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Friday, August 30, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.6.0 "Baking Dragon"

The unexpected expected update.

I didn't expect to get back to working on the Viewer this quick... but if you know me you know that i can't sit still for too long. So before long i downloaded my repository and said fuck it i'm gonna make this update on my windows drive real quick... 

Oh well here we are. Bakes-on-Mesh update. Wohooo!

Aside from Bakes-on-Mesh not much stuff has been changed, i only just worked on this update a couple hours the past few days. Mostly working out the "everything-is-not-loading" issue.


There are some changes that you might find good, such as more optimizations to the selection outlines, they should be a tiny teeny mini bit faster now (probably).

Outside of that there were a few setting changes, a few defaults have been changed, projectors have been disabled (because they eat FPS just for being on... i'm investigating), FXAA has been enabled (why the hell is this even default off?), SSAO and shadow distance settings have been tweaked and SSAO has gotten twice as much smooth iterations now, SSAO should be a lot smoother now but will also behave a bit differently.

I sure hope i got all the bad crashing issues... but we'll see. As always report issues.

By Spiritus
By Kissmebaby Allen
By Ella


  1. DOF bugged? Camera wont focus with space navigator on with DOF under the mouse cursor. Also, is there a DOF look? seem to remember one one time ago.....

    1. Works fine with controller and mouse.

      Not sure what you mean with DOF look, there's a DoF lock and mouse-controlled DoF focus for non-flycam users.

  2. Niran - this may be a little thing, I don't know, but when OBS studio to record, I have short cut keys to stop and stop recording. OBS panel opens in a separate window. Normaly when recording on FS, I press F9/F10 to start/stop recording. But on BD, I have to select the OBS window, press F9, then select the BD window to activate the space navigator and switch off the UI, and then to stop recording I have to select the OBS window and hit F10 to stop. Is there any way that BD can remain the "active window"?

    1. Something might be blocking your F10 key, check your gestures and controls. Nothing in BD should prevent button presses from passing through (it works fine with shadowplay)

  3. Hey, I was wondering about your DOF. When I take them higher than 1920x1080 it doesn't show up when i take the pic and save it. Does that uave something to do with Black Dragon or just my computer? Or it just doesn't show that high?

    1. You have to scale Depth of Field's strength roughly proportionally to the size of your picture. If you take a picture in twice the size you'll have to make it roughly twice as strong. This applies to Depth of Field as well as SSAO and Shadow Blur too, they all do not scale with the image.

  4. Niran- I'm getting these results when I take High resolution photos https://gyazo.com/57540b0144dfea764424e07e7d28f3e9 | This only started happening after I updated the viewer. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it :)