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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update "Snapshotception"

Yo dawgs, i heard you like snapshots.

So i made a snapshot of your snapshot,
so you can snapshot snapshot'd snapshots.

So actually i wanted to release this update yesterday on the 22. ...but... stuff happened. I was thinking of adding the long promised lock offset feature to materials... turns out i had to rewrite quite a bit.

As said above this update brings the lock feature, it can be found right above the "Planar" checkbox, when ticked it will copy all changes to all texture channels, if you change the texture offset X or Y, it will do so for diffuse, specular and normal map at the same time! Woohoo. Note that this might cause the spinners and/or faces to revert sometimes, this is NORMAL behavior, it's due to lag which was already present long before this change (sadly). Usually happens if you use the spinners via mouse repeatedly, to prevent it most of the time you should type in your desired values directly and press enter ONCE then wait a bit.

Other than this feature there has been an overhaul of my unified snapshot floater, changes include: an option to save the snapshot upload type, freeze the world, fixes for auto-refresh, file format changes when switching to profile/inventory upload and back and the ability to show the snapshot in a separated, resizable, movable texture preview among several others changes and additions, you can read the full changelog below.

Note that the external preview is currently rendered in UI snapshots. I will fix that in the next update, i really want to get this out so you can start testing all the new cool things.

This update also sees the inclusion of my experimental cinematic camera, which is currently ONLY available via debug setting - UseCinematicCamera. Use with caution, you might get motion sick!


I know you like pictures showing the visual superiority of this Viewer you'll for some reason never manage to set up yourself but always refer to if someone asks you. Note that the above freeze world feature video shows how i set up the last one.


Snapshot Floater enhancements:
Added: Remember last snapshot mode in snapshot floater.
Added: Ability to use the separated, resizable big snapshot preview to the main snapshot floater.
Fixed: Flickr, Twitter and Facebook floater not showing in Mouselook without disabled hide UI in Mouselook.
Fixed: Motion Blur not resetting properly.
Fixed: Rotate Thresholds getting set to 0 on first floater opening.
Fixed: Auto Refresh not working, it is still buggy though.
Fixed: Autosnapshot not working. It still is a bit buggy, does 3-4 snapshots in a row.
Fixed: Snapshot file format changes to JPG when switching back from 'Save to Inventory'.
Fixed: Snapshot floater handles freeze world again when we press the shortcut while it's already open.
Changed: Slight layout changes to Snapshot floater.
Changed: Freeze Frame into Freeze World, it will now freeze the entire world and allows proper camming around.
Changed: Do not intercept any mouseclicks at all when the snapshot floater is open.
Changed: Unified saving snapshots to disk and as texture.
Changed: Made Freeze World non persistant over sessions.
Changed: Don't change our settings when we enter Freeze World mode, instead just set those values directly for as long as we are in this mode.
Removed: Fullscreen preview from Freeze Frame, it was broken and laggy.
Removed: Fix for Freeze Frame in Report Abuse floater.
Removed: Freeze Frame and Fullscreen preview condition from auto-refresh.
Misc: Slight cleanup and removal.

Added: Experimental Cinematic Headtracking Camera. Wobbly fun stuff.
Added: Checkbox to lock all offset, scaling and rotation spinners for all texture channels together.
Fixed: Quick media button not working anymore.
Fixed: Particles sometimes flashing white. Found by Singularity.
Fixed: Screen frame in frame when Volumetric Lighting is enabled and DoF resolution is smaller than 1.0.
Changed: Allow holding ALT key to restore old pie menu behavior and allow menu's in Mouselook for future changes. Menu's currently don't work as they are blocked elsewhere still.
Changed: Slight optimization to directional volumetric lighting shader code.
Changed: Cleaned up my old Rotation Speed feature a bit.
Removed: Defunct "ShowMiniLocationPanel" Debug Setting.
Removed: Defunct "SecondLifeEnterprise" Debug Setting.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightColor" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightThickness" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightBrightness" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHighlightFadeTime" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderHoverGlowEnable" Debug Setting and code.
Removed: Defunct "RenderShadowSlopeThreshold" Debug Setting.
Removed: Defunct "RenderShadowNearDist" Debug Setting.
Removed: 0.2m minimum distance over and below water surface, we can smoothly transition through water now.
Removed: Limitation that prevented the camera from being smoothed when moved really fast (example: when zoomed out really far).
Removed: Some leftover code that is now obselete.

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