Image double entry.
· Removed: Shortcut to Snap Object XY to Grid that was preventing Lock Camera DoF from working correctly.
· Removed: Set UI Size to Default double entry.
· Removed: Rebake Textures menu entries.
· Removed: Lag Meter double entry and moved the Performance menu to the proper place to contain the new menu entries.
· Removed: Show Avatar Rendering Cost double entry.
· Removed: Loadingscreen tips menu entry.
· Removed: Statistics floater double entry.
· Removed: Earned Achievements main menu entry as it is non functional.
· Removed: Nearby Voice main menu entry which doesn't exist anymore since CHUI was introduced.
· Removed: Nearby Speakers main menu entry as it serves no real function.
Changed: Screen Space Reflection tweaks for way lower iterations and higher performance, especially on how repeat textures.
Changed: Enabled preloading of textures, slower but fancier startup.
Changed: Rip out the entire account balance system and transplant it to the Inventory floater.
· Changed: Entirely realigned and mostly redesigned the entire Inventory floater.
· Changed: Realigned and swapped the inbox panel button image for something less ugly.
· Changed: Default Inventory size, made it slightly smaller.
· Added: Account balance display to Inventory.
· Fixed: Scrollbar offsets of all Inventory panels.
Changed: Make all Inventory panel widgets our given XML values a bit more.
Changed: Made scrollbar widget and background slightly smaller to fit better with the rest of the widgets.
Changed: Realigned People floater for a cleaner look.
Changed: Slightly realigned several Preferences floater panels to prevent the scollbars from being cut off.
Changed: Widget background colors (has no effect).
Changed: Make all accordion headers use White_02 as background color.
Changed: Entirely overhauled the layout of the Outfit selection panels.
· Changed: Created a clear and uniform look like for Inventory and People before.
· Changed: Search bar to be hidden by default, Search can be shown by clicking the Search button.
· Removed: Unused edit and open buttons.
· Fixed: Many aligning and resizing issues.
· Fixed: Header text being cut off when the outfit name was too long.
Changed: Overhauled group panel in People.
· Added: Empty fields to places where buttons should be in case those buttons are not available to fill the space.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the main group panel.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of 'General' group tab.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of 'Members' group sub tab.
Changed: Background color of several of the XUI Preview panels.
Changed: Overhauled Login panel.
· Changed: Background video in favor for a still image.
· Changed: Layout of all panels.
· Changed: Moved version info to top left.
· Changed: Moved Viewer name to bottom left.
· Changed: Visual appearance of all text buttons.
· Changed: Aligned all buttons into a line and organized them.
- Changed: Beta Grid name to be a bit shorter to fit into the grid selection.
- Changed: Visual appearance of 'Login to Second Life' button to show that this is the login button.
· Added: Icons to buttons.
· Added: Grid selection dropdown.
· Added: Original Second Life icons for use in the grid selection dropdown.
· Removed: 'Rwar' Viewer slogan.
· Removed: 'Forgot password?' button.
Changed: Overhauled group panel in People. #2
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the main group panel.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of 'Roles' group tab.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of 'Abilities' group sub tab.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of 'Notices' group panel.
· Added: Subject label and line editor in 'Notices' when viewing notices.
Changed: Overhauled Appearance/Outfit panels.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the Appearance floater.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the Outfit selection panel.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the Outfit edit panel.
· Changed: Moved save/save as and revert buttons into the bottom button bar.
· Changed: Moved list style selection buttons to the right to create space for save and revert.
· Changed: Background of several inventory/wearable lists.
· Changed: 'Add More...' to a simple add button.
· Changed: German translation a bit to prevent it from screwing with our new layout.
· Removed: Separator lines from inventory/wearable lists.
· Removed: Background textures of several inventory/wearable buttons when hovering over them.
· Fixed: Loading indicator of Appearance showing up on Edit Outfit when we are still loading.
Changed: Overhauled Picks panels.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the Picks floater.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of picks and ads.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the Pick Edit panel.
· Removed: Auto resizing of 'Edit Pick' panels.
Changed: Overhauled 'Destinations' floater.
Changed: Overhauled World Map floater.
· Changed: Realigned and tweaked visual appearance of the world map layout.
· Added: Proper separations and title bars.
· Moved: Legend to the left layout panel.
· Moved: Zoom slider to the left layout panel.
· Moved: Controls to the left layout panel.
· Removed: Some obselete titles.
Changed: Overhauled the Group Land tab in Group Info.
Changed: Slight adjustments and alignment fixes to Notices, Roles and People panels.
Changed: Preload button textures to prevents them from appearing gray on login.
Changed: Overhauled Gestures floater.
Changed: Login background to still, preloaded image which is purged on login to prevent wasting memory.
Changed: Overhauled IM Session tab. Make buttons dynamically show/hide with layout panels instead of being hardcoded.
Changed: Overhauled Group notices in system tray.
Changed: Renamed Grids to Main Grid (Agni) and Beta Grid (Aditi).
Changed: Use White_02 color for Scroll list backgrounds.
Changed: Draw black backgrounds for N S E W displays to make them always visible.
Changed: Overhauled World Map floater layout.
· Changed: Moved controls to the bottom.
· Added: Button to slide out legend.
Changed: Login Panel layout slightly to match the new button texture and server name changes.
Fixed: Tools floater having a double background.
Fixed: Shadow Blur Size slider not working.
Fixed: A bunch of errors about non existing menu buttons in the inventory floater.
Fixed: A huge bunch of XML parsing errors.
Fixed: A bunch of deprecated llwarns and llendl.
Fixed: Error about odd number of toolbars.
Fixed: Info icon not popping up in Chat History when hovering the mouse over an Avatar's name.
Fixed: Compiling issues.
Fixed: Accordion scrollbars having a slight offset from top/bottom.
Fixed: Very tiny alignment inconsestencies in Inventory.
Fixed: Very tiny alignment inconsestencies in People.
Fixed: More tiny inconsestencies in People.
Fixed: Inventory Filter floater has no background.
Fixed: Notification System Tray button vanishing on lower resolutions causing all sorts of problems.
· Changed: Group count display.
· Changed: Background color for bottom button panel.
· Changed: Minimum width of People floater.
Fixed: Additional information in People overlapping with the name.
Fixed: Minor readability problems in 'Privacy' and 'Viewer' preferences tabs.
Removed: RenderShadowGausian_X syncronisation in preferences.
Removed: Underwater Distortion slider from Machinima Sidebar.
Removed: LoD Options from Machinima Sidebar.
Removed: Old navbar background textures.
Removed: Old 'Colors' tab in Preferences which is not used anymore.
Removed: Obselete background_color in floater_inspect.xml
Dragon #26: Changed: Some default colors to better match our skin.
Dragon #26: Fixed: Toast having a double background.
Dragon #26: Added: Custom floater shadow texture. Use that one for our skin.
Dragon #26: Fixed: Toast shadows rendering ontop of floater.
Dragon #26: Added: Ability to define custom floater shadow images. Could use custom offset parameters.
Dragon #26: Changed: Default skin colors slightly.
Dragon #26: Changed: Background color of flat_list_views.
Dragon #26: Added: Floater shadow background texture.
Dragon #26: Added: Navigationbar background texture.
Dragon #23: Fixed: Autocompletion making you unable to type in a gesture starting with /w or /s.
Merge: Unified Snapshot Floater (Snapshot Revamp - STORM-2040)
Added: STORM-2040 tag to NiranV Dean's name.
Changed: Facebook floater layout.
· Changed: Facebook floater size.
· Changed: Aligned all widgets to an unified layout, keep 10 pixels left/right and so on.
· Removed: Account tab and moved it into Status tab.
Changed: Flickr floater layout.
· Changed: Flickr floater size.
· Changed: Aligned all widgets to an unified layout, keep 10 pixels left/right and so on.
Changed: Twitter floater layout.
· Changed: Twitter floater size.
· Changed: Aligned all widgets to an unified layout, keep 10 pixels left/right and so on.
Changed: Reflected changes made to the Facebook floater XMLs in code.
· Fixed: Deprecated llerrs/llwarns/lldebugs/llinfos on the way.
Changed: Reflected changes made to the Flickr floater XMLs in code.
· Fixed: Deprecated llerrs/llwarns/lldebugs/llinfos on the way.
Changed: Reflected changes made to the Twitter floater XMLs in code.
· Fixed: Deprecated llerrs/llwarns/lldebugs/llinfos on the way.
Changed: Snapshot floater layout.
· Changed: Snapshots to disk default to 'Custom' (Window Resolution)
· Added: Big Auto-scaling integrated image Preview. Can be toggled.
· Added: Fixed german translations for the new floater layout.
· Removed: Need to have SnapshotFiltersEnabled to see the filter dropdown.
· Removed: SnapshotFiltersEnabled debug.
Changed: Very tiny visual alignment finetunings. Everything has to be perfect.
Changed: More tiny alignment inconsestencies between Black Dragon and Linden Release.
Changed: Updated contributions file.
Changed: 'Black and White' filter to proper b&w only. No corrections, just plain greyscale.
Changed: 'Sepia' filter to proper sepia only. No corrections, just plain sepia colors.
Fixed: Line endings.
Fixed: Last pack of outdated llwarns/lldebugs/llendl.
STORM-2040: Fixed: German Translation for several snapshot panels.
STORM-2040: Changed: Tiny alignment finetunings in several snapshot panels for constrain proportions checkbox.
STORM-2040: Removed: Unnecessary code for hiding/showing "Constrain proportions" checkbox.
STORM-2040: Changed: Width and Height into one label like in all other panels.
STORM-2040: Fixed: Width and Height spinners always reverting to previous values when entering a custom value while anything else than "Custom" is selected in the size dropdown.
STORM-2040: Changed: Slight alignment adjustations.
STORM-2043: Fixed: "t" missing in postcard settings panel.
STORM-2046: Changed: Defaulted snapshot panel to "extended" state.
STORM-2047: Changed: Use different arrow icons for expanding/minimizing the floater.
STORM-2047: Removed: Advanced button code. It's obselete now since our UI does it all by itself.
STORM-2048: Fixed: Loading indicator was always visible.
STORM-2049: Fixed: FB/Twitter/Flickr floaters weren't opened with the "Photo" tab by default.
STORM-2049: Misc: Line spacing.
STORM-2050: Fixed: Postcard tab buttons can get 'out of sync'.
STORM-2050: Changed: Postcard settings icon to a single gear icon used for settings like that.
STORM-2051: Changed: Selected + disabled texture of the tab buttons to disabled only to prevent confusion.
STORM-2051: Changed: Converted button panels to real tabs, removed the buttons and moved the Send and Cancel buttons to the main postcard panel.
STORM-2051: Moved: Missing german button translation.
STORM-2052: Changed: Preview expand/hide buttons look and overlay image to match the conversation floater style.
STORM-2052: Changed: Swapped button icons.
STORM-2057/2058/2061: Changed: Always update snapshot and thumbnail on every change. Making everything only show up the "need to refresh" message seems impossible with the current onIdle system of the preview other than making incredibly hacky stuff.
STORM-2059: Removed: Useless 'Current Window' entry in resolution dropdown. We can go up to 512 only anyway.
STORM-2060: Fixed: Width/Height spinners resetting every time type a custom value while 'custom' is not set in the resolution dropdown.
STORM-2060: Fixed: Height spinner not being detected as first changed.
STORM-2063: Fixed: Resolution text appearing for a brief moment when updating the controls while the preview is hidden.
STORM-2064: Changed: Made background of status text invisible.
STORM-2064: Changed: Made background of status text invisible. #2
STORM-2064: Changed: Renamed 'Scanlines' filter to 'Video' and removed the old 'Video' one.
STORM-2064: Changed: Reverted previous changes since Merov has clarified that it is intended behavior.
STORM-2066: Fixed: Selecting a resolution dropdown bigger than the maximum window resolution with toggled "Show UI in Snapshot" freezes the Viewer.
STORM-2073: Fixed: Do not post our status if we press the "Connect" button otherwise we end up double posting.
STORM-2060/STORM-2076: Fixed: Whole detection logic not working because of reasons i cannot seem to understand in this hypercube like snapshot floater.
STORM-2060/STORM-2076: Changed: Code to a more appropiate, shorter version. Thanks Oz.
STORM-2060/STORM-2076: Added: Commenting to explain why we use the height spinner instead of the width one.
BUG-6835: Fixed: Height is missing the "t" under E-mail settings.
BUG-6837: Fixed: "Saving to inventory" and "Sending E-mail" text is outside the snapshot floater.
BUG-6839: Fixed:Snapshot filters do not work when saving snapshot to inventory.
BUG-6840: Fixed: When not connected to Facebook, the Friends tab directs you to the Account tab, which no longer exists.
BUG-6958: Fixed: Snapshot position is always <0>.
BUG-7020: Fixed: Snapshot floater being resized while it's minimized.

Linden changes:

Dragon #2: Fixed Motion Blur bugging out on surfaced rigged to the new Fitted Mesh bones.

Added: Ability to invert pitch controls.
Added: Invert pitch controls toggle to joystick floater to invert looking up/down.
Removed: Zoom functions in Avatar mode. For now.
Removed: Hacky mapping code, rewrote and cleaned up re-mapping code.
Removed: Bunch of code to toggle the mini location bar, hopefully fixing some weird hiding issues.
Fixed: Motion Blur shaders not compiling for a bunch of users with older OpenGL versions.
Dragon #15: Fixed a bunch of log errors, removed obselete code and cleaned up a bit.
Dragon #16: Fixed mapped keys being FPS dependent.
Dragon #18: (Potential) Fixed AMD 290 being detected as low tier NVidia Card.
Dragon #20: Fixed derendering not working correctly.
Dragon #20: Fixed every killed object getting derendered instead of only those we marked ourselves.
Dragon #20: Fixed derendered objects are being recreated from cache but fail resulting in log spamming.

Changed: Some Graphics Options labels in Sidebar and Preferences and made some small adjustments to some widgets.
Changed: Default Godray Resolution to a more appropiate value for the new way it works.
Changed: Changed some LLPipeline::'s to gPipeline.
Changed: Godray finetuning sliders for the new Godray Multiplier effectiveness, allow up to 15 times.
Changed: Where Godray Multiplier kicks in. It will only affect the brightness of sunshafts now.
Fixed: Godrays Multiplier in Machinima Sidebar controlling Motion Blur Strength.
Fixed: FPS Counter beeing broken and unreliable. Introducing the super fast updating one again.
Fixed: IM names showing "Second Life" when first sending a messsage.
Fixed: Godrays not staying persistant over sessions.
Fixed: Minilocationbar appearing, block it off completely and show our Topbar again should the minilocationbar somehow show up.
Fixed: Show Title/Artist still not greyed out.
Fixed: Topbar not correctly hiding and overlapping when using hide UI in Mouselook and coming out of Mouselook.
Removed: Entire hide_navbar menu as it serves no function anymore.
Removed: Lens Flare leftovers in other files.
Removed: Code leftovers of the old FPS counter.
Removed: Estate Time menu entry double.

Added: Show Navbar command to toolbars (probably going to get removed later on).
Added: Navigationbar to top, currently shows via clicking the empty space in the topbar or the new toolbar button, will autohide after 10 seconds or after successful teleport.
Added: SLURL label to tools floater group display.
Added: New Materials KEYWORDS to change normal/specular maps and alpha modes.
Added: Next/Previous Teleport as commands for the toolbars.
Added: Next/Previous and Home button to Navbar.
Added: New Navbar hide/show textures which illustrate their function better than a closing X.
Added: Cheap lens flare post effect.
Added: Security check for FPS counter and a try to fix it in case it breaks. Still need to figure out what's causing it to fail sometimes.
Added: Lens Flare toggle, Godray and Motionblur finetuning sliders to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Missing Lens Flare shader file.
Changed: Do not hide local chat toasts when Chat Bubbles are enabled. Needs a toggle for later.
Changed: Minimum Velocity needed for Motion Blur to trigger to 0.035. Seems to be fine like that.
Changed: FXAA preset and thresholds hoping to squeeze a bit out.
Changed: FXAA, less blurry, sharper but also a little bit less anti-aliasing.
Changed: Navbar to be permanently visible until TP or until we hide it manually.
Changed: Max Field of View for Depth of Field to 179 since 180° is fullscreen blur and doesn't make much sense.
Changed: Navbar button icon, label and tooltip.
Changed: Centered text on favorite buttons.
Changed: New default toolbar layout using the new Navigationbar buttons.
Changed: Login panel background video to my newest video.
Changed: Reverted camera near plane to default to prevent flickering at medium range and higher.
Changed: Select "Custom" as default when we save snapshots to disk. Makes using high resolutions straight forward and way easier and prevents the resolution from resetting on the first try.
Changed: Layout of quick media panel, aligned everything and corrected small annoyances.
Changed: Layout of Spellchecker floater, aligned everything and minimized space waste.
Changed: Increased maximum value for Godray Resolution to 192.
Fixed: Do not make our Avatar turn around when resetting our view.
Fixed: FPS Counter. It now refreshes only 10 times a second instead of every frame.
Fixed: Stats floater in both EN/DE versions.
Fixed: Snapshot floater loading image not loading.
Fixed: Home command tooltip and string are missing.
Fixed: Loadingscreen background showing up as grey in the first 1-2 seconds.
Fixed: Loadingscreen background not using the new preloaded image.
Fixed: Vertical slider still having the old art style.
Fixed: Disallow left-click sit and touch/grab options.
Fixed: Quick Media toggle not working. lele="true". lelelele.
Fixed: Options to disable left-click grab/sit not working.
Fixed: IM toast size and layout.
Fixed: Shadow silhuettes in sky. Hopefully correctly this time. Once and for all.
Fixed: IM's and Group IM's not displaying the Display Name when emoting with enabled Display Names.
(Can't Test) Fixed: FPS counter sometimes not working.
Fixed: Compiling from scratch due to missing toptoolbar in CMakeLists.txt
Fixed: HTML, Pie Menu and Object Chat colors.
Removed: Unused debugs in app_settings.xmlChanged: Favorites look and layout a bit so they fit the new Navbar.
Removed: IM chiclet menu's.
Removed: Quickbutton options from the interface preferences panel.
Removed: Several unused color pickers from Preferences -> Colors.
Removed: Now unused "Keep Camera on Avatar left-click" option.
Removed: Potential FPS counter fix. The problem lies elsewhere, seems to be a fail in app init somewhere.
Removed: Show Mini Locationbar option in the Navbar menu.
Misc: Line changes.
Dragon #5: Make the Loginpanel Viewername and Version labels use a properly readable color.
Dragon #5: Change Appearance floater colors to make it readable again.
Dragon #5: Change highlighted menu and flashing menu colors so flashing has a less attention stealing color.
Dragon #5: Change Accordion colors to match the rest. Could need some improvement still.
Dragon #5: Change Tab colors.
Dragon #5: Changed HTML Link color to yellow/orange like to better fit the color scheme.
Dragon #5: Changed HTML and Object Chat colors.
Dragon #5: Changed Dropdown and Pushbutton edge colors.
Dragon #5: Changed horizontal slider color.
Dragon #5: Changed title background colors in Preferences -> Viewer to red like all other panels.
Dragon #6: NearMeRange too low. Raised it to 4800.
Dragon #7: Removed [FROM Username.Lastname] from group IM header.
Dragon #8: Fixed "Second Inventory" menu entry. Changed it's function to endlessly open new Inventory floaters. Will revert uppon feedback.
Dragon #9: Removed loadingscreen textures.
Dragon #9: Removed windlight button TGA's since we use PNG's now.
Dragon #9: Removed old unused Sidebar texture remnants.
Dragon #9: Removed lots of textures from textures.xml.
Dragon #9: Removed old buy and mesh uploader art.
Dragon #11: Fixed draw distance slider staying invisible after it faded out correctly.
Dragon #12: Added Copy SLURL/UUID to group, avatar and object menus all over the place.
Dragon #13: Enable advanced snapshot menu (preview) by default.
Dragon #14: Fixed hopefully all llinfos/llwarns/lldebugs/llendl.
Dragon #15: Cleaned up main_view.xml and panel_navigation_bar.xml

MAINT-535 FIXED The teleport SLAPP is changed to UNTRUSTED_THROTTLE. Confirmation dialog for teleporting via slapp is added.
MAINT-1769 (URL-like resident display name is shown as hyperlink in Share confirmation window)
MAINT-2287 : WIP : Make inbox and outbox visible and accessible if InventoryOutboxMakeVisible is set (default is false)
MAINT-2301 : WIP : Catch a bit more 4xx and 5xx error codes, display the error code in the alert.
MAINT-2452 : Fixed : Do not clear the cookie in IMPORT_DONE_WITH_ERRORS case so future retry have a chance to work.
MAINT-2588 FIXED User cannot delete items from content of other object, using 'Delete' button on keyboard.
MAINT-2613 FIXED Remove duplicate entry for "DisablePrecacheDelayAfterTeleporting"
MAINT-2754 FIXED Call findInstance() instead of getInstance().
MAINT-3017 FIX Inventory filter for Recent tab does not persist between sessions as it used to.
MAINT-3119 FIXED Return common chars for triggers that matches the prefix.
MAINT-3211 Fix for texture animations not working properly on rigged attachments when worn from inventory.
MAINT-3262 FIXED Allow uploading gif-images
MAINT-3319 : WIP : Introduce a consolidate folder method used for Merchant Outbox
MAINT-3320 : Fixed! Inventory panels are not resistant to folder root deletion, using handle instead of pointer and cleaning things consistently
MAINT-3334 (If a chat tab is in focus when you enter mouselook, chat that occurs while in mouselook does not display after exiting mouselook)
MAINT-3351 FIXED Misleading failure message when user is successfully removed from a group's Owners role
MAINT-3364 FIXED Call clearSelection() from root_folder
MAINT-3411 FIXED Sound type is changed.
MAINT-3412 add gpu_table line with distinct Intel Iris Pro OpenGL regex to match new MBP with forced Intel graphics
MAINT-3448 FIX: Timestamps disappear from conversation log after viewer restart
MAINT-3465 FIXED Add check mark to selected entry.
MAINT-3476 FIX Opening large chat histories from conversation log eats up huge amounts of memory, leading to viewer crash.
MAINT-3484 FIXED Disable menu item if transcript doesn't exist.
MAINT-3495 FIXED Improve discoverability of Region Debug floater
MAINT-3496 FIXED Disable "Allow group access" option if "Sell passes to: group" is selected(and vice versa).
MAINT-3506 FIXED Allocate appropriate amount of memory for temp variable.
MAINT-3510 (Incorrect context menu entry in Places floater)
MAINT-3519 (Resident is able to share worn clothes.)
MAINT-3520 FIXED ?all arrange(NULL, NULL) to avoid occasional drag'n'drop folders after renaming.
MAINT-3522 FIXED Continue loop after adding Nearby chat history to the list.
MAINT-3530 : Add viewer checkbox to extend parcel entry limits to a higher ceiling
MAINT-3539 Additional checking was added to avoid possible crash.
MAINT-3541 (crash in std::vector >::reserve)
MAINT-3552: crash in LLPanel::getString: Failed to find string ErrorFetchingServerReleaseNotesURL in panel floater_about
MAINT-3555 crash in LLPanel::~LLPanel() on shutdown:
MAINT-3570 FIXED Callbacks for menu item are added.
MAINT-3587 FIXED settings.xml still references avatarsunited.com for snapshot upload
MAINT-3591 FIXED Remove "Start Second LIfe now?" dialogue in the installer
MAINT-3592 (Viewer opening square textures should set the 1:1 size constraint)
MAINT-3593 FIXED Clear previous selection properly when selecting new item in another panel(Inventory/Inbox).
MAINT-3618 FIXED Don't copy spaces after cursor to the next line.
MAINT-3621 FIXED Set name to "Unnamed" if object's name consists of whitespaces.
MAINT-3642 FIXED Allow saving textures with extension “.tga” at the end of the name.
MAINT-3643 FIXED Copy previous search / replace strings in LSL editor
MAINT-3657 FIXED Don't change state when other user declines call.
MAINT-3661 Fix for crash when uploading corrupt .dae file.
MAINT-3664 FIXED Focus filter field in Places floater by default
MAINT-3671 FIXED Rename title when new tab is added.
MAINT-3674 FIXED Menu item text is changed
MAINT-3692 FIXED Bindings are added to keys.xml
MAINT-3696 FIXED Show correct tooltip for Highlight Transparent
MAINT-3697 FIXED Login screen help menu is updated
MAINT-3710 FIXED List of members is removed from General tab. Title column is added to the list in Members tab. Roles tab is renamed to Roles & Members and Roles sub-tab is default now.
MAINT-3804 FIXED Crash in LLAudioEngine::getAudioData when playing gtures with audio device disabled.es
MAINT-3870 FIXED The freelook animation never ends so the avatar never gets to the idle status...
MAINT-3903 FIXED Instant message toasts and certain kinds of popups (ex. group invites) fail to display if an offline inventory offer was received before logging in:
MAINT-3913 FIXED User is not able to upload any type of image(*.png, *.tga,*.bmp,*.jpg)
MAINT-3915 FIX Recent Inventory Tab not showing Recent activity
MAINT-3981 FIXED [SECURITY] Notecard being passed around that crashes any V3 based viewer when opened.
MAINT-5707 : Fixed bad breakpad behavior with teleport links
WENG-618 : Added debug printout for POST and GET when InventoryOutboxLogging is turned on
BUG-4185 : Fix glsl compilation error on Mac
BUG-4260 Updated to 4.6.x vivox libraries for Mac and Windows.
BUG-5537 FIX reverting breaking changes to pectorals and belly.
ACME-1219 : Fix crash on exit on Windows 7
ACME-1220 : Fixed. Do not accumulate callbacks when reinitializing market place
ACME-1221 : Do not clear merchant import cookie on 404, happens to newly minted merchants
OPEN-210 FMOD Ex include confusion.
SH-3275 WIP Run viewer metrics for object update messages
SH-3333: Design and implement a new object cache system on viewer side
SH-3352: Create pixel shader to accumulate frame-to-frame absolute pixel differences
SH-3404  create sampler class
SH-3406 WIP convert fast timers to lltrace system
SH-3350 and SH-3353: Report frame-to-frame visual deltas as an LLStat
SH-3405 WIP convert existing stats to lltrace system
SH-3406 WIP convert fast timers to lltrace system
SH-3459: interesting store object bounding information in viewer cache
SH-3561: capture the frame buffer contents and compare pixel differences between frames.
SH-3468 WIP add memory tracking base class
SH-3471: create a simplified version of octree for object cache entries.
SH-3472: prioritize object loading
SH-3499  Ensure asset stats output is correct
SH-3619: some objects are missing
SH-3622: crash on LLViewerRegion::updateVisibleEntries
SH-3624: Object deletion does not work
SH-3640: Can not edit objects
SH-3653: Can we repurpose ObjectUpdateCached:ObjectData:UpdateFlags field to carry spatial+size data?
SH-3663: Get windlight cloud animation and water animation to stop when pausing world updates
SH-3665: more post processing of the frame difference image
SH-3667: Create an extendable recording tied to scene load time
SH-3781: LLTrace issues
SH-3824: interesting: Ensure viewer can handle object updates from entire region gracefully
SH-3833: dump frame diff values from the scene loading monitor to a log file
SH-3913: the viewer should notify the region at connect time if it does not have a cache file
SH-3918: Viewer should respond to cache probes in order received (don't sort response)
SH-3927: Interesting: Viewer should send predicted camera position to simulator to control object load order
SH-3931 WIP Interesting: Add graphs to visualize scene load metrics
SH-3937: interesting: implement the new cache probe logic
SH-3968: Rendering issues when scene loading monitoring code disabled on Mac.
SH-3976: interesting: make new object cache be able to handle shadows.
SH-3979: interesting: can not edit objects with new object cache code
SH-4004: interesting: need debug option to clear viewer cache while still logged in
SH-4053: interesting: visible objects are delayed to appear with new interest list
SH-4080 WIP interesting: random crash on Mac
SH-4095: add an option to turn off new interest list code
SH-4133: create a debug tool to show textures in active fetching
SH-4145: Interesting: Implement occlusion culling for object cache
SH-4214: Crash on Linux readFromCache: ASSERT (mInitialized)
SH-4227: interesting: long delay between root and child prim loading.
SH-4232 FIX: Interesting: Viewer Crash on Login
SH-4241: viewer crash shortly after login in LLViewerRegion::addNewObject and
SH-4242 FIX interesting: Mac viewer crashes on exit
SH-4244: interesting: objects on adjacent region are not visible.
SH-4245: Interesting: crash in LLSpatialGroup::handleDestruction
SH-4246 FIX interesting: fast timers significantly decreases framerate
SH-4261: interesting: crash in LLViewerRegion::addToVOCacheTree
SH-4264: interesting: Content near edges of screen does not load
SH-4284: interesting: viewer does not render cacheable objects on far corner of region when camera moves
SH-4290: Running viewer with SceneLoadingMonitorEnabled causes viewer to be unresponsive on login on low end machine
SH-4292 FIX: Interesting: My avatar declouds slower in Interesting viewer than in Release viewer
SH-4293: texture console takes a while to settle down on Interesting viewer.
SH-4294 FIX Interesting: Statistics Texture cache hit rate is always 0%
SH-4295: Interesting: Teleporting to previous location leave some objects invisible.
SH-4297 WIP interesting: viewer-interesting starts loading cached scene late
SH-4298: Interesting: Viewer crash in LLViewerOctreeCull and
SH-4299 WIP: Interesting: High fps shown temporarily off scale in statistics console
SH-4332: Cacheable object highlights from Render Metadata -> Update Type do not render
SH-4341: Interesting: Viewer crash in LLViewerOctreeCull
SH-4346 FIX: Interesting: some integer Statistics are displayed as floating point after crossing region boundary
SH-4366 FIX: Interesting Viewer Crashes when opening Statistics floater
SH-4374 FIX Interesting: Statistics Object cache hit rate is always 100%
SH-4376 FIX: Interesting: in Statistics, replace the text "0" with "n/a" when there are no samples during the time period.
SH-4377 FIX: Interesting: Windows viewer crashes when SceneLoadingMonitorEnabled is enabled
SH-4393: Interesting: viewer crash in LLViewerRegion::addNewObject
SH-4394: Interesting: viewer culls lights behind the camera, changing the scene lighting
SH-4397: Object cache occlusion culling results are not always correct
SH-4398: Interesting: viewer crash in LLVOCacheEntry::updateParentBoundingInfo
SH-4399 FIX: Interesting: Texture console MB Bound 0/384 and texture queue bounces once per second
SH-4400: Interesting: Side effect 1 of unloading culled objects.
SH-4402: interesting: lower FPS with lots of objects in view
SH-4416: Interesting: memory footprint is larger when loading from cache while ObjectCacheViewCullingEnabled is enabled than when it's disabled.
SH-4430: Interesting: Light objects behind you are not loaded at login.
SH-4433 FIX: Interesting: Statistics > Ping Sim is always 0 ms
SH-4453 FIX: Interesting: SceneLoadingMonitorEnabled does not work until the camera turns
SH-4477: Interesting: objects on adjacent region are not visible.
SH-4494: interesting: deleted objects reappear
SH-4499 Mac generates lots of 'Entering main_loop' log spam
SH-4500: Interesting: Some content on adjacent region not visible after teleport.
SH-4501: Interesting: Occluded objects do not appear when Occluder object is deleted.
SH-4521: Interesting viewer crash in Pipeline:RenderDrawPools
SH-4523: interesting: viewer sometimes doesn't save objectcache file on disconnect from region
SH-4544: Interesting: Shadows from platforms above the camera flicker
SH-4551: Interesting: some attachments do not appear after teleport
SH-4552: Interesting: objects sometimes fail to load after teleport.
SH-4569: Objects are not culled by size in the distance
SH-4574: Interesting: viewer crash in LLJoint::setScale
SH-4577 WIP Interesting: viewer crashed when clicking a offline Conversation containing a shared object
SH-4584: Interesting: objectprojectionAreaCutOFF hides large objects on adjacent regions.
SH-4585 FIX: Viewer crashes after attempt to login with invalid SOCKS 5 proxy.
SH-4596: Interesting: MacBook Pro has worse framerate than on Release
SH-4598: Interesting: objects near the edge of the screen flicker
SH-4599: Interesting: objects flicker between LODs while you alt-zoom
SH-4606 FIX Interesting: Small objects do not load until they are very close.
SH-4607: Create new object cache tuning parameters
SH-4608: Interesting: minimap shows objects loading/uinloading behind your camera when camera is rotated
SH-4609: Interesting: Occluded objects are loaded at login
SH-4620 FIX Droplist and spinner overlap edit field and “Browse” button in the Upload Model window
SH-4622 FIX: Interesting: Viewer-interesting crashes when attempting to buy land
SH-4623 FIX: Library Kart will not drive backwards on Viewer-interesting.
SH-4626 FIX: [INTERESTING RC] Viewer randomly crashes when I click on links in IMs or group IMs
SH-4628: Project Interesting Viewer reduces & fixes graphics to lowest settings on a MAC
SH-4629: Interesting: crash at LLViewerRegion::killObject
SH-4631: Parts of linked objects are not shown in new release Second Life 3.6.11
SH-4632: Water over land doesn't render when teleporting to the same place twice with location toolbar
SH-4633: Idle avatars intermittently vanish from the scene after camming away, and returning to a location.
SH-4634 FIX Interesting: Viewer crashes when receiving teleport offer
SH-4635: Interesting: Some objects do not load on the second visit
SH-4637: Viewer-Interesting crashes if you teleport after crossing a region border.
SH-4641 FIX Interesting: Incorrect amount of system memory detected on Mac
SH-4653 FIX Interesting: Viewer crashes while reading chat history
SH-4656: crash at LLVOCacheEntry::updateParentBoundingInfo() line 510
SH-4659:crash at LLOcclusionCullingGroup::doOcclusion line 1150
SH-4774 FIX: textures are blurry on Mac

Added: Light Source reflections, they were removed because of "performance" reasons. What.
Added: Mini Icon style for Toolbars, will be Top Toolbar only soon.
Added: New buttons like Home and Windlight to the toybox to be used in the Toolbars.
Added: New skin textures.
Added: Proper texture names for new windlight toolbuttons and label/tooltip references for spacers.
Added: Motion Blur and a Motion Blur Strength option. Fixed some parts to make it work with Materials enabled surfaces.
Added: Godray toggle and 2 finetuning options.
Changed: Godray finetunings and hopefully fixed some problems with black silhouettes.
Changed: Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Pushbuttons and Slider textures. Highly WIP.
Changed: IM Toast layout, much better, less grey.
Changed: Vignette Fade Effect on Teleport, made it stronger and bigger.
Changed: Moved a lot textures from the main textures folder into coresponding sub categories and changed/added their paths to the texture.xml file.
Changed: Machinima Sidebar background image and colors.
Changed: Preferences option title color to use our new EmphasisColor.
Changed: IM and Chat history colors.
Changed: Default color palette for the new skin.
Changed: Progressscreen to give a free View on the inworld rendering and the UI, put a darkening effect and the progress bar ontop.
Changed: Cleanup Inventory a bit, changed icon path names and removed outcommented stuff.
Changed: Toybox size to fit in all new buttons and allow smaller button sizes (for spacers).
Changed: Removed resize corner in floaters and the Viewer window itself.
Changed: Floater and Toast/Inspector background textures to better fit the new style. Not satisfied yet, needs work.
Changed: Scrap'd current topbar layout, added new backgrounds and reorganized it.
Changed: Balance icon and FPS counter color.
Changed: Main Menu highlight and background color to match the new style.
Changed: Tuned Godrays a bit, more to come.
Changed: Removed Vignette effect from Sepia filter.
Changed: Black and White filter to be a proper "Black and White" filter not some awkward greyish crap.
Changed: Allow Texture Memory to exceed 512mb.
Changed: Snapshot floater layout.
Changed: Snapshot floater size and added auto resizing ability depending on your screen aspect ratio.
Changed: Enabled Post Processing for snapshots by default.
Changed: FPS Counter color. For realsies this time.
Moved: Top Toolbar into Navbar zone and made it use the new Mini Icon style for a modular Topbar button layout.
Moved: Systray and unlocked it, made it undependant of the top Toolbar
Fixed: Fmodex compile issues.
Fixed: Black Screen when Deferred is disabled.
Fixed: CTRL + X (Cut) not working.
Fixed: Inverted controls when sitting upside down in mouselook and Realistic Mouselook not toggable when sitting while in Mouselook.
Fixed: Snapshot floater always reverting to original window resolution, making it impossible to do high res snapshots.
Fixed: Fmodex library download.
Removed: Sun and Water icon from Environment Editor.
Removed: Progressscreen warp effect and replaced it with fading to grey and Vignette. Only works in Deferred Rendering.
Removed: Navigationbar, Favoritesbar and all Navbar buttons.
Removed: Greyscale, Sepia and Posterization post process and transplanted them to Exo Post Process where they are properly working now.
Removed: Login menu.
Removed: is_toggle from an icon in Statusbar.
Removed: Background icons for windlight editors.
Merge with SLShare2

Added: 'Godray' effect, without switch yet.
Added: Machinima Background texture.
Changed: Disabled Show Title info in Sound tab.
Changed: Updated to Tofu's latest BlurLight shader. Doesn't use newly added RenderShadowGaussian...
Changed: Allow minimum Sun Size down to 0.01.
Fixed (Temporary): RLVa info display
Fixed: Make Top Toolbar compatible to the latest Toolbar changes.
Merge with Linden Release
SH-3419 Replace per-object time dilation factor with region-wide
MAINT-3784 - Viewer takes too long to shut down
MAINT-3724 : LLWorld::addRegion logging is misleading
MAINT-3710 FIXED List of members is removed from General tab. Title column is added to the list in Members tab. Roles tab is renamed to Roles & Members and Roles sub-tab is default now.
MAINT-3657 FIXED Don't change state when other user declines call.
MAINT-3639 disable ALM for OSX 10.6.8
MAINT-3555 Crash in LLPanel::~LLPanel() on shutdown
MAINT-3553 Another checking is added to avoid possible crash.
MAINT-3552: crash in LLPanel::getString: Failed to find string ErrorFetchingServerReleaseNotesURL in panel floater_about
MAINT-3541 (crash in std::vector >::reserve)
MAINT-3539 Additional checking was added to avoid possible crash.
MAINT-3536 FIXED new crash in XML_ParserFree: temporary solution
MAINT-3499 FIXED Region Debug Console is broken after resize
MAINT-3480 FIXED Duplicated strings are deleted
MAINT-3471  FIXED Set USER_LOCALE when updating item count.
MAINT-3469 FIXED '\n' is shown in 'Can't divide land' notification instead of new string
MAINT-3432 FIX Help -> Report Bug should open jira with pre-populated fields
MAINT-3429 remove GeForce hack which is causing issues with auto-alpha masks in deferred
MAINT-3400 FIXED Reshape IMSession floater after expanding participant list.
MAINT-3397 : add localization handler for EstateManagerFailedllTeleportHome message
MAINT-3394 : add localization handler for ProblemAddingEstateBanManager message
MAINT-3376 FIXED Successive llSetTextureAnim calls fail in 3.6.10 (283075) unless a different command (llSleep(0.01), llSay(0,"hello")) is placed between them.:
MAINT-3375 FIXED Do not record visibility change if event logging is off(because it kills fps).
MAINT-3374 FIXED Don't show username after display name if this setting is disabled.
MAINT-3364 (Texture picker highlights the wrong texture when no texture is found since CHUI.)
MAINT-3359 Don't check for LLGLSLShader::sNoFixedFunction as we don't want to loose ui colours(depending on enabled/disabled basic shader).
MAINT-3343 FIXED Expand/Collapse message pan only on left click.
MAINT-3339 fix for invalid default permissions in Adjust Content Permissions floater.  Reviewed by Simon.
MAINT-3336 : double calls to deleteAndClear() in LLAvatarAppearance destructor
MAINT-3308 : Crash in viewer with removeMissingBakedTextures() / updateMeshTextures() loop
MAINT-3305 ('Chat history' is enabled in contex menu for yourself.)
MAINT-3289 (User is not able to open mini inspector by one click on 'i' icon)
MAINT-3285 : RenderDepthOfField debug setting needs description tweak
MAINT-3275 FIXED Send DND auto response even if session already exists.
MAINT-3269 FIXED crash in LLMessageSystem::callExceptionFunc
MAINT-3250 FIXED [TUI] Dragging on the Map does not working correctly
MAINT-3231 FIXED Don't show first run dialog.
MAINT-3174 (When resident is sharing some item with you, there is no context menu in IM   conversation.)
MAINT-3169 FIXED Prevent latest Voice service from connecting or error popup from occurring when Voice Chat setting is disabled in the viewer.
MAINT-3163 FIXED Since CHUI, floaters can be moved totally underneath bottom toolbar buttons and "lost".
MAINT-3155 redux moved reg for URL event handling to WillFinishLaunching instead of DidFinishLaunching while laughing at Apple
MAINT-3150 FIXED Show folder links that were always hidden by inventory filter.
MAINT-3140 FIXED Set STATE_ERROR to show "Try again..." message, when other user declines call
MAINT-3131 Add a GPU memory bandwidth benchmark.
MAINT-3068 FIXED "Request Teleport" menu item is added to context menu.
MAINT-2861 FIXED llAdjustSoundVolume causes animated textures on same object to reset to first frame
MAINT-535 Wiki-style link markup hides potentially malicious secondlife: app URLs
Fix for random bad colors in UI on Intel HD 4000


  1. I love your viewer. its the best looking, (and functional) viewer in my opinion. God job on your personal launcher. :3

  2. This is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my unpaid time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

  3. In you latest Changelog for Black Dragon 2.9.2 you wrote:
    "Added: Max FPS option to Preferences - Display tab."

    I hope you have not used the depricated debug setting "MaxFPS", because this is no longer working for FPS control. Since Second Life Viewer 5.0.8, Linden Lab provide a new debug setting called "FramePerSecondLimit". This is working very well. I wrote about that feature in my last SL Viewer review (in German). Did you use this setting?

    1. I'm using the new setting. It was added with the latest merge, hence why i added it to the UI.

    2. Yeah, that's fine.
      Then I can finally remove the icon start parameter "--cooperative <value>".