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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.5 "Baking Dragon"

Aaand another round of fixes.

More reported stuff has been fixed although i wish more stuff would have been reported and possibly faster. I'm trying to strike a balance between waiting to get some bug fixes accumulated and fast response releases, i don't want to go through the chore of making a whole new update just for one or two tiny little things, not only does it look empty but its also just wasting time.

Busy response is now disabled until you log in (prior to login it doesn't make any sense since it is an account setting), the head look issue with certain quad avatars has been fixed (again), worn items should now finally be copyable (wasn't properly merged), the toolbar buttons should now longer lay on top of the chiclet notifications and while i was on it i finally fixed a long standing issue with IMs and notifications being partly overlapped by the chiclet windows/menus and several experimental graphics changes have been undone as they haven't shown any noticeable effect sadly.

New in this update however is a new naming scheme for log files, they will no longer be saved as BlackDragon.log and then renamed to BlackDragon.old on the next run (while deleting the old .old file) but instead logs will now be named BlackDragon_[date].log. I realize this can quickly start to consume some harddrive if i fuck up and have some stupid error/warning/debug spam appear a million times in the log file but this should really mostly just affect me as i tend to remove these before i push updates but just in case (and for the cases i ask for it) i added a button to open the log folder directly from within the Viewer, this should make it easier for you to delete old logs if you want and give me the log files i so desperately crave for when you are having certain issues... hooray!

As always keep 'em coming!

By Clover Jinx


  1. Very bad client. Avi not uploads. GPU have 2070 SUPER - very bad graphics. Number 1, after Firestorm.

  2. How do I reset all settings back to default please

    1. You have to delete your settings.

      You can find them here:

      To get there easily you can find a button in Preferences - Privacy - Location of your logfiles, hit open and the Black Dragon Roaming folder should open, from there on you can go into user_settings and delete the settings.xml.

      You'll find a settings.xml file in there, this one needs to be deleted.

      There's also an experimental feature found in Preferences - Viewer, at the very bottom there's a button to reset everything, note that this might not always properly work.