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Friday, December 7, 2018

Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.3.6 "Notifying Dragon"

First week update.

Woohoo. It's not much, again mostly just QoL a few bugfixes and the like but i wanted to give it out a bit sooner due to the Poser bug.

So, this update contains a fix for a nasty bug that broke poses on load, they should once again work properly (and better than before too).

Next are several tiny QoL changes, such as reducing the double-click to a single-click in both camera window (to select a preset) as well as in advanced complexity floater to show the ARC values of a selected avatar. Yay for saving a single click per action!

The [Invert] buttons in the joystick window will now properly refresh the values and as such will now actually work without having to hit enter in the text editor after clicking the invert button. Horray for keyboard hits saved.

Pie menu looked a bit "eaten" now its a full pie again. Yummy!

And finally as mentioned last month this update's main reason, the ongoing UI improvement marathon. Today: "Picks". Everything "Picks" related has been looked into and revamped if necessary. This includes "Picks", "Edit Pick", "Edit Classified" and everything around them.

In comparison, the original edit classified on the left and the already finished edit picks on the right.

And here we see the finished version of both. Looks much more organized and clean now doesn't it?

Phew, yea. A few tiny fixes and changes in the Poser that should hopefully prevent future incidents with 0.0 interpolation times and that's pretty much it for this update.

More will be coming!

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