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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.5 - Delta 2 "Visible Dragon"


Just fixing really critical borderless window error and adding a few more things, mainly improving alpha/dealpha and derender.

You can now alpha/dealpha/derender multiple linked prims and objects, yup... multiderender, select all the things and derender them!

Ontop of that, you can now select rigged meshes with left click, that should ease the task of selecting multiple links and derendering/alpha/dealpha-ing them.

Also i'm sorry for the bitbucket thing, this update should be on bitbucket once again.


LL has some interesting changes coming which i will have implemented for either the next update (small one) or the final 2.5 release depending on which comes first.

Changes are negative chat channels (yup), the ability to see temporary attachments in your outfit/appearance floater/menus, a control to set the delay of render complexity warnings, as well as render complexity warnings for HUDs and finally, mesh level of detail will be size dependent on top of being just object quality dependent.


Changed: Allow selecting worn rigged meshes via left-click.
Changed: Disabled Avatar turning around to face the object or attachment you are selecting.
Changed: Made derender able to derender multiple selected linked prims or objects.
Changed: Made realpha/dealpha able to realpha/dealpha multiple selected linked prims or objects.
Changed: Version to 2.5 Delta 2.
Fixed: Borderless Window Mode crashing on activating it.
Misc: Corrected spelling a error.

Geändert: Erlaube das selektieren von getragenen geriggten Meshes per Linksklick.
Geändert: Die Avatar Neuausrichtung zum selektierten Objekt wurde deaktiviert.
Geändert: Derender kann nun mehrere verlinkte Prims oder Objekte gleichzeitig derendern.
Geändert: ReAlpha/DeAlpha können nun mehrere verlinkte Prims oder Objekte gleichzeitig alpha'n/dealpha'n.
Geändert: Version ist nun 2.5 Delta 2.
Behoben: Vollbildfenstermodus verursachte einen crash wenn man es aktivierte.
Verschiedenes: Schreibfehler behoben.


  1. Hi

    If I try to upload a snapshot to inventory the save as dialog is displayed and if i cancel that the snapshot dialog shows uploading forever. I can save the snapshot to disk there and then it goes into the uploading forever (the snapshot gets saved at whatever size you choose for inventory, so 512x512). I think save to disk is OK. I don't know about the others because I don't use them :)


    1. Will be fixed with the next LL Maintenance merge, the fix is already there.

  2. Thank you for the update!

  3. Another weird one. If a friend sends a TP invite and the IM window isnt open a pop-up dialog appears and disappears quite quick. If I'm already chatting to them in an IM window I dont see anything so the invite doesnt appear in the chat window or dialog. Close the im window and open it again and its there in the chat log, like this:

    [2016/09/01 07:45] XX (xxxx.xxxx): did you not get it?
    [2016/09/01 07:45] Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxba/about has offered to teleport you to their location:

    "Join me in XXXXXXX
    Parcel_M_Dark - Moderate

    1. I saw some problems with TP being wrongly formatted in IM, i'll have to investigate that too. Also request TP not working (although that might have been fixed already).

  4. Last one :) I guess this comes from the LL code but its annoying - the current graphic preset is hardly ever checked. It is sometimes but I cant work out exactly when, like only after you've saved the current? It would be useful if the current was checked.

    1. Not sure what's causing it, tried fixing it but i have no idea why its happening in the first place.