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Friday, March 16, 2018

Black Dragon Guide: Movement Controls

So. Two-hundred-and-sixteenth time. I've been counting how often people have asked the same question and it is obvious the FAQ is not sufficient anymore to explain this.

To clear a few misconceptions right from start.

No, this is NOT broken.
No, this is NOT bugged.
No, this is NOT weird.
No, your camera doesn't stay behind your back when you move left or right.
No, it's not like "in Firestorm", its ANY Viewer. Stop crediting them for things LL did.
Most importantly, no, this is not something camera related as literally everyone thinks.

What's the issue? You start the Viewer and hit A,D or Arrow Left or Right and your avatar moves to your left/right. This is not weird this is the industry standard since... 20 years? Pretty much since 3d games became a thing. It's called strafing, although compared to games it does not look like the usual strafing e.g looking forward while walking sideways, yea that's SL for ya. Strafing is set to replace the rotational movement by default, why? Because every game that isn't a complete pile of shit does this by now, just a few special snowflakes haven't catched up with something that has been established back in doom and quake times, namely Second Life for instance. Second Life as such classifies as game, more specifically as MMO, and even more specifically as Simulation and Sandbox. It's a Sandbox MMO and it offers what is quite standard for said MMO type, third and sometimes also first person camera, those are in 99% of all cases set up to have A/D for strafing rather than the long gone turning. But how do you turn then? You use your mouse of course. We didn't get this input device for nothing but clicking UI elements, its there offering extremely precise movement in 2 directions, enough for looking around in a 3d world such as Second Life. You can simply click and hold the left mouse button on your avatar to enable "Steering Mode" in which... you guessed it, steer your camera, dragging your avatar behind (yes your avatar behind, it follows your camera rotation not the other way around). You can also simply hold your right mouse button anywhere that is not the UI and drag your mouse around to do the same (this also works after alt-camming).

But this guide is for those who simply cannot use what is considered the most efficient, most convenient, fastest and most precise, industry standard way of controlling your third-person-viewed avatar/camera.

The secret reason i changed this is to teach you something. I do this all the time. Everywhere. I do the thing that seemingly no one else has the time to do today. (Guess why all the names of graphic features are labeled with their correct names, it's so you can google them and get some actual information on them: Wikipedia for instance. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT ADVANCED LIGHTING MODEL IS GODDAMNIT)

So what you want is, you want to turn around using (most likely) the arrow keys, rather than strafing to the left/right as it is by default. This is actually very easy and i don't know why this even needs explanation but...

In Preferences - Keybindings, you can find several lists filled with controls and actions. It looks like this.

Action tells you what it does, function is the internal name of the action, button is the currently set key that will trigger said action and modifiers are extra keys such as CTRL, ALT, SHIFT. In order to change the strafing back to turning you'll have to find and select the entry that reads "Turn Left" / "Turn Right" bound to Q and E and modify them by hitting the "Change Selected" button (or double clicking the entry). A new small window will pop up. This new window displays the old keybinding at the top and the new one below, all you need to do now is press your new desired key you wish to use to trigger turning either left or right, in this case either A/D or Arrow Left/Right. After pressing the correct key and having it show up below, hit "Bind" and repeat the process until you changed everything you wanted to change. In order to prevent you from strafing and turning at the same time now, you'll have to select the "Move Left" and "Move Right" entries that have your keys bound you want to use and delete them so your keys are not bound twice to two different actions. You can check if you did everything right by pressing your keys and if you did everything right your keys should now do these:

That's it actually. In case you REALLY need help, here's a the entire instruction in a 10 sec nutshell.


  1. Lovely viewer, and movement controls work well, bout time we had a viewer that utilized modern tech.

  2. Your tone is inappropriate. It may be standard, but not everyone needs to like it.

  3. your an arrogant SOB. ALL SO YOU CAN TEACH A LESSON, guessing you are 12yo+

  4. People are way too sensitive in the comments. Someone just constructed all of this with their precious time and without being paid for it. They are far entitled to be a bit abrasive, especially with how entitled people come to the creator with their own attitudes which btw are far worse. You keep it up Niran <3..people out here butt hurt but can't take self responsibility for their own actions.

  5. You sound pretty mean. You cant blame people for not liking it the way you have it. The reality is that everyone from old Gs to new people are used to the LL system of walking and moving. Think about this, lots of people just "play" SL and are not familiar with any other game mechanisms. And, also many of them are older people. Just keep the options opened. I know is your viewer and you do whatever the fuck you want with it. But after all this time people asking all the time for the movement set up how come you have not grown super tired of it and just add a toggle button for those options? Or whatever. Keep up the good job. You have truly taken SL graphics to a whole new level. xoxo

  6. Ok Im not a tech person I heard this viewer was good so I thought Id try it.Im sad to say because im not in your generation and cant talk tech or only understand limited techy thingsI will have to go back to using something Im familiar with.For the generations that are being born they will have implanted knowelege from birth so they will understand this stuff from the time they shit their first nappy.Your great at what you do and this programe is way too advanced for the less computer literate people.If you think your attitude doesnt suck think again,take a course in humanity studies and then a buisness course and you'll succed at becoming a well like buisness man.Good luck for your future.

    1. Generations? What are you talking about. I come from the early 90's. Even my parent's played games and even they would understand this (they don't need to because they played games themselves with the same controls). Today's generation is a big pile of shit. And what has all of this to do with being a business man? I'm not here to rake in money, i'm here to deliver a quality product, which is something business men don't care about. I'm talking from a user standpoint. Don't tell me it is too much to expect people to know at least some basics of the very thing they used for over a decade, at some point you just can't help people anymore. Controls, movement, camera, all the things you do every day in Second Life are not techy things at all, they are absolute basics, basics that you should have been aiming to learn from the very day you started in Second Life (like the tutorial actually wants you to but does only a mediocre job at best). I've seen people use the Viewer who can't even take a dump without a youtube video guide so that's not an excuse. It's a matter of mentality, you are not techy because you choose to be and that is solely your own fault when something expects you to have some basic knowledge (which anyone really should have, again given that some people have been using computers and SL for over a decade). My attitude is nowhere as bad as people make it out to be, i solely and simply expect basic knowledge and skills that anyone should have after 10+ years, there is simply no excuse for that. If you did your job for 10+ years and still don't know how to do it then i wonder how you managed to stay in your job for so long. People just need to grow the fuck up, grow some resistance to being told they lack knowledge and work on gaining said knowledge rather than pointing at the person telling them.

      Seriously, this is the very reason i'm so pissed, people acting stupid and when you tell them they point fingers and play the victim. Do you think i'm just randomly pissed at people? Have you ever considered that people are the reason i'm pissed at them? What am i supposed to do, ignore everything and just play dumb, like everyone else does? How will they ever learn, who is ever going to tell them, they will continue if no one dares to stop them and tell them.

  7. Have you considered hiring a technical writer for the various parts of this site? You sound like you're quite an insufferable cunt. It's evident from the red warning at the top of each page, but it's especially bad in this post.

    Who the fuck cares what standard WASD movement is in video games? SL is like 15 years of bad decisions piled on top of each other, but every SL user is (rightfully) used to the behavior of viewers that aren't yours because that's what they've been experiencing for years. You're certainly entitled to change it to suit your vision. It's your viewer. My suggestion for you is to not throw public tantrums. Just make sure any point of contact for you is accompanied by the FAQ list to guide the user to what's probably their answer. Boom, any repeat question is the user's fault and you can junk it.

    I expect the "lol k" in response. That's fine. It will probably be at least a few years before you look back on this and realize how much growing up you have left to do. There's also no need to tell me not to use your software if I don't like you; I'm definitely not going to.

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