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Friday, April 15, 2016

Aaaand i'm done.

After the gathering comes the scattering.

The past week was hell on earth for me. Not because the job or my boss was shit but because it was simply too much for me, so much that even my boss told me that i should stop and that i'm going to risk going into hospital if i continue. So there i am, jobless, again.

You all got your lovely, bitchy Niran back.


  1. The chef told you? I thought you were working in a garage instead of a kitchen!

    1. Hah, nice one. I almost didn't see the joke there.

  2. I'm sorry this week was really awful. i have never been a mechanic so i do not know the struggles of working with cars, or people (my family and i are persecuted in real life so i have never been able to get a job outside of fighting to stay alive). it sounds like you really put effort into it, you just need the right job and pace to begin with . still, excellent effort! jobs may come and go, but determination and honing of skills lasts further then any of those setbacks.

  3. it's that the job isn't made for you...

    keep faith you will found one ;)