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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Black Dragon 64x - Beta 2 "Bit Dragon"

Usability update #2

This one has quite some changes in it.

I continued adding and improving all tooltips in preferences like i did with the display tab, so far 'Interface', 'Camera' and 'IM & Groupchat' have had their tooltips created and/or updated, additionally i updated the tooltips in the onscreen movement controls window, it shows you the default buttons in green now too.

The second big thing that i spend the last 3 days working on is the avatar right click menus. Menus, plural. I changed the people menu, inworld avatar menu, inworld attachment menu, IM tab menu, speaker list menu, group memberlist menu, SLURL menu and chat title menu. Every menu that has remotely something to do with someone else or their avatar has been changed, reorganized and filled with additional options.

I think you'll quickly see that they all now have a consistent layout across all of them. The only thing i'm not yet fully happy with is the derender option being in the Avatar Render menu but then again you're most likely rarely if ever going to derender full avatars en mass, but i'm open for feedback on that one.

Most of these menus have been filled with missing options such as remove friend, block text and mute voice (you can do it inworld now finally!), report option where possible, reset skeleton options (yes you can select multiple people on the People-Nearby tab and mass reset skeleton now), view chat history option all over the place and much more. I'm sure some of you will cry in agony seeing that i touched the right click menus but don't worry, you'll get used to it very quickly and its SO GODDAMN MUCH BETTER.

Then theres preferences again, i added a few missing default buttons, changed the default buttons to clearly indicate which options they change and fixed some alignments too. Should be much easier to understand now.

While we're still in preferences again, the Sound & Media tab was changed too so it fits the general layout of all other panels... for consistency you know. Also you can now enter values directly and of course see them too, should again improve readability and make it easier to understand what is going on.

The rest is just minor cleanup, fixes, layout tweaks and translation stuff, nothing you won't notice unless your OCD triggers when something has a single pixel more offset than the previous option.

There will be a third usability update which will add tooltips to the remaining preferences tabs that have yet to receive them, there might also be a few more right click menu tweaks and some more tooltip tweaks to display tab tooltips. We'll see, only time will tell what evil-ish things i can come up with.

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