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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.4.7 "Playing Dragon"

It's too early-update time.

I really wanted to cook this one a bit more but i think the joystick thing would have sidetracked me for far too long and this update comes with 2 important crash fixes that seem much more important than fixing the jerkiness of joystick controls.

So without further ado, here comes 3.4.7, mainly an early release due to the aforementioned two crashes reported one being a week ago and the other one just yesterday. The first one fixed is a crash when you stop all motions completely and manage to hang the recreation of the headtracking animation in such a way that touching the head/eye tracking sliders results in a crash due to the animation not running. The second crash is related to right-clicking animated mesh on yourself or on others (with outline selection updates disabled). Both should be no longer.

Also once again i've gone through some code and micro-optimized calls here and there, nothing you'll notice but it sums up i suppose, this includes main viewer window loops and the joystick/flycam loops, i've also tweaked the flycam a bit to HOPEFULLY be a bit less jerky on massive framedrops, i can't get rid of the different input strengths with different framerates (not without completely rewriting it) but the difference should be smaller and sudden FPS drops shouldn't cause the camera to fly into space anymore.

Global brightness should now also work on lit alpha and material surfaces and whatever it was that caused projectors to not work at all on them seems to be fixed as well... magically.

Besides these changes, the latest LL code has been merged, namely EAM (Estate Access Manager), with it come more controls over bans (that's pretty much all i've seen). I've started overhauling the first tab of the "About Land" window now that EAM is done, the rest will be coming in the next updates.


About EEP: LL is working on fixes for all the reported issues (there are a lot), sadly it does not seem like they want to change their mind about marketable presets, this will mean that i'll either drop EEP support for now or at least make make some pre-EEP / EEP hybrid abomination that adds the new controls and features of EEP without the regio-share support and keep the old pre-EEP thing intact. Oz will absolutely hate me but its not my fault that they are doing the stoopid with these items.

For those who haven't seemingly seen my actual EEP bug-rant yet (yes Nalates i mean specifically you) you can find it here on the Second Life Forum - EEP Feedback Thread it's a massive scale rant (with pictures too) and it's a two part thing too, the continuation follows a few comments later. I can tell you that i am truly infinitely pissed, no amount of bugfixing is going to change that... but if those rumors of a full inverse kinematic animation system was true that would possibly make me happy.

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  1. is there anything like this for opensim? I tried it out and can't switch back, it's just crazy how much better opensim is, but it seems like my only real option is firestorm right now and yeah lol

    totally understand you not wanting to work on this for a thing with 20 players ^_^

    1. There is nothing i can do for OpenSIM, i don't use OpenSIM nor do i know what special features and or changes it needs to be fully compatible. The only other option would be Alchemy which supposedly has a few extra graphics features too. I'm not sure about Singularity, you'd have to ask them but i'd guess they support it as well and they do have some advanced graphics stuff too.

    2. tyvm I was actually hoping you'd know of a viewer that was as close as possible to alchemy with rlv haha, I'll use alchemy and singularity for now, because alchemy decided to be perfect in every single way except rlv

  2. new to the black dragon viewer love the quality and detail but my music turns off any fixes for this . love the viewer