Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers. I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my (unpaid) time i'm putting into this project, i'm not here to cater to every Joe's desires.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Dragon Viewer - Update 2.4.2 (BETA)

Here we go with the next round of changes.

Important changes to notice are definitely the glow and SSAO changes, please go into preferences -> display and nuke all Ambient Occlusion / SSAO and Glow sliders via each [default] button to make sure you get the new defaults.

Also Volumetric Lighting will now work with FXAA and glow and there is an option that allows excluding alpha's from Depth of Field (and Volumetric Lighting) which you can use to prevent the depth calculation of Depth of Field to include them and cause weird focus issues and weirdly lit surfaces of particles and some alphas when using Volumetric Lighting.

There's also a slider now to set the godray falloff, 8.0 means disabled, everything higher will cause Volumetric Lighting to have a falloff the closer to the camera it is rendered. Comparison below.

No falloff (8.0):

Falloff set to 8.1;

I'll work on a smoother falloff transition in upcoming updates.

Also updated WinRar to version 5. I had to redo all installer stuff, tell me if something is missing or misbehaving other than the missing logo on the left side of the unpacker which somehow still doesn't work grgrgrgrmrmrmlll.


2.4.2 Beta

Added: Debug to disable Alpha inclusion in depth map for Depth of Field. Fixes strange behavior of DoF on Alphas but also introduces small new problems.
Added: Debug to disable directional volumetric lighting.
Added: Directional Volumetric Lighting option to preferences.
Added: Custom System Memory option and make sure we have a separate slider for the "linked" memory version.
Added: Option to exclude Alphas from Depth of Field depthmap calculations. Can be used to fix strange lighting with Volumetric Lighting when DoF is on as well as annoying sudden blurring of DoF on alphas.
Added: Godray falloff debugs allowing us to set a brightness falloff over distance.
Added: Volumetric Light Falloff slider to Machinima Sidebar and Display Preferences.
Added: Directional Volumetric Lighting toggle to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: Include Alphas into depth calculation toggle to Machinima Sidebar.
Added: [WIP] Informative System for Preferences to tell possible performance breakers and problems that could occour with certain options.
Added: Chat Color for Friends.
Changed: Fix inconsistent labeling of Volumetric Lighting options.
Changed: Cleaned up volumetric lighting shader.
Changed: Tweaked FXAA a bit, overall slightly better quality, less texture blurring.
Changed: Make RenderGodraysDirectional reload shaders so we get to see the change after toggling it.
Changed: Make sure we set a reasonable default amount for System and Scene Memory in case the user has set Texture Memory to 0.
Changed: Allow original Texture Memory slider to go down to 0 (automatic). Do not allow the new sliders to go there, the automatic default memory is just for emergency cases (or debug changes).
Changed: Make DoF reload shaders, slows it down a bit but seems the most sane solution right now for the Volumtric Light glow issue.
Changed: Make Volumetric Lighting reload GL instead of shaders, speeds toggling up a lot.
Changed: Made glow stronger on objects with the glow trait set without overkilling the sky too much (hopefully).
Changed: Made SSAO wider, more SSAO, strength stays the same.
Changed: Tweaked Glow settings a bit more, should be almost the same as LL Default, tho additionally with my soft surface glow.
Fixed: Region water and void water having differing heights resulting in a cut off water plane when looking from far out on the ocean.
Fixed: Push Volumetric Light shader below FXAA so it doesn't neutralize FXAA the brighter godrays become.
Fixed: System Memory slider does not refresh and set a new texture memory value.
Fixed: XML parsing warnings in main_view.xml
Fixed: Sidebar not working anymore.
Fixed: Post Process Glow not showing up in Volumetric Lighting unless DoF is enabled.
Fixed: Glow Strength slider not working.
Fixed: Compile.
Fixed: More compiling issues.
Fixed: Half unreadable About Viewer text color.
Fixed: About Land owner list not working anymore.
Fixed: nolink>[NAME] is [STATUS]. Temporarly until LL fixes their uriparser.
Removed: Underwater Depth of Field options, they serve no purpose anymore since Materials's introduction.
Removed: "PrevGlow", "PrevFoV", "UseMachinimaSidebarAsOverlay", "PreferencesPanelOpen" and their unnecessary code.
Removed: Old Godrays code from dofCombineF.glsl.
MAINT-1885 FIXED Don't allow to sit while in Editing appearance mode.
MAINT-2056 FIXED Demote the messages to DEBUG level to prevent spam
MAINT-2560 FIXED Show name of source avatar above crosshair
MAINT-2560 reverted
MAINT-2565 FIXED Show texture information in one toast
MAINT-2701 restore 10 translated strings that were lost during an earlier dev merge (see Jira screenshots for details)
MAINT-3562 FIXED Viewer crashes when updating local textures using Substance Designer : add code for control input buffer size
MAINT-3666 FIXED Update modifiers when viewer window becomes key window
MAINT-3788 FIXED [Profile Notes] CTRL+cursor (e.g. CTRL+LEFT ARROW) doesn't work in the profile notes editor.
MAINT-3853 FIXED Add llTeleportAgent Notification to the Notification List so it can be set to 'never show'
MAINT-3941 Left-clicking on the "Mute when minimized" label doesn't toggles the display of the check mark
MAINT-3959 FIXED Prim size reverting to default size when scaled down and shift copied
MAINT-4119 FIXED Uniquely decorate links on Second Life or Linden Lab domains
MAINT-4170 Eliminate homoglyphs in URL hostnames: used 3p-uriparser;
MAINT-4291 FIXED Spelling mistake in llGodLikeRezObject
MAINT-4329 FIXED scales each image *twice* for no apparent reason : patchset #2
MAINT-4345 FIXED User names are not retained when switching grids
MAINT-4386 FIXED Text in statistics is cut off by the scrollbar in the statistics floater
MAINT-4398 FIXED Moving view away from selected prims causes some to deselect themselves since viewer-interesting
MAINT-4415 FIXED Speak button does not become enabled after enabling voice on parcel, if voice was disabled upon parcel entry
MAINT-4433 FIXED Don't start changing scale on first click.
MAINT-4434 FIXED Update "Total land in use" and "Land available" when saving changes.
MAINT-4437 FIXED Spillover Branch shows when it should not
MAINT-4440 FIXED Bad colors for spillover menu in viewer-lion
MAINT-4341 FIXED Pixel width and height of the preview is not matched to value of Width or Height text-box in the “Snapshot to inventory” window
MAINT-4434 FIXED Mainland land deeding amounts bugged
MAINT-4448 FIXED Avatar often stops animating when being animated by an intan solo dance ball on Interesting based viewers only.
MAINT-4455 FIXED stats - UDP Data should not show any comma
MAINT-4458 FIXED Enable/disable combobox instead of changing its visibility.
MAINT-4464 FIXED Viewer displays L$ balance of 'L$20' when L$ service is unavailable
MAINT-4473 FIXED Don't erase logs location path on pressing Cancel button.
MAINT-4481 FIX [viewer-lion] Linux build fails due array-bounds issue in llmanipscale.cpp
MAINT-4482 FIXED [viewer-lion] Mac build fails due to weirdo LLTextBase::normalizeUri() issue
MAINT-4492 FIXED Danish and Polish need to be removed as choices from Preferences
MAINT-4497 FIXED Use uriparser to find actual domain name.
MAINT-4501 FIXED Viewer spams error message if it can't find an audio device
MAINT-4545 FIXED simplebot.dae rigged mesh no longer uploads
MAINT-4548 & MAINT-4557 FIXED build issues


  1. Did someone make work Volumetric Lighting with AMD graphic card ? Using Catalyst 14.9 drivers. Thanks to all for answer and nice work Nirans you viewer rocks :)

    1. Your Viewer log would be helpful.

      Start the Viewer with Volumetric Lighting enabled or enable it while online and send me the BlackDragon.log.

  2. Hey Niran. I have a GTX 750 Ti. For some reason a lot of the options are grayed out. I cannot put on SSAO, and some other options. Even if I go into featuretable and copy the Ultra settings to every other settings.

    Even when I do get in game, the shadows look horrible, and the FXAA does not work. There are jagged edge on everything. The shadows look like a game from 2006. This never used to happen.

    I changed some settings around, and the viewer crashed. Reverting everything to low, and now it looks like a monkeys ass.

    1. Log file would be helpful, the featuretable won't help anymore. Feature and GPU table have been deprecated.

  3. Hi ! here you have the logs with volumetric on and off and some pictures of what happen when i turn on


    1. I see. Whatever happened there should be fixed in the next update according to the error.
      It tried putting a vector3 (1,1,1) into a float (1.0) , not sure why and i'm pretty sure i did not do that, that said it should be fixed in next update. Make sure to delete the Viewer folder next update otherwise old files might interfere.

    2. Note that the pictures also used a very unsupportive windlight, even when working you might not be able to see (very weak only) it due to haze density and sunlight settings.

    3. Okay, thanks for the quick answer. :)